Awesome Horse Party Supplies!

Throwing an awesome horse party can be difficult. Luckily, we are here to help with awesome horse party supplies. We have searched high and low for great horse party supplies that will help you throw an incredible event.

If you need help picking a theme, decorations, invitations, party favors, etc for your horse birthday party check out our horse birthday party page. For those that just need some decoration inspiration keep scrolling.

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Party Supplies and Decorations

Every horse party is going to be different and therefore require its own unique supplies and decorations.

Since we already have our horse birthday party page that features different themes along with the supplies and decorations this page is designed to be more of inspirational page for your horse party planning by showing you some of my favorite horse themed decorations and supplies.

If you want more horse party supplies and decoration inspiration I encourage you to check out my Horse and Pony Birthday Party board on Pinterest to get more ideas!


The Horse Bingo game card from

There are a ton of horse games out there you can buy and even more horse games out there that horse crazy girls have thought up!

Whether you want to find a fun horse board game, a horse pinata, have a horse race with stick horses, pin the tail on the horse, go bobbing for apples, throw horseshoes, or find inspiration for an unique horse party game from party ideas shared by other horse crazy girls there are tons of resources on the website.


Four horse balloons from uptownpartygoods on Etsy. It shows a black horse, a bay horse, a chestnut horse, and a gray horse all with white socks and red halters.

Balloons- whether they are foil balloons, latex balloons, or other material- are a staple for any birthday party. You may not want balloons as part of birthday decorations if you are hosting your horse party at a stable or farm, but if you can have balloons at your party you should check out these horse balloons from uptownpartygoods.

The great thing about these inflatable balloons is that depending on what you use to inflate them you can use them as regular balloons, attach them to tables as an extra table decoration, make a balloon arch, etc. If you can't do balloons you can always do paper fans, streamers, extra banners, etc.


The horse birthday banner from caketothetop on Etsy. It shows the words Happy Birthday Kennedy on two strings with a horse between the words Happy and Birthday.

I love glitter and horses so it is no wonder that I love this horse happy birthday banner from caketothetop. It comes in three different color options so it can fit into any number of horse themed parties from a cowgirl party to a wild horses party. You can also reuse the banner.

If you want to use banners for decorations you can get some with just horses, cowgirl boots, cowboy hats, horseshoes, etc to use for decorations. 

cake toppers

The horse and rider jumping cake topper by StrutOurStuff on Etsy. The black cake topper showing a horse and rider jumping a jump above the words Hayden 13 is on a cake with brown frosting.

Whether you want a horse themed cake topper to take a homemade birthday cake to a new level or just to add another cute element to a cake there are lots of options out there. One of my favorite cake toppers is this one by StrutOurStuff. It comes in over 10 colors, is a keepsake for afterwards, and is made in the USA.

There are also edible cake toppers you can order that easily turn a store bought cake into an awesome horse birthday cake. If you are doing cupcakes or a different dessert like donuts at your party you can still have a horse theme by getting smaller toppers or putting them on a horse themed stand/donut wall.


Horse confetti by EneloJoleneDesigns on Etsy. It shows brown, tan, white, light brown, and brown glitter paper cutouts of horses scattered.

This horse confetti from EneloJoleneDesigns comes in four different colors and can be ordered with glitter. Confetti is a fun decoration for tables and can add that 'something extra' to make your tables pop.

If you don't want, or can't have, confetti you can always have a cool centerpiece or just a really fun tablecover.

cutlery and cutlery holder

A cutlery caddy by CountryHomeandHeart on Etsy. It is a black metal caddy with three slots and a chicken wire looking outside. There are forks, knives, and spoons tied with burlap in the caddy.

Cutlery- knives, spoons, and forks- are not a huge decoration statement at a party but they are of course important. Since most people have cutlery already or just grab it from the store cutlery holders or a caddy can be a worthwhile purchase. 

This cutlery caddy by CountryHomeandHeart has a real farm feel to it, allowing it to fit in to a number of horse party themes. If you don't want to use a caddy or holder you could just wrap the cutlery in a pretty horse napkin and tie it off with ribbon, burlap, etc.


A party invitation made out of wood. The words Saddle up! appears at the top then there is a cutout of a cantering horse and then below that And Gallop Over To Celebrate with name and details below.

These horse party invites by tclaserboutique aren't your usual invitations. Unlike the usual paper invitations these are truly unique in the fact that they are made from wood and are laser engraved. 

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on invitations or are trying to reduce your carbon footprint you can look into e-invitation templates on Etsy. These pre-designed templates allow you to add your information and then email your party invitations to your friends and family.

napkins or Napkin Rings

Horseshoe napkins from NapkinBoss on Etsy. It shows a blue napkin, white napkin, and red napkin with raised looking horseshoes.

These horseshoe napkins from NapkinBoss are super cute. They come in a wide option of colors and are a great addition to any horse or pony party.

For those who just want to use plain napkins you can always get some horse inspired napkin rings. The great thing about going with napkin rings instead of a set of napkins is that you can add them to your horse party decorations for future parties as well. 

party favors

Horse bracelet from BeadKids on Etsy. It shows the bracelet parts in the packaging and the bracelet assembled, which is a blue cord with silver beads, horse head, horse shoe, and purple tassle.

I think these party favors are super cute and a great addition to horse themed birthday parties. The cord for the horse bracelets from BeadKids come in over 10 different color options and offer cute horse elements.

If jewelry making is not for you there are tons of other horse inspired party favors out there including; horse decorating kits, horse hair ties, horse stickers, horse lip balm, horse coloring pages, and more.

party favor boxes/bags

The horse themed party bags from NotJustPartyBags on Etsy. The creme cloth bags feature a bay horse head with a white stripe and flowers and greenery. There is a pink ribbon on the top.

Depending on the horse party favors you choose you may need a box or bag so that your guests can easily take their favors with them. 

My pick for cute party favor bags are these horse cloth party bags from NotJustPartyBags that are customizable if you want to go that route. Plus they come in three different sizes and have four different finish options!

If you don't want to do bags you could use a cute wrapping paper with a horse themed ribbon or even just get a cute bucket or basket with a fun sign and put the party favors in that and let people grab their favors.


Horse plates from Partyof7Creations. It shows two clear plastic plates with the silhouette of a horse head in the center. There is also a pink napkin and cup with the same image.

One thing you always see at any party are paper plates -whether they are dinner or dessert plates- paper plates are an essential party supplies item. You can of course use your own plates or rent plates and tableware, but paper plates are very easy and convenient. Plus many paper plates can be ordered with beverage napkins, cups, straws, etc so you can get a matching set.

These horse plates from Partyof7Creations are my personal pick. I like the simple design that compliments a number of horse party themes. 


A horse sign from SunshineParties on Etsy. It shows a bay horse's head in the bottom right corner with flowers and more flowers in the bottom left corner with the words Watering Hole in the center.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on signs for your birthday party. These signs by SunshineParties are easy to edit and you can print them out at home.

If you don't like the design, which is super cute but is more geared to a girls birthday party rather than a cowboy themed party, you can always check out other horse sign designs on Etsy.


A horse print tablecloth from Letsstartwith1 on Etsy. It is a navy tablecloth with white horses with pink manes and tails and pink horseshoes.

Whether it's a tablecloth or a plastic table cover they serve the same purpose and are an important addition to your horse birthday party supplies. 

The great thing about tablecloths is that they can just compliment your theme rather than set your theme. However, if you want more of a theme from your tablecloth I like this horse print from Letsstartwith1.  

thank you cards

Horse cards by JonNiPaperGoods on Etsy. The card is grey and doesn't have writing. The card is folded horizontally and at the top has a cutout of a horse galloping.

These horse cards by JonNiPaperGoods are so cute! They come in a large selection of colors and are super pretty. The only problem with these cards is that because of their shape they may be hard to send.

Luckily, there are a huge selection of horse thank you cards out there, if you want to go a different route.