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Aug 21, 2019
An unfailing prayer
by: Anonymous

So I came across this prayer when I was desperate for something, and it really worked. It is a Catholic prayer, but even if you're not Catholic, if you believe in it, and follow it's rules, it will work for you! Here's the prayer:

Holy Spirit you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. You who give me the Divine gift to forgive and forget all that is so w to me. You who are in all the instincts ofy life. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you (name your request)

Say this prayer once everyday for three days, and it will be granted, no matter how difficult. Promising to publish the entire dialogue is a condition for your request.

And that's the prayer. Simple and effective. Remember though, this prayer can not be used for evil.

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