The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West

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The appaloosa breed is dying, there is only one true appaloosa left. She lost her spots as she grew up, so no one, not even herself, knows her true color, except for the Dancer, the horse god of the appaloosas. A curse was put on the appaloosas by the Dark, and unless two true appaloosas breed, the foals will loose their spots.

How can the Dancer save his breed? The Balance must not be broken, and the last appaloosa mare is in grave danger, from both the Dark and man...

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The Best!
by: Nicole

I've never heard of this novel until I bought it at a book sale. The name I wasn't sure about, but the front cover of the book, finally got me convinced to read it. The first two chapters drew me in. I'm not completly finished reading it, but that doensn't stop me from saying that it is the best horse book I have read. It's different than the others I have read and it easily went to #1 within only several minutes.

Black Beauty
by: hayley

I love it! Black Beauty is a stallion that moves
homes alot. Some owners are kind and some are not.
He misses his mother. His last home is happy with good people.

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