The Fire Pony

by Camille
(Wolf Creek)

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It is the best book I have read!

Young orphaned Roy and his arsonist adult brother, Joe Dilly, are heading West, fleeing an earlier arson scene and looking for work on a horse ranch. At the Bar None, they find a place where they can avoid the law and earn their keep. Roy can also earn a pony, if he can break her. Lady is a beautiful, wild palomino that has already stolen his heart, but even if she lets him ride her, he worries that Joe Dilly's uncontrollable emotions and fascination with fire will destroy all of his hopes and force them to move on yet again.

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Sounds good
by: Storm Girl

This book sounds pretty good. I might try it.

Fire horse
by: Annabelle

It's my 3rd favorite all-time book and my first favorite horsey book! It was so fantastic! I've never read anything like it and brought my own copy as soon as I had finished the one I had gotten out of the library.

I've read it several times and still I want to cry at the ending. The author is truly fantastic! That book is the one I always think of when I'm riding my horse out on a hack. I always think of that big barn fire and that sweet as sugar horse. I can so relate to the boy, he's so nice and the ending is just, well I never cry but I did for this book. I just choked up! It was so sad!

Best book ever, a must read!

my point of view
by: Anonymous

i have also read it its really good if you love horses this a good book to read you wont want to put it down love kaylin

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