Dream Come True - Introduction

by ranchgirl

This is my new story. I wrote Tom stories and Magic stories. Please comment if you want me to write the story. If nobody comments, I will think of a new story and then do another introduction.

Kenzie has always wanted a horse of her own. Everyone at a barn where she goes has a horse of their own. Soon, her mother and her father divorce. Kenzie's birthday coming up and Kenzie is begging her mom (who doesn't have a experience with horses)for a horse of her own.

She wishes she can rewind herself and go back to the past and make her mom and dad stay together. When, one day she goes exploring and sees wild horse.

Will Kenzie catch one of them and finally have a horse of her own or will fail at catching a horse and have to be jealous of all the other riders at the barn.


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Dream Come True - Part 1

by ranchgirl

Comment for part 2 or a rewrite. I will take some suggestions. So, please comment.

I woke up to the sound of the rooster at my neighbors' farm. I work at the barn over there. "Honey, you're gonna be late for work" mom called from downstairs.

I stood up and walked over to the closet. I pulled out a plaid shirt, overalls and a cowgirl hat. I dressed my self and ran out the door and down the stairs. My mom placed my lunch bag on the kitchen counter. I grabbed it on the way out the front door. Oh well, no breakfast I thought. I pulled on my boots. I walked over to my neighbors' farm. There was the farmer waiting for me. "How ya doing, kiddo" He said to me. "I want you to clean out all the stalls over there" He instructed me as he pointed to the barn. I walked into the barn door. All the riders had their horses in the cross ties.

The riders were running in and out the tack room, grabbing their tack and tacking the horses. I grabbed the "pooper scooper" as the farmer called it. I spend hours picking the poop out of the horses' stalls. When, I was done it was my lunch break. I looked inside my bag. I walked out the barn because I was not allowed to run in the barn. I sat on the ground next to a pasture. The horse noticed me and trotted over to me. His head lowered to mine. I kissed his cheek. "Hi, you want a carrot?" I asked the horse. I pulled out the carrot my mom packed me. I broke it in half. I gave him a half and and I ate the half. I enjoyed that carrot with him.

I decided to save the rest for later and went exploring. I started in the field where many wild animals lived. I walked over to the river.
"Are you ready for your next job, Monica" the farmer called all the way from the farm. "Coming..." I called back to him. I ran and slowed down. I saw a group of horses. Those horses were running free!
They were wild horses!

Should I finish this story?

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Dream Come True - Part 2

by ranchgirl

Comment for part 3

I decided to tell my neighbor about them. I ran holding my lunch. "Are you going to finish your lunch?" he asked. "I will later" I replied. "There is something I want to tell you" I told him. "What?" he said curiously.

You know over there where the wild animals are?" I asked him pointing over to the field. He nodded.
"Okay," I began. "Well, I saw a few horses over there. They were free and I'm sure they have no owner. So, what do you think we should do?". "Can we talk about this some other time?" he asked me. "Fine" I mumbled.

"Ok I want you to do a few lessons. All the people are on benches" he commanded. I went right to work. When I walked inside the barn. I was expecting little kids but, I saw adults. "Hi, I'm Monica and I am your lesson instructor" I told them.

"Have any of you ridden before" I asked them all. "It was silent. "Okay" I began "Now, come with me. I lead them to a row of stalls that were for lesson horses.

"Pick a horse you want to ride" I instructed them. A man who was tall and very skinny raised his hand. "Ya" I said. "Lady, can I ride this one he said pointing to Eco's stall. Eco was a very beautiful Appaloosa with black spots on his body.
I opened Eco's stall. Eco stretched his head out to greet us.

"Hold your hand out so he can sniff it" I commanded the man to do. The man held out his hand and Eco sniffed it. I grabbed Eco's halter. I put Eco's halter on and clipped on the lead rope. "Take this" I said when I handed the man the lead rope. "Follow me" I said.

He followed me all the way to the cross ties. "Turn him around here" I said as I turned around. I clipped on the cross ties. "Come with me" I said as I walked over to the tack room. I searched for the label that said Eco. Found it!
I took the saddle. I dropped it in the man's arms. I got Eco's bridle and a helmet. "Set the saddle on the rack" I told him. I pulled Eco's halter and switched it with the bridle.

"Put this on." I said as I gave him the helmet. He put on the helmet and clipped the strap. I gave him the lesson and I did the same with the other adults. I put the horses back in the stall and ran out to see what I should do next. When the farmer was nowhere to be seen.

Thanks for reading. Did you enjoy it?

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dream Come True - Part 3

by ranchgirl

Comment for part 4. I need suggestions. I can't write as good as some people can.

The farmer was on his American Paint Horse, Cocoa. The farmer had a rope in his hand and the horses held their heads up high in fright. The farmer threw his hands in the air. I watched as the rope flew around a horses neck. I had no idea he was a good cowboy and best of all Cocoa was an amazing cowhorse. Cocoa and the farmer caught four horses.

He came back with four ropes in one hand and the Cocoa's reins in the other hand. "Take Cocoa to her stall and untack her" the farmer instructed me. He hoped off the horse with the four ropes still in his hand. Cocoa was nice, gentle and heartful. Cocoa was one of my favorite horses.
I let her stay in the aisle knowing that she will never run away. She waited patiently as ever as I took off her bridle replaced it with a halter. Next, I took off her saddle. I put everything in the tack room. I grabbed the lead rope that was hanging from her halter. I walked to Cocoa's stall, Cocoa following close behind me.
"Monica come over here" the farmer shouted from the farmhouse.

When I reached the farmhouse, there was a girl the same size as me standing next to the farmer. "Monica, Kenzie here is going to work with you and I want you to show her around. Okay?" he said. "Okay" I said. "Follow me" I told Kenzie. Kenzie was shy, but she had a pretty shirt and jeans. She had her hair in a high pony.

"So, there's going to be your instructions on the white board" I explained. "For example, it might say to muck out stalls or tack a horse for someone or bring a horse outside to their pasture". "Take time to look around and remember every horse and where their stall is and what pasture is theirs". "Okay?" I asked.


Sorry, I don't have more time. I know it's kinda short.

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Dream Come True - Part 4

by ranchgirl
(Overland Park, Kansas, US)

Comment for part 5. I'm starting out at Kenzie's view and I'll tell you when it goes back to Monica's view.

I have been so stressed out with my job as a helper at a barn. Who would've thought it would be hard. Well, I started working on Monday. This girl showed me around the barn and how it works and stuff.

Her name's Monica and she seems to be treating me like a little kid. In fact, yesterday she turned on the hose for me when I was filling up a horse's bucket.I am as old as her. She doesn't really have to treat me as if I just entered kindergarten.

I woke up and heard my mom calling from downstairs. Uh not another day with Monica. I was so pooped. I didn't want to wake up so early. Well, I had to so, I rushed out of bed. I ran in my closet. I can't decide what to wear.

I had to wear something that's not so special, so if I ruin it it's not bad. I finally picked out a plaid shirt, jeans and of course rubber boots.
I put on my clothes as fast as I could because my mom kept calling for me. As, soon as I was dressed, I ran out my room as fast as my feet could carry me. When, I reached the kitchen my mom had set up pancakes with maple syrup. "You finish up breakfast and I'll start the car" my mom said. I ate all my pancakes as fast as I could.

I hopped into the car on my driveway. My mom drove around some corners and there we were. My mom opened the door automatically and I jumped out the farmer waiting for me. Me and the farmer waved as my mom turned the corner.

"Okay, get to work" the farmer said. I ran inside the barn door. Monica was waiting for me. I looked at the white board.
It read:
Kenzie Monica
1. feed hay to all the horses 1.fill up all the horse's

2. muck out stall numbers 1-20 buckets
3. bring all the horses out to 2. muck out stall
their pastures numbers 21-41

I went right to work so did Monica...

Kenzie hasn't been paying much attention to me. Why was she mad at me? I didn't do anything. Oh well, I don't really care. I just going to fill up the water buckets. I grabbed the hose from the wash rack. I walked to every stall and poked the hose through the rail. So, it reached the water bucket.

Next, I mucked out stalls. Some dirtier than others. They all smelled the same- horse smell. Before I knew it, I was done. I was done before Kenzie. I had time to go to the horses' pastures before the riders came for their lessons.
I stuck my hand in my pocket and took out some peppermints knowing that horses love suck on them. I walked down the path to the pasture horses. They all came galloping to the gate knowing I have something for them as always.
I went gate to gate giving every horse a peppermint. I gave two to my favorite horses. My most favorite horse was Blacky, a black fresian almost to big for his young riders.
But, when the riders came everything became weirder and weirder...

Does anyone have tips for my next part? I'll post the next part soon. I don't have that much time.

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Dream Come True - Part 5

by ranchgirl
(Overland Park, Kansas, US)

Thank you for commenting on the last part. Comment for part 6.


Finally weekend, I don't have to go to work. The neighbor's farm's chicken just woke me up. I almost forgot, today's my birthday. Like always, when ever I walk down the stairs to eat breakfast everyone pops out of nowhere. Then they shout "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". I get scared and drop my food in my hand. I wonder if they're gonna do it this year.

I pulled on my birthday outfit, my yellow flower shirt with jeans. I run down the stairs. Ya! they didn't scare me this year. Instead, they were sitting at the dining table. They were sitting as quiet as a mouse. When, I sat down nobody said a word. Right in front of me was toast, plain toast with butter that I get everyday. Where are the birthday pancakes.

"Mom" I said. "What is it dear?" My mom asked.

"Did you forget?". "Forget what?" my mom exclaimed. "May I please be excused" I asked knowing that my mom would never let me leave the table without asking. "Why?". "I'm just not hungry".


I was mad. My mom never forgets my birthday not my dad either or my siblings. I ran upstairs crying. How could they forget? I ran into my room slamming the door behind me. I looked in the drawer of my dresser. I grabbed my diary and keys. The keys were to open the diary.
I sat on my bed cross-legged. I opened the diary with the keys. I flipped to the next page and wrote:

Dear Diary,
My mom and every one forgot my birthday. I am so mad. I wish I had Blacky, my favorite horse. Blacky is a fresian with a flashy mane and tail and a glowing coat.



Unfair, Monica gets off on weekends and I have to stay here and work. I say a ANIMAL CONTROL van in the driveway. The farmer and this animal control lady are talking. I hope they're not gonna take the wild horses away I don't want them to go.
I watched the lady go back in the van, slam the door and drive away. "What was that about?" I asked the farmer. "The wild horses, she's gonna take the stallion away" he replied "I called them saying he's to wild for this barn, he's been kicking the doors and he almost escaped, now go to work.

I hoped write to it. I looked at the whiteboard. It said:

1. Groom all the wild horses(since they're wild use treats to get them used to you)
2. Feed all the horses

I'm so excited to finally get to do something with the wild horses. The farmer came to watch me handle the wild horses. I gonna try to impress grabbed his halter and lead rope. I got the wild horse out of the stall smoothly.
I picked it's feet first. Then, I groomed it and finally, I combed it's mane and tail. I could see that the farmer was impressed. I brought the wild horse back to her stall. The farmer said "Come here, we have to talk."


Can anyone guess what's gonna happen next? Comment to guess. I'll tell you who guessed it right in the next part.

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Dream Come True - Part 6

by ranchgirl

Sorry it took me long to get this posted. Anyway, Comment for the next part.


The farmer wants to talk to me. Is it going to be bad or good? Did I do something wrong? He motioned me in his direction. As, soon as we got to lounge we sat down on the couch.

"So, Kenzie you haven't been working here for a long time like Monica has but, you are working hard" He said.

"Thank you Mr.Miller." I interrupted.

"And...uh...I was maybe thinking you could...uh... maybe look after the little foal" He said.

"Yes! Yes! I would love to!" I said so happily. I jumped up from the couch and twirled so delightfully.

"Okay, take this list of horse needs for baby horses" He said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a folded paper and handed it to me.

"You can start tomorrow" He said.

"Is Monica getting a horse too?" I asked. "Nope, just you," he said. I'm feeling more happy every minute. I'm wondering what the horse is going to look like.


Another day off of work and Kenzie still has to work. Ha! In her face! I just remembered I still have to go to work tomorrow. I hope nothing special is happening to her or anything.

When I got downstairs, my little sister, Emily handed me a diary with a key and everything and said...

"I forgot to give you this for your birthday a month ago".

"Thank you," I said grateful to have a thoughtful sister. I sat down and started writing...

Thanks to Emily, I have my very own diary. Well, it's a Sunday and I'm glad I can go to work tomorrow. I really want to go.

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Dream Come True - Part 7

by ranchgirl

Sorry it took me a long time to get it posted. Comment for part 8

I woke up ready to go to work. I was waiting the whole day yesterday to finally get my own horse. Excitement filled the air yesterday. I got out of my bed to stretch.

I walked to my closet itching my back that was irritating me so much these past day. I pulled out my uniform- a plaid shirt that said "Saddle up ranch" on the back of it and overalls.

I put them on fast and grabbed my rubber boots on the way out the door. As I reached the kitchen I noticed that I woke up late and the car was running already. I grabbed my lunch on the way outside to the car, eager to get to the farm. By the time we got to the farm I saw Monica there waiting for me for the first time ever.

I hopped out of the car. I waved my mom good bye. I ran in the barn. On the white board it said:
1. Feed horses
2. Hose out wash rack
3. Help Monica muck out stalls
4. Bring out horses to pasture.
5. Time to care for your horse
6. Groom 3-6 horses

I got started. I ran to the first stall to the right. I grabbed the wheel barrow full of grain and oats. I took the scooped a cup of grain and oats. I poured it through the window of the stall. The horse nickered when it noticed the oats and grain coming in the window.

I did the same to all of the horses. Then I went to the wash rack. I grabbed the hose off the hook and sprayed all the wash rack with the bursting next I met Monica to muck out he stalls. One by one I cleaned out the stalls and they looked perfectly clean. I quickly turned all the horses out to their pastures. It looked like they enjoyed their time out.

Next, I ran excitedly to my new horse's stall. I found out it didn't have a name so, I named it Pepper. I took Pepper out of his stall. Then, Monica came by to ask why I had a horse. "Because, the farmer told me I can have it" I answered her bragging that I had my own horse. "Why didn't I get one" Monica said jealous that I had my own horse.

Why does Kenzie get a horse? Why don't I get one? Does the farmer think I'm not responsible?
Well, I just want to go home. I don't want to stay here anymore. I heard my mom pull over and I jumped into the car. I want to go home. By the time I got home, the table was set for lunch. I sat down to have lunch. As usual, the only thing we had eaten for lunch was a turkey and cheddar sandwich.

After lunch, I sat down next to my bed to write in my diary...

Dear Diary,
Today, Kenzie got one of the wild horses the farmer caught why didn't I get one?...

By the way, visit my page ranchgirl's page. Give me tips for the next part!

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Dream Come True Updates

by ranchgirl

Does anyone here read my story Dream Come True? Well, nobody seems to be commenting. I'm wondering if anyone reads it. I spend a long time writing them and nobody comments. Do you think I should keep writing it. I need a answer and I need it quick. If nobody comments I'm not going to write it.

BTW (By the way) visit my page it's called ranchgirl's page. Comment there. I posted a poll and I want as many people as I can get on there to comment for the poll.

See ya there!

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Dream Come True - Part 8

by ranchgirl

I apologize that I posted this so late. I had a lot going on, I was in Germany for 5 weeks and the computer was broken for a long time. Please comment. I keep thinking that nobody reads these because I don't get any comments. Please comment if you want me to continue.

Today I was excited to go to work because having Pepper was so awesome. Today, I was wandering where Monica was. She wasn't here today. So, I just went straight to the whiteboard to see what I was supposed to do today.

1. Check up on Shadow (she seems to be sick)
2. Turn all horses out
3.Feed hay and grain to all horses
4. Lunch Break and free time
5. Bring all horses in from turn out
6. Teach a lesson with Rocky (stall #19)

Yay! My first lesson with my first student. Then I noticed something written under that. It wasn't Farmer's handwriting. It seemed like a kid's. It was Monica's! It said:

Dear Farmer,
I decided to leave this barn and work at another. You already have Kenzie to work for you so, I guess you don't need me anymore. If you need me, I will be at Pepper Ridge Farms (you probably don't need me)
Love Monica

What did I do to her probably nothing...

Dear Diary,
I'm at home in my room with nothing to do but, write in here. Tomorrow is my first day at my new job at my new barn. I hope there's no other girl working there. That would be awful. Kenzie can have her own life with her own horse while I keeping working so I have enough money for my own horse. That would be awesome if I had my own horse.
Hope you liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dream Come True - Part 9

by ranchgirl

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!! And visit ranchgirl's page. It's under training stories. We can do fun things like answer polls and chat.

I woke up today happy to go to work. So, I quickly hopped out of bed to put on my clothes. I slipped on some clothes and ran downstairs to eat breakfast. I put a bread in the toaster. Smeared butter on it and ate it. Then, my mom walked down the stairs and said : "Are you ready for work, Sweetie". "Yes, mom" I said trying not to act nervous "I am". Then I walked to the garage with her. I got to the car and sat down next to mom.

She slowly backed out of the driveway. Then, we were on the road to Pepperidge Farms. It was a huge property with horses in their pastures grazing. I was excited to work there.

When we got there the farmer was waiting for me. I got out of the car and shut the door behind me. He held out his hand. I shook it. "You can go inside and dump the grain in every horse's stall" He commanded "Then, you ring can bring all the horses in". I ran in the barn. It smelled like a normal barn. I got right to work.


I sure wonder what Monica is doing right now. Well, today I had fun taking care of Pepper. I lunged him a little and he actually trusted me! I fed him a carrot then he nudged me and he grabbed the other carrots from my hind pocket. He even let me groom and pick his hooves.

When I got home my mom came up to me. "I got to talk to you about Pepper" my mom said. I almost freaked out. Is she going to take Pepper away or what. I was so confused.

Did you like it? Please Comment if you want part 10! Sorry it's so short.

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Dream Come True - Part 10 (PLEASE COMMENT!)

by ranchgirl

I am sorry I didn't write this for a long time. I hope you like it. Please comment for part 11 or I'm not writing anymore.

"Honey, sit down please" my mom commanded. I sat down on the black leather couch where I used to watch t.v. when I was little. "OK, I know you like your work" Mom said "But, I think we have to move Pepper somewhere else".

"But..." I complained "No buts". "I am going to move Pepper to another barn" My mom said.

After that, I ran to my room. I started thinking if my mom was even going to let me keep my job or Pepper. On the bright side, I could be excited to see the new barn.


Dear Diary,

My first day was actually pretty good except for the time a big bay Belgian pushed me to the side when I was trying to get his halter so I could bring him to his pasture. I got to give a lesson to a five year old. She rode a white Falabella. The pony's name was Winter Breeze. Winter is actually a friendly horse.
I'm sorry it's very, very, very, very short

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Dream Come True - Part 11-1

by ranchgirl

Sorry I didn't write this for a long time. I hope you like it. Please comment.
I woke up and heard the sound of an engine. I got up and ran to the closet. I slipped on some clothes and I ran downstairs. My mom told me to get into the car. Oh well, no breakfast. I got into the car and my mom got in with me.
My mom backed out of the garage and we headed down the road. Soon enough we were on the ranch. I got out of the passenger seat.

"Go get Pepper and bring him back here make sure you also get your grooming supplies" My mom instructed. "Oh and don't forget Pepper's blankets" My mom quickly added.

"Ok I'll be right back" I replied.

I ran inside the barn and got all Pepper's grooming supplies and his three blankets. I had one free hand so I went to Pepper's stall and got him. I walked out the barn door with Pepper's blankets and grooming supplies in one hand and Pepper in the other.

I brought Pepper in the trailer. I tied him in and went out and latched the ramp. I put his grooming supplies and his blankets in the tack room and got into the car with my mom. We headed down the road.

I just got out of the car door when I saw a trailer come through the gate.

Who could it be now?

I am so sorry it's short, but I hope you like it. Please comment for part 12 otherwise I'll post it around December 9th. Also I would like it if you gave me suggestions on the next part. Please tell me if you would like a rewrite.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dream Come True - Part 12

by ranchgirl

I'm so sorry for the delay. I hope you still like it. Please comment for part 13. I like comments!!!!!!!!

When I got out of the car, I saw Monica staring.It was obvious that she was confused. So was I. I got out Pepper. Walking Pepper to his his new stall, I saw Monica continue what she was doing. Why was she here?

My mom carried Pepper's tack. I walked with Pepper's lead rope in one hand and his grooming supplies in the other. I brought Pepper in his stall. I was still sad I couldn't work at the same barn that Pepper lived in.

The first thing I did after I arrived and I was ready to go, I went to the small, cozy looking farmhouse. I walked up to the door. After ringing the door bell, the rancher opened the door.

"Come in" he said. He was wearing a red and blue plaid shirt tucked in his light blue jeans with black cowboy boots.

I stepped in to the house. The house was nicely painted and everything in the rooms matched.

"Please take a seat"he said softly.

I headed for the brown recliner. I sat down slowly. My mom sat in the recliner next to mine and the rancher sat across from us.

"How are you doing?" he asked in a friendly voice.

"We are doing great" My mom said.

"I am excited to see your little Pepper, Kenzie," he said. "How is he doing?"

"He is doing great. He was so excited to come here"

"Oh really!" he exclaimed

"Well if you need anything just ask" he said " Like if you need more feed or you need new shavings"

He said goodbye and we left. I came home. I went up the stairs to my room. I grabbed my diary and sat down on my bed.

Dear Diary,
I went to my new barn with Pepper. You'll never believe what I saw. I saw Monica. She was pretending to have something important to do. I bet she was spying on me. I hope she doesn't bother me like she used to. I so mad and sad right now that I should stop writing.

PLEASE COMMENT. Tell me what I should do better next time because I think that I'm not as talented as I should be.

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