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Eclipse & Ivy 
Eclipse is a black mare who loves to jump, and so do I. Ivy loves to jump too.

This is Houston. I got him from the racetrack after he had raced for 7 years... this pic was taken a while ago and we're jumping 3'6 now... enjoy! :)

*Star*Dancer* (Star jumping by herself) 
This is Star about 7-8 months ago when I 1st got her to our new home as for we had just moved. She didnt like being in her paddock so here she is jumping …

Jumping Dragonfly 
Jumping Dragonfly <3

Jumping Dragonfly 
me jumping the horse Dragonfly

Me And Duke 
This Is me and my horse duke i got him when i was 4 years old and now i am 11 . I love him with all my heart !! In this picture we are practising for a …

pretty appy 
i have an appy and i love them actually i have 2 and both are quarter horse/appy and i love him just as much as my other 2 horses

penny from coachmans riding stables 
this is a pic of penhalligon arkansis from my riding stables coachmans, show jumping.

Elizabeth --> fortuné french for lucky HELP! 
this is a bit about fortuné he's my first pony.. hes very big now he was rescued from a butcher's in france, hence the name by my one of my heroes my uncle.. …

Rupert: the kindness horse i have ever met 
This picture this was the first time i had ever done a competition, we came 3, i was over the moon. MY Rupert he is a 19 year old cob, he is my sweetie …

xX!Me&Jack(My Old Horse)!Xx 
this is me and jack jumpin about second from top spread miss im!!!♥

sammy is a black thoroughbred. he has a star with one right hind sock. this is me jumping him in short stirrup. he is amazing, i love him to death. i can …

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