Stepping Stones

by Anna

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Summer Pony:

This is yet another interesting book I have read!

Ginny dreamed of having a sleek, beautiful pony for the summer--not this half-starved, shabby mare from that ghastly pony farm. At first, Ginny tells herself that any pony is better than none. But by the end of the summer, Ginny would give her life--and almost does--to save darling Mokey from returning to the farm!

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Nov 11, 2017
by: Dream

I agree with Hundreds of Horses.

Aug 18, 2017
A Nice Story
by: hundreds of horses

Summer Pony is pretty good, but I don't like it too much. The girl calls the pony ugly, and I get very offended at things like that (I'm too much).

The horse on the front is gorgeous! The little girl is also a little bit of a snob, expecting far too much. Loaning a horse for the whole summer is great, amazing, actually. She should have been thankful with what she had. Thankfully she grows to love the pony. :)

Aug 10, 2012
Bestest Pony Book Ever!
by: HorseBearGal

I loved this book! So much!

Nov 30, 2010
by: BES

Absolutely loved this book! Dreamed about it and woke up at 6 in the morning to read it! a MUST READ for any horse lover, young and young at heart will love it!

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