by A horsecrazy rider

I'm horse crazy!!!!! I ride every other Saturday and try to help out at Cliffhatch Stables as much as possible. I've read all of Kelly Mckains pony camp diaries books apart from the last one, Millie and Magic, which i've preordered. I've been on 3 pony day camps one 1 day camp and two 2 day camps. The two day camps are not sleep the night ones though.

I beg my mum to let me get a pony or at least loan one however she says we don't have the room to keep it and it's to expensive even to just loan one. So i guess i'll have to wait until i'm older but I promise i'm going to get one i'm not going to bail out. I love ponies so much, I have my own grooming kit, helmet, jumper, t-shirt with one of my fave ponies on, gloves, treats and whip. I did have some jodphurs and some riding boots but i've grown out of them.

Some of my friends own about 3 ponies or more and i always think there so lucky but I know there expensive and I know I'll get one my own eventually!

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May 22, 2010
Love horses<3
by: Horsecrazykenzie

We lived on a 300 acre farm in michigan, and my parents told me for 7 years that i could not get a horse. Finally i got one! i started asking when i was 5, and finally got one 4 days before i turned 13! I love penny, my horse! We no longer live on the farm, we live in a big busy city in indiana. I cant trail ride here, and i cant even have a horse at home. we boarded her for a while, but I started taking riding lessons, english, and fell in love with them! Penny cant safely jump, and so we found a good home where she had horse friends, and a loving rider, and i sold her to them. i am sad when i think about her, as i had her for less than a year, but i can visit when ever i want to, and they call and tell me how she is doing. It is so hard not to have a horse now, but i get to lease soon! and in less than a year i get to go horse shopping for a jumper! I have lots of faith that you wont give up just because you cannot have a horse right now. dont get tired of asking! EVER! I wrote notes for over a year every night and put it on my parents pillow asking for a horse, and i drew pictures of horses in our barn, and my room is FULL of horses! an elderly friend of mine used to paint a lot and he took a picture of one of his paintings and had it framed for me! there is a lot of horse things you can do until you are old enough to get a horse for yourself, don't forget that! and volunteering is a great way to get experience!

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