Those Horse Girls - Chapter 1

by Larkin

I winced as Jackie, one of my best friends, ran a wet wash cloth over a cut I had gotten from the trail ride we just got back from. We had been rounding a corner when a deer jumped out of the woods. Banjo jumped and sent me into the dirt. "Ow! that really hurts!" I told Jackie.

Jackie groaned and kept wiping the cut. I yanked my leg from her hand. " Lacey chill out!" Jackie replied frustrated. She kept rubbing the cut. I stood up and walked to the medicine cabinet. I rummaged through the cabinet and pulled out a Band-Aid. I hopped up on the counter and let Jackie put the Band-Aid on the cut.

We heard a whinny outside. We made eye contact and ran to the window. "That's not Banjo" I announced. "It's not Replay" Jackie said with a tone of confusion. Replay is Jackie's thoroughbred mare. We both walked to out the door and to the barn. All the riding students were pilled in the barn door obstructing our view.

I forced the people out of my way. Once I was there, I asked what the commotion was about. "Maddie Winston is here!She is the most famous 14 year old jumper in America!" replied a little boy. I had seen her show before and she was amazing! Maddie walked around the big truck with the huge horse trailer hooked to it. "Hi, I'm Maddie Winston. I will be staying here for at least 6 months or maybe longer if I like it," she announced. Every one went nuts!

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The Secret Horse - PART 1

by Katrina

I crouched down. I could see my breath in the cold evening. The thudding of hooves come closer and closer. I hold my breath. Sure enough the wild horse I named and was planning to tame came Galloping through the sands. I named him milky. He was pure white, Grey in horse world. His mane WAS Grey and it was long and it looked knotted and tangled.

He slowed down as he reached the sea. Milky shook his elegant head, the waves splashing his body. He bent down and walked into the sea. I got up and walked slowly towards him and looked at the sand. I felt his eyes searching me. "Here boy," I said softly. I wondered if he heard me. He did all right. He squealed shaking his head and rolling his eyes. He reared, his legs thrashing the air. I fell back on the sand in surprise.

I screamed, making him even more frightened. He galloped away, eyes rolling. I stared after him. I pulled myself from the sand. "You idiot." I told myself angrily.

That evening in bed I couldn't get to sleep. When I did I had a nightmare. I saw Milky rearing and landing on me, crushing me... That morning I ran to the beach, clutching a juicy carrot. I checked my watch. It was 3.30. Then I heard him galloping towards the sea. I held my breath, telling myself not to run towards him.

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Defiant - Chapter 1

by Katie

The only thing I remember before I blacked out, was a very familiar neigh.

Beep, beep, beep…I heard the heart monitor and each time it made a sound was like a screech in my head. I heard a blood-curdling scream and it took me awhile to figure out who it was, it was me. Blackout.

I heard people calling my name. I didn’t know who they were. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a woman who the others say is my mother but I didn’t recognize her. Blackout.

Where am I? What happened? Why am I here? I couldn’t remember anything that happened and couldn’t feel any pain. I was about ready to try and start climbing out of the bed when a doctor rushed in.

“Why am I here?” I bombarded him with the question demanding an answer. “Tell me the truth! I’m not hurt, so why am I here?”

“Jenny, there is no reason to worry, you are safe and we have everything under control,” he replied.

“NO! That’s not an answer. I need to know where I am, who I am, and why I’m here.”

He pulled up a chair next to my hospital bed and reluctantly told me that he didn’t know. He told me that my mother should be the one to tell me.

“Why should my mother tell me? Who is my mother?” I screamed.

The doctor was taken aback at my fierceness, he had a deep look of concern on his face when he heard me scream. I later found out that my mother was a tall, thin lady with flowing blonde curls and not a flaw on her face. Her fierce, green eyes were wet with tears when the doctor told her my condition. I couldn’t help but cry a little. When I see others cry, it cry too.

She told me I had amnesia, the doctor told her that it was a small chance that I would ever regain my memory. As she told me this, tears began to well up in her eyes. I felt bad for her. She was scared that I would never know who she was again.

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The Missing Sparkle Chapter One - The Bargain

by Shayna
(Ontario, Canada)

Palomino Mare

Palomino Mare

“Stop that, why did you choose me?” Whimpered Samantha.

“Did you really have to ask that, I mean the answer is pretty obvious,” laughed Cara. Cara, Judy and Alisyn shoved by, flicking their hair in the usual way.
Sammy rushed towards the bus with her face buried in her hands.She pushed her blonde hair away from her face and stepped on the bus.

“Oh Sammy, The Cara Crew again?” That’s what Sammy and Calli called Cara, Judy and Alisyn.

“Don’t even say their name!!” Replied Sammy . The rest of the ride was silent. When Sammy got off the bus she breathed in the scent she wished was horse, but sadly was chickens.
“Hey Sam,” said Keera in her usual cheery voice. “How was High School?”

“It was OK, I guess. It would have been better if it weren’t for The Cara Crew,” Said Sammy, lowering her voice.

Keera was a twelve year old barnhand whose school was only a block away, so she got home half an hour before Sammy. She absolutely adored chickens.

What Sam didn’t understand was that they had an old stable behind the chicken barn and yet not enough room and money for a horse was always the excuse.

Sam was brushing her hair and applying cream to her smooth, tanned skin when she heard her 11 year old brother, Braiden calling her, Keera, their dad and the rest of the workers in for dinner.

At dinner everyone was very talkative, everyone except for Sammy .

“What’s wrong Sam?” Asked Travis, her dad.

“My Life!” She shouted. Sam rushed off to her room and slammed the door violently. She hid her face in her pillow. She cried for a moment until she heard her boxer, Dusty, scratching the door.

“Come Dusty,”Sam told him. Dusty wandered in and layed down on the bed.

“At least I have someone who understands,” Sam expressed to the dog.

After a few minutes she heard, “Sammy! Calli’s here!”

She slowly stumbled down the stairs with a plain look on her face that immediately turned to a smile when she saw Calli.

“Come here!”Calli convinced Sam. They walked outside towards the nursery for the chicks.

“Hey listen, I-I r-really like you,” stuttered an awfully familiar voice. Who was it? Then it hit her, Braiden was telling Keera about his feelings for her.

“I feel the same way,” whispered Keera, “Let’s go out on Friday night.” Braiden looked over towards Sammy.

“Sammy, get lost!” Braiden bellowed. The 2 girls ran away into the forest and were running for at least a kilometer before they stopped running.

“Stop!” Sam hollered stopping dead in her tracks.

“Hoofprints,” she said, “ Let’s go to fix the barn and get 2 or 3 stalls ready.” Calli shook her head,

“How do we know there’s just some random horse, what if someone just went on a trail ride?”

“Well, it is getting late, let’s go,” Sam replied, the excitement draining out of her. They got back to the house 45 minutes later and decided to fix the barn anyway. They grabbed a drill, some planks of wood, nails, screws and a hammer. Then they got Juli, Sam’s mom, to drive them into town to buy the rest of the supplies.

The first thing they did when they got home was rip off the roof and replaced it with a new roof. Then they tore off one wall and replaced it with new fresh wood. They did that to all the walls then painted them red.

Next they put in new window frames and windows. Finally, the last touch for the outside, the door. They put a new slide door on and painted it green.

When Sam’s dad came out he took one glance, then was full of questions.

“What have you ladies been up to?” He asked.

Travis smiled and left.

“Shall we?” Questioned Calli.

“I’ll take the honors,” replied Sam.

Sam opened the barn door and got a whiff of dust in her face.

“Wow, this’ll take forever!” Cried Sam reluctantly.

“Hey, if we work together it’ll only be a couple hours and together we can make it a blast,”said Calli, trying to comfort her friend. When Sam finally agreed they got to work.

First they swept the upstairs and organized a hay spot, a feed room for the grain and a tack room. Then they filled the hay spot with some bales of hay and straw they had bought when they were out. They also put some grain into their feed trunk, and other vitamins.

They replaced lights, windows and a couple of loose boards but other than the empty tack room, the upstairs looked great.

Then for the downstairs.

Sam and Calli swept the aisle, replaced the stalls wood and cleared out the dust. They placed automatic water buckets in 4 of the stalls and filled those 4 stalls with, cow mats on the floor so they didn’t trip, straw, a feed bucket, hay and a toy jollyball.

They were finally done with the barn! They filled the tack room with the supplies they had purchased, such as leadlines, halters and leg wrap. They also stored some linaments in there.

“Now let’s just hope that my parents let me buy a horse,” Sam exclaimed.

“What! You haven’t asked yet? We could have done all this work for nothing!” Calli sceamed. Samantha looked away.

“Well, bye,” Calli said, breaking the silence, and she left.

The next day after school Calli showed up.

“Up for a hike?” Calli asked, obviously not holding a grudge about the other night.

“Sure,” Sam replied, “Just let me grab Dusty.” She returned a minute later with Dusty on her leash. They were walking along when Sammy heard a faint whinny,

“Do you hear that?” She asked.

“Hear what?” Calli said puzzled.

“Nevermind,” Sam replied quietly. They kept walking and this time Calli and Sam heard it. They looked at each other and practically read each others minds. They dashed into the forest and couldn’t believe their eyes. There was a old and abandoned slaughterhouses and tethered up to a pole so tight she couldn’t move, was a sad looking honey-coloured Palomino mare.

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You Told Me You Loved Me - Part 1

by Sarah (horseluver4evernever)

The First Jump

The First Jump

Forever. That's what you said. You told me that you would protect me. That you loved me. You lied. I protected you. I could've hurt you or even killed you with one wrong move. But I didn't. I was vulnerable. I believed that loved me and that you would keep me forever. I was wrong.

May 15th 2013
I trotted gracefully into the ring. Katie sat proudly on my back. I felt her apply pressure to my sides, so I picked up a working canter. We cantered around the ring once, and then the buzzer went. I cantered over to a big jump. This course was 4' with all types of jumps. I was a grey Dutch warmblood gelding that stood 17.3hh. I competed in national competitions showing in jumpers of all height. My rider, Katie, was 16 years old. She was the kindest girl I could think of. At least, that's what I thought.

We approached the first jump. La Tee Da... I thought to myself as we got closer. We soared through the air..... And we were over it! I came to the second jump, a big oxer. We cleared that too. The third, forth and fifth were simple. When it came to the second to last jump, I felt something in my fetlock. As I was about to take off, my fetlock buckled. I fell to my knees and rolled over. Katie was thrown in to the wall. I lay on the ground motionlessly. The doctors and nurses rushed out to the ring to retrieve Katie. They checked her over.

I heard them say that she broke her arm and may have a mild concussion. I felt so horrible p, even though there was nothing I could do to stop what had happened. I did not think that this little incident would cause the horrible things that happened in my future.

Please comment for part 2. I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me feedback. No hate plz! It's not great but I wanted to write a story...

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Up, Up and Away - Chapter 1

by Caroline

Going into that box for the first time was one of the scariest things that ever happened to me. It made weird rumbling noises and had no food in it. I looked down and saw my scraped legs. Everything re-winded in my mind. Blood, screaming, yelling, tears.

I felt the pain in my chest bump harder and harder, It can't happen to me again. The two-legs tugged on the rope that was hooked onto a head piece onto me. I pulled harder and harder as my muscles tensed. No. It will NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! I threw my head up and pulled until the two-leg fell to his knees.

I stomped my hooves and bucked, kicking one of the two-legs in the stomach. They moaned loudly and fell to the ground. I reared. Then, I felt the worst pain in history. Everything went black.
I woke up in another box. One much warmer. Filled with sand on the ground. I picked at it.

My legs were covered with white bandages that showed some red. It re-winded again. More screaming. More tears. More blood... I shook my head, shaking the memory out as well. Suddenly I smelled a wonderful thing. Food. In some oval things there water and food. I bit the grain. It tasted amazing. Nothing like grass.

A small cage hung from the wall. Hay. I ripped it from the cage and chewed. I slurped water. It trickled down my throat. It felt so good. I heard a slap. The same sound that I heard before I blacked out. Except smaller. Then a neigh and a scream and hooves stomping. I tried to look out but metal bars kept me prisoned from seeing what was happening.

Next day, I looked out my window. I didn't see anything really. Only birds and cats walking around. When I turned around I saw more two-legs hovering by my box. They opened up the bars (boy, were they strong) and put the headpiece on my head again. This time they looked nicer, and didn't hold that rubber stick that made that noise. They put the rope on me and led me outside to a circle.

After an hour, I learned "woah" means slow down or stop. A clucking noise they made from their mouths meant faster and pulling on the rope go the other way. When I wasn't listening they pulled out the stick again.

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Desperate - Part 1

by Elizabeth

I paddled as fast as the bike could go. I wanted to tell Mom and Dad that I found a stable where I would really like to ride. I turned into the driveway of our house then skidded to a stop, opened the garage door and pushed the bike in.

Running up the porch, I unlocked the door. "Hey Mom." I smiled. "Is dad here?" I asked taking my shoes off then putting them on the porch. "Ummm... " Mom started to say. She walked over, guilt on her face. "Honey there is something I got to tell you."

I walked over to where she was, thoughts racing through my mind. Was dad in a car accident? Did someone shoot him? Mom sat down on the couch. She looked like she was going through WW2. I slipped in the seat next to her. "What's wrong?" I asked. Tears slid down her face.

I twirled her hair then put my finger out of her hair, so it was a curly. "Your dad decided to break up with me even though I didn't do anything bad to get him upset!" She burst out, tears streaming down her face.

I couldn't get it. The dad that never forgot to say I love you when it was time to go to sleep, the dad that bout a 326-bucket full of bubble gum didn't want us anymore.

"Dinner is almost ready so you better wash up." Mom said trying to sound stronger than she really was. I still had a puzzled face then Mom said, "what was the thing you wanted to tell me?"

"Oh!" I said, surprised that I forgot to tell her "Well..." I began while I skipped to the sink. "I found a stable that is called Red Creek Stables and I would really like to try to ride there since I rode horses before at the old home." I said caching my breath.

"Why not?" Mom said joyfully. "It would be great and maybe you will make some friends?" Mom said. "Oh Mom." I said. We both laughed. "Thanks."

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Unicorn Forest Stables - Part 1

A ray of sunlight flashed upon my eyes. I sat up in bed, not wanting to get up so early, but I had to get up, or I'd be late for school. So I got up from bed and rummaged through my dresser and put on my school clothes. Then I raced downstairs and scurried into the kitchen.

Mom saw me and said, "Good Morning, Julie! Your breakfast is already on the table." So I ate my breakfast and went into the closet and brought out my backpack. Mom has already made my lunch, so I was ready to go!

When the school bus stopped, lots of kids hurried out of the bus and went into school. I was 11, so I ran inside the 6th grade classroom. My teacher greeted my by the door.

"Hello Julie! Come on in!"

I replied, "Hi, Mrs. Bean!" And I went into the room. Then I saw Ashley, my best friend and sat in the chair next to her.

I leaned over and whispered to her, "How's Prince? Did he learn to jump yet?"

Ashley whispered back, "Yes, we finally got him to jump and were currently teaching him dressage."

Watch for part 2!!!!

I promise, part 2 will be about Unicorn Forest stables and the horses!

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Aces all stars academy - Part 1

by Ella

"Yaaa." I yawned reaching my hands up as high as I could. I didn't want to get out of bed for pony club but I new I had to. "1, 2 and arr no" I said to myself trying to count myself put of bed.

"Okay, I'm up." I said getting out of bed and putting on my cream jodhpurs, my lime cream short sleeve pony club top, with a water proof lime green pony club jacket which said "Rocky Hill Tip Top Pony Club" on the back. I put on my lime green socks, put my hair up in a bun, grabbed my pony club hair net put it over my bun, put some bobby pins in my fringe so it would be out if my face and made my way down to breakfast.

It was 7:00am and pony club started at 8:00. "MUM" I yelled. "Darling everyone was still asleep until your big giant steps came down the stair case and you yelling my name didn't help" mum giggled. "sorry I thought you left for work." I said grabbing my egg off the Pan and putting it on a plate. "Hey Sweetie before you leave you have to feed all the horses today because Crystal has to go to school and do an exam, she's already left to get a good seat and start doing a bit of extra studying" Mum said sweetly.

"Oh why didn't she say that yesterday to me I have to leave for pony club it is already 7:10 and it takes me 10 mins to ride there" I said frustratedly. "Oh you'll be fine but you'll have to do it fast" mum said walking back to her bedroom. "I'm going now I love you mum love you dad"

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The Mystery of the Missing Ponies - Part 1

Gypsy gold does not clink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark. ~ Gypsy Saying

It was quiet. Morning mists rose from the pastures as the sun broke the skyline. For a moment, I paused to gaze at the beautiful dawn. I ripped the earplugs from my ears and was greeted by birdsong. Sinking into dew stained grass, I listened to the birds and the trees and the wind. I forgot about last night and focused on today.The Pony Camp kids were arriving today. It was going to be chaotic.

Despite aching wounds from last night’s boxing match – my last ever match sadly (but only because I had to choose between the show ring or the boxing ring obvious decision) – I was ready for today. I hoped Zepplin was too. This was his first ever Pony Camp. I knew that Royal Black, Arielle and Estelle would be fine. Zepplin was a hard worker so I doubted that he was going to let me down.

Standing up and brushing off my knees, I headed down the path towards the yard. Hopefully my girls and boy where as ready as I was. Yet there was a small feeling of guilt because there was a three day event coming up in a month so I was going to have to throw myself into training for that. Both me and Arielle were slightly out of shape. Maybe the Pony Camp kids will keep me on my toes - especially the ones with naughty ponies!

Finally reaching the yard, I was relieved to see that everyone was up and preparing for the arrival of the Pony Camp kids and their ponies. My mum was baking all sorts of treats while my dad turned out the horses. Both of the hired instructors were going over last minute regimes and plans for fun and learning at the camp. Dez and Hans - our stable hands and my older brothers - were preparing stables and cleaning tack. The only ones who weren't preparing were myself (I think watching was help enough for a bruised ex-boxer!) and Francisco the daft, lazy and fat but much-adored Parson Russell Terrier.

"Oi!" yelled Dad. "Don't just stand there like you're waiting to get knocked out, help"

"With what?" I said. "It looks like you all have it covered. Besides I'm battered and bruised and soooooo tired."

"I'm sure you'll manage to sort out the indoor arena - it looks a mess! The quad's in the spare tack room," said Dad.

"Alright," I replied secretly first-pumping when no one was looking.

"Oh, and Will," he mused. "Don't go crazy with the quad."

"I won't," I said trying to look innocent.

A few minutes later, I was ripping around on the quad bike, smoothing out the sand in the indoor arena. For a short amount of time, Francisco had joined me in the mad rush but had made a quick exit when he heard a trailer pull into the yard.

Some of the horses who were out in the field watched from a distance. Poor Zepplin couldn't work out what was going on. Horses who were still in their stalls strained their necks just to get a glimpse of whatever was in the trailer. They all knew that it was Pony Club season and loved the arrival of the ponies. Last year, Hans' horse, Solo Drum, jumped the pasture fence just to say 'hello' to a chestnut pony. They were best friends for that holiday. Unfortunately for Solo Drum, that pony wasn't coming this year. Never mind that though, the other horses seemed to be saying, Pony Club season has begun!

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A Filly's Night - Part 1

by Kendall
(Wimberley TX , USA)

It was a dark stormy night. Which of course made the pine forest even more wet and ominous. I was trying to get back to my mother and my herd. Wait! let me introduce myself. My name is Niernen ( it means orchid ) and I am a small wild filly and my herd and I live in the mountains. Well.... used to. You see these people came into our territory and captured some of my herd while we were sleeping. After that, we moved. I was super thirsty and asked my mom if I could go have a drink in a nearby river. My mom asked the herd leader if we could stop for a little and he said " yes ". The other foals and I then went to drink from the river. After I was done I saw something and went to check it out. The herd then left without me......

Now that you are all caught up, we can get to the story. I was walking during a dark stormy night and well it was really bad. I saw my cloud gray reflection in a small puddle. My one blue eye was shining brighter than usual. I continued walking and I was really scared, because I had never been alone before. A owl hooted and I spooked.. causing me to fall down and hit my head on a tree. After that I passed out. When I woke up I wasn't in that pine forest anymore. I was in this weird human made wooden box. I once heard a horse say they where called " stalls? ". I looked around the tiny space and only then I noticed the thing on my head. I tried to shake it off by bucking and kicking, but it would just not come off. A human came in my stall and I didn't know what to do. So, like any reasonable foal who has never seen or smelled a human before I freaked out. I bucked and reared and did anything I could to get her ( for it was absolutely a girl )out! I the smelled something I DID recognize!

The smell of food calmed me down for I had not eaten since I was with my herd, I was to nervous to eat. She had bucket of tan food pellets, that looked disgusting, but smelled delicious. I tried to get some but the girl wouldn't let me. She then poured all of the tan pellets into a bucket in the corner. She left right after that and I know that my life would never be the same again.

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Sure As Shootin' - Part 1

by Anonymous

Raindrops fell softly outside my window. I was a jockey. Racing was my life. Until my beautiful black gelding, Shooting Star, died of a cannon bone accident. I still blamed myself for his death. His end caused no more ridding for me. I believed that there was not a better horse in the world.

After six months I still would not leave my house except to go to school. Homeschooling would be ideal, but I didn't have the guts to say anything about it to my Mom or Dad. In fact I didn't have the guts for anything any more.

“Can I come in?” My Mom asked through the door.

“Sure.” I yelled back. The door squeaked as she opened it. Mom cleared her throat.

“Brooke, I know you miss Star. I also know that deep down inside you miss riding.” She pushed my long ebony hair out of my eyes.

“I propose that you you take a lesson tomorrow morning.” Although her voice held complete gentleness I knew that it wasn't my choice.


“Thank you honey.” Mom whispered.

After she left I curled up on my blue bed and looked at my silvery walls. “I just don't know if I’ll be able to stand being around other horses without my Shooting Star.” Then I gazed at the poster of a jockey. I had ripped it when my beautiful boy died.

My alarm bleeped loudly. “Arrg.” Teenagers like me had a perfect right to sleep in on Saturdays. I rolled over and rubbed my sleepily green eyes. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a blue t-shirt.

I stepped out of the car and smelled fresh rain and horse. When my Mom drove away I crept into the barn. Then I noticed a new, Palomino, thoroughbred, horse laying in the shadows. I peered into the dark stall. I noticed her cannon bone was broken. I was sure as shootin’ that this girl wasn't going to make it.

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The Wyoming Wind - Part 1

by Vienna

The early winter sun shown and the icy wind blew my oaky blonde hair back as I cantered up to the jump on my bay quarter horse mare, Tess. It was early winter in Wyoming and I could see the ice capped mountains from my 15hh mare's back.

Tess sailed over the fence as per usual, and when we reached the ground I smiled and dismounted. I still had the new horses my dad bought to exercise.

I took the striped reins from over Tess' head, and kicked my white riding boots in the dust. Specks of dirt flew on to my jeans, but I didn't care much. I quickly walked back to the barn and untacked, fed and groomed Tess and after I got the next horse, Splash, ready, I was out to the arena again.

But as I was leading Splash to the outdoor arena, the paint mare let
out a shrill neigh. I patted the mare but she wouldn't calm down. Low but shrill nickers filled the air. I turned my gaze to the mountains, almost ready to turn back to the barn. 

But what I saw, the untamed, free and fast legs of horses high in the large, steep landform, the flowing manes and tangled tails, and dirty yet beautiful coats, almost made me drop Splash's reins.
Sorry if this was really boring, I have better plans for future parts. Also, this is my first story on here in like 2 years so sorry if it's really bad....

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The Abused - Chapter 1


I suddenly woke up, a bright sunny morning awaited me, with the sound of the birds and the light breeze against the trees. It was the day that I would to to my lesson and ride my Favorited horse prince!

Since it was the summer my trainer had lots of kids coming for lessons and camps and a few day ago she asked me if I could help so I would be there all day. I stated getting ready quietly because my parents were still sleeping, after I took a shower I had breakfast, dried my hair, put my breeches on along with my tall boots. Since I lived so close I would just bike there.

Going up the long drive way I noticed that there was a truck and trailer and on the side it said "m and m slaughter" so quickly I biked to see what was going on two men and my trainer were tying to get what looked like a young black Thoroughbred out off the trailer.

I stared until my trainer handed me the horse and said " this is your new prospect Thoroughbred" the horse looked very worried about the new surrounding " your job is to have him trained by the end of the year and he is your" with excitement I quickly hoped off my bike and just stared at him with nothing to say. My trainer added " he is a 3 1/2 year old gelding."

I turned him around to give a look and noticed that he had BURNS every where from an inch under his withers to the hindquarters. " He was abused and let to be burned in a barn fire, nobody cared to help him" shocked that someone would do that I quickly put him in the crossties and prepared to lunge him before his first lesson.

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Shooting Star - Part 1

by Mary

I was soaring through the sky as my horse, Shooting Star, beat her feathery gray/white wings against the midnight darkness. I felt as if I were dreaming as I closed my eyes and-

"Amber!" yelled Mrs. Brook snapping me out of my daydream, "Its your turn!". Looking down, instead of seeing a strong bare back, I saw a fancy English saddle. I was once again in my world, a world full of reality.

Nudging my stable horse forward, I thought about my life. My father was one of the richest men in the U.S.A. , and I was of course pampered and spoiled. But that didn't matter to me, because all I wanted was my own horse, but my father told me that I needed to focus on my studies. And of course I knew he was right, so instead of actually having my own horse I rode one of my riding stables horses.

Today everyone was practicing for the upcoming show later that week. Amber usually got first place, but if not first then second. She had lots of shelves back at home full of trophies and ribbons she had won. The horse show was actually the week after her birthday. So she was excited!

After the lesson she went home and up to her room. After dong her homework she pulled out her computer and looked at Andalusian horses for sale. She loved Andalusian because the were so majestic, strong, and beautiful. She had her sights set on one in particular though. He was a gelding, and he was beautiful! His name was nothing other than Shooting Star! He was gray, with beautiful blue eyes, and a flowing mane and tail.

Amber's birthday was coming up soon, and Amber was hoping that her dad would get her Star, but he wouldn't budge about what he was getting her.

The next day at school she went through her classes with even more boys than usual staring at her. Amber was completely oblivious but she happened to have an uncommon beauty. She was fairly tall and willowy. She had incredibly wavy black hair that always swept across her face, and very uncommon violet eyes.

She got most of her looks from her mother but her personality from her father. She was headstrong, stubborn, kind but firm, and you can probably guess the rest.

The days flew by and finally Amber's 17th birthday came! She was woken by her parents who were wearing very pleased expressions, "Come with us Amber" her father said, "We want to show you something."
If you liked part 1 of Shooting Star then please comment!! Watch out for part two!!

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The Horse Fairies - Chapter 1

by Amy

A new day came to Fairyville. Even though the village was already buzzing with fairies, the sky was dark. That could only mean one thing: Winter was here.

Fern stepped out on her balcony that looked over the busy market. She looked up at the sky, still pitch black. The sweet smell of winterberry made her look away. "Winter has came to early this year." Fern finally spat out. She hoped the other fairies didn't hear her, especially Tinka, who loved winter more then anything. Fern jerked away from the balcony when she heard the sound of a horse. The black unicorn danced through the sky, his coat shining in the stars. "The black unicorn, run!" screeched a fairy. "Get your food out of sight, quick!" shouted another. The market was over...for now.

Violet sat down beside Fern. "And then it was gone..." Fern finished the story. "We have to be careful when it's night out. You never know what creatures are lurking in the shadows." Violet said with a mouthful of daisy seed pancakes. The haunting whinny of the black unicorn was now printed into every fairies mind. "I would hate to meet up with Mogu again, he pretty much poisoned Zyra." Fern crossed her arms, thinking of the good for nothing troll.

She reached for her tree sap juice. "I'm going to make my deliveries now. The village can't wait forever." Violet told her friend with a smile. She mounted Silver, the beautiful dapple grey Pegasus. With a stomp of hooves and whinny, the mare and Violet took off. It wasn't easy being the village mail fairy, but she could do it. Oden and his bay unicorn, Ace, landed at the cafe.

"Hey Fern!" he waved to her. Fern pulled out a chair for him to sit in. "How was the night patrol?" she asked. "I swear the trolls are planning something. Their camp was full of salt and black licorice." Oden replied as he handed the menu to a waiter. Fern looked up at SugarCube Mountain where the trolls made there home. "I hope they aren't trying to cause problems with the wild unicorns and Pegasus." she sighed.

Carissa flipped through the spell book with her Pegasus, Dyan, at her side. "There's no spell that contains salt or black licorice." she finally concluded. Fern was puzzled. "But why do the trolls have salt and black licorice all over their camp?" she asked. "The trolls like to be bitter. They don't grow jellybeans or gummies like us." Carissa replied, busily typing on her wooden computer.

The owl clock struck 12. "Time for book club! See you later!" she told Fern with a wave. Fern left the library. "I wish I knew what the trolls where up to." she said to her unicorn, Whirlwind. Fern mounted her steed, and they flew off.

"Here you go, Raven." Violet handed off a package. She flew off in search of her next delivery with Silver. "Hey, this one is for Fern!" Violet told Silver as the flew by SugarCube mountain. Some smoke rose in front of them. "What the?" she said as they flew through the smoke. The troll camp was filled with builder trolls, hammers, black licorice and salt.

Huge piles of orange berries surrounded the bitter troll camp. "Lets turn around. This scares me." Violet said, turning her Pegasus around with the reins. They finally landed at Fern's cozy home. "Hi Violet!" Fern said with a smile. "Package for you!" Violet handed over a lovely wrapped box to her best friend. Fern looked at Silvers wings. "Their covered in smoke and ash!" she squealed. "The trolls. There making orange berries with salt and black licorice." Violet sighed. "Suspicious." Fern muttered.

"Are you sure you'll be alright?" Oden asked again. Fern mounted her beautiful white steed, Whirlwind. "I'll be fine. This isn't my first time on night patrol." she said with a smile.

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Twilight - Chapter 1

by Sadee

I gasped as I woke up looking at the time. I cradled myself again because I had another nightmare. Same one, but more terrifying. I hopped out of bed and threw my clothes on. It was only four in the morning yet perfect temperature for a ride. I ran downstairs and popped the door open. I ran out into the barn and turned the lights on. All the horses popped their heads out. "Hey you guys!" I said cheerfully. "Who wants to go ride'n!"

I walked by my mares stall, Blaze. I walked in. "Girl, you need to have that baby you are way over due." I rubbed her stomach and felt a kick. I laughed. She nickered. I gave her a kiss and walked out. "Hey buddy!" I said to my blue roan gelding. "You ready to go!" I ran to get a halter and brought it back. I saddled him up and walked out.

He knew what we were doin. He eagerly set toward the barrels. I nudged him to a trot and opened the gate to the arena and grabbed my hat. I always set it on the pole. "Woe." I said firmly. I stared at the barrels. His ears twitched with excitement waiting for me to yell, go. I sat there for a couple more seconds then yelled, "GO!!!"

He took off fast as a bullet how I loved the wind in my face. "Whoa!" I said he slowed to a fast lope. I yelled, "GO!" He ran toward the next barrel my hands were firm on the reins but I knew I could've let go and he would know the whole course. "Whoa!" He slowed again to a fast canter. "Get!" I yelled. His feet were steady as he ran. His four hoofs beat with grace yet with speed too. "Whoa." I said firmly again. Then I kicked tell the finish and said, "Whoa." We did a slide stop. "Good boy." I said as I patted his neck.

I walked him off as he breathed heavily through the walk. "Alexis!" I looked back behind me and saw my mom. I kicked buddy right to her he was unsure of what we where doing but followed my commands. My Mom jumped out of the way. I ran out into the wild not sure of what was to come Soon I slowed Buddy down and looked into the light. The sun was just halfway set and I was guessing it was about five in the morning. I made buddy lay down and slowly fell asleep on him.

I woke up with the sound of hoofs. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a blurry black figure in the distance. I slowly found out it was a horse. "Good thing we brought a rope." I said to buddy. He stood up and I saddled him and got on. "Lets go!" I yelled. He ran anxiously trying to catch up with the black horse. We came near and I swung my rope. I caught it. "Gotcha." I said.I slowed it down and gasped at the horse.

It was beautiful! It bucked and reared. I struggled with it and slowly got it back to the barn and in the round pen. I looked it in the eye and turned around and my mother was right in front of me.

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A Royal Mount - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Hello Prince Benjamin." I curtsied.
"Hello to you too Princes Kiylale."He bowed then walked away.
"I didn't know how hard it was to be at a ball!" I whispered to myself. My first important ball where there are princes and princesses going to make a speech!

"So how is it going?" Mom said walking over to me.
"Ok." I said with a forced smile on my face.
"Good and if you need any help just come to me." Mom said soothingly. Taking a breath in and out I felt more relax.
"Queen Shanona it has been a while since we have seen each other! Come over let's talk." Queen Greena said motioning mom over there. Mom waved then went over talking and laughing. I walked away.
"I wonder were Princess Cristle and Princess Monona is?" said to myself.

"Hello Kiylale!" A voice called out from behind me. I turned around to see Cristle behind Monona.
"How are you girls?" I asked nearly jumping up and down. "I have some news to tell you but let's go some were private." I showed them off to the castle lounge.

So we talked and talked. I first talked about my sister and how she and her new boyfriend Prince Lunder are getting along and their first kiss. After an hour of talking we heard that the speeches were going to begin.

"It's time," Cristle said nervously. We all looked at each other and nodded with scared faces. We walked out to the ballroom where all the princes and princesses were lining up on the over look to the ball.

"Queens and Kings, we are here today to hear the speeches of the princes and princesses. So who would like to go first? He said turning around to us.
"I will." A prince said stepping forward.

Speech after speech it became closer to my turn. Butterflies were in my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up, head spinning. Then he looked at me and told me to come up.

"No please." I whispered very quietly. He didn't hear you, my body said to me. I walked toward the front then stopped, put the paper on the stand and started to talk.

"I never want to do that again!" I nearly yelled. Mom looked at me with sympathy in her eyes. All I wanted was to go to the castle (in Paris, my home). I would love to see Domenik, my good boy.

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Star the midnight horse - Part 1

by Sophie

I could hear a weird clattering sound. I hadn't been able to sleep that night as I had had a really bad stomachache, I knew something was wrong.

The sound was louder, one time it was a clatter on the fence, then it was a whine, then it was a sound of a horses hooves. I was confused... But then I couldn't stand it any longer. I rushed out of bed pulling a jumper over my p.j. jumper...

My mum owned a horse stable. She set it up when I was born. My mum saves horses, mistreated and abandoned, and she heals them. We use special treatments of trust and love unlike other people. Other people are treat horses with disrespect and it is horrible to watch.

I couldn't believe it. I shone the torch into the paddock, and I saw an outline of a horse! He was handsome but you could see his ribs and was full of mud. I entered the stable and tried to go up to the horse. However, he had different plans. He reared up swinging his leather hooves in the air.
"Whoooo! Whoo! Hey calm down boy."

I figured this was going to take more work than I thought.

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Free as the Wind - Part 1

by Lacie

What happened, where am I?

It all starts coming back to me in flashes. The ropes, pain, terror, all of it. My vision is blurry and my legs are chained together.

I hear a noise and my ears perk hoping for a familiar buffer or even a snort, but all that I hear are unfamiliar footsteps.

A dark shape comes into view, I whinny in fear and try to rear but the chains on my hoofs hold me back. The two-legged drops something and runs over to me with his hands in front of him. Easy girl, he says, but I am beyond soothing words.

He's so close, I can see his face and smell his rancid odor. I can't get away from him, he comes closer until he grabs the rope contraption that is stuck to my face and pulls. I can't fight, I can only brace for the pain I know must come next.

He is speaking quietly and gently stroking my muzzle. My quivering muscles relax and I feel my eyes droop. I give in to the overwhelming tiredness.

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Blue & Gray - Chapter 1

by Emilie
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Being Checked (A War Horse Movie Picture)

Being Checked (A War Horse Movie Picture)

"Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane? Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting? He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, and charges into the fray. He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; he does not shy away from the sword. The quiver rattles against his side, along with the the flashing spear and lance. In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."

The war was approaching. Horses were disappearing from small farms, large farms, rich farms, and poor farms. Being taken from their homes, their owners, and the ones they loved and who loved them. I hadn't really paid any attention to it. I was a farm horse myself, and a spoiled one with three young girls to love on me. I never dreamed of being taken from my home. It never crossed my mind. Until the day the young girls didn't come into my barn, but their mother and soldiers in gray did. I snorted and looked at them in surprise. I expected Emilie, Kiara and Emma. The tall men manhandled me all over. They looked at my teeth, picked up my feet, rubbed around my ears, and checked me all over for cuts or scrapes or flaws. "Nice bright eyes.. clean teeth, no flaws.. a totally sound horse."

The mother nodded. "He is very well taken care of." What was going on? I was totally clueless. I snorted and pulled away from the soldier, who was holding my head under his his shoulder. "Feisty, as well. That's good for a war.. I'll buy him off you." Wait, had I been sold? So many thoughts raced through my mind. I pawed the ground, and tossed my black mane. I wanted to know what was going on. I snorted loudly, and jerked my head as they tried to grab my bridle.

My halter had been replaced with the black leather bridle that I wore at that moment. They managed to grab my bridle, and led me out. I looked over to see Emilie, Kiara and Emma standing in the yard in front of their cabin. They had tears in their eyes, and wiped at them with their dresses. They waved blue and gray ribbons at me. "A last farewell, Philip!" 'A last farewell'? What did they mean? I tossed my head and pranced, neck arched. And then it came to me what was going on. The soldiers. The tears. The 'last farewells.' I was being sold to the Civil War calvary.

Look out for Chapter Two!

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A special stallion (fiction) - Part 1

by Winter

One spring morning, a young little colt was born on the Oklahoma plains grass. The little col'ts dam nudged her little colt up, "there, my little one, this is your family. Someday you will have your own herd, get up." The little colt stood up, he then fell.

"You poor little thing," the dam said, "come on, get up." He lifted his little legs up. "Yes, little one."

Years later, as he grew older, he became stronger. As he was growing, his sire had kicked him out to start his own herd. He had found a young 5-year old filly out on the plains by herself. He was very curious so he went up to her.

"Hello, who are you?" She wisped her little hoofs in the air,. She has met many stallions on the plains and she wasn't about to let them try to get to her. "Leave me alone," she said. But somehow their bond had became stronger. He kept following her so she just got used to it.

"Where did you come from and what's that thing on your back?" She then answered, "it's my old owners' bags. I hated being sat on. I always wanted to be wild so I ran away."


"Because it's awful." He kept up with her. And as months went by, she became one of his mares...

-to be continued-

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Wild at Heart - Chapter 1


Bang! I ran blindly in the dark night, looking, searching... Hopeing. I whinnied into the dark, then waited for a response. Nothing. No animals were moving. I was alone. I tried to call again, and again, and again. But no response ever came.

All I remember was my mother telling me to run, run as fast and hard as I could. She told me not to look back, keep looking forward. I did as she told me to, but I do t think she was as lucky as me.

I continued to walk, looking at the ground, hoping that I might suddenly run into another horse. I wandered for hours till my legs were numb and I fell to the ground with raspy breathing and an empty feeling. I eventually fell asleep and when I woke the sun was bright and the skies were clear.

It was nearly half day, or at least I presumed it was. I slowly got up, and realized how sore my muscles were. I shook out my mane and the. Remembered what happens that night. I looked around with ears pricked and my eyes alert. Since its daytime it will be easier to try and find my herd, I told myself. I started out slowly walking, stopping every now and then to eat some green grass. Today the birds were singing and flying out in the sky, but I didn't pay attention to them. All I cared about was trying to find other horses. A little filly like me could never survive out here by myself. There are coyotes and other dangerous animals that are looking for an easy Dinner.

I herd a sudden clashing noise. One I haven't heard before. I flick my ears toward to try and understand it. I look around but nothing is in sight. I then hear faint but terrified whinnies. I turn my whole body towards the sounds, I never heard horses sound that terrified, ever! I took a chance and started galloping full speed as fast and hard as I could to get to them. I followed the sounds. I ran up a small hill, but skidded to a stop at the top of it.

I looked out on the valley, the place my herd and I had grazed. I didn't just see my herd, but other herds. Surround by tall silver fencing. I looked harder and closer, trying to spot my mother or any other horses I knew.

There were humans too. Not just a few, but many. So many I could count. There were some on top of horses. And those horse weren't trying to buck them off or escape. I was confused whether or not I should stay on the ridge, try to help, or to run away and never come back.

Before I could make any decision, I heard hoofbeats coming quickly towards me. I turned hoping it was part of my herd, but I tried to run right as I had a hard right rope thrown around my neck. I tried running but I wasn't strong enough and I was tired. I whinnied knowing no one could help me but I still did. I reared and bucked and spun around. But the human and horse just dragged me behind them not caring.

I whinnied as we came closer to the pens and horses. Humans were staring at me. I panicked even more and started thrashing my head side to side thinking it would help somehow or other. The human's horse looked back at me and pinned its ears. I looked back at it and snorted. The horse turned back and bit at me and kicked me. I shied back and didn't dare stand up against it for a second longer. I was led into the place with all the horses, but I was out in a small square pen by myself.

Humans started crowding all four sides of the pen trying to look at me. I didn't know what to do so I stood and stared back at them. I turned when heard a bang and a deep throated loud cry from a big black stallion. I recognized him from somewhere but I couldn't remember. There were three humans surround him with ropes in their hands pulling in the stallion and trying to make him submit.

He reared high and spun around pulling the humans with him and he started running to the sides if the pen. I watched everything. The stallion didn't give up, he couldn't. Another human came in and started yelling at the ones holding the stallion tryi g to control him. The new man flings around a long stick and every time he brought it down, it made a loud crack! He started cracking the stick down on the stallion. My breath caught in my throat. All I could do was stare and hope the humans would stop soon enough.

It was hours before the black horse started to tire out and a huge group of humans started to crowd him. He was bleeding all over from being beaten by the man's stick and was drenched in sweat. He slowed down his nostrils flaring and lags shaking. But the humans kept on beating and pulling on him. The powerful stallion collapsed to the ground and latex on his side. I whinnied to him wondering if i would get an answer.

The stallion sat up slowly and stared in my direction. I whinnied again. He whinnied back to me loud and strongly. That's when I remembered who he was! He was the leader of my herd! My father!

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This is it - Chapter 1

by Carly

There I was, standing in front of my horse, Allie, my sweet 4 year old chestnut dutch warmblooded mare. She was ready for her lesson, today we are training for the show Sunday, we were entering the 3ft 9' hunter/jumper. So we warmed up and started the 8 jump course. She was amazing, we were ready to bring home champion!

I looked at my mom, she smiled and said " Allie is really coming along, you girls looked awesome" I smiled back. We did a few more courses and then cooled her off. I gave her a nice cool shower and turned her out, I was at the barn all day and decided to clean all my tack since there was only 2 day before the show.

The next morning we got ready for the show and trailered there it only took you know 3 hour to get there! It was worth every minute thought. So I groomed every hair on allies body tack her to perfection, and schooled her she was, once again a total sweetheart! We were next in the ring, my nerves started getting to me, I tried to ignore it as I took a deep breath.

The judge called "Next in the ring we have number 827 Carly Casanova and P.S I love you." This was it I took another breath and kicked Allie forward.

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Rescue the Valiant - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Sami!" I spun around to see who it was. I brushed a piece of hair off of my face. I wonder what is wrong? I said to my self. Dad ran to me, his face red, his chest heaving up and down. I leaned the pitchfork against the wall, reached for my water jug and gulped it down then set it on a tack trunk.

"Whats wrong?" I asked. Dad never ran so fast before so I know it was urgent. "There was a trailer accident." He panted. "The trailer tipped over on it's side." I gasped. "There were horses in there right?" I asked remembering one of the accident that one horse had a broken leg, the other a sprained leg. Thank God they're all better. "Yep." Dad's answer was. "Let's go!" I jumped into the car, thoughts in my mind swirling around.

"Where is it?" I asked, not wanting the answer to be Red Ditch Road. It was a very dangerous road in the county! I hate the looks of it. On every side is a 20-foot ditch and the road very narrow. "Red Ditch Road." Dad said with a frown. "The driver was drunk." Dad said angrily as he hit the steering wheel with his fist. "How many horses were in there?" I asked. "5." He said.

A few minutes later, we found the truck and trailer. I opened the car door and looked around when I nearly screamed. I looked at the trailer, the police were trying to get a beaten up pregnant mare! Dad ran to help them, the men were grateful.

"Can I help?" I asked running down to where they were. "No, I don't think so." A policeman said. "We don't want you to get hurt."

"I won`t get hurt!" I said under my breath. "I live with horses and you probably don't know how to even mount a horse!" I wanted to tell him that but I held it.

6 hours have past and I found myself useful to keep the horses calm and hold them. I looked at the trailer, one more horse to go. I sighed with delight. All the horses were going to be out and into their new home. My home. One! Two! Three! I turned to see a gorgeous appaloosa!

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Summer Forever - Part 1

by Shine

Emma Arana

Emma Arana

As soon as Emma Arana reached the exit of the Rocky Flats High school she burst into full speed down the side walk, racing for her bike. She didn't pay attention to the clusters of teens laughing and signing year books. It wasn't as if they were going to sign her year book anyways.

Slinging her book bag into the basket of her bike, she quickly pedaled down the street. Her long curly hair flowed with the wind, and a small smile crept up her face. It was summer and she planned to do nothing but spend hours with her new horse Breeze.

A 12 year old girl had given her Breeze. The girl was an old neighbor, but she was moving. Emma had often seen the shining brown horse prancing in the pasture the back of Emma's dad's old farm house.

"I know you'll take care of her," the girl had said softly, bravely keeping the tears back. "Daddy said it was either you or the slaughter house. There's no space for Breeze where I'm going. I saw you slipping some carrots to her. She loves sugar cubes too, on Sunday she loves having a nice run. All the supplies for her is in the stables, you can take it to your barn."

Emma smiled at Sara, who was holding tightly to the reins of Breeze. "I promise I'll take care of her. You just take care of your self, I'll send pictures if you want. Its sweet of you, and I'll help Breeze not forget you."

The girl, Sara, smiled a little now, gave a kiss to the horse who nuzzled into her elbow. She whispered a few words, than walked away.

Emma's dad wasn't too sure, but at the glowing face of his 15 year old daughter, he let her keep the thoroughbred. It wasn't often that Emma got excited over something. Emma didn't have many friends, and the death of her mother brought a solemn appearance to the beautiful dark blue eyed girl.

Emma knew that this summer was going to be different in a beautiful way.

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Dead Crazy - Part 1

by Jacinta
(Australia. vic)

I ran along the road nervously the wind whipping at my face, I don't truly understand what I'm doing but I know I just have to keep running.........

My name is Jazmine and I have always loved horses I thought since I don't have siblings money would be easier but here I am curling my brown hair around my finger. For today, I was getting riding lessons (finally!).

I wander in confusion but I was still to nervous to ask anyone, but all of a sudden I feel host breath at the back of my neck. I jumped letting out a yelp I look back to see a flea bitten grey horse tossing up its and let out a big yawn. "Wow." I put my hand forward to stroke her and then let her sniff my hand she began licking it sorta.

"Are you Jazmine? Because if you are Jenny is looking for ya," said a black haired boy. I nodded, "oh, I see you met jewel. And I'm Jacob."
I smiled too nervous to speak. He moved host hand in motion to tell me to follow. I walked behind him then saw a woman smiled at me.

"Jacob could you tack up a horse for Jazmine? I just need to explain the basics," Jenny asked and Jacob nodded, and walked off.

After jenny had finished explaining stuff about tack and I had groomed a bay gelding called mint, Jacob walked up with jewel who wore an all-purpose, English saddle and a bridle jenny brought me over to a stool which she called a mounting block. I mounted jewel and rode.

After a whole lesson being told to keep my hands and heels down, I patted jewel who was now grazing. The sun was coming down then out of nowhere a high pitch neigh broke the silence. All the horses looked up. I ran along to see what was wrong and their lay a mare crushed under a branch who looked so like jewel. It made me flinch. Another horse, a gorgeous buckskin ran around her in shrill panic.

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Issie finds a horse - Part 1

by Leigh
(Somewhere in Africa)

As Issie sped along the windy road she turned my head to look to the right and stopped right in her tracks, she was gasping like a goldfish. There was a beautiful horse; she knew that horse, Pride and Joy.

She stared at Pride for a long time, taking in his beautiful hind legs his beautiful summer coat which was gold with the sun glowing down on it. Issie watched his muscles twitching in the sun, flicking his tail lazily at the odd, annoying fly.

He was beautiful, just how she last saw him. Issie had last seen him when he was five. She had found him in a terrible thunderstorm; he was cantering away from her hiding beneath the trees.

Issie had taken him in, cared for him, and taught him everything he should know. Never to bite or kick. She even thought him when she whistled he must come. She raised her fingers to her lips and blew a short, sharp, high note and then a long, not so sharp, low note and then she called him, “Pride, come here boy!”

Pride looked up and saw Issie coming towards him. He whinnied and galloped to her. At last, she was reunited with her horse. “I missed you so much boy,” she whispered in his ear. “Excuse me, what are you doing to my horse?” asked a girl with long blonde hair. “What’s your name? Do you own him?” Issie asked nervously.

“My name is Nicole and yes, I own him! So, what are you doing to him?” asked Nicole. “Was his name Pride and Joy by any chance?” Issie asked ignoring to answer Nicole’s question. “Yes, his name was pride and Joy, but we got him from an auction.” Nicole said looking cross. “Well, my name is Issie, and I believe this is my horse.” Issie said climbing over the fence. “How?” spat out Nicole. “Well, Pride” Issie started, “His name is Goldie,” said Nicole. “Well, Pride A.K.A. Goldie was stolen from me. I taught everything he knows.” Issie said proudly. “Well, how do you know he’s your horse?” Nicole asked looking angrier by the minute.

“Well, his name was Pride and Joy and the other one is the whistle I gave him.” Issie said shrinking back, it looked like Nicole was going to explode. “Well, please leave Goldie,” she said Goldie slowly, “alone please.” and with that she stomped off taking Goldie with her. “You’ll see Nicole, I will get him back.” She whispered to herself. She cycled speedy quick home.

“Mom! Dad! I need to talk to you! Lounge in five minutes please.” And Issie ran upstairs to get changed in to comfy clothes. Five minutes later she was in the lounge with her mom and dad. “Mom, dad,” she began, “I don’t know how to say this but, I found Pride.” Issie said smiling. “Fantastic! Where is he?” asked mom. “At Hog Hollow Trails.” Issie sang.

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Wild One - Chapter 1: Getting ready

Jessie on her horse flame

Jessie on her horse flame

"wake up! Bright and early girls!" my mom said. It was 5:00 and it was very bright for that time. Me and my sister Jessie McLee had a show today. I woke up to the smell of grazing live stock.

I always get that side of the house, I mean always, cities, suburbs, mansions, you name it. But when its livestock I don't mind.

"Ughhhh" Jessie groaned putting her pillow over her head.

I ran into her room and yelled "showtime" and ran back to my room and but my breeches on. We don't need to leave until 7:30 but we still have work to do. I put on my boots (both for show and riding) and left on my pajama shirt. I pulled my hair back into a pony-tail and grabbed my tack and headed out.

One I got to the stables I dropped the halter and lead. I put my saddle and bridle on their pegs and hung up the halter and lead. I grabbed my grooming kit and set it by my treat/tack box and got the halter and lead.

I heard footsteps so I assumed it was Jessie. But it wasn't it was Luke. "Luke go away." I said rolling my eyes at him.

"what? I cant get my tack?" he said leaning against the wall. Luke's always on our property so my parents re built the stable and made it bigger so he has a stall for Petra.

"well, you can but don't lean on the wall, there's spider eggs above your head and they'll fall" I joked and waled out to go get storm.

I opened the gate the led out to the pasture and walked in and closed it. I walked over to storm, who was rolling. "easy boy don't roll on to me" I giggled. He stood up and rubbed his head on me and I stepped back. "OK, storm enough" I said while putting on his halter. When I headed out the gate Luke walked in to get Petra.

When I got into the stall, I groomed him and picked him and put on my tack and lead him out to the arena.

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Stormy skies - Chapter 1: New Stallion

by Taylor



****DISCLAMER**** Stormy is my Arabian, not someone else's. If I describe another horse and looks exactly like yours or events were real it is just a coincidence.

"Hey Ellis!" I yelled waving my arms around,running out of the ranch to Ellis' Property. "Mistyc is PREGNANT!"

She dropped her shovel *nicely set it down so she doesn't spook Trigger, her horse* And looked at me. "With who?" She said in a questioning voice.

"Bricket" I said. Bricket was a Silver Arabian stallion with a crescent moon on his forelock and a black sock on his 4th leg.

"Taylor nuh uh" She sassed "Bricket? Really?"

"Yup, Bricket Ol' Bricky Boy" I said.

Dad came running over. "Mistyc is foaling! Hurry up!" he shouted.

"ew" Ellis said while shivering in disgust and started walking over to our property. I followed her. When we got there Mistyc was nursing a grey Arab.

Me and Ellis looked at each other with a smile on her face and she said, "how BEAUTIFUL! Whats its name?"

I walked closer to it and saw his black pigmented muzzle. "stormy skies" I said, "ill name him stormy skies, stormy for short."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was up and on Stormy riding western for the first time. "Hows the saddle?" My trainer Nickie said.

"Uncomfortable" I said loping *western term for cantering*

"You're doing good Taylor!" She said "Walk storm out now,Ellis get out the barrels"

I dismounted quickly before Ellis even moved."Not today, how 'bout never" I said taking off my spurs.I walked out of the arena and put the spurs in the box. I was walking out of the arena when bricket was out of the Paddock

"BRICKET" I said tying the reins to a fence. I grabbed the neared lead rope And clipped the lead to his halter. "Don't do that again Bricky," i said putting back into the hospitality paddock.

I untied stormy and put him into his stall. I looked at the clock and yawned. I put feed and water in his stall and walked out to my property.

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The Horses of the Wanted Land - Part 1

by Cami



The Horses of the Wanted Land


The small office of Sargeant Geome also holds Officer Farnoff for a meeting.

"Seen anything suspisious so far?" Asked Sargeant Geome.

"Yes," Replied Officer Farnoff jokingly. "Lots of Portals and magic!"

"You think I'm ridiculous, don't you. I know there is a land, somewhere, somewhere out there, that we have not discovered yet."

Farnoff Chuckles. Angered, Sergeant Geome jumps out of his seat and leans over his desk.
"If you think this is so funny, then where are all those horses going to? Are they just dissolving into thin air?!

this county needs help, and if you aren't going to give it to them, I might as well fire you!"
"You aren't my boss!" Yells Farnoff. "You're just my partner! You are ridiculous, the horses
are probably just escaping into a forest or something. Stop talking about this place, it is not real!"

Sergeant Geome is silenced, proceeds to scribble on a notepad, and hands it to Farnoff. Fornoff stands up and reads the hand written note. Then, him too silenced, exits Sargeant Geome's office.
Meanwhile, in the distance, a gun shot is heard, and the silence is broken. "Were under ATTACK!" yells a stranger,
as a window shatters.

Everybody in the small office building gets low, and looks for a place to hide. In Texas, nothing is peaceful. Sargeant Geome, still annoyed, suddenly gets a feeling of courage, grabs his gun, and starts firing warning shots out of a broken window. He hears screams and yells as a shower of bullets falls upon him. He realizes
he is bleeding so he stops and hides behind the wall. His legs feel weak, and his body drops to the ground.

Hours later, there are people crying and screaming for help with firefighters, paramedics and Dallas police.

Chapter 1, A place to Love

"This is a Place called Medemuth. Medemuth is made up of many Villages. There is a King and Queen, and many Celestials who guard induvidual villages. The King is a Percheron named Quarthuad, and there is a Queen named Mirlah. The villages are Findui, the first village , Nienna the second, Salamar the third, Anwam, the fourth, and Fellowton, the Main village.

The celestials are:
SweetPea of Findui,
Buckle of Nienna
Moremmo of Salamar
Anna of Anwam,
and Celcia of Fellowton.
Any horse is welcome.
And that is youre Guide to Medemuth."

The newbie horses let out a whinny of joy and galloped off to their desired locations, whilst Teacher Beannie waited for another group to come.

The homes are laid beside a pathway which lead throughout the land, with a meadow behind them all. The homes are usually 18x18, bedded with hay, holding up to 3 horses each. There are over 1 million a village, and 5 million in

Payton, one of the many residents, died yesterday, the first to pass whilst in Medemuth, giving Quartuad and Mirlah a very bad feeling. Mortality was getting into Medemuth!

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The Herds of the Mountain - Chapter 1

by Amy

Rachel looked over at her riding instructor. "Like this?" she asked, holding the reins up. Her instructor nodded. Rachel got Ace into a trot again, turned the corner and stopped. The people watching clapped as she rode out of the ring.

"You did well for a first try on Ace." Rachel's father said happily. Ace snorted. "I think he agrees with me." her father chuckled. As Rachel lead Ace back into the barn, she noticed a girl leading Cherry out to the ring. "Hi! Are you new here?" Rachel asked politely. The girl nodded. "My name is Alicia. I moved here recently." said the girl. "I'm Rachel." she said. Ace whinnied at Cherry.

"I better get Ace into his stall." Rachel told Alicia. She opened the stall door, leading Ace in. With the push of a hand, the stall door shut. Alicia walked Cherry out of the barn as if she had done it a thousand times. Rachel walked up to the hill where here house stood, overlooking the ranch. The door was open, as always.

When she walked in, Rachel was stunned to find her mom painting for once. "I knew you would love painting!" Rachel told her mother. Her mother nodded. "Your father begged me to try it, just once. And I fell in love with it." Rachel's mother replied, not taking her eyes of the painting.

The family gathered around the table to eat. Nathan was typing on the computer while he ate, Pam gobbling down her meal. Everything was normal. "I saw some wild horses in the mountains today." Nathan finally looked up from the keyboard. "Tell me more!" demanded Rachel, she wanted to know as much about the new discovery as possible. "They were all spooked by something." Nathan told his younger sister. "Probably because of your tangled, frizzy hair!" teased Pam.

Their father gave Pam the look, and she went back to her meal quickly. "They had a beautiful, white lead stallion. He looked at me, then at Storm. And then the herd ran off." Nathan said. Pam's eyes widened. "You got to ride STORM?" she asked in a angry voice. "Why would you care?" he shot back with a cold glance.

The night had fallen, Rachel had yet to fall asleep. "A white stallion...." she thought, not letting it get out of her mind for a second. Sudden hoof beats made her leap out of bed. Whinnies and neighs filled the silence of the night. Rachel looked through her window. A stallion, whiter then fresh snow, and a black stallion, darker then the night sky, fought right outside her window. The two herds behind the stallions where shivering with fear, huddling together.

Rachel, amazed by the sight, ran out of her room. She grabbed her house coat and got in her slippers. Wen she got outside, the two stallions still fought. "Stop it!" she yelled. She had spooked the black stallion pretty good, his heard running behind him. The white stallion approached, his head down low enough for Rachel to pet him, as if to say "Thank you." She rubbed him on the head gently.

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Marhaabah: The Great Arabian Stallion - Chapter 1

by Anali
(Columbia, SC)

Marhaabah Age: 3 Months

Marhaabah Age: 3 Months

I lie on the ground breathing, waiting for mother to stand. I whinnied loudly and stumbled around as I was reaching for mother. "Fine colt," I heard from outside the stall. "Fine one indeed," Another voice said. I looked around suspiciously, then drank milk from mom.

"Why, Shelina, you made a great one." Two men looked at me as I ran around in the stall. I nickered and snorted. One of the men put a loose halter on my face and led me out to a small pasture with lots of other foals in there. I charged into the pasture like a rocket. My father whinnied at me as I walked through the pasture, I stared at him as I trotted through grassy pasture.

A tall woman walked out from the barn house holding a saddle, reins, and a crop. "Come on Marwan, boy!" Dad whinnied loud and paced about in the pen, mom grazed outside of my pasture keeping a good watch on me. I saw the two men whispering to each other.

As I watched the woman mount my father, a grey Arabian filly walked up and nipped me in the buttock. I bolted a bit, but managed to turn around. I twirled my ears, back and forth. She was my age, and very stunning. She ran in circles around me until I nipped her ear and we played tag.

"His father is Marwan Al Shaqab, and his mother is Shelina El Jamaal, so....." "Oh I know! Marino!" "No, just... no." As the tall woman put my dad in his stall she gently yelled, "Hey! What about Maarbah!?" "Maar... Marrh....Marhaabah, Marhaabah! We shall name him Marhaabah!!" I questioned that name, tilting my head. "Hey, isn't Abbysinnia the same age as Marhaabah?" "Yeah."

Chapter 2 coming soon.........

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The Life of an Unwanted Horse - Part 1

by Danielle

The herd

The herd

I grew up on the mountains of Colorado with my family. My herd was small, but every horse was sweet and kind, especially to me. I was the youngest foal in the herd, all of the other foals were either more than eight months, or a yearling.

I had a great life as a foal, prancing and playing with the other foals, and having such great fun. I liked every horse in my herd, but the horse I liked most was my mother. She was the kindest and the sweetest horse in all the land. She would never pick a fight with another horse, nor will she bite or kick at another horse. She was the kindest horse I ever knew.

I had stayed with my herd until I was two years old. At two years, I had grown taller, and far handsomer. My dun coat had grown silkier and shinier. I stayed with my herd only a few months after my second b-day, until my father was starting to get uneasy. I couldn't understand my father's anxiousness.

I had ignored my father's uneasiness until one day he snapped and kicked at me. I knew something was wrong. He snapped at me more, this time he bit me, making me bleed. He snapped and bit me even more, bossed and chased me around, till he had chased me out of the herd.

I figured out that my father didn't want me anymore, for whatever reason, so I just walked off, without picking a fight. I had gotten a few yards away from the herd when I heard a buzzing sound above my head.....

Guessing Question:

What was the buzzing noise above the horse's head?

Let's see if you can guess.

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The Adventures Of Booboo And Daisy - Part 1

by daisylou11

As Charlie looked in the mirror she felt sick another day on her aunties pony ranch and she didn’t know if charm was still going to be alive. Ever since last Monday her 14.2hh cob had been hardly able to breath the swelling had increased and his gums gone white. So he looked almost dead the only thing keeping him going was she herself Charlie his soul mate.

She finally racked up the courage to walk down the 144 steps to her aunty kitchen before carrying on into the yard .All the horses whinnied as their owners looked up with sorrow in their eyes. Charlie broke into a run she was worried had something happened that she didn’t know about? Surly not she unbolted his door leaving the whispers behind her.

She was staring at the floor hoping to see charms sickly but eager eyes staring up at her from on the floor awaiting his treat...But he was gone her legs crumbled as she fell to the floor and wept uncontrollably "charm oh my dear dear charm do tell me you’re ok i need you charm i need you “. She stayed there for a little while before she felt something warm on her neck she sat up immediately and saw her aunt.

"What are you crying for dear don’t be silly now “said auntie Joe “get up off that rubber matting you haven’t cleaned out in a week you know since charm became sick “she said softly.

“But he’s d-deead.” Stammered daisy

“Oh darling” her auntie said tutting then she shook her head at Amy the head girl of pony club while Amy looked down at her feet ashamed then Joe turned back to Charlie “Stand up,” Charlie looked at her as if to say nooo “up! I want to show you something” then she shouted over the yard.

“Amy why didn’t you put this poor girl out of her misery! Charlie trailed behind her aunt she felt foul why she just wanted a bit of sympathy her best friend had died for goodness sake or had he?

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Prince's Royalty - Part 1

by JumperGirl22

"Look, I am trotting!" I yell to my best friend Fiona who is trying to get her stubborn 4 year old horse Nikita to walk. No matter how hard she tries, Nikita always seems to get away with her eating hay method. And 3 and a half year old Prince, doesn't want anything to do with riding, he would prefer much more eating in the field with his herd. I laugh, but that was 4 years ago.....................................................

"More leg!" My trainer Paige shouts to me. I apply mmore pressure and Prince soars over the last jump with even strides. We end the course with a clean round. I give him a pat. "Good boy!" I beam with pride. I ride back to the other riders.

One the other side of the arena, Fiona starts cantering and tries to slow her fast thoroughbred. The bay mare canters a wide circle before starting the course. "Eyes up!" Paige yells. Her eyes suddenly flick up and look in between Nikita's ears. They have a nice steady canter over all the jumps. But, Nikita tends to rush the last one.

She digs her hooves into the arena dirt but only for a second. Fiona kicks her back into a canter over the jump and has a clear round. "Good job" I give her a high five. Kacie and Dylan also had a clear round but Cole had a refusal.

"If we want to go to regionals, we must have it perfect. Practice is tomorrow at 9:00 am. I expect to see you all ready and tacked up in the arena by then." Paige says. Everyone nods and heads off to their stalls.

"Do you guys want to trail ride?" I ask the 4 other riders. "Nikita is up for it" Fiona smiles. "Lyric too" Dylan shrugs with a little excitement building up in him. "Phoenix would love to!" Kacie shrieks. "Blaze would enjoy some fun after that excruciating lesson." Cole flashes a sweet smiles. I blush and turn away so no once could see.

"Alright then, I vote we go bareback." I say. "Phoenix is sweating a lot, so maybe we could go to the lake?" Kacie points out. Everyone agrees. "10 minutes to brush and change. Then, we head out, okay?" They all nod and get ready.

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Running Loose -Part 1

by Elizabeth

I looked at the clock. 1:00. In 30 minutes, mom will pick me up and I will see the horse I'm getting!

"Kiya do you know the answer?" Mrs. Belld asked looking at me with a I-know-what-you-were-doing look but smiling..

"Could you say the question again Mrs.Belld?" I asked silly.

"She wasn't listening because she's getting her pretty little pony!" Drake said whinny. I turned in my seat to see him laughing with his other guys.

"You're just jealous because I get better grades than you DUMB PACK! I barked at him. Drake was the bully of this grade he was just a jerk. He made you feel like you weren't good enough and so forth. As soon as he heard that, he just stared at me as I glared at him.

"Drake go to the principal and Kiya, don't say those words out loud!" Mrs. Belld ordered but to me a softer tone of voice.

30 minutes later...
I jumped into the car were mom was. "Hi mom!" I said smiling.

"Hi honey, are you ready to see your horse?!" Mom asked with a smile on her face.

"Yes, I most certainly am!" I said jumping up and down in my seat.

My eyes fluttered open. I must've had fallen asleep.

"Were here!" Mom said getting out of the car. I got out and looked around.

"Nice place."I said as we started walking to the barn. "Oh! I can't believe that I am getting my own horse!" I thought.

"Hello there!" A breathless man said as he ran over to us.

"We are her to get the horse we bought." Mom said staring at the man.

"Oh yes, could you come tomorrow? He is being checked out by the vet and won't come back till dark." The man said. He looked so nervous that I thought he was going to faint.

"Sure...what's your name?" Mom asked.

"John Hearth." Know that he wasn't bent over he looked like he was 23.

"Shannon Hubacher and Kiya." Mom said. We waved bye then left.

"That is it?" I said turning on my back. What was he doing?" Mom ran up the stairs to me with anger in her face.

"Your horse is missing!" Mom whispered out of breath.

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Horses, Love, Rodeo, My life - Chapter 1


Chapter one: The greeting

The sun shined through a crack in my cretans. I opened my eyes and the sun lit up my whole room. I threw the covers off and jumped out of the bed. I walked toward the bathroom. I twisted the knob on the sink the water came rushing out like a water fall.

Cupping my hands to collect water, I splashed the water on my face. the cold water made my eye open wide. I walked back to my room and in to my closet. My closet full of blue jeans, t-shirt, and my cowboy boots. I picked out my favorite jeans and t-shirt with my old worn out cowboy boots. Before I put my boots on I scurried out the door before dad could hear my. I placed my boots on my calloused feet. Before I got to the barn i cold hear the horses they were ready for breakfast, So I walked to the barn when i turned on the lights the all started to neigh.

“Shh,”I told them,”Don't wake up dad.”
“So who wants to go for a ride,”I asked.
No one answered so I said ,” How about you bandit.” Bandit is my trick riding horse.

Bandit hasn't had a lot of exercise lately. I reached for his halter on his stall door, And slipped it over his head. I opened the door and lead Bandit out side to the hitching post. While Bandit was outside I walked to the tack room and grabbed a cow saddle,a blanket, and a head stall. After Bandit was tacked i climbed on and we took off to the fields. The wind blew through my hair, the fresh air, the country side I love it. It makes me feel alive. Bandit slowed down when we got to a field full of corn.

“Whats wrong?“I asked. Bandit was being very spooky, so I walked him through the field. We were half way through the field when a big crow flies up spooking Bandit throwing me on to the ground. Bandit takes off leaving me stranded.

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Leading The Way - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Okay, when did the Wright Brothers make their airplane and where did they fly it?" I said to my self. I was doing homework. It had easy questions some times. I looked out of my window.

"What is that noise?" Thud, thud, thud! It became louder and louder by the second. "A horse!" I gasped. "What is it doing running in the back yard?!"

I started to run toward the back yard, down the porch steps.

"How did you get in here?" I said soothingly. He was a mustang! "Well, you are pretty big aren't you, bud?" I softly petted him, rubbed, scratch.

"Here you go boy, a stall." I led him into a barn that had three stalls with a tack room. "Hey! This doesn't have the other side to it!" The barn didn't have walls to help the wind not get in.

"Here is some food. Wow, that wall tipped over!" Where the back door was supposed to be, there was a wall that was on the ground. Picking it up with all my might I put it in it's rightful place.

Sorry it's short, more adventure and longer on the next part!

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The Homestretch - Part 1

by Isabella
(Hemet, Ca)


Finally! I am no longer an apprentice jockey and was hoping i could get some major wins done in my life. I had just called my jockey agent, Abby, to see if she could get me on Golden Jet in the breeder's cup. I waited and waited and finally my phone rang! Abby said, "The trainer said he would love for you to ride Golden Jet in the Breeder's cup! He also would like you to ride in the first race on Golden Jet tomorrow!"

I was happy to hear the good news and was already excited to race tomorrow. I went into the barn to see Golden Jet dozing away and noticed that he looked as if he just was about to wake up. He seemed to sense me and woke up. "I have a carrot for you," I told him. As if to agree with me, he stomped his hooves and neighed. He was happy and content and one of barn kittens seemed to be good friends with him. I could not wait until tomorrow.

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Given A Chance - Part 1

by Jordyn

As Marcy walked in to her barn she heard the whinny of her beloved horse Comet and then another one that did not sound like their three other horses with its high pitched shrill. But who could that be thought Marcy they had four horses in all, she knew this was not one of them.

She walked down to the last stall where she heard it come from and their it was a majestic gelding and a note that said “I know you will take good care of him his name is Wind Dancer.”

The horse was as dark as night with white socks and beautiful blue eyes that looked like magical crystals this was an odd horse Marcy thought she had never seen blue eyes on a black horse before. It was about fifteen hands and looked about two years old it had a big build of a draft but it still was condense like a thoroughbred.

Marcy ran up the steps of her small ranch house in the town of Rander Ville. She burst through the door to see her seventeen year old sister Mikayla her five year old brother Tyler Marcy was the middle child at fifteen. Her mother Nancy jumped at the sudden slam of the door and said

“What happened is one of the horses hurt?”

“No” said Marcy out of breath

“Then what is it Marcel?”

“There is a horse in the barn” said Marcy while handing her mother the note

“Oh My Gosh” said Nancy

Nancy started off at a dead run to the barn with Marcy, Mikayla, and Tyler trailing her. When she entered she heard the high pitched whinny from the horse and ran to the end of the small eight stall barn. When she saw the majestic horse she gasped,

“He is so beautiful”

“Yeah” Mikayla said who did not like horses very much but still knew a lot about them. Ever since she turned fifteen and got more interested in boys she hadn’t touched her horse Jazzy.

Tyler was standing there with eyes wide open and an over exaggerated look on his face that he always did for some reason and asked

“Can we keep him can we keep him PLEEEEAAAASEEEE?”

“Yeah mom can we keep him?” Marcy asked

Marcy knew her mother was going to say no she always made an excuse that they didn’t have the time or money for animals. But she knew that her mother just didn’t want to look like an animal hoarder. Besides they already had six cats’ eight dogs and twenty chickens along with their four horses and people always gave them weird looks when they walked in town.

Her mother had her thinking look on and everybody was still after a moment of silence her mother said.

(This my first story so comments and suggestions would really help)

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Breezy Listening - Part 1

Jordie closed up her jacket fully and walked to the bus. She limped, positioning her leg weirdly. "What happened, man?" Jack, the most annoying 5th grader alive asked. "I hit metal yesterday at gym! Don't you remember? You saw me there!" Jordie yelled, still low enough so the driver didn't think they were fighting.

"Oh yeah, you look like a total dork on the floor." Jack said laughing with his other "gang boys". "At least I'm not the one who cried when he got hit by a ball!" Jordie raised an eyebrow and stood up, moving to the back. She sat down and opened her backpack zipper. She pulled out a picture of a horse.

"What ya doing!?" Jordie jumped up hitting her leg even harder. "JACK!!!" She screamed his name and tackled at him, pinning him to the floor. Some of the other kids screamed "Fight! Fight! Fight!" or "Beat that girl Jack!".

Jordie let go and grabbed her backpack stomping to the front. She clenched the picture in her hand, almost crushing it. "Whats happening back there!?!!??" The bus driver shouted furiously. "Drive me home... NOW!" Jordie said, trying not to raise her voice.

The driver swiveled around and came back to her house. He opened the door and said "I will help you not get in trouble, kid." Jordie smiled and nodded and ran up to her house.

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Riding Academy: Jumping For Joy (Part 1)

by Chloe
(UK, London)

The sun was rising over the horizon. The beautiful orange was breaking the skyline. I stared out of the window and saw this. It made me realise that today was the day. The day I would get in the prestigious riding academy that everyone had dreamed of.

I was with 2 other girls and their horses. My best friend Emily Horthwen with her beautiful paint stallion Joker. And the other a posh rich girl named Sophie Kellison and her charming black mare Lollipop also known as Poppy. I was with my chestnut mare Magnetics but everyone just calls her Mags.

“Nearly there girls, about 5 more minutes” Rachel Douglas, our instructor yawned. We were all tired but we were all prepared to do the long journey. These were the auditions to get into the prestigious riding academy in Buckinghamshire.

Every Olympian had trained there and had got a medal. Places were limited as well. Today was the trials for the eventers. This is what me and Mags had trained for.

We finally pulled into the driveway. The sun was finally up and there was at least 10 vans already here. We were competing as individuals but we was competing as part of the stables team. Me, Sophie and Emily was all in the top team back at Blue Wood Stables. Everyone jumped out of the van and immediately Sophie started moaning.

“Why this early in the morning! I need my sleep!” Sophie exclaimed.

“Oh stop moaning and unload Poppy, now would be nice!” Rachel replied, struggling to open the back door. I ran over to help her. The door landed on the ground with a slam. All the horses head jumped and looked startled. I ran up to comfort Mag’s.

“It’s fine… We’ll be fine,” I whispered.

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Unicorns of the Woodland - Chapter ONE

by Emilie
(Lexington, Kentucky)

When The Dark and Light Unicorns Used To Be One

When The Dark and Light Unicorns Used To Be One

The wind blew my mane and forelock in my face, making me look more Fabio than I really was. I snorted and tossed my head, sending
my mane back in its place. I overlooked the valley from the top, where our lovely palace sat. We were the unicorns of the Woodland Area,
and we lived in a silver-golden-bronze-copper- every rich metal you could imagine.

Of course, there were other areas. There was the
forest, the Foal Area, where young unicorn foals were born and raised, the Dark Palace, our enemies, and the Sacred Temple, where every destined Unicorn would finally found out their
beautiful destiny. I wanted to be one of them. But I was not but a mere mortal 4 year old colt.

Our whole palace was held together by a 20-hand Unicorn stallion who went by the name Arim. And there was Mother Mare, a Unicorn mare that was
even older than Arim. She was a mare that would seem witchy, because she did live in a small hut, had a big pot full of green potions, and spoke like one, but she was actually a good reinforcement. Her potions could do many things in battles.

And that reminded me, the Dark Unicorns wanted a battle over who would lead the Palace now. Arim was quite a peacemaker, though, and didn't like wars and fights between countries. He had rejected, but I knew the Dark Leader, Arod,
would keep pushing him on till he accepted for a fight. That was really all he liked to do. It would make Arim angry, most of the time. I snapped from my thoughts, suddenly, to hear
a soothing voice of the lead mare, Sahrah. It wasn't pronounced Sarah, but Sigh-ra.

"Oh, my word, Dimitri, please come IN! It is
tooo cold out here for you to be piddling. Get in, Dimi." Ah, Sahrah, such a control freak. On windy days such as this, she wanted every
unicorn inside the palace at that minute, doing their daily duties.

She treated the foals like a protective grandmother, and she treated the younger unicorns, about my age, about the same, only there was more teasing and wicked jokes rather than playing and tickling. I followed after her as she went inside. Picky, picky, picky.

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Dirt and Horses - Chapter 1

by Rayna
(Surprise, AZ)

The light of the moon vaguely illuminated the world, with a bit of help from the flickering stars. A few dusky, gray clouds drifted sluggishly through the dark sky. Everywhere there was a sense of peace. A sense of dream and sleep. It was still night, a few hours after midnight.

This calm, quiet time of night is the favorite among many to ride. It is not, however, very wise. But for some reason that is why most are attracted to this special time. The quiet, the tranquility, the alone. Escaping from society, in a sense.

That is exactly why Ms. Bartlett chose that cold, dark winter night, to ride. And to escape from the world. From the calamities and stress. True, she could always enjoy a ride during the daytime, but there was something mysterious and lulling in a night ride.

The snow never fell in that Grand Canyon state. The winter nights were close to freezing often times, but they almost never fell below.

Bundled in an insulated coat with a pair of worn brown gloves, she silently shoved a leather boot toe into the stirrup of the saddle. She was forced to reach her leg up rather high considering this was such a tall horse.

With a strong push, she hoisted herself up, sliding her leg over and seating herself comfortable into the seat. She reached to the horse's withers, gripping the reigns in her gloved hands. Immediately she could feel the power and anticipation brewing inside the animal between her legs.

"Alright, Whiskey." She murmured in a thick Texan accent to her gelding. The tall, bay gelding gave the reigns a hefty tug.

Her name was Harley. Harley Jane Bartlett. She was exactly 5'7" tall, with long legs. She had grown up on her grandparent's ranch, where she now lived, so she was no weakling.

The horse's name was Whiskey. He had been raised and trained by Harley herself beginning when she was 13. He was now about 5, and had some very nasty attitude problems. But Harley, consequently, trusted the horse with her life.

Harley clicked her tongue and gave the eager Quarter Horse a gentle nudge with her heel, and he sprang forward in a fast walk.

"Whoa, Whiskey." Harley scolded, pulling the reigns ever so slightly. Obedient, but reluctant, he followed the path she provided, walking away from the hitching post.

He followed her commands of hand and heel, huffing. Whiskey's hot breath churned in the cold, foggy, night air. It was like a moment of magic; and so they rode.

It was several hours later, and about 8:00 AM. The sun had risen, and the hot winter temperatures of Arizona had set in. No more visible breath, no more foggy night. No more peaceful ride.

It as a rather rude awakening; several large dogs jumping up on the bed and licking her face relentlessly. They even pawed eagerly at the blanket when she hid her face.

One down-side to those late night rides, was a lack of sleep. But Harley knew that work needed to be done, and those dogs wouldn't let her go back to sleep for a second.

"Out!" She commanded, launching a pillow at the door as the dogs fought to push out.

There were, in all, 4 dogs. Working on a ranch, they were all large breeds. There was Sam, the overly protective Mastiff, Pepper, a female Australian Shepherd who was generally their cattle herder, Leon their black Kelpie, and last but certainly not least, the elderly Jack, who was an Akbash.

Harley loved all of her dogs dearly, just not as much when they awoke her 2 minutes before her alarm had the honors of doing so.

"Well it's about time you're up! Horses need feedin'!" Came a gentle voice from the kitchen. It may have been cracked with age, but it still attained that thick Texan accent.

"Good mornin' to you to Gram'." Harley murmured, releasing a huge yawn as she stumbled into the kitchen. There as a rule in that house that even her frail grandmother followed. 'Animals comes first.' That basically meant no breakfast until Harley and her uncle fed every single animal on their ranch. It as going to be a long morning.

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Sky And The Double Trouble Twins - Part 1

by Lucinda (I haven't been on here for ages!)
(NZ (from England))

Sky (NOTE: Not my picture)

Sky (NOTE: Not my picture)

It was a summer day and the heat was killing me. I got out of bed, glad to smell bacon and egg cooking as I slipped out of my pajamas and put on my red shirt, jeans and cowgirl hat.

"Breakfast!" Came soon after so I quickly fastened my belt and raced downstairs, my family were down there and sitting at the dining room table of our ranch house, there was my mom, Samantha trying to teach my baby brother Dylan how to eat with a fork instead of cramming his food into his mouth with his hands, my dad was talking to my little sister Emily, and our dog Ringo was trying to beg them all for scraps.

I smiled and sat down reaching for my plate serving myself a bacon and egg sandwich and ate it, it was delicious.

"Great cook hun" dad kissed mom on the lips and Emily screwed up her face.

"Eww! Get a room!" she cried and I rolled my eyes.

"So immature" I muttered which made her glare at me "i'm mature!"

"Your ten Emily, of course your not" I said calmly and turned to dad "whats our schedule for today?" I asked and he looked up

"I'm going out after we clean out the stalls to sell a few of the colts, they are getting a little old" he said "and after that we will need more horses so I'm gonna get some wild ones, then we have to feed the horses and train. Any questions?" he said and everybody shook their heads. I took the information into my brain and jammed it in tight.

"Okay dad, can I come with you to get the wild horses?" I asked him hopefully.

"Okay, but only if you give Emily a riding lesson afterwards and don't try and rein in any stallions, you know what happened last summer!" he said nodding and Ringo gave a sharp bark which probably meant 'Yep!'

"Okay dad, and it was only a broken arm" I said but agreed to him without any more arguments, he wasn't only my father he was also a rancher and western riding instructor that I respected. Right after he came back from selling the horses and we had mucked out the stalls he nodded to me
"Lets go!" he said. We tacked up our horses and headed out to the wild, not long later I head squeals and neighs.

"Shh, horses" he whispered to dad and he brought his finger to his lips, he reached over the hedge -that separated us from them- with his head and stared at the horses, he grabbed his lasso's and got a mare, he handed me two and I got her two foals. I grinned but then they realised, the mare let out screeches and reared and bucked, the foals however, did nothing but watch, till Sky trotted away with her father close behind and the mare and the two foals gave in and followed us.I let out coo's to calm them further but the mare still had her ears pinned to her head

Honest opinion please ^ ^

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The life of a riding champion - Part 1

by Catherine

"Tara and Pumpkin"

I could feel my heart beating in my ears, the adrenaline rushed through my veins and into my head, I sat steady and went a long with my mares canter, the final jump was just a few strides away.

This was it, this jump was the one, if I cleared it I would win the Sweet Meadows Equestrian Finals.

Only 3 strides left......2 strides.....1 stride!
I neatly folded into my jumping position and closed my eyes, I was to nervous to see what happens, I felt my mare Pumpkin, collect all of her strength in her back legs and spring over the 4'6 oxer. I opened my eyes when we landed, I quickly took a glance back, all the poles were in place!!!

I cantered a lap around the sand arena before exiting.

I soon heard the judge announce on his mega phone," That was Tara riding her horse Pumpkin Patch with zero faults and a time of 0:54 seconds. This makes her the winner of the Sweet Meadows Finals!"

As I took my victory gallop around the arena I could see my coach and all of my family that came to watch cheering for me, well except my older sister. My sixteen year old sister sat watching me with a smug look on her face, I could tell by her shimmering green eyes that she was not impressed.

My sister was reserve champion during regionals, and she was always above me, with her light brown wavy hair, perfect nails, spotless face, perfect EQ, and designer clothes. Always made me feel, well like a looser, even at school! I always known as "that freshmen who's like Courtney's sister."

But even though she was as pretty as a super model, had thousands of blue ribbons, the world most obedient Hanoverian gelding. I had a mission, If I got to regionals, I would win first place, proving myself to be just as good as her.

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Ghost Horse - Part 1

by Jenna Clark

As I walked by the stream I heard a low whinny. I whipped my head around and saw a pure white horse. I’m not kidding, that horse was pure white except for a black teardrop shape on its head. I rubbed my eyes with confusion. When I looked again the horse wasn’t there. It just disappeared!

I shook my head. I must have been day dreaming. I decided I would have to take Joy next time. I walked on and came to my ramshackle house nestled in the hills, with my mum, dad and my horse Joy. Joy is a dark bay Caspian with a small white dot on her forehead and she is a loving friend. She always kisses me and she responds to my every command. My friend Alana has a horse called Shadow. He is a black thoroughbred and he is also Joy’s best friend.

As soon as I got home I ran up to my room. I read 2 books and did a jigsaw. “Melody”! I heard my mum call out. “Lunch”! I ran down stairs and surveyed the table. There was a giant bowl of chicken noodles, six bread rolls, and in the oven I smelt a sticky date pudding. I also glimpsed a jar of cream as my dad opened the fridge and got a jar of salsa and a bowl of nachos out.

After lunch I ran upstairs and read 1more book when I heard my mum calling me again. I bounded down the stairs taking them two at a time. “Yes mum”? I asked. “Your room is filthy. Go and clean it now please”. I groaned. I really hated cleaning my room. “But…” I started but my mum cut me off. “No buts! You are 12 years old now! You need to learn to be responsible”! I groaned again and ran upstairs. I quickly cleaned my room and ran to the phone.

I pounced on it and called Alana. “Hello, Alana Clarke speaking.” “Hi Alana! I was wondering if you would like to go on a trail ride”? “Sure! I’ll be there in 20 minutes”. She said. I hung up and ran downstairs and told my mum.

Then I ran to the paddock. Joy was in there prancing around as happy as could be. When I called her name her ears pricked up and she cantered over to the gate. I put a halter on her and led her to the tack room. Then I took the halter off her and put a bridle on her, then a saddle blanket and a saddle. Then I mounted her and trotted down to the trail.

I waited for Alana and when she came we started off down the track. The track was long but beautiful. When we were almost at the end we decided to drop in on Mrs Plum who lived near the end of the trail.

When we got there, Alana volunteered to go and knock while I tied the horses to a post. After I finished tying them to the post I went to the door. It was open! I walked in and called out. “Alana? Mrs Plum”? Just then as I walked around a corner, a man with brown hair and a slim strong body jumped out and held my mouth so I couldn’t speak. Then he bound my hands and feet and gagged me and pushed me down the stairs to the cellar.

I gasped under the gag at what I saw. Alana was there also bound and gagged and another man was holding a pistol. The men tied me and Alana together and a big burly man with a bald head said, “That’ll teach you for trying to mess in our affairs”! Then the man with the brown hair and strong body said, “If only we could capture that meddling Jake!” Then they shut the cellar door and bolted it.

Alana and I just sat there in the dark waiting for something to happen but it didn’t. I remembered the horses and almost started crying. What would happen to Joy and Shadow?

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The Wild Stallion - Part 1

by Danielle

The black horse

The black horse

My tiny horse hooves thudded against the ground as I joyfully played with a little grulla filly. I nipped the filly's hindquarters, whinnying in delight. The filly kicked at me, giving a nice scratch on the face, but I kept playing. My playing shortly turned into harassment. I did not know I was harassing the little filly. She had enough of it, so she knocked me off my feet, and pounded on me with her little baby hooves. I finally got the hint.

I stood up and looked around. I saw 2 mares, a golden dun and a black pinto. I also saw my father, a bright bay stallion. I trotted over to him, and nickered. He turned his head, and ran his soft muzzle down my back.

I stood there, enjoying the warm, April sun. I left my father and walked around, my dark bay coat glistening in the sunlight. I nibbled at the sweet grass, and nosed at dandelions. I lifted my head up and looked around, my small eyes darting back and forth. I was bored. Very bored. What could I do? The little filly was nowhere to be seen, and I was the only foal in my small herd.

Since I had no horse to play with, I decided to explore the meadow. I trotted over to a group of fir trees, and nibbled at their leaves. While I was pawing at the tree bark, and biting at the leaves, I heard a twig snap. I spun around, whinnying in fright. I saw nothing. Where did that noise come from?

I heard a twig snap again, and I did a half-rear, and spun around again. This time, I saw something. It was a horse. It wasn't my father. It was a black horse, with a big black saddle on his back, and a black bridle on his head. He carried a person, a man. The horse raced toward me, and the man lifted his rope. I whinnied in fear and headed for the middle of the meadow, where my herd was. I was almost to my herd when a snake-like thing coiled itself around my neck, holding me fast.

I whinnied and neighed for my father, who was only 100 yards away. He heard my frightened screams, and dashed after me. He reared up, and kicked with all his might at the man and the horse. He half-reared and kicked again, this time barely missing the horse's cheekbone. He snorted and kicked again, this time failing miserably. The man let me go, but the rope curled around my father's neck. My father whinnied angrily, and tried to get away, but he rope held him fast. As the black horse and the man lead my father away, I stared. Just stared. My eyes filled with tears. I knew I would never see my father again.

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Red Rose - Part 1

by Alexa
(Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia)

'What about this one?' I ask, looking up from the article. Mum looks up from her phone and sets down her coffee.

'Fourteen hand Chestnut mare. Eight years old. Sweet natured and suitable for all riding!' I read out excitedly.

Mum looks at the article approvingly, 'She sounds perfect, Lily. We can pop in to check her out this afternoon after shopping,' mum said, 'Whats the address?'

'Forty one Maple drive!' I reply, slightly anxious. I couldn't wait to check out the mare. She sounded so perfect for me!

I kissed mum on the cheek and ran upstairs into my room and jumped on the bed. I was so excited. Ever since mum said I could get a pony, I had been prepared. We had looked for a paddock near the house. Mum found one for sale just behind our house that wasn't being used. I had all the grooming supplies ready too. I wanted it to be two o'clock already!

As we drove up the long driveway, we came to an old, large house with a barn to the side. There were paddocks and everything looked neat and tidy and perfect. I wriggled in my seat. Mum pulled the car and trailer into the driveway and we both hopped out. I looked around my a chestnut mare, but couldn't see one. Suddenly, the front door of the house slid open and out came an old lady. She had white hair and looked kind.

'Hello,' mum greeted, shaking hands with the lady. I smiled up at her, staying quiet.

'Good afternoon. We talked on the phone, I am Miss Moore,' the lady said quietly.

'And I'm Elle Banks, this is Lily,' mum said, introducing herself.

Once again, I smiled up at the lady. She seemed so nice, I couldn't wait to see her horse.

'Are you here to see Rose, the chestnut in the article?' Miss Moore asked.

'Oh, yes.'

'Come with me. She's in her paddock out the back. She's very lovely.'

We followed Miss Moore around the back of the barn and into a large paddock. I looked around and spotted a beautiful chestnut mare, grazing. I fell in love with her instantly.

Miss Moore raised her hands and called out, 'Rose, Rosie, come here girl.'

The mare lifted her head and started trotting over towards us. She stopped in front of me.

'Now, Rose. This is Lily,' Miss Moore said, gently pushing me forward. I raised my hand to Rose's nose. She sniffed it and I patted her head. She was perfect. Why Miss Moore would want to sell her, I had no idea?

'She's perfect,' I say.

'Yes, and she comes with her tack, and papers. She's a purebred Connemara pony!' Miss Moore said happily, stroking Rose.

'Well, she is very nice. How much would she be?' Mum asked politely.

Miss Moore looked at mum, 'Well, you seem like very nice people, and you miss,' she pointed to me, 'Would take care of her wouldn't you?'

Yes,' I nodded, 'I love her already!'

'Well, I wouldn't want you to be turned off my my price. Lets just say her original price was four thousand, but you can have her for one thousand?' Miss Moore said, smiling.

I turned to mum, 'Oh, yes! Please!'

Mum rolled her eyes, 'Rose is yours!'

I lead Rose to the trailer, she didn't seemed frightened at all. That was a good sign. I loaded her up and gave her a small hay bale to eat on the way home. I heard mum and Miss Moore talking.
'Well, your daughter seems loving and kind. Rose will be very happy,' Miss Moore stated.

'Yes, well, Lily is only eleven, but she's wanted a pony for as long as she could remember.'

'Did you know there is a pony club in Crescent Falls. It's a great place for little girls and their ponies to go and meet new friends and have fun. You should sign Lily up,' Miss Moore suggested.

I watched mum nod. I hoped she was thinking yes. Pony club would be so fun!

'Thank you so much!' I screamed as we hopped out of the car. Mum laughed, 'Thats okay, darling. Now go and settle that pony in. I'll cook tea and we can eat it outside on the porch and watch Rose,' mum said.

'Okay,' I replied before running off to unload Rose. I lead her up the back of the house and into her paddock. She is so calm, walking beside me. I can't wait to ride her. I can't wait!
I decide that one of the best ways to bond with your horse is to spend time grooming it. So I take out my grooming kit and start by brushing Rose. She has a summer coat, so not much hairs come loose with the curry come.

I smooth her silky fur down and start with the brush. I can't wait to do this everyday for the next seven weeks. It is the holidays, so I will spend my time with Rose, Building out friendship. After I have finished brushing Rose, I pull a carrot out of the bag near the grooming box. Rose takes it politely from my hand and starts chewing it.

I was just about to start coming her mane when mum opened the back door. She came out carrying two plates and set them on the table. 'Dinner's ready!' She shouts.

'Coming!' I kiss Rose and ran out the gate, shutting it behind me. I sat at the table and dug in. It was a salad sandwich, so I ate it quickly. Then I remembered I had to feed Rose, so I ran into the back shed and pulled the lid off a barrel. I scooped out grains, and then some chaff. I mixed it into a bucket and closed the sheds. Rose ate her dinner steadily. I watched her, with amazement. My pony.

'Hun, did you realize this Pony club is on Saturdays?' Mum yelled from the kitchen. I just finished pulling on my jodhpurs and run out the door.

'Nope. That's today! Can we go!' I asked.

'Sure, get Rose ready to float. I am going to put my make up on, I'll be there in a bit,' she said, rushing off. I nodded and slipped on my boots.
'Rose!' I yelled softly, once I'm out the door. Rose stuck her head up and whinnied. I grabbed her halter and slipped it over her head. I les her out around the side of the house and opened the trailer door. I realized that the first time I would ride her would he at pony club. I hope I didn't get bucked off.

Once Rose was in and I had organized the tack, mum appeared at the drivers door. She hopped in and waited for me to sit down. Hopefully pony club would be fun.

Part two will be up soon! Hope you like!

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Star Dancing - Chapter 1

by Ponie



Star Dancing
Chapter 1

(This is set in prairie times. Andy's house is near a prairie town. Andy's real name is Andretta but her pa lets her be a tomboy. She has a little sister named Ellie and a even littler sister named Caroline. She has a best friend named Mattie. Andy is a red head with blue eyes. Penny is not her horse but her pa lets her ride Penny on the condition that she takes care of Penny by herself. Andy and Mattie is 14 Ellie is 9 and Caroline is 3 & 1/2.)

I blew the hair out of my face. Why did my hair always escape my braids? I stared out over the prairie and breathed in the smell of grass as I looked around over the golden waving grass. Where was that calf? Buttercup was always getting away. Don't look at me about the name. My sister named her. Finally I caught a glance of her tail and moved Penny into a full out gallop.

This time I had to go after Buttercup alone because Pa was working in the fields. At least it was Saturday. As soon as I got Buttercup back to the barn I could continue whittling. I whittled little figurines which I sold to the store which sold them to kids. I roped that stupid calf and Penny and I led her home.

I slumped in my chair. that stupid calf! Because of that calf Penny sprained her leg. In couldn't ride her for a while. And I didn't have time for whittling either cause Ma needed my help, and Pa had to get the wheat shocked so then I had to milk while Caro gathered the eggs, then I had to help Pa shock the wheat. I'm not sure if I was slumping cause I was disappointed or if I was slumping cause I was tired. I yawned. Apparently I was tired.

"Andy come out of the parlor it's dinner time."

"Coming Ma!" I was hungry. Very hungry. On the dining table there was deer steak, beans, bread, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I smiled Ma's cooking always made me feel better. Maybe today wasn't so awful.

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It's Time to Run Your Race - Part 1

by Abbi

The cool air swirled around me as I climbed into the hayloft the fresh smell filled my nose. Then it all came back to me the crying the yelling and the screaming. My whole life I once knew was all gone in only 24 hours.

I tried to remember all of the things that had happened last night. I remember mom telling me that Bayen was in a better place, but I cannot remember why she was in a better place. Then it hit me hard.

We were coming home after a show and we were pulling the trailer and a car pulled out in front of us. Dad swerved and it missed the truck but it hit the trailer with Bayen inside. Tears rolled down my face and soon I was wrapped in a warm hug.

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Forgot my Horse - Part 1

by Eva

I'm falling. It didn't register at first, but I just realized it. I also realized I made a mistake. A mistake I'm sure will cost me. It may even cost my life. Why was I so stupid? I'm very experienced, yet I forgot something even a beginner would remember. I forgot my helmet. "Good-bye Snow" I thought as I fell to the ground with a thump.
Where am I? White wall surround me. I can't remember hardly anything. I remember my name, age, the year and nothing else. Wait there's one more thing. Snow. Why do I remember a form of weather as I awaken from an I don't know how long sleep? My heads pulsing. Suddenly a nurse steps into my room. "Gasp you're awake" She looks shocked "I'll go get the doctor" She quickly ran out of the room. Why am I here?

As quickly as she left, the doctor arrived. "Well well well look who wants to come back to the world. We didn't expect you to wake up for a few more days." I stared at him uncomfortably. "What's wrong with me?" He bit his lip "You have a concussion. You're concussion will get better but..... You have severe amnesia" He looked at the floor, "There's a chance that not all of your memories will ever come back" My eyes are filling with tears. My life. My life is gone.

"How did this happen" I whisper, anger filling my voice. The doctor looked as if he didn't want to tell me, "Your horse bucked and you fell without a helmet on." Why did I even like horses anyway? They're just stinky animals. "I'll go get

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Isn't there a superman to sweep me off my feet? - Part 1

by Cara

*Wrote a similar story a long time okay, well actually alot the same, I decided to change it, keep it more interesting, please enjoy! -Cara*

I’ve always wonder why people adored my sister so much, was it the charming personality, the stunning face, the perfect figure, that she was athletic, she gave good advice, or was it all of it, if there was a definition of perfect she would be it, a real angel from above.

I sat in the back of the cab, on my way to meet my parents at some fancy dinner thing for work, and of course the kids had to come, so my parents could show off some more, and I could go hide in a corner, like most dinners. I stared at Juliette, as she babbled on and on about how much see loved the city, we hadn’t even been in the city a couple months and she had already managed to have everyone at school wrapped around her finger.


That was the millionth time this car ride her phone had gone off, if it went off one more time I was going to scream, I stared out the car window, one thing I hate about the city is the traffic, it’s too busy, it takes forever to get a couple blocks, but the main thing I love is that there is no dumb farms animals around, I hate them, there stupid, smelly and you have to clean up there poop. Juliette loved them, we didn’t live on a farm, and we didn’t live close to the farms, but still close enough.

“Dani?” Juliette asked, I shook from my day dream and looked into her ocean blue eyes that was filled with curiosity.

“Ya?” I answered, I had just let Juliette’s words past through me, she really loves to talk, but whatever she was saying most have been witty and smart, she always knows what to say, even if it’s a lot.

“Aren’t you happy here?” That was a though question, yes and no, I don’t miss those farm animals, and the smell of hay, and manure flowing into our little area, that was gross, everyone said how lush and real that was, but it was basically like living in a sewer.

But I do miss that homey feeling, New York is so cold, so full, you never have a moment to yourself and you can never hear yourself think, and some people are just rude. Back home, we lived in a great big house, and I could actually talk to Juliette, we were actually like real sisters, sure she was popular, but she still had time for me, her dorky twin sister, though we don’t look alike.

Now, she’s too busy with all her new friends to even care about me, I’ve always been jealous of Juliette, she has everything I could only wish for, popularity, a gorgeous face, an open mind, she’s likable, she accepted.

Then I saw it, the blue car speeding right towards us, in that moment, it seemed like time stopped, the term life flashing before your eyes is true, expect it was a single memory, when my face was red, my eyes red, tearing falling from my face as I sat in my older bedroom, and Juliette hugged me, and gave me told me exactly what I needed to hear, not the honest truth, and that’s why everyone loves Juliette, she tells you what you need to hear, whether it’s a pretty lie or the honest truth.

The crunch of metal, tires screeching, the blood rushing to my ears, then it all stopped and everything went black.

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Diary of Murray - Entry 1

by Emilie
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Murray and Owner

Murray and Owner

NOTE: Yes, I know the picture is a video game horse. But 'Murray' is not a real horse, and I just thought it would be fun to make this thing up. Comment what you think.
This is set back kind of in the 1800's, so it will be based off old-timey times, so don't be all like "Wut" when you read this.

Hey. I'm Murray. I'm a Grey Hungarian Half-Bred stallion and I have an owner named Jake, who thinks he is everything. He makes me rear for the ladies, when he sees some, anyway. And he has a girlfriend. Weird. Sometimes, I wonder what floats around in his little mind. Some days I tell myself I will clear the debris out of there with my back hoof, but then I think, that would be rude. To do it in public. I tried one day in private but I missed. Woops.

One day, we were traveling the Plains, and we saw his girlfriend on her horse. She's half Indian, so she told us to head up the mountain and see old Nekoti Rock, there was an Indian camp up there. Jake said he would and didn't. LIAR. Instead, he took me for a swim in the old Greenhollow River. I LOVED swims. Was obsessed. So the first thing I did was jump in like some kind of crazy. Well, let's just say it was a stupid mistake. The next thing I heard was "AHH TOO COLD!" "AHH TOO DEEP!" And I couldn't feel my feet touching the ground and I got that sinking feeling. So, being a horse, I flipped. Water splashed everywhere and it got all in my eyes and Jake was up there screaming.. I thrashed until I eventually found my feet again and we both calmed down. Funky day.

Look out for Entry 2.

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Breaking through the crash - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Ahh!" Screaming . Who was screaming? Me. I was. "Help! Help me please!" I closed my eyes. Bang! I tried to get up off of the weight. "Got her!" A voice said as it pulled me out and off of the weight.

"Honey, I need to know what your name is."

"Becca Wills." I answered.

"We are going to take you to the hospital. The man said.

Okay was all I could say. I was thinking of Dido. Was he okay? I didn't know but it started right then. I feared riding horses and I feared them a lot.

One year later...

"Ahh!" I screamed. "Dido! Don't buck me off just run and I won't get hit!" My eyes were red with tears. "Please, please don't buck me off please don't!" I yelled.

Mom ran into my small room. "Honey are you okay?" She sat on my bed looking at me with deep concern.

"I am okay, mom. I just had that dream again."

"Well how about you get dressed and I will make eggs for breakfast?"

"Okay." I agreed. Buzz! I got a text.

Becca what's up??


Bad dream. I texted to her

Got to go Alyssa bye.


I got dressed then went to the kitchen. "Hi mom and dad. Where are the boys and Rachel?"

"Rachel is coming and David is packing to go to Gummi and Pop's house. Philip is still asleep with Levi. Oh, Rachel is also going with David.


Comment for part 2!

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Given You All My Love - Chapter 1

by Carol

Violet before the fall

Violet before the fall

I could feel Violet's hooves stride into a nice even canter. She tossed her head and I still held on as we glided through the first jump. The second was an oxer. A worried look entered my face.

We circled and Violet tripped. She got back up and tossed her head even stronger. She ripped the reins out of my hands and I felt like I had no control. Because I didn't. I could hear my trainer yelling "Grab the reins!" But it was too late. She flung me into the oxer.

Dust stormed everywhere. She bucked and cantered away. After a few seconds of realizing what just happened. Everything blacked out.

Something warm touched my face. It was my cat's tail. How was Misty here? I realized I was in my room. That was in my house. I saw a thin woman with light brown curls and fierce green eyes kneeling over my bed. Mom. "Are you ok!???!!!" She questioned quickly. I nodded. Mom smiled and kissed my forehead. "Want some tea?" She asked . I nodded again.

When she left the room I sat up painfully, and looked at my phone. There were new videos in my inbox. I typed the password and watched the videos. I saw Violet a bay mare bolting and tossing her head at a the jump. She bucked and after the dust cleared I was there. Sitting on the floor like a huge doof. When Mom came in I turned it off and sat up quickly. "You ok?" She asked. "Yeah." She handed me my tea and suddenly got a phone call. She answered it. I could mumbling on the other side. Mom said a few words and nodded a lot. "It's, Mrs. Hailey your trainer. " She handed the phone to me.

"Hello?" I asked, sipping my tea every so often. I smiled. I smiled even huger and huger. Mom looked confused. "Ok! Bye! Yeah see ya! Bye!!!" I looked at Mom, smiling so big my cheeks hurt. "Were to go see Violet!"| I shrieked. Mom nodded and smiled, uncertain.

I was in the barn again. That beautiful horse and hay smell. I smiled. Then I saw Violet on crossties. I reached out to touch her and she tossed her head high, slapping my hand back at my face. She pinned her ears back so hard they looked like they were going to rip off. I backed away quickly. "What's wrong with you Vi?" She tossed her head and stomped her feet. I looked at her. She changed.

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Spitfire: An Arabian Colt Part 1

by Emilee

I looked up lazily. My mom was still in sight, so I could keep grazing quietly. I looked back down and grabbed a mouthful of clover.

Suddenly I heard the alpha horse neighing. I raised my head quickly. He was saying:
"Danger! Danger! Run, everyone run!"
I ran with the herd, not knowing why we were running, but too scared to look back. I heard a wild roar and figured out while we were running. The old bear that lived near by in the forest must have woken up. I ran and ran until, Satura, the head horse, said we could stop.

"What was it?" My mom, Redneck, asked.

"The bear from the forest had awaked." Satura answered. "We were lucky to escape unhurt. And Spitfire, obviously all those training sessions to run, must have paid off."

"Yes," I said, "Now I appreciate them."

Everyone else in the herd had drifted off a little ways by now and was talking among themselves. They had already thanked Satura for his help. They all called him Satura, as they should. But I called him something else. I called him Dad.

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Spirit of the West - Part 1

by Chiara

I awoke to the sun shining brightly to my eyes. I groaned as I sat up. My waist long red hair was sticking up everywhere. I slid of my bed and touched my bare feet to the cold wooden floor. I shivered because of the breeze my window was sending in. As I walked to the bathroom to look at the monster I had turned into last night.

"Ugh." Was all I could say as I looked at myself. I quickly decided to get ready and go feed the horses. I considered taking a shower, but I would just get dirty from the barn anyway.

I brushed my long red hair and did a messy side braid. I pulled on some skinny blue jeans and a black tank top. I went downstairs and pulled on my brown riding boots and a my chocolate colored sweater.

As I ran out the door I felt the icy winter breeze. "Wyoming at it's finest." I mumbled. Maybe I shouldn't have worn a tank top. I walked slowly towards the barn hugging myself to keep warm. When I opened the barn door and refreshing heat hit me.

I closed the barn door behind me and went over to the feed buckets and scooped some grain into them. I gave each horse their food and gave them a healthy portion of vitamins and hay. Instead of going back outside in the cold, I decided to listen to the calming munching of horses.

After they were done eating I decided to train my new horse Boo. He was a Appaloosa mustang stallion. He was only 3 years old. He wasn't broke yet, but I was working with him. I went out to the round pen, where he was staying, and I did join up with him.

Join up is a trust act. You would run horses around the pen until they joined up with you. Boo ran and ran. I was starting to think he wasn't going to join up. His black spots on his white coat was so pretty as he galloped. I kept flicking the lead line until he finally had enough... To be continued.

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Snow Storm - Part 1

by Mackenzie
(Tomball, TX)

Small bursts of air came from the steed's nostrils. It was cold, very cold. Blankets graced the tall paint horse. Thick layers of coats on me didn't keep out the biting cold. It numbed to the bone. The colors on the the paint flowed around each other it different patterns. You could not see all the beauty of the horse with the naked eye.

My eyes could look right through the black and white, straight to the heart. I could see the real personality in the horse. The crunch of snow awakened me, I was in history class. I hated school, I always wanted to go and run away to a riding school. I didn't know if their was one near I just wanted to go to one. I slipped back into my day dream. Horses all around me.

Pasture by pasture, full of horses. All different kinds, Drafts, Paints, Morgans, Shetlands, Appaloosas all kinds. Dingggggg. The bell rang. It was summer vacation! My family and I were going to Florida tomorrow.

The bus left the stop and stopped at my apartment. I walked to the front door, it swung open. I greeted the doorman, Tim.

"Hey Tim."


Up the jittery elevator, and into the lonely and cold hallway. Up to the front door of our room.

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Fire-Light's Island - Part 1

by Ponie


Crash! Lightning scattered across the dark blackened sky while rain fell pelting the ground like tiny silver bullets. Penny shrieked and jumped about a foot. Twister hung his head and shivered. The poor foal had lost his mother today and Bella moaning for her foal who had been murdered that day.

As he shifted his feet around in the nasty black muck the foul smell snuck up his nostrils. This whole place stank. It reeked of death. Anger began to boil in him. How dare humans steal him away from the girl who had always loved! How dare they take him and all these other horses here to die!How dare they treat them so awful and kill babies in front of their moms, moms in front of their babies!!

With the frustration rising he screeched and kicked out in frustration. THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! CRACK!!! The wood broke, splinters and shards of wood flew through the air. Swiftly an idea formed in Twisters head. THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! CRACK!! Another shower of wood flew through the air. One more board! THUD!! THUD!! THUD!! CRACK!! Twister nudged the horses through and counted them.

The mare Bella a chestnut. Mare Silver a crystal gray. The mare Willow Whisper a palomino. Gelding Thunder a dark dapple gray. Foal's Penny a coppery-colored filly and Marnie a palomino paint.
And the yearling twins Cloony and Marie both black and white paints.

Twister kicked at the heavy clanging metal barn door. He couldn't get it open! Then Thunder stepped up and they kicked together. Whoosh! The door flew open. And the horses ran ignoring the rain pelting them making them shivering and cold.

They reached the shore of a lake and after a little bit of hesitation they jumped in. The water soaked in their skin. Splashed down their mouth. Tried to drag them to the bottom. Coughing the reached the shore of an island. The island was to steep for humans to bother visiting. But the horses could just barely manage to scrabble up the side. As the stood dripping Bella nudged Penny forward to nurse.

Twister grew happy Bella had accepted Penny!!! Silver suddenly shocked them. As they had been busy watching attention fast on Bella and Penny Silver had been busy giving birth. She whinnied and to their amazement as they turned to her a pure white filly lay at Silver's feet.

Silver whispered in that quiet whispery wind-like sound of horses, "I name you Winter."

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We are the Demigods - Chapter 1

by Scarlett

NOTE - Who here loves Greek Mythology? :D Meee! So, I got creative, and decided to write a story following a daughter of Hades (Lord of the Dead) and her mount, Arion. Pictures coming soon. Enjoy!

"Nico, have you no patience?" Hazel called back to her older brother, with an exasperated sigh. He was so pushy.
"It's your first school dance. I don't want you to be laaate!" Nico replied, in a singsong voice.
Hazel rolled her eyes, but smiled lightly. Her brother wore all black, hated social life, and was incredibly quiet and a bit creepy (what with the shoulder-length black hair and ice blue eyes always staring at you), but could act so immature around her sometimes.
Hazel, however, looked nothing like her brother. Her hair was dark brown and so curly and wild that it was to the point of being called 'frizzy,' and she was very tan from working at the nearby stables all day. Her eyes were like 24-karat gold.
Hazel loved horses and everything to do with them. Nico loved them, yes, but didn't have as much passion toward the animals. Hazel would have been completely okay with spending a lifetime in a barn full of horses to take care of.

After what seemed like an hour of getting ready, Hazel finally looked at herself in the mirror. Her black and red dress flowed to her ankles, where she wore black combat boots. But there was something wrong.
"Aha," she said to herself, as if she'd figured something out. Grabbing a bandana, she tied her mop of hair back in it like a hardcore ponytail, and looked at herself again.
A few strands of her frizzy hair snuck their way out of the bandana with a 'twinge' and fell in front of her right eye, but she didn't care. Hazel passed them by, and swooped out of her room, downstairs and into the living room where she met her older brother.
He was definitely not in anything fancy. He was in his usual black aviators jacket, black jeans, studded belt and black combat boots. Typical. He would go to his wedding dressed like that, and no one would stop him.
"Finally," Nico greeted, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his jacket.
"Hello to you, too," Hazel replied, giggling lightly.
"Whatever." Nico rolled his eyes playfully. "Hazel.. you look great."
"You're too sweet," She pinched her brother's cheek, then headed for the door.
"Don't let any boy touch you o-"
"Okay!" Hazel called in reply, shutting the door behind her. "Overprotective," she muttered under her breath.
She inhaled deeply, and let out a sigh of peace. She had told Arion that she would need a ride to a dance, to which the buckskin stallion grudgingly agreed.
Hazel gathered her strength, and willed herself to pull gold out of the ground below her. It was like a pulling sensation in her gut, and stung a little bit, but was a small pain that she could easily tolerate.
Nuggets of gold fell into her palm when she willed the sensation off, and she smiled lightly. 'Arion will love these ones,' she thought to herself.
Arion was an immortal stallion who, be surprised, lived on a diet of gold. If Hazel was to catch him and keep him at her side, she had to give him treats of gold.
Hazel was absent-mindedly kicking at the dirt on the ground when she heard hoofbeats drawing nearer. Looking up, she saw that it was her beloved buckskin mount, Arion. She grinned brightly, and waved to him. "Over here."

'I know where you are,' A voice replied in her mind, a bit rudely, but she took no mind to it.
'You are lucky that I agreed to this,' Arion told Hazel once he stood before her, tall and proud. 'A school dance, how silly. You will be going on foot next time for making me look stupid, you know.'
"Aw, c'mon, Arion," Hazel laughed lightly, patting the stallion's neck. "You're a free spirit. You can go as quickly as you came, until I call you back." She offered the gold nuggets to him, to which he snapped up in a heartbeat.

Arion looked up as if he were pondering in thought, then glanced back down at Hazel. 'I guess I can tolerate showing my face around there,'
"Yes, yes, you can." Hazel rubbed the stallion behind the ears, then grabbed hold of his long black mane, and hoisted herself upon his sleek, shiny back.

"A'ight, Arion. Let's travel in style."

Well? How is it? :D I dug up some Greek myths and found one on a buckskin-like stallion named Arion who was a son of Ceres and Neptune, and I found it interesting.
Comment your feedback!

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My unique Stardust - Part 1

by Maria

The first time I saw her was in a animal rescue centre. She was standing in a small enclosure. Her ocat was caked with mud. She nuzzled me when I held out my hand. I knew straight away that she was the one I wanted! "I want her dad" I said, smiling at the grey gelding.

The horse trailer wasn't big but it was suitable for the new horse. I realised I had to give her a name. Her eyes sparkled like stars. I smiled and said stardust. "Stardust?" asked dad. "Well then, welcome stardust, to our family." He patted Stardust. She flinched ever so slightly.

"A bit on the thin side" said Dad."Might want to fatten her up, a bit" He said as he loaded her out of the trailer. Mum came out into the paddock. "Maria, why don't you go and get the barn ready for the new horses arrival. I'll let her out into to the paddock for a while. I ran into the barn carefully stepping over Misty, our white cat!

It was almost dinner time by the time I finished. I grabbed a halter and an apple slowly walking into the big field. I talked to Stardust as i approached from behind. She turned her head around and snorted, trotting further away from me. Her back looked smooth and shiny. It wasn't dirty any more. Dad must have washed it! I couldn't help but wanting to ride her. I grabbed a saddle and bridle quickly and tacked up tTardust.

As I mounted I forgot about everything and let Stardust's smooth canter carry me away. Before I knew it we were in the forest behind my house. Water trickled down all the leaves and the air was cold and cool. My hair flew in the breeze as Stardust changed into a gallop. We headed straight for a low branch. As I bent down I lost my grip and slipped from the saddle. My eyes suddenly went black.

2 hours later.
I woke up, my arm was in pain. Stardust was nowhere in sight. I was late for dinner but worst of all I was lost! As i walked further into the forest the sun started to fall faster under the distant hills. I heard a loud shrill cry!!!


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You are the Only One - Part 1

by Elizy

"Wait, what?" I looked at mom like she was joking. She had to be joking!
" For the year you're going to your Aunt's house." Mom said trying to make it clear to me.
"No! No, no, no, no, NO!" I screamed at mom. "You cant do that!"
"Honey I have to!" Mom said in a soothing voice. "Your father and I are going to China for work. I'm sorry but you can't come."
"Your mom's right, Coco. You can't go to school there because you don't know the language." Dad added.
"I hate you! I hate you all!"

Anger burned inside of me! How could they send me of to a place with... with... HORSES!!!! I nearly died because of one! I ran up to my room and locked the door. I wrapped myself up in a blanket and fell a sleep.


"Time to pack your things, Coco. We're going to leave in 3 hours." Mom said tapping me.
"Do I have to?" I stretched. Not mad anymore but still not wanting to go.
"Yes, you do." Mom rolled my suitcase over to the side of the bed. "Now get to work soldier." Mom saluted. We laughed.
"Yes mam!" I went along with the game.

Soon I was done packing. Eat breakfast, put my stuff inside the car and on to the airplane.

"Would you like a drink?" The service lady asked in a sweet charming voice like mom.
"Yes please. Rootbeer would be nice." I asked.
"Sure. Here you go." She handed me my drink and moved on to the next seats behind me.

I started to drink my soda when the food came.
I asked for a bag of jelly beans, and surprisingly they had them! "I'm starting to like this trip!" I nodded.

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The Rescue Horse - Chapter 1

by anonymous

The rescue horse--chapter 1

“Mom, where are we going?” I asked as I sat in the passenger side of the car. “It’s a surprise, honey.” She said. I slumped down in my seat and watched out of my window. I was always prepared when mom said something was a surprise, so I brought my $1,000 dollars with me that I had saved up.

When the car stopped, mom said, “Honey, welcome to the horse rescue center.” I climbed out of the car and smelled the sweet hay from the horses. “So, you mean I’m getting a horse?” I asked. “Yes. Each horse here is worth $100. So, you can buy tack, and a horse with the money you have saved up.” My mother said. I just smiled. We walked into the building. I looked at each horse, and every stall.

There were grey horses, black horses, bay horses, and paint horses! But, there was a beautiful mare in the very last stall. She was a shiny sorrel mare, with a blaze, and 2 long socks on her back feet. I read the name plate on her stall. It read: Monte Carlo. She looked like a fancy horse. “Mom, I want this one.” I said, sighing at the mare’s beauty. “Ok. We will get everything for her at the tack store.” She said happily. “I’ll take Monte Carlo.” I said to the lady at the front desk. “Ok! Here are her papers. And, here is the list of thing you will need for her.” She said, handing me papers.

Mom loaded Monte into the trailer. I was Jittery with excitement. As I got in the car, mom drove to the tack shop across the street from our house. Mom parked the car in a large space. We climbed out of the car, and I charged through the doors to the tack shop. I got a light blue halter, a bridle, a saddle, saddle pad, boots (for the horse), and bell boots (for the horse). I even got a bag of carrots without mom knowing.

I picked out a Breyer that looked similar to Monte, and I rushed out the door. “Mom! Hurry up!” I yelled. “I’m coming!” She said as she scrambled into the car. She drove out of the parking lot, and entered our drive way. We had 200 acres of land. Mostly, we had barns, paddocks, ponds, and even round pens. Mom parked the car in it’s usual spot. I scrambled out of the car, and clutched a carrot in my hand. I walked to the trailer door.

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Willow Creek - Part 1

by Maria

I nudged Prancer into a canter. The sun shone through the leaves. The cold frosty air found its way through my jodphurs and t-shirt. The morning misty dew sat lightly upon the colourful flowers. I loved willow creek. A small river ran through the middle of the forest. I came here every day!

When I wanted to be alone with Prancer I would bring a book and ride into the middle and sit under the huge oak tree.

Today i just wanted to have a bit of free time before breakfast. Mum didn't know I was here. I thought i would go for a 15 minute ride and go home before anyone noticed. I started to head back when I noticed a sheet stuck on the big oak. I stared at the sheet horrified!

Willow creek is to be cut down
by tomorrow so we can hunt for
the willow creek ponies. Anyone
with sightings of this mystical
herd please report to Harry Hunter.

As I read the last line I was filled with anger. Why did they have to cut down Willow Creek. I started to read Harry Hunter's contact info and reached for my phone to call him. I realised I had left it at home.

I stared at my watch. I had to be at home in 2 minutes before my alarm went off. Mum would walk into my room any second now and I wouldn't be allowed to ride for a week! I galloped through the fields and led Prancer into his stable. I ran inside and got changed before running downstairs.

"You're up early" my mum said. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't reply.

"So whats the plan for today?" She questioned.

As I snapped back to reality, I heard mum's question.

If you want to read part 2 please say so in the comments!

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Of War and Horses - Part 1

by Ilana
(Baker, FL)



Once there was a wild stallion named, Cantinos. He ran through the hottest deserts, the longest paths, and the highest hedges. He was known as, The Stallion of the Great Spain. For years people have tried to catch him, but it simply was impossible. But one day, a young man named Senor Ranchos Miguela barreled through the Great Spanish Corn Fields on his Palomino horse, Nilly.

Cantinos had the wind in his long black mane,his blue eyes shot up, ears perked. He screamed to his large herd of 15. The young man screeched a painful, yet loud, "He-yah!" Nilly ran after Cantinos and his herd with the man on her back. Cantinos' black coat reflected the sun as he ran, his muscles tensed, then... He tripped.

Cantinos woke up. Ropes around his legs, all four legs. He screamed with his ears perched back. He looked up, then stood on all fours. He looked around, seeing Nilly, and 16 other horses eating. "Hey boy!" A deep, yet sweet voice came up behind Cantinos, "It's me, Marios." Cantinos snorted and stomped his large hoof. The 16 (17 including Nilly) whinnied at him, Cantinos nickered at Nilly from a distance.

Soon, Cantinos felt a heavy weight on his back, and spine. He reared, biting Marios' finger. "AHHG!" Marios held his finger stiffly.

Want more of, Of War and Horses? Just say so!

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Alyssa and Liberty - Chapter 1

by Kendra
(USA (Idaho))

Alyssa and Liberty

Alyssa and Liberty

It all started one day around four o'clock as I munched on cucumber sticks and sipped some water. Oh, and listened to an interesting conversation between my mom and an equine specialist, Yale Monk. "What? Oh really? I see. Yes, I understand Alyssa had an attachment to the mare, and she's going to be sad, but I'm sure Alyssa will understand. She is going to a stable called The Green Paddock? - Where's that? - * Gasp* you don't say! - Alright, Yale. Bye!" my mom put down the phone. "The Green Paddock! That is only down the road!" I cried, very excited. "You knew?" my mom asked. "Yes, that is where I visit Sea Mist and Sea Bubbles, those two Arabian brothers I knew as foals. And mom, I can visit Dottie there! What will I be sad about? Nothing bad has happened, Right? I love her and she loves me!"
"Slow down! You talk faster than Liberty trots. She would not be suitable for you....because.....because...." "What mom?" I asked jumping up from the table and standing next to her. "She's gone wild!" my mom blurted. "Huh?" I stood there; stock still staring at my mom as if she had told me Liberty had bought a spaceship and had flown to Mars. "I.... I don't believe it! I don't, I don't!" I ran to my room and flopped down on my bed and started... well, it may seem silly, but I started bawling. Sobbing. By the time I had stopped crying, there was a soggy spot on my bed where my face had been. "God," I prayed, looking up at the ceiling, "Please help me get Liberty. Please." I lay down again on my bed and looked at the picture of Liberty on the wall. I was on her back, and we were racing in the pasture as fast as Liberty, a Quarter Horse, could go. I sighed. No one really, truly deserved that beautiful chestnut mare, with her star and four stockings. ''Oh Liberty," I whispered. "I will get you. I will."
I got up, and went into the kitchen. My mom was busy texting someone on her phone. Probably my dad. I went into the mudroom and put my boots and long socks on. I also put on my riding jacket and scarf. Then, I left the house. I got my bike, and pedaled down the road to The Green Paddock. A car whizzed by. It was Yale Monk. He stopped at the stop sign and rolled down his window. Apparently he was waiting for me. I had no choice, so I pulled up beside his window. "Hi....Yale." I said nervously. "U-hmm." He said. He had a stony look on his face, as he looked me up and down... I was in my riding suit. "You aren't thinking of riding or even petting Liberty, are you?" "Who said I was riding Liberty or petting her?" I asked. It may have sounded rude, but that's all I could find to say. "Who says you aren't?" Yale challenged me. "I am visiting Sea Mist and Sea Bubbles, thank you sir." And I rode off. I could hear Yale muttering something about "That girl" as he drove off. I rode to The Green Paddock and I heard horses whinnying to me as I passed. I payed no attention, even when Sea Bubbles nickered with joy as I passed him.
Right away, I parked my bike and hurried to where I knew Dottie would be. I knew she would be with the rascals who were untrained and never would let riders on their backs. She would be penned up and bridled night and day. I walked up to the barn titled; 'The wild and untrained horses stable.' I undid the latch and opened the door. A musty smell greeted me as I opened the door. Stalls were lined up all along the passage way leading to the tack room. Quietly, I slipped in. Some horses were eating, some were dosing, some were trying to crib the cribber, and some were trying to break loose from their stalls. I studied each horse as I came to them. This one is black, and too skinny. Ah, a chestnut one. Oh, wait, it's a stallion. And besides, it's an Arabian. Dun, but exactly Liberty's size. Of course, I shouldn't even consider colors other than chestnut. A Quarter Horse! It's too bad its bay. It looks almost exactly like... I realized this horse's coat was very dirty and caked with mud. It had not been groomed for a several days time. At least a week. I stared at the horse as it scratched its neck with his teeth. I quickly looked between the horse's legs. A mare. Without a moment's thought, I hurried down the passage to the tack room. I prayed, God, let it be unlocked. It was! My heart beat fast as I opened the door and then looked inside. It was very untidy in the room. Brushes and grooming equipment were all over. On the floor, on the shelves, and in the manure bucket. I picked a brush, a hoof pick, and some other brushes for the mane and tail. I also got a sponge to clean the face and nostrils and dock area.
I hurried back down the passage, my treasures clutched tightly in my arms. I got back to the stall where my bay Quarter horse was. I stared at a spot on the bay's neck I had not noticed before, and likely no one else had either, because everyone thought she had actually gone wild.... I stared at the spot. It was a spot, where Yale had given Liberty a shot which had caused her to seemingly go "Wild". I now realized Yale Monk had only wanted an excuse to get rid of Liberty, and not let me see her. I now saw a sign on the front of her stall.

To Go to Slaughter.
Beware of wild horse!

The sign showed a picture of Liberty when she had first came to The Green Pastures, acting wild and looking like she would bite anyone at any minute. "Oh Liberty!" I cried, and the bay turned to me. She perked her ears forward in recognition, and she nickered. Liberty came forward. I scratched her cheek and she whinnied as well as she could with the choke collar on. I patted her cheek and she sighed. She seemed to say, "Oh, Alyssa. I love you. Will you get me away from here, please? They are mean." "Liberty," I said. "I wish I could, but I don't have enough money to get you away. All I know, Is that it takes a lot of money to get you out of this situation. Sorry." Dottie's ears went back and forth, and then settled down to let them rest at the sides. "I know you think there's no hope when you have your ears like that, but I'll try to get you. I will."Liberty's ears went forward, and then she sniffed my face. "I'll groom you, of course!" I cried.
I set to work. I picked off big chunks of mud with my fingers and brushed, and brushed, and brushed! Finally she was a chestnut Quarter Horse, big and beautiful, with her special dots on her withers that had earned her name and her star and four stockings. "Liberty, I love you. And it says in the Bible, that 'A man should lay down his life for his friends' and you are my best friend! So I will try to get you out of this mess. Ok?" I scratched her rump where she loves it. She nickered her appreciation. I had cut off her choke collar with sharp, sharp scissors and she could breathe normally. I decided now would be the time to clean her hooves. "OK girl. I hope you trust me enough to let me clean your hooves." I picked up the hoof pick. Liberty pricked her ears forward and studied the hoof pick. "Poof." She breathed, and she came to me. I let her sniff the hoof pick. Liberty lifted her head and studied the smell with her smelling cells. She snorted and lowered her head. She nodded, and sniffed my face. "Hee hee! Oh, Liberty!" I kissed her nose and then blew into her nostrils, an old Native American trick. Dottie blew back, a sign she knew I was a friend and she trusted me. "I love you too." I whispered, hugging her neck. I cleaned her hooves.
She did not know what to think at first, but she relaxed and let me get on with it. "Good girl Liberty. Easy girl, easy." Liberty pawed with one foot that was especially caked with mud and manure.
I saw a dirty bandage on her left front hoof, the one that she was pawing with. I now knew what had also happened. Another way Yale had made her seemingly go wild was to put a stake in the ground and make her step on it. The pain would make Liberty crazy!
I scratched Liberty on her rump and she stopped pawing. I gave her a carrot I had brought with me, and she chewed on it while I looked at the hoof. It was as I had thought. There was a definite stake hole in the frog of her hoof. She would need surgery to ever be able to gallop, or jump again. "You poor mare!" I said, beginning to cry. I rapped my arms around Liberty's neck and she whinnied sadly.

For whatever reason Yale all of a sudden hated Liberty, and why the people of The Green Paddock stable were being kept in the dark about Liberty, I, Alyssa Fredrickson, was not going to let Yale Monk get away with this.

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Vacation at Elliot Dude Ranch - Chapter 1

by Sarah

I stared out the back window and watched as our Chevrolet Malibu stirred up dust down the dusty Arizona road. We were going on vacation... vacation on a dude ranch. I begged my mom and dad not to take our family away from our Washington D.C. home and drag us all the way down here even if it was only for three weeks.

I had given them much better suggestions for a trip like Belize and New York City but despite my inexperience with horses they chose this. So here we are, almost to Elliot Dude Ranch.

I stared down at my brand new iPhone. A text came through, it was my friend Julia.

Julia: Hey Dally, what's up?
Me: On vacation, almost to dude ranch :{
Julia: Ugh!
Me: I know, right?
Julia: Well, we are enjoying our vacation in Belize perfectly! :)
Me: That is mean Julia! LOL
Julia: Oh my gosh! I have to tell you something!
Me: What is it? Come on Julia tell me!

I waited and waited, and waited. Then I noticed I had no bars at all. "No reception!" I yelled out loud causing my Mom and Dad to jump. "Dallas, is it so important that you have to yell?" My mom asked turning around to face me. "Sorry." I said.

"Here we are." Dad said. I looked out the window once again. A log lodge, stood in front of a huge mountain, off to the side a barn, pastures and arenas sat. I got out of the car and shut the door. An older man with a cowboy hat came walking out of the barn and greeted us.

"Howdy!" He said. My mom and dad started talking to him. I slipped out my phone and checked for bars. Nope,nothing. I slid it back into my pocket. Then I felt a a soft tap on my shoulder. It was my mom motioning for me to get my stuff out of the car.

I grabbed my yellow polka-dot suitcase and followed my mom and dad. As I walked, sand began getting into my Jack Rogers Nantucket Navajo Sandals. I tried to shake it out but it was no use.

As I walked over the threshold of the front door of the lodge, I noticed the huge, western-style sitting room with about tons of people in it. We walked up a wooden stair case and into a room with a big number 12 on the door. I walked into the room and looked around. Two queen-sized, four poster beds sat about two feet apart with a nightstand between them. They were covered with Indian Blankets.

A small rounded table sat in the corner and pictures and one bookshelf covered the walls. The man, Mr.Elliot, gave my dad the key to our room and left. I laid down on my bed. How in the world am I going to get on a horse tomorrow? I've never even seen a horse, except on TV!

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Saving Lucky - Chapter 1

by heartbeat for horses

"No!" Jessica Smith half yelled, half sobbed. "You can't!" Jess yelled at her father, Jake Smith.

"Honey... We may have to sell him," Jake said sorrow playing in his voice. "You cant sell Lucky! You just can't!" Jess burst from the kitchen and out the back door racing for the barn tears blurring her vision. Lucky was the best thing that ever happened to her.

She stumbled into the barn and raced for her sweet bay gelding's stall. She slipped inside and wrapped her arms around his neck sobbing in his mane. After a minute, Jess bit back her tears and quickly groomed and tacked up Lucky. She led him out the back of the barn, grabbed the lunch she had packed for the trail ride they were going to take and mounted up. She kicked him into a gallop an burst into tears, the wind blowing her hair from the ponytail.

"We're leaving Lucky," Jess decided and felt her pocket. She pulled out her small bag with a slight smile. 6 crispy dollar bills and 5 dollar coins lie inside. Things were looking up. Nobody is selling you Lucky. Ever.

Later that day about five hours after leaving, Jess slipped from the saddle exhausted. She pulled out one of the roast beef sandwiches from her bag and sat down in the grass to eat and rest for the night. Lucky needed it anyway. After eating, Jess looked into the starts until sleep came.

The next morning, Jess opened her eyes to see Lucky looking down at her. "Morning bud," she said and stood up. She pulled out an apple and quickly ate it. She fed Lucky a carrot and tacked up and mounted up. "We have a long way to go but I think I should stop in town and get some food," she said.

They rode for about an hour till they came to a small town. Jess tied lucky to a tree and hurried towards the small store. She bought some beef jerky, three roast beef sandwiches and a couple apples. After that, she hurried back to Lucky who was standing patiently waiting for her. She kisses his nose, puts the food in the saddle bags and mounted up.

Chapter two coming soon...
Comment if you want more!

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Prize-Winning Palomino - Part 1

by Hayley
(Whangarei, NZ)

Photo credit: MrKlean via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: MrKlean via I'd Pin That

It was September 12 2017, about five o'clock when I first arrived at the wild racers thoroughbred farm, in Kentucky. It was a nice bright colourful autumn afternoon. The sun was starting to set in the lush leaf covered hills.

My dad and I hopped out of our red mud splattered Holden Colorado and on to Seth Quincy's (the owner) dusty driveway.

"Wait here" my dad said.

He wandered on over to the main house next to the modern looking barn and raped on the door.

A scruffy looking man in about his seventies opened the door. All I could see from the car was Seth and my dad shaking hands firmly and having a full serious conversation. I sighed. My dad had dragged me along to find two thoroughbreds for his breeding program back in New Zealand. He had been determined to start racing horses all over the world. His life long dream was to send one of his horses to the Kentucky derby. My dreams where set on being a Olympic show jumper. I had no interest in horse racing.

Seth and my dad finished talking and ambled towards the barn. My dad waved for me to come over.

My first impression of Seth was that he was a grumpy, miserable old man. He had a ruff voice and dark eyes. He was hunched over and looked unhealthy. I had been right from the beginning. He hadn't shown any horseman ship from day one and I was about to find out how evil he really was.

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The Big Bay Aztec Warrior~ part 1

by Larkin
(Mississippi )

Photo credit: Sponchia via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Sponchia via I'd Pin That

I didn't land on the other side of the log with my horse under me. I sat up and waited for my eyes to become clear again. For a moment I was all kinds of confused but then it hit me. The sound I heard while flying through the air. It was a big thud. What was it! A million thoughts ran though my head before I had the guts to turn around. Nothing I had just thought of prepared me for this.

Everything became blurry again. My eyes began to sting from the tears filling them. My ears started to ring and I could't hear a word my mom was trying to say to me. All I could think of was my horse's body laying mangled on the ground.... dead.


*It has been 4 weeks since Midnight died and I haven't said a word to anyone. My mom keeps trying to get me to talk but I won't and she can't make me. My friends are worried about me. I don't even think my crush knows that anything is wrong. It's not like he cares about me. My teachers always ask me questions in class to try to make me speak even though they are perfectly aware of my problem. Everyone is really getting on my nerves.*

I heard a soft knock on my door. I quickly minimized the screen of my online diary. (No one knows I have it. It is where I put my feelings and secrets.) I whirled around in my spinny chair as my mom opened my door. She looked at me sympathetically," Do you want something to eat for supper?" I just sat and stared at her blankly. Her face turned sad. She has gotten a lot more wrinkles in the past few weeks. I suspect it is from stress. She walked out of my room and went into the kitchen. I stood up to go to my window. It gives me comfort these days.

I felt a presence behind me. I looked over my shoulder at my sister staring at me in the doorway. She has been angry at me for a while now. "You are so selfish Izzy! Mom is trying to help you but you won't say a dang thing and you are making everyone either sad or angry or something. You need to snap out of it and get back into the real world." Elena stomped into her room and slammed the door behind her. I jumped at the sound. I have heard that lecture ten times before. I look up to my big sister so it hurts me when she is mad at me but I refuse to speak!


My mom knows the reason why I won't speak. This also means that she thinks a horse will make it better. She always bothers me about getting a new one but I roll my eyes and turn away. I heard a dodge truck coming down the driveway one morning. I think of horse trailers when I hear dodges. I think it is because we use to haul horse trailers with our dodge. I jumped out of bed at the thought of the horse trailer. For a moment I forgot that my horse for 10 years was dead and I was depressed. I froze once I came to realization. I didn't want anyone to know I was awake and jumping around. I never move fast anymore. A dodge with a horse trailer did show up. It stopped in my driveway. I saw the trailer shaking like crazy. It scared me at first. I saw my mom and dad walk out to the horse trailer. A scruffy man got out of the truck and they talked for a minute. The man walked around to the back of the trailer and opened it.

I was speechless (well if I ever talked I would be speechless) at what came out of the trailer. A huge bay stallion with long wavy black mane and tail and four black socks up to his knees came thundering out. He went into a full on rear the moment all of his feet hit the gravel. His beauty astonished me. I new that this horse was for me and I new exactly what his name would be....Aztec.

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The Story of My Life - Part 1

by Crazyhorselover

River and Rain

River and Rain

Montana, 2016 -- I fall gently onto the damp grass and open my eyes to the new world, I look up to see a roof of trees before me and I look sideways to my mama. She is a beautiful brown and white paint horse with a light brown mane and tail and one blue and brown eye. I am the same color!

My mama nickers to me and I whinny back. She starts licking me, her warm tongue caressing my fur. "My little filly, you a must get up, for danger may hide in the woods," she says and gets up. She nudges me and I sit up, trying to stand up but my legs wobble underneath me.

My mama encourages me again and again until I've stood up. I listen to my instincts and nurse, my mama nuzzles me after I'm done. I feel tired from everything after and I lay down in the thicket with my mama watching over me.

When I wake up I look up to the sky and I see big puffs of dark, angry it seems circular shapes and sometimes ovals. I get up and my mama sees me looking. "Those are clouds but the ones you are seeing are thunder clouds, there is going to be rain," she explains and I look at her confused. "But mama, what's rain?" I ask. "You will see once it comes, now don't worry my filly, nurse," she says and I listen to her.

After I finish nursing, little drops of water start falling from the sky and I try to chase them. One falls on my nose and I shiver because it's cold. "Come in the thicket!" My mama calls and I trot back. "That is rain," she says to me and I shiver. "It's cold mama." "Come close," she says and I press against her for warmth.

After a while, the rain drops get bigger and thunder, as my mama calls it, starts booming. I squeeze my eyes shut and lay down, trying to get away from the frightening noises the thunder makes. My mama nuzzles me and lays beside me.

After the thunder and rain stops, there is a beautiful blue sky and no clouds. The sun comes out and I see all the colours in a thick band in the sky. My mama calls it a rainbow. "My filly," she says to me one day while I am at her side, "I am going to give you your name and that is Rain," she says and smiles. "Thank you mother," I say and smile back.

After a long time in the thicket and the field, my mother tells me it is time to go back to the herd. "When I knew you were about to be born I went away to have you to myself," she says to me. We begin the journey to the herd and we pass lakes and ponds, as my mama calls the pools of water. We also pass wheat fields, fields with golden crops in them that the humans grow.

My mama bares her teeth a bit when she says humans and she tells me to not let one tame me ever. She looks into my eyes when she says that and I know I was born to be a mustang, not a tamed horse, for the humans. I nod my head. "Yes mama," I say and we continue cantering to the herd.

Then suddenly, a vicious cat-like creature jumps out at me and my mama kicks it sending it flying. She runs over to it and it runs away. She trots back to me. "That was a cougar, it could've had you for dinner," she said and nuzzled me. "Always be cautious Rain," she says.

Then we get to a hill and when I look over it I see hundreds of horses, maybe thousands!! My mama trots down the hill and I follow nervously. The herd looks up and whinnies to her, she whinnies back. Then a very big paint stallion neighs and canters over to us. She whinnies to him and they nuzzle. He comes over to me and my heart pounds. He sniffs me. "Hello Rain, I am your sire, West," he says in a deep voice. "Hi." I stumble over my words and he chuckles.

Then he nuzzles mama one more time and says "strong foal, River," he canters back to the herd.

PART TWO COMING! Tell me what you thought of my story so far in the comments! Thanks!

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Mochila (Pony express adventure) part 1

by Rachel
(Utah, USA)

The pony express

The pony express

The Pony Express rider dug his heels into his horse’s sides, urging the horse to a greater speed. He looked back and was surprised to see that the five riders were still right on his tail. But he wasn’t worried, for he planned on losing his pursuers on Buffalo Flats. Glancing back he was pleased to see that the five men were losing ground, and he was pulling away. He smiled quietly to himself, then realizing again the importance of his ride, he dug his heels harder into the horse’s ribs. The mail pouch was a constant reminder that he had to deliver the letter before it was too late. Glancing back once more at the five men pursuing him, he was pleased to see that they were growing smaller and smaller. He had no doubt now that these men were after the letter that he carried. Looking straight ahead again, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Turning, he realized too late what the movement was.
The Sheriff opened the jail door to get the man he was supposed to hang. The man met the Sheriff’s gaze without fear, this unnerved the Sheriff. Avoiding the man’s gaze he unchained the man from the wall as quickly as possible. The sooner this was over with, the better. Once the man was outside, a little girl ran up to him and gave him a hug
“Pa Pa!” she cried, “You can’t leave me!”
The man looked down into his daughter’s tear-filled eyes. “Baby, listen to me now.” The man said, “you have to be strong for me baby. You have to be strong! Do you understand?”
Nodding her head, the girl whispered “Yes Pa Pa.”
“That’s enough!” the Sheriff yelled, then shoved the little girl out of the way. Maybe a little too harshly for the fragile crying girl.
Crack! Half a second latter the rider felt a searing pain in his right side, as he fell from his horse. His first thought was of the letter, but before long things started to go fuzzy and black spots danced in his vision. The pain in his side was almost unbearable. Gingerly he touched the spot and was instantly met with the hot gush of blood. That’s when it dawned on him, he’d been shot, or grazed by the bullet. Dazed, he lifted his head from the ground, to see the five dark figures on the horizon, still too small to discern horse from rider though. Turning his head ever so slowly, he saw the shape of a rider coming from his left. It had to be the man who had shot him. He heard a rustling a few meters behind him, and whipped around to find the source of the noise. Instantly he regretted moving so quickly, when he was assailed with new pain from the bullet wound. Gasping, he doubled over in pain. When the pain subsided to a constant throb, he glanced up to view the horse that he had been riding with the mail pouch still attached to the saddle horn. Fearfully his eyes darted over his shoulder to see the five riders growing closer by the minuet. He needed to hide the letter and fast. Clutching his side, he began to stand. The pain was instantly there again. Gritting his teeth, he limped painfully over to the horse.
“Would you like me to pray for your soul?” the preacher asked the man.
“And what’s that gonna cost me?!” the man replied sharply.
Calmly the preacher replied, “Salvation is free to all men who believe.”
“Well, if ya don’t mind I can pray for myself.” The man closed his eyes and lifted his head toward the sky, “Father, forgive my sins, even if I know not what wrong I have done to deserve this fate.” He looked over at his little girl. “And Father, watch out for my little girl, for when I’m gone, she will have no one else to turn too.”
This has gone on long enough, the sheriff thought. Quickly and roughly he pulled a black hood over the man’s head, and gestured for the preacher to continue his services. He heard a whimpering noise and looked in the direction of the girl. The instant he laid his eyes on her tear- streaked face, he felt pity for her. He was about to hang her father, after all. No! he thought, it has to be done. Looking once more at the girl and her tear-filled eyes, he noticed that her lips were moving in a silent prayer.
The five men dismounted, one of them walking up to the rider’s horse looking for the mail pouch. When he didn’t find it, he called back to his boss, “It ain’t here boss.”
The leader of the five turned in disappointment. “Well, it can’t be too far from the horse.” He pointed at one of his men, “You, yeah you. Go and search over there by them trees.”
“Aye boss. I’ll be right on it.”
As the man ran off to search for the mail pouch, the boss heard the click of a pistol being cocked behind him. Slowly he turned around, to come face to face with the rider’s 22cal.(caliber) pistol. His men instantly drew their guns.
“Are you the one who shot me?” the rider asked the boss.
One man with a rifle stepped forward, “Naw, that’d be me, r…” before he had even finished his sentence, the rider turned his gun toward the man, and fired. The man cried out in pain as the bullet hit him in the knee.
The rider turned his pistol back to the boss, as the man screamed “I’ll make you bleed red for this rider.”
Looking at the rider’s pistol fearfully the boss said, “Our fight isn’t with you rider. All we want is the Letter.”
“My job…(gasp)…as a rider…(gasp)…is…to get the mail through. No…matter…what.” The rider said, as he sank to his knees, gasping in pain.
The Boss looked at the rider’s wound with grim satisfaction, so it was second nature for him to pretend to care about the rider’s health. But in truth, he couldn’t care less. “I’d get that looked at before you bleed out. Now where’s my letter?” When the rider didn’t answer, he lowered his voice to little more than a growl. “If you know what’s good for you boy, you had better t…”
In mid-sentence, one of his men yelled out cheerfully “Found it!”
The boss saw a flicker of disappointment in the rider’s eyes, but then it was gone. Turning toward the man he yelled “Bring it here!” This was unnecessary, because this was exactly what the man planned to do. The man was already running, but the boss yelling at him to bring it, urged him to a greater speed.
When the man got to the boss, he handed the mail pouch over to him. The boss took the pouch from the man greedily. He started turning it over with a puzzled expression on his face, “where…is…the key?” he turned a withering glare to the rider. “Where is the key?” he repeated. When the rider didn’t answer, he shoved the weakened rider over with the heel of his boot. As the rider fell, his hat fell off to expose long blond hair. The boss turned to his men with a cruel smile on his face, “A girl.”
The man that the rider had shot cried out,” A GIRL!!! I got shot by a girl!” The rest of the men snickered at this.
The boss turned his attention back to the rider, as she clutched her bloody side. He had a moment of pity for the girl, and felt something like respect for her. Quickly he pushed the thought to the back of his mind. Walking up to the rider, he kicked her gun away from her grasping hands, then crouched down so he could look straight into her eyes, “Where’s the key?”
Meeting the boss’s gaze without fear, the rider replied with venom in her voice, “I don’t have it.”
Annoyed, the boss turned his eyes toward the horizon. A couple seconds had passed, when suddenly his hand darted forward at the unsuspecting rider like a striking snake. He grabbed the rider’s bloody side in the spot that he knew would cause her the most pain. The rider cried out in agony. Keeping his hand on the rider’s wound, the boss moved so that his mouth was only a few centimeters from her face. “Tell me where the key is, or your ride ends right here, right now.”
Glaring at the boss, the rider said, “Check your holster.”
Understanding dawned on the boss’s face half a second too late.

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We Can Succeed - Chapter 1

by Larkin
(Mississippi )

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

"Ruth you can't just go out and buy random horses from an auction. I sent you there to buy a few cows for the farm. You know you don't even have enough potential to ride a horse." Linda said furiously at her step-daughter.

Ruth lay sleepily on the couch as her step-mom yelled at her like always. Linda kept yelling so Ruth just sort of started to daydream about barrel racing with her new horse. Slowly Linda's voice faded away as Ruth fell deeper into her daydream. She could hear the announcer calling her and Boston's name over the speaker. She could hear the crowd roar as she came out of the alley.

Ruth felt the wind in her hair and Boston's body gracefully running beneath her. They turned around the barrels like nothing. She could see first place dead ahead until she started hearing two annoying, bratty voices- her step-sisters.

Ruth came out of the day dream and sat up. She wiped her eyes and asked her sisters what they had said. "Can you hear? I said go clean my room before I tell mom," Hannah growled. Ruth rolled her eyes and stood up to go clean Hannah's room. "Oh, and don't forget to wash the dishes. They are piled high in the sink." Ashley, Hannah's twin sister, barked. Ruth pushed her way through the two brats and walked down the hallway. Her face turned red as she heard the two giggle behind her.

Instead of doing as she was told, Ruth walked out to the barn to see Boston. Her day just seemed to get a little bit better. Ruth searched around for some tack in the storage room and brought a saddle, saddle pad, and a bridle.

She got right to work on trying to clean the old worn out things. She looked up from her work and said," We are going to be the best barrel racers in the world." She smiled and wiped the sweat from her brow.

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A Dear John's Letter - Part 1

by Emma
(Bradford Ohio, USA)

Photo credit: Pigmentosan via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Pigmentosan via I'd Pin That

"I'm almost there." Daniel Greene shouted into his phone over the pouring rain. He threw into the passenger seat in his truck. The man tore down the old back road that lead to his horse barn, Greene Hills Farm. He had a new Thoroughbred foal just born.

The man pulled his silver truck into the puddling drive way and dashed to the barn. Daniel threw the door open as dry lightning split the sky, and closed it behind him. He gasped.

"Dan, over here! You won't believe it!" Rusty, his childhood friend chuckled, waving his red ball cap.

Daniel combed his right hand through his thick, shot black hair. "Better be a good one Russ, or it wasn't worth waking up for." He growled.

"Oh, it's worth it."

Excitement and fear coursed through his veins. Was it really worth the go? He gazed into the stall. A small colt was wobbling on stilts. Daniel's face went blank. His jaw dropped. The man turned on his heel. "Ah, Rusty." Daniel said through his hands in a muffled voice.

"I'll buy 'im for five thousand flat." Rusty said.


"Six thousand!"



"No Rusty! He's perfect!" Daniel hollered. Horses turned their sleepy heads. He's unbolted the stall door and walked in, letting the mare check him over.

"You did a mighty fine job, Stare." He said, petting the mare's chestnut neck. He placed a hand on the nursing foal's back. It jumped and wobbled quickly to the other side. Stare nudged the man. Daniel chuckled.

"Well, what'cha gonna name the colt?" Rusty asked, rubbing his eye. "Storm? Lightning? Thunder?"

"Too common Rusty. Something good. Good for a race horse." Daniel mumbled, rubbing his chin.

Rusty almost choked on his own spit. "Race horse? Daniel you've got to be kiddin' me! He's only a colt born five minutes ago."

"That's why wanted this foal in the first place, you idiot!" Daniel growled.

"Geez." Rusty said as he swatted a lazy fly with his hat.

"Dear John."


"A Dear John's Letter."

"No way!" Rusty laughed.

"It's a perfect name for a race horse. I can feel his power."

"I bet!" Rusty leaned over to cough from laughing so hard.

"I don't see how it's so funny!"

Thunder screamed as wind shoved against the barn, shaking it. Horse neighed loudly and kicked the stalls.

"Easy..." Daniel reassured his horses.

The colt then rammed his head into the man's leg, making him fall into a pile of straw. The men laughed as A Dear John's letter whinnied loudly.

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Stoney Creek Stables - Book One: Promise

by Savannah

Chapter One

BEEP! BEEP! The alarm clock buzzed waking Sophia Andrews. She groaned and glanced at the clock, it read 6:00 A.M.

With a moan, she threw her covers off and got out of bed. She made her bed then headed over to her closet to get dressed. She pulled on a pair of tan breeches, a blue t-shirt and pulled on her well-worn black paddock boots.

After brushing and pulling her shoulder length brown hair, she quickly brushed her teeth and put on some lip gloss. Finishing up she headed out of her room to get some breakfast before going out to the barn.

"Morning Sophia," her mother Terri called as she entered the kitchen. "I made some muffins and orange juice."

"Thanks, Mom." Sophia replied and grabbed a blueberry muffin and a glass of orange juice. She ate then made her way outside towards the barn.

Sophia was 13 years old and lived at Stoney Creek Stables where her family boarded, trained horses and gave riding lessons.

She pushed open the barn doors and inhaled the sweet scent of horses, leather and hay before heading to her horse's stall.

"Good morning, Promise." Sophia said and unlatched the dappled grey mare's stall. "Hey baby, girl." She said and planted a kiss on her soft pink muzzle. The mare answered with a low nicker.

Sophia grabbed Promise's grooming kit from outside the stall and began currying her soft grey coat.

"How about some jumping today?" She asked her horse. She stroked the hard brush over her coat then a final polishing with the soft brush. She combed her mane then picked out her hooves.

"You're looking beautiful this morning, girly." Sophia laughed and patted her mare's neck. "I'll be right back. I have to go get your tack." She said and headed down the barn aisle into the tack room.

Once inside, she pulled Promise's navy blue saddle pad, a black saddle, a girth from the saddle rack and draped her bridle over her shoulder. She headed back into her stall and closed the sliding door behind her.

She placed the saddle pad on Promise's back and followed with the saddle. She tightened the girth and took the bridle from its hook outside of the stall.

She placed the bit in the palm of her hand and fed it into Promise's mouth. She put the crown piece over her ears and adjusted the throat latch and noseband. She popped the helmet on her head and led Promise out of the stall and barn.

She adjusted her stirrups, checked her girth and mounted up. She squeezed her legs around Promise's sides and broke into a steady walk.

Once to the jumping arena, she opened the gate and walked in closing it behind her.

"Oh great, Amber is here." Sophia moaned to Promise. "That means she is going to be in the arena with us in like fifteen minutes!" She sighed and asked Promise for the trot.

She began rising with every other beat of the trot and started on a few twenty-meter circles and three loupe serpentines to get Promise warmed up on both sides. She made her first loupe then switched her diagonal heading for the next turn.

After she finished the serpentine, she squeezed her legs and asked her for the canter. After a another try, Promise broke into a canter picking up the correct lead.

"Good girl!" Sophia said and patted her grey neck.

"Clear out! I have work to do!" Said a voice Sophia knew all too well.

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Judged - Part 1

by Hayley
(New Zealand)



September 12 2015, Lexington Kentucky, 3:54pm.
Me and my Dad climbed out of our muddy Holden Colorado and ambled over to Seth Quincey's old mossy wooden house.

My father knocked his hairy knuckles on Seth's door and he and I waited for an answer. A few minutes later a hunched over old man in a floppy brown leather hat appeared behind the fly screened door.

"What ya want?" He questioned us in his scratchy old voice. He opened the nearly broken door and looked at my Dad puzzled.

"We're here for the two horses for sale," my father said a little to loudly.

"Oh! Come with me then." He grumbled.

Seth hobbled over to a run down barn just opposite his house. He opened the creaky stable doors and walked into the darkness. My Dad and I soon followed him in after sharing a nervous look.

"Here they are," said Seth. "Don't know why you would want them Ken, there as useless as dirt. The female has a bit of a temper and the male has no heart for racing. I'll give them to you for $5000 each. How about that!?"

The two horses were in the worst condition possible. The female was a Cremello thoroughbred and the male was a chestnut. Both of their manes and tails had been matted so much that I looked as if it had started to matte their coats as well.

Their coats looked as if they hadn't brushed or clipped in years. They also smelt of their own manure. Ticks covered their muddy body's and their hooves were a whole other story.

My face showed only one emotion: horror.

"That's perfect!" My father said a little too embarrassed to negotiate with him. "I'll take them now if that's okay with you?"

"Be my pleasure." Seth smiled for once. "I don't have room for useless pieces of meat to sit around and do nothing."

I stood there with my hands in my pocket looking at the cobwebbed roof. I had been so bored. At the time I had no interests in horses but that was all about to change.

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The Secret - Part 1

by Crazyhorselover



I jumped out of bed on a sunny July day and got changed into a polo t-shirt and jeans. I looked over my walls of horse posters and my desk covered with model horses. I love horses.

I ran downstairs to see my mother sitting at the kitchen table eating a muffin. "Morning June," she smiled. "Morning mum," I answered smiling. "Can I go to Malinda's house?" I asked and she nodded. "Sure, Ive got to go to work though honey," she answered and added, "be careful sweetie, goodbye!" She grabbed her work bag and opened the door to walk down the driveway and get into the car.

I waited until she pulled out of the driveway then I grabbed a muffin from the kitchen table and ran outside. I walked to my best friend Malinda's house. On the way, I ate the muffin in huge bites. I was hungry! Malinda was moving and needed someone to buy her mare Juniper's foal Pepper, who I was in love with.

When I got to their farm I saw Malinda leading Pepper. Pepper's pinto coat gleamed in the early sunshine. "Hi June!" She called as I walked over. "Hi Malinda!" I answered back. I hugged pepper and she nickered. "You're a good girl aren't you Pepper?" We laughed. Then Malinda's face turned serious. I was confused. "Malinda what's wrong?" I answered worriedly "Well, June," she whispered, "I need you to buy Pepper! But my parents can't find out, I told them I gave her to a man who was moving out of the town." I gasped. "Malinda! That's like illegal or something!" She looked embarrassed. "Well, when you say it like that it makes it sound bad!" I sheepishly grinned a bit. "Sorry." We both smiled when she forgave me.

My face lit up but then I remembered mom. "For how much to buy her?" I asked. "Well, you're my friend and Pepper needs you so you can buy her for $30." She smiled a bit. I laugh and hug her. "I would love to!" I exclaim. "Mom wouldn't mind, would she?" I thought. She's said I could have a pony! I pulled out the $40 worth of Christmas money I was saving and handed it to Malinda.

PART TWO COMING!!!! Let me know what you thought so far about this story, The Secret! :)

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Cheeky Shetland adventure! Part 1.

by Lily

Drew this myself xx

Drew this myself xx

"Anyone there?!" Minnie whispered into the dark stable, there should be an equine of some sort. Minnie was small and her horse t-shirt was beyond her waist, with the arms flapping about. Her hair was dark, long and uneven which was tied in an extremely loose plait. She loved horses, but as she was small she was frightened of having a bad fall on a horse 12.5 hands or more. Today was an own a pony day for her - only she didn't know what what she will get.

"Where are you h-hiding ch-cheeky?" She bravely stammered. Uncertainly, she reached out a arm (or more like a sleeve) and a muzzle nuzzled into it. A rather small muzzle. "Hello, your a real sweetie aren't you? Come into the light so I can give you a tasty carrot!" Automatically a small pony stepped forward, he had large ears, which were pricking up in delight and a beautiful grey sleek coat. But it wasn't any old pony, it was a Shetland!

"You must be... Cheeky Boy! Good name! Oh you are such a beautiful Shetland aren't you hey? Oh here's that carrot you wanted, still fresh!" Minnie was delighted at the pony she was borrowing, and the pony was delighted at her too (and her carrots!). They had half and hours fun of grooming: Minnie found it easy to groom all of Cheeky and not had to ask a taller stable hand for a hand! Cheeky was cheeky and took of Minnie's hat, Classic Shetland! Cheeky Boy looked like a bright shining star, coat brushed into a silver sea and mane into a cascading river.

"Looked like your tacked up and ready to go! Mind you on old Cheeky Boy you won't go anywhere, he is lazy! Why didn't you get a bigger horse, get a good canter!" Called a regular stable hand, as she lead the silver equine to the school. Minnie thought to herself: well maybe the riders that ride Cheeky ride are too tall and he doesn't like it! I will canter fine on him, not a horse!

Will Minnie get Cheeky Boy to canter? Find out in part 2!

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Gizmo, The Ex-Race Horse - Part 1

by Rosalie

So... this is how our story begins. In a muddy field, in the middle of nowhere.

It was a normal day. As usual, I walked my dog, Poppy who is a Tanned Jack Russell. We started walking down our usual route, clambered through the twisted oak trees until we came to a stop at an empty field.

"We must have taken a wrong turn." I said to Poppy who obviously didn't care. "Best we head back the way we came." Just as I said this, Poppy darted through the broken fence leading to the field. "POPPY!!! POPPY COME BACK HERE NOW!!!" I yelled across the field hoping she would turn around, but she didn't. I had to go after her or she might get lost, I thought.

I began running through the untamed grass. At this point, I was panicking. We are usually back at the farm by now. I screamed for her hoping she would realise that I'm worried. I ran around and couldn't find her but I had got myself lost in this field. My hazel hair smacked against my face, wiping the tears that were rolling down my rosy cheeks.

Suddenly, I heard thuds against the ground from a distance. They became louder as if they were coming closer...

Look out for Part 2 if you like it!

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The Whistler Part 1

by CrazyHorseLover B-)
(Pakistan )

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Laura had been paralyzed for more than 3 years and they had no hope of her recovery. She was young and pretty, she had her whole life spread out before her, but she couldn't move from the shoulders down or speak. Her future was bleak and miserable.

Her parents moved to the countryside as the doctor said she would be depressed in the noisy, smoky city with nothing to do and no one to talk to as her parents were always busy. So they bought a comfortable house with a big pasture and a barn with two empty stalls. It also had a tack room and hay loft but they used it for storing unused stuff.

There was a built-in kennel too, so they bought a dog called Barny. He was a small Scottish dog and Laura's mother absolutely adored him. But Laura was still gloomy and quiet. They sat her on the porch overlooking the pasture with a book in her lap, and some snacks at her side. But she neither looked at the book nor touched any food.

So her beautiful body wasted away and she became thin and pale. One of her parents were always with her but she never looked at them. She would gaze at the picturesque green fields and blue sky with a longing to run and play.

Sometimes, at night, her parents would hear her sobs of helplessness and suffering. But they could do nothing for their daughter.

One day, Laura heard a whistle. She looked up but saw nothing. Again she heard it and looked up eagerly. Disappointed, she looked down again. Her mother, too, glanced around, but saw nothing. She shrugged an doesn't on with her paperwork. When Laura heard the whistle again, she looked up, annoyed.

She saw a black stallion, strikingly beautiful against the green and blue of the background, dancing in the green field. Suddenly, Laura uttered a hoarse scream. Her mother looked up in surprise, and, glancing at the horse, wheeled her screaming daughter inside. No wonder she screamed.....

(hope u like it, part 2 coming soon)

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Walter and Alyssa - Part 1

by Chloe

Everyone told me that I was in over my head or that I was crazy. But they were wrong.

I sat in the truck with my sister, my mom, and my dad, which pulled a horse trailer. The horse inside of it was an Arabian gelding named Walter. He was one of the sweetest horses you could think of, and he was all mine.

The car slid to the right side of the rode, hitting another car in the process. The trailer came loose, falling down a hill until it hit a tree. I screamed as we made contact with another car and everything went black.

I awoke in a blue hospital bed, with a few nurses checking over me. No family. Weird. I sat up, but the nurses wouldn't look at me. "They died, didn't they?" I swallowed hard.

They all nodded and helped me out of bed, so I could get ready to leave.

Later on at the front desk, Uncle Joe sat in a black Ford truck, picking through radio stations. When he saw me, he unlocked the car and said, "Get in, Alyssa."

I couldn't look at him when he was being rude, so I just asked, "Is Walter okay?" And I slid into the seat.

Joe nodded and we headed for his ranch.

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Starlight's Wish - Chapter 1

by Kelsey

I'm going to tell you a story about me! One day I was galloping around a field. Suddenly I heard screaming! I turned my head and saw My best friend, Holly, being taken away from a man. The man looked at me.

My owner, Emily, ran toward me. She looked at me and cried, "That man is going to take you away! He steals horses so he can sell them to other people!" I lowered my head sadly. Emily looked up and saw the man standing right next to her.

"Leave her alone! Stay away from her!" Emily yelled. The man pushed her to the ground. He jumped on me and whipped me until I ran. "No matter what happens! I will find you!" Emily screamed as the man whipped me. We rode for a long time. Then it went dark. The man led me into a thorny stable like thing. I reared and bucked. He knew I was trying to escape. He looked at me and whipped me.

"Come on!" He yelled in a deep voice. I was in a stall. There was more horses. They looked terrified. The man put this sleepy gas in the stable. I collapsed. I said to myself, "I wish I was free." Then I fell asleep.

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The Stallion's Promise ( 1 )

by Lucinda

A/N: This will be a fairly long story, so stay tuned. This chapter took hours as I wrote it on my tablet, so sorry for any typos. I have it all planned out, so writers block shouldn't be an issue. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy, and any comments, including constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!

P.S Just to clear up what's going on in this story, the main filly lives in a massive Warlander breeding farm, it is quite rural but there is high fences surrounding it so no horses can get out and nothing can get in. The main filly is fully grown and is almost four, she's 16hh and very spirited, she tries to escape every chance she gets as she does not want to be a brood mare, however always gets stopped by the high gates and fences.

Chapter One: - Missing Horses -

- Normal P.O.V-

"Carrots...... No....... My..... Carrots"
I snorted and the horse in the stall next to me jumped awake in alarm.

"Where are they, where's the thieves... AND WHERE ARE MY CARROTS!?!?"
She neighed in alarm, I tossed my head.

"It was just a dream, tip: Lay off the salt lick." I pawed the ground in annoyance.
Ever since she got that salt lick she has been waking half the farm up with her 'Special Dreams'.
She sniffed. "Fine." and settled down in her stall. Not long later we heard a rustling in the bush.

"What was that?" She asked and peeped her head out of her stall door.

"I don't know." I replied and arched my neck. The moon made my dapples glisten and the wind whipped my mane back. Nothing came out.
"Probably a rat, lets sleep it off and see if there's anything in the morning." I said to the mare and she nodded, then her eyes closed as she fell deeply asleep. I soon followed and found myself drifting into darkness.


Our personal alarm clock Reggie woke everyone up. That was his legitimate purpose, waking everyone up at the crack of dawn. My eyes slipped open and I walked over to the stable door, tossing my head out of the open top half and nickered to the nearby mare and foal paddock. A foal nickered back and his mother nodded to me knowingly, then herded him away from the fence.

I snorted, feeling bored, luckily soon the people will be down after breakfast to feed me and groom me and let me into the filly paddock.
"Hey guys." Holly clucked to four horses, including me.

Holly is one of the grooms here, every groom in the fillies barn are assigned to four horses each, I'm not sure about the other barns though. This barn has twenty eight horses in it currently, so it has seven grooms.

Holly begins filling our haynets and grooming us until our coats gleam like stars. She lets some of us into the paddock, but unfortunately I am not one of them. She gives me my feed and sits on the bench nearby the barn sipping a Coca Cola while she waits for more jobs to do. I hear a loud screech coming from the farm office, it must be the stable manager. She stepped out with a bright red face and a groom trailing her, the groom looks very pale like she had seen a ghost.

"HORSES DON'T JUST VANISH JANE! They must be around the farm, look around, there's no way they could have jumped the fences." I suddenly understand why the girl is looking so scared, she's practically shaking, the manager can be very... intimidating at times. Jane sprints past the barn like her life depends on it. It probably does.

The manager, Hannah, walks past muttering what would appear to be: "The twelfth horse we've lost this month.."

What does that mean..?

-Chase's P.O.V-

My eyes flicked over my large herd, the number was quickly increasing, and it was time to kick out one or two colts that were growing to be threats.
I galloped off of the large boulder I go on when I call meetings or watch over the herd from afar. I trotted over to Thunder. A jet black colt who happens to be almost four, he isn't much of a threat to me yet, but it is best to get him out before he is.

I stomped my hoof and nipped at him, challenging him to fight or run. His eyes narrow. "I knew this day would come, Chase, and that is why I am prepared. You have been eyeing me this whole morning." He reared up and four stallions caked in mud, probably to hide their scent, came galloping out. They were a reasonable size around 15hh for most of them, one had a look for regret in his eyes but they all reared up beside Thunder.
"This is my herd now Chase, leave or we end you." He snorted.

I am brave, strong and tall, but I am not foolish. I angrily kicked the colt down to the ground and then galloped off and a plan started to form in my head. A plan to make a new herd, and slowly steal my old one back.

When midnight came I galloped towards my usual picking place, a large human place which held hundreds of horses, mainly mares. The fences were high and strong all around it, but the humans didn't know that there was a hole in the yearling's paddock hidden by a tree, the fences were low in the small paddock, too, as the humans did not expect horses that were fully grown to be in there, so it is easily jumpable for me. I trot over to the first barn, it is a filly barn. I nicker quietly.

"Any horses want to join my herd?" I would normally just herd them out, but they were in stalls. I could break the door down after a while of kicking at the hinges, but it would be difficult to get them out.

"How many members?" A voice asked

"I recently got taken over.. so none. But I am fighting to get my old herd back." I quickly replied but the filly shook her head.

"Nope, not safe enough, sorry."
I skimmed over the rest of the barn. This wasn't good, the mares usually wouldn't come and most were pregnant anyway. Fillies were my best option.

"I will go!" A filly neighed loudly and stuck her head out of the door. She was a dapple grey, and her facial features weren't harsh on the eyes, either. I nodded and began to kick at the stable door as hard as I could. This was going to be a long night.

A/N: If you think story seems pretty predictable it will have some twists.. though guessing takes all the fun out of the story, so sit back relax, comment and let the story flow.

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Ivy Coast Academy~Story One: Chapter one

by Anna

Photo credit: berrytrip via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: berrytrip via I'd Pin That

Finally. I am at Ivy Coast. It has been all summer. Too long. I jump out of the car as soon as it stops. My boots hit the ground with a thump.I dust off my brown breeches and tuck in my forest green shirt.

Mom comes around, her high heels sinking into the dirt. She tosses her scarf over her shoulder as she says,"John will take your suitcases to the room. I need to call Mindy, my assistant. Win big. Goodbye, Emma." With a slight nod of her head, she's gone. At least she came. Dad did not even bother to come.A meeting is more important to him than his only daughter, I guess.

I start towards the stable. Phoenix, my grey gelding is there. I enter the green and white doors and step in the cool of the barn. I walk down the aisles in till I come to my horse's stall. I see Phoenix. He is munching hay. "Phoenix!" I cry. He raises his head and I step into his stall. After I give him a carrot... or two....ok three, I step out. I see my best friend, fellow rider, and roommate Alexis step out of her mare, Sophia's, stall. I try to contain myself as I sneak up behind her.

"Hi!!" I exclaim as I throw my arms around her. She jumps in surprise, but whirls around and hugs me. "Em!I saw your suitcases but not you. Hi!" "I had, well Mom had, John take it to our room. I have a surprise for you. Actually, it is for our room. Wanna see?" She giggles and pulls me to the door. "Let's go!" She exclaims.

When we get to our room, I unzip the biggest suitcase. I pull out a picture out of me jumping on Phoenix, and one of Alexis jumping on Sophia."Like?" I look up at Alexa. Her eyes shine as she takes the pictures. "Like it?I love it!" We put them on the wall and head to dinner.

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The Fours - Chapter 1

by Piper Snowblanket

Photo credit: Unsplash via I'd Pint That

Photo credit: Unsplash via I'd Pint That

Chapter 1
Raven Rebel, as he's often called, was a wild horse lived once far away in the fields of Comet, a land so beautiful, so wonderful, where gorgeous wild horses roamed the lands. That is why they called it Comet.

Raven lived in a small herd with his mare, Coldwhisper, a beautiful white Andalusian, and his two fillies, Hazelnut, a shy bay Warlander, and Silvermist, a brave gray Warlander. The four horses would always roam around the land, and they would always protect each other from selfish humans that would do anything to capture one of these horses and send them to slaughter. But some people protected this herd, and they would call it "The Fours".

Raven Rebel and his heard found themselves in a empty field with no horses, no flowers, no nothing. Just grass. "Is this in the fields of Comet? Raven asked Coldwhisper. "I don't think so.. It doesn't look like it, if it were from Comet, there would be horses everywhere." She answered. Raven sighed. "True..." Hazelnut and Silvermist looked at Coldwhisper curiously. "So what is this place then?" Silvermist asked. Hazelnut remained silent. "I don't know, sweetie.." She replied. "But hopefully, we will get out. It seems dangerous."

Silvermist's shocked face turned into a playful smirk, and then looked at Hazelnut. "Hah! Nothing is dangerous to me! PLUS, danger is MY middle name!" Silvermist exclaimed, playfully. Hazelnut rolled her eyes. "Thats new." She said. Raven laughed a bit. "Silly Silvermist." He chuckled. Just then, a loud roar was heard from a forest nearby, which sounded something like a big cat. And then suddenly, a jaguar came out of no where, and pounced on Raven Rebel.

To be continued...

Next Part: Not out yet.

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Tell Me The Truth - Chapter One

by Grace K

Tell Me The Truth Chapter one.

Mia stared blankly out of the car window as it drove down the long dirt paths. She sighed unhappily, she didn't want to leave. She missed her cosy room that was decorated with posters of beautiful horses, she missed her horse crazy friends and most of all she missed Sundance.

Sundance was Mia's gorgeous pintaloosa mare, she and Mia had a special connection and now she was gone. Sold to another owner, scared confused and lonely. Mia fought back the salty tears that were welling up in her dark brown eyes. Why did her dad have to get another job? He was perfectly fine working at his old company anyway...

"Are you alright honey?" Mia's mother asked quietly, Mia ignored her and looked away. She watched her home, her horse and her life disappear before her eyes as they started through the countryside.

After a long car journey Mia felt sick to her stomach. It wasn't unusual though, Mia often felt carsick. She thought of Sundance whinnying desperately, calling out to her wondering where she had gone, why she had left. Mia bit her lip and tried hard to think of something else. Maybe she would get another horse! But she didn't want another horse. She wanted Sundance.

When Mia and her parents arrived at their new house it was already sunset. The sky had turned a soft pink color, the moon was already glowing brightly in the night sky. Mia snooped around her new home, first she looked around the garden. She was secretly thrilled to find acres of farmland and pastures behind the medium sized blue house, but she was determined not to let her parents see her happiness. After all, she was well and truly mad and them.

The inside of 72 Stallion's Lane was surprisingly big, Mia found her self marveling at the many rooms and large windows that looked onto the pastures and forests. Her room was a spacious place on the second floor that had a wonderful view of the paddocks. Mia smiled as she was her fingers across the pony wallpaper. She had a pretty horse blanket and pillow, and even a horse chair! She took her suitcase from the car and started to put up her horse posters. Maybe moving wouldn't be so bad after all! She set up her Breyer horse stables and collapsed on her bed, exhausted from the long sad day.

That night Mia dreamed of a strange but stunning palomino mare. The mare was galloping madly through the forests, until somehow she came to a horse sale. She saw the pretty mare fade into a starved and abused little thing, that seemed to have never been loved. Then Sundance came, nuzzled the mare then left. When Mia woke she was so confused from the weird events in her dreams that she couldn't fall back asleep.

Instead she sat on the floor, playing with her many model horses. Each one had a name, and her family were astounded at how she could remember them all. Her parents hadn't spoken to her much since they told her about the move though, and in return Mia ignored every word they happened to say. Only then did it occur to her that her parents might be hiding something from her...

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The Accident - Chapter 1

by Emma

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Everyone was gathered in the living room celebrating Maddy Harper's birthday. Maddy's mom came in from outside and took everyone out to the barn.

Once there, Maddy got on her horse Rio. After that, all the other kids got on other horses in the barn. After saying bye to the parents, the kids went to ride on the trails. Maddy thought she would show off and go somewhere she had never gone before.

The sky started to get dark and she started to worry. Peyton called from the back of the group that she heard something. The group started to get very scared. They heard a rumbling getting closer and closer. Thinking it was thunder, they shrugged it off. The sound didn't stop.

Right in front of them, a herd of wild horses burst from the trees. The wild herd stopped dead in their tracks. "Hey y'all, lets pet them," Maddy suggested. All the girls dismounted and stood by their horses. Maddy slowly walked up to the horses but quickly wished she hadn't.

The horses had a fit. They started bucking and kicking. One nailed Maddy right in the leg. She fell to the ground screaming. The horses took off. All the other girls gathered around her and tried to comfort her. The adults had been looking for them and came running with their horses when they heard the scream.

Maddy's dad dropped off his horse and knelt beside her. He grabbed her up and put her on the saddle. He knew her leg was broken but he didn't say anything. They rushed back to the barn but weren't quick enough because Maddy blacked out before they got back. There was something seriously wrong but no one knew what.

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Back In The Saddle - Part 1

by Amy



I sighed. The painful memories from the past slipped into my head. "Corton! No, please no... Just a little longer till the vet gets here." I heard in my head. Those very words- words I had spoken to my horse- were painful to hear now. It had been a normal day, me riding him put to the lake. But then on the ride back, he somehow fell and I too feel off his back. I didn't know what to do, he wouldn't get up. "Mom! Dad!" I had cried, and they came running down the path. "It's gonna be fine, the vet will come and you can ride Corton again." my father said. The vet showed up. "We have to put him down. He will never heal up." the vet said. I hugged Corton and cried. "Please don't do it Dr. Smith! He'll get'll see." I pleaded. But the vet shook his head. My father told me not to look, and then I heard it. The shot.

"Sienna. Sienna we're here!" I heard. I must have been thinking of the incident so much that I didn't hear my mother. "Oh, um coming." I said, hopping out of the car. It was a bittersweet moment, standing at the entrance of the stables I had boarded Corton at. My mother and I walked into the barn. "Oh Sienna, it's been a long time! You know how to sign in by now, Mrs. Dale." said Faith Jane, the owner of the barn. While my mother signed in, I noticed how busy it was there. I didn't remember the barn being this crowded.

I saw Grace tacking up Rubicon. "Hey Sienna! We missed you at the barn!" Grace said as she smiled and hugged me. "Thanks. Rubicon looks handsome as always." I commented. Grace lifted her saddle off the saddle stand. "Thank you! I groomed him extra nice today." she said. Rubicon was a lovely dun stallion with a long, silky mane and tail. "There's a show today, everyone is busy prettying up their horse." Margret, another old friend of mine, said as she passed by us. Margret had a beautiful Fresian mare named Colette. Everyone there had a horse, except me.

"Today your going to be riding Chance. She's s wonderful mare, you'll see." Faith told me. I nodded, then saw the mare. "She's beautiful." I said. Faith smiled. "She's for sale too. If you ever want another horse.." she paused. "Never mind." Faith quickly said. I swear I heard her say something under her breath, but I didn't bother to ask. After mounting I did some laps around the arena with Chance.

The pattern of her hooves moved in perfect time. I smiled, remembering what it was like to ride a horse. Faith grinned. "I knew you were right for Chance," she told me after the lesson. "You come back tomorrow and ride, okay?" she added. I nodded, and as I got back in the car the painful memories seemed like something in history that no one remembered.

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Trust & Hate - Chapter 1

by Star
(Mt. Airy)

A beautiful mare

A beautiful mare

A beautiful chestnut mare bucked and kicked in the pasture. Clouds shaped themselves in the sky. "Oh, come on girl! There going to put you down soon if you won't let us train you," Iris moaned. The mare snorted her disapproval.

Iris watched her run around the pasture.The mare showed no fear. "You still can't get her to come to you?" Penny asked, leading Macho. "Nope! She won't listen to me," Iris said.

Macho tossed his head in fright. "What's the matter, boy?" Penny asked. Macho reared, Penny lost her grip on the lead rope. He went flying off, almost trampling Penny. "Are you alright?!" Iris asked. "I'm fine. Go get Macho!"

Iris looked around, she saw a horse tethered nearby. A boy was walking toward the horse with a saddle. Iris ran over and hopped onto the horse. " Sorry! I'm just burrowing him," Iris apologized. She galloped off trailing behind Macho.

Iris held onto the horse. She didn't have a saddle to balance herself in. Macho was two horses ahead of them. He could trip over that lead rope and hurt himself, Iris thought.

Iris felt the horse quicken his pace. In no time, Iris was side by side Macho.

Iris reached out for the lead rope, she felt herself sliding off. She straightened herself and tried again. Iris grabbed the lead rope and felt herself almost being jerked off. "Easy boy!" Iris called to Macho. Macho slowed his pace and walked.

Iris slowed the horse she was riding and trotted back to the stable, Macho following.

Penny was with Iris's parents, talking. "Iris! Are you alright?" Iris' mother asked. "I'm fine, help me check Macho," Iris replied. "I'll go take Sun Rise back to Baron", Penny offered, grabbing Sun Rise's reins.

Iris checked Macho's hooves and legs for any scratches, cuts, or wounds. " That was dangerous, you could have hurt yourself", Iris' father snapped.

"I know, but I brought back Macho," Iris protested.

Iris' father led Macho to his Stall. Iris turned her attention to the chestnut mare. "Mom, do you think this mare frightened Macho?" Iris questioned. "How could she, she is in a pasture. And plus, she is not even scary," Iris' mother laughed.

Iris stared at the mare. Her eyes shone, showing fire and hatred. This mare had a fiery spirit, yet, a very dangerous path. Was this horse ever going to start trusting Iris?

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Riding in the Forest - Part 1

by Athena
(Guimaras Island, Philippines)

Ann was riding her horse, Honey, into the forest maze of trees, twigs, leaves, and branches. The autumn air smelled clean and crisp.

Dried leaves crunched under Honey's hooves as the palomino horse walked across the wonderland swirling with red and orange leaves. The forest floor was dotted with leaves, twigs, and fallen branches here and there, complete with two main characters, a girl and a horse, riding through the woods.

It had recently rained, and so the air smelled fresh and clean. Away from the horrible smoke of the city. Who could have had a better life than the two?

Ann has lived with her mom and dad in a farm. Honey has been treated like a queen ever since she was brought into Ann's farm.

The forest ride was soon ended by a heavy, unexpected downpour of rain...

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Eventing Dreams: The Perfect Horse (Book 1)

by Heartbeat for Horses

Chapter One

Hallie Smith hurried into the barn Saturday morning for her weekly lesson.

She grabbed a grooming box and headed down the long barn interior towards her usual mount, Griffin.

"Good morning, buddy!" She said as she let herself into his stall. He lifted his head and nickered softly in her direction.

"Let's get you cleaned up," she said and began currying his soft bay coat.

"Good morning, Hallie. Did you not look at the board this morning?" Hallie's trainer, Joanne Johnson asked.

Hallie looked up. "What do you mean? I always ride Griffin so I never check anymore." She said confused.

"You're riding our new horse Spartan today." Joanne pointed towards a stall a few yards away. "His grooming box is beside his stall." She said and started out of the barn.

"Well, I guess I'm not riding you today, sweetie." She said giving Griffin a kiss on the nose. She left the stall and started towards Spartan.

He was a tall bay, thoroughbred gelding with a single snip on his soft pink nose.

"Hey there, Spartan." Hallie said softly and slid open the stall door. His soft brown eyes and kind face melted her heart. "Let's get you cleaned up," she said softly and began grooming him. Every second she groomed him the more love she felt for him.

"Ready to go riding?" She asked him fifteen minutes later. She led him from his stall and exited the barn. She tightened her girth, lengthened her stirrups and mounted.

She entered the arena and walked him a few laps so they could get used to each other then she asked him for the trot. He tossed his head but kept walking.

"C'mon Spartan!" She clucked and asked again.

After a couple more minutes, he finally broke into a trot. But all the work getting him to trot was worth it in the end. His trot was soft and flowing as if he wasn't even touching the ground.

"Good boy!" She grinned and patted his neck.

"You're going to have to work a bit harder to get Spartan to listen to you than Griffin. He's much younger and greener." Joanne called as she entered the arena. "Why don't you take him over the trot poles to get him listening to you better?" She said moving into the center.

"Okay." Hallie responded turning Spartan down the center line towards the red trot poles. "Good boy Spartan!" Hallie encouraged as he stepped over the poles.

"Good. Now go over those again but add in those two little cross-rails." Joanne said and pointed to the small jumps.

Hallie trotted him over the poles and turned him to the cross-rails. They popped over them with ease.

"Very nice. Now go ahead and ask him for the canter." Joanne called.

Hallie squeezed him into a canter. It didn't take long for Spartan to jump into a nice ground covering gait.

"This horse is amazing!" Hallie thought to herself. She loved him already.

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