World of Horses with John Scott

by Rosa

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A documentary series about different kinds of horses and what they do for example Steer Wrestling horse, Three-day eventer, etc.

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Very good introduction for anyone interested in various breeds and what they do best. Terrific episode by Mr. Scott on movie horses - learned lots I did not know. The episodes are filmed in Canada so many of the horses and handlers were not known to me which hindered my appreciation somewhat. Two examples would be the ranch/cow horse - in the US we have the Quarter horse - in Canada, not so much - the other is Dressage. Really good episode, but have no clue as to the breeder/trainer/handler - but that could very well be my ignorance of international competitors.

The one problem I had was the episode on rodeos and this is the basis for the four stars. Mr. Scott and those he interviewed failed to mention that bucking horses are enduced to buck by a strap - a very important point when discussing bucking stock and what makes them buck.

Notwithstanding the rodeo episode, as you listen, you develop an interest to know more which is a great way to begin the search for knowledge. Mr. Scott does drone on a bit and patronizes somewhat, however, there is knowledge to be gained even if it means a little suffering in the process. The good news is that no one paints a idealized picture of horses. Most episodes are matter-of-fact and clearly present the breed characteristics.

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Jan 06, 2018
by: HorseGirl

Sounds cool. Never watched any before. Have you watched it, Sydney?

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