Ranger The Little Horse With the Big Heart

by Sydney and Gerri

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My mom and I both read and enjoyed the story of Ranger. He sounds like exactly the kind of horse I want someday - smart, brave and incredibly loyal. Christy sounds like an amazing trainer and they were lucky to have each other.

Ranger is the true story of Ranger’s life and the adventures he and Christy experienced together. What I especially like is how she writes from the horse’s point of view but it’s not corny as sometimes happens when writers try that approach. Instead it’s believable, and I learned a few things about how horses may think. It’s also a heartwarming book the kind that makes you feel sad when it’s over but glad you read it.

I would say it’s good for most ages.

From the Author, Christy Wood

I always ask authors to share a little bit about themselves and Christy kindly did!

I have been a horse crazy girl since I was born. My parents said my first word was “horsey”. That is all I dreamed about and thought of while I was growing up.

I first met Ranger when I was called in to be his trainer when he was 2 years old. When the opportunity came up for me to buy him, I jumped all over the chance to own this great horse. The rest is history, as you will find out when you read his story. Our lives together were full of adventures and over the years after his passing, I was always recounting them to my friends. I finally realized that his story had to be told.

It took me 2 years to write the book, because I am still a full time trainer, exhibitor and horse show judge. My life is very full and I had to find time to write when I was not disturbed. A lot of the book was written on airplanes going to and from judging horse shows.

My first clue that I had some talent to write was when I got an A in high school in creative writing. Then I found it easy to write about the things that were passionate in my life. My first book “Your Best Horse Show, a guide for managers and exhibitors”, was a labor of love to help horse clubs put on their best horse show. I love judging and would love to go to a show and have everything run well. Then of course, I loved Ranger. It is easy to write about the things you love. My third book will take longer for me to write, but it is something else horse related that I have a passion for.

Yes, I own 5 horses. One is my five time world champion show horse in over fence classes. One is my favorite trail horse, who actually took Ranger’s place 3 months after he died. I have two very nice horses I give lessons on and my newest is an ex race horse who is a granddaughter of Secretariat! She is now a brood mare for me and we are expecting her first foal the first of March. I will always be a horse crazy girl!

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