The Horses of Half Moon Ranch

by Kayleen

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In the series, there is a girl named Kirstie Scott. In the first book Kirstie, her mom and her brother Matt all go live with their grandparents after Kirstie's father suddenly left one day with no trace. Kirstie's father moves off, finds a girlfriend and a new life.

As the years go by both Kiristie's grandparents die and Kirstie and her mom run the ranch while Matt is in college. They make Half Moon Ranch into a vacation center where people could ride, enjoy nature and have fun. With the help of Kirstie's best friend Lisa and there new hand Charlie and also Matt back from college life couldn't be better.

On the back of the first book-

Kirstie Scott lives for horses. She is leading a horse trek through the Miners' Ridge when a sudden storm causes a landslide. She is trapped alone in Dead Man's Canyon along with a herd of wild horses and the lead stallion injured. Can Kirstie find a way out and help the injured stallion?

There are many books in this series, sadly there is no website for this series.

Book 1- Wild Horses
Book 2- Rodeo Rocky
Book 3- Crazy Horse
Book 4- Johnny Mohawk
Book 5- Midnight Lady
Book 6- Third-Time Lucky

Author: Jenny Oldfield

There are many more but I couldn't find the rest in order.

There is no greater trust than the one between Kirstie and her horses.........

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Feb 27, 2013
Half Moon Ranch
by: Anonymous

It's a western book with about 200 pages. This series tells a story about the horses.

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