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Oct 25, 2011
how to get equs

1.Do Riding lessons
2.Some objectives
3.Sell horses
4. Equestrian centre(If you have one)

Jul 07, 2010
I play too!
by: Lucky

I have no friends! I'm Lucky*Star*. Feel free to message me!

Feb 24, 2010
by: Nicole

I have the answers!!!!!!!!!
1. Go to the market and click RESELL OBJECTS, then it will bring up the list of things you can sell. You can sell manure and aging points there to! And you can pass your ACHEIVEMENTS!
2.You go to the AUCTIONS- but first you must pass level 2!
3.Passes: You can only get passes with REAL money, and sorry but I don't know WHERE and HOW to get them!
4.Once you get a mare that is 2 years and 8 months: you go to MY HORSES (where your horse will be) and scroll down to where it say's BREEDING and then click COVER MY MARE! And from there it's really easy! I'm sure you'll figue it out!

By the way, what's your username? Mines BarrelRacer116, I need some more friends! ANYONE ADD ME!

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