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May 22, 2010
Love horses<3
by: Horsecrazykenzie

We lived on a 300 acre farm in michigan, and my parents told me for 7 years that i could not get a horse. Finally i got one! i started asking when i was 5, and finally got one 4 days before i turned 13! I love penny, my horse! We no longer live on the farm, we live in a big busy city in indiana. I cant trail ride here, and i cant even have a horse at home. we boarded her for a while, but I started taking riding lessons, english, and fell in love with them! Penny cant safely jump, and so we found a good home where she had horse friends, and a loving rider, and i sold her to them. i am sad when i think about her, as i had her for less than a year, but i can visit when ever i want to, and they call and tell me how she is doing. It is so hard not to have a horse now, but i get to lease soon! and in less than a year i get to go horse shopping for a jumper! I have lots of faith that you wont give up just because you cannot have a horse right now. dont get tired of asking! EVER! I wrote notes for over a year every night and put it on my parents pillow asking for a horse, and i drew pictures of horses in our barn, and my room is FULL of horses! an elderly friend of mine used to paint a lot and he took a picture of one of his paintings and had it framed for me! there is a lot of horse things you can do until you are old enough to get a horse for yourself, don't forget that! and volunteering is a great way to get experience!

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