The Horse Dreamer - Part 1

by Riachl

Olivia nudged her hunter horse over the last jump, The Judge stood up and said "And the winner is... "Olivia Hartford!" Olivia looked up and instead of a judge with a ribbon coming to her it was her math teacher, Mr.Smithton.

"Umm, sorry I must have been daydreaming," Olivia said bashfully. "Is that the answer to 200 times 13?" Mr. Smithton said. The whole class burst out laughing except her BFF Ariel and some Black haired, hazel-eyed boy she never notice before. "2500?" Olivia guessed. Mr. Smithton sighed. He looked at the boy who din't laugh at Olivia, "Jaxon."

"2600 sir" he said with an Australian accent.

"Thank you Jaxon" RING the bell rang. "Good day, class." Mr Smithton said. "Olivia." He said, "Jaxon will help you with your math in till you don't need him."

"Yes sir." Olivia mumbled. She ran out of the class room. She got to her lockers and looked around for Ariel. "There you are."

Ariel ran to Olivia, "let's go." Ariel said. They went on there bikes to there Horseback ridding stable. At there lesson Olivia learned to canter.

"Good bye Jessie." Olivia said to their riding instructor.

As they were walking to there bikes a car pulled up and out of stepped out to the girls surprise was Lance from school and Jaxon.

Please comment or I won't write part 2.

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Jul 28, 2016
by: Kayla

Absolutely love this. I can't wait to see the romance of Jaxon and Olivia. I think this story is super awesome. Please write a part 2!

Oct 06, 2012
by: Saphirerain

You have to continue or I don't know what I'll do! I'm dying to know what happens next!

Sep 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Part two!!!

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The Horse Dreamer - Part 2

by Riachl

"Jaxon what one earth are you doing here!" Olivia exclaimed.

"I love horses," Jaxon said.

"So is your locker the only one other than mine that has horse posters on it?" Jaxon just grinned.

"Why not we move our lessons to when Lance has them and Jaxon," Arial said while keeping an eye on Lance.

"Why?" Oliva said with a annoyed tone.

"Well then once you're done with your lesson, Jaxon can help you with your math." Ariel said, well still staring at Lance.

"Good idea Ariel." Jaxon said. "Hey do you guys want to see my horse?"

"You have a horse" Olivia's eye widened.

"I sure do her name is Missy and she sweet as sugar."

"Well I'd love to see your horse.."

"But we have to go." Ariel interrupted and grabbed her and Olivia's bikes.

"What was that about?" Olivia asked as they were biking home.

"Lance said he thought Melissa is cute." Arial said madly. Olivia rolled her eyes.

That night Olivia's cell phone beeped. It was a text message from Arial. 'I think Jaxon likes u.' Oliva just threw the phone on the floor.

"I had enough off this boy stuff." Olivia thought and then fell asleep.

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Oct 04, 2012
Great :)
by: Saphirerain

This was a great story! :) Very amusing. That's how I'm feeling right now!

Oct 03, 2012
Please comment
by: Riachl(the author)

I forgot to put this on my story. Please comment or no part three.

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The Horse Dreamer - Part 3 (redo)

by Riachl

The next morning Olivia went out to go to her bike. Ariel was there just like every morning but with snotty and angry look.

"Why didn't you text me back last night" Ariel said

"I'm not interested in boys" Olivia said "But the least you could do was text back because i'm in heartbreak because Lance.." Ariel said

"That's why they call it a crush" Olivia interrupted


"Because you just get crushed when your crush likes someone else." Olivia said

"Well that doesn't help." Ariel yelled "Know you're just trying to make me late for school"

"What" Olivia objected

"I'm so not"

"Goodbye" Ariel said meanly. Ariel then hopped on her bike and rode to school without Olivia. Olivia sighed loudly and got on her bike and rode to school sadly. When Olivia got to school she was almost late. As she was locking her bike she heard a door open. She looked up and saw Jaxon walking toward her.

"What are you doing here Jaxon?" Olivia asked "Shouldn't you be in class?"

"You weren't with Ariel so i came to get you" Jaxon said well staring at the ground

"I wasn't with her cause we got in a fight" Olivia sighed "That's why i'm a little bit sad"

"Is that all?" Jaxon said gently "Well. Not really. I don't have any friends now yeah." Olivia said

"Well i'll be your friend" Jaxon said. Olivia looked at Jaxon

"Thanks a lot Jaxon" Olivia smiled at him and lifted up her hand. Jaxon high-fived it then they walked into class together. After school Jaxon and Olivia went to the riding stables early so Jaxon could show Olivia his horse.

"This is Missy" Jaxon said as we petted a Grey dappled Arabian

"Shes beautiful" Olivia said as she petted her. Missy nickered.

"Well... Look at Olivia and her little boyfriend" Olivia turned around and there stood Patti (the school bully) and Ariel.

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Mar 28, 2013
by: Elizabeth

Great story!! Love it!! Part 4!!!

Oct 22, 2012
Thanks for commenting
by: Riachl(the auther)

Thanks everyone for commenting. @reina Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind. I'll be writing part four today.

Oct 21, 2012
by: reina

look at your grammar and capitalization. Don't always put there name after what they said. For example. "Roxi what's up" said Madi.
ok that is the way it should be. But great part.

Oct 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

more this is really good!

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The Horse Dreamer - Part 4

by Riachl

Jaxon's Horse Misty

Jaxon's Horse Misty

Sorry for the long late guys. I'll try to write more often.

"He is not my boyfriend!" Olivia shot back. "He's my math tutor. And he's my friend because i didn't have any friends Ariel."

"Well if someone would've texted me.."
"Hello everyone" Jessie walked in. "Jaxon and Olivia it's time for your lesson. And was there some fight..."

"Umm no fighting. I’ll tack up Misty.” Jaxon fast-walked to Misty’s stall.

"Who will I be riding Jessie?" Olivia asked.

"You will be riding Royal." she said flatly Royal was a red chestnut Paso Fino. Olivia tacked Royal up. Then she got her helmet on. Jaxon was waiting for her at the barn entrance.

"Thanks for waiting."

"No problem. Do you like riding Royal?" Jaxon asked.

"He's my dream horse," Olivia said dreamily. "The only problem is Paso finos are like tons of money." Olivia and Jaxon walked in the arena and mounted their horses. Jessie started the lesson.

"Okay class, we are going to practice are sitting trot the Lance, Jaxon, Millie and Olivia will canter and do a small jump." When it was Olivia's turn to jump Royal would canter then stop.

"Come on Roy!" But Royal wouldn't budge.

"Use your crop Olivia." Jessie called out. Just then Olivia spotted something. It was a cougar in a tree right above the jump. And it was about to pounce on to Olivia.

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Mar 10, 2013
by: rachel

great!!! when is part 5?

Feb 06, 2013
Plz continue!!
by: Saphirerain

U left me hanging at the worst part! Please continue! Love how u do the characters. You give them words that make them sound alive. :)

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The Horse Dreamer - Part 5

by Riachl

So sorry again for the wait ):

Olivia froze looking at the cougar, her heart thumping.

“Olivia move or the cat will KILL you!” Jessie her riding instructor shouted.

Suddenly Roy started galloping over the jump at the exact time the cougar pounced,Olivia tried her best to stay on but she fell off with tears streaming down her face.

She Looked up and there was Roy sniffing her face. Olivia stood up and gave Roy a hug still crying. After a couple of minutes Olivia felt a hand on her back

She looked up and saw Jaxon.

“Is the cougar gone?”

“Yah it’s gone, it ran away.” Jaxon answered “Are you okay?”

“Yah.” Oliva whimpered, “I was just so scared. What if Roy died, what if..” Olivia tried not to cry but a tear still fell down her cheek.

“Come here.” Jaxon said with his arms out. Oliva came and they hugged while Olivia tried her best not to cry.

Later that night as Olivia was reading in her bedroom she got a text.

“U and your BF(boyfriend) r so cute it makes me want to puke (;” It was from Ariel. The night Olivia cried herself to sleep.

The next morning as Olivia was at her locker a new girl came to the locker beside her.

“Hi.” Olivia said.

“Hi.” said the short brunette.

“My name is Olivia Hartford, What’s yours?"

“Jill McMac.”

“What’s your first class?” Olivia asked.


“Aw, I have English.”

“I have to go.”


Just then Jaxon walked over. “Hey Olivia.” Olivia brightened up, glad to see her now Best Friend.

“Hi Jaxon.” Olivia replied. “How are you?”

“Doing great except I forgot to help you with your math.”


“I guess we will have to hit the books at lunch.”

“And recess.”

They high-fived.

As they were walking to there first class...

“Jaxon Doug.”

As Jaxon turned to see who it was. He froze.

She was a girl with short blond hair, two piercings in her ear and one piercing on her nose. And she did not look happy.

Please Comment.

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Jul 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

Please write more!!!! It is sooo good!!

Feb 28, 2016
Keep going!
by: Claudia

Heartbreak! Dilemma! Horses! Romance! Love it!

Sep 04, 2013
by: ChickyJ

Hi Riachl, I think your story is so great! I was wondering if you would like to read my story? It is called Pepper and Me part 1 kk?
THX SO MUCH! Can't wait until the next part! YAY!

Aug 24, 2013
Hi Sadee
by: Riachl (Auther)

Hi Sadee,

Glad you like my story (:.

Anyway at the very bottom of Cool Horse Story's page there is a list of story's. Click on the one that say's The Horse Dreamer.

I'll be sure to check out your story.


Aug 24, 2013
i cant find the first, second and third chapters
by: Sadee

do you know where they might be? i love your book but it would make more sense if i knew who the people were and horses... but it is an amazing book can you read mine they are called twilight chapter one and damage it has 1-9 chapters please comment.

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The Horse Dreamer - Part 6

by Riachl



“Hello Class”

“Hello Ms Hilda.”The class said in usion.

“Now todays lesson is about punctuation in more detail”Ms Hilda said “Please turn to page 33.”

After English Oliva rushed to Jaxon’s locker.

‘Who was that?” Olivia asked

“My ex-girlfriend.”Jaxon said “She blackmailed me into dating her Now she hates me and will do anything to get back at me.”

“Then we’ll have to watch our backs.”


Olivia and Jaxon turned around. A boy with short brown hair said
“Me name’s Austin. I be a bit new round here.”

“Well I’m Jaxon.”

As Jaxon and Austin were chatting Olivia walked over to where Jill was.

“Hey Jill”

Jill turned around.


“Do you wanna sit at my table at lunch today.”

“Sure.”Jill said softly. “See you then”

Jill walked off. And Olivia turned around where she bumped right into Rose,Jaxon’s ex-girlfriend


“Hi Rose.”

“Just be careful.” Rose smirked “I’m not done with that little boy yet.”


Olivia ran to class.
“That girl is scary” She muttered as she slipped into her desk.

At lunch Olivia sat with Jaxon,Austen and Jill.

“Hey guys.” Olivia said.

“Hi.” Everyone said

“Hello.” They turned around and there was Rose sitting at their table.

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Oct 31, 2017
Part 7!
by: Kat

I'd love to see a part 7!

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