Pony Camp Diaries

by Jemima

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Megan and Mischief:

I love this book a lot!

It's about a girl who goes to pony camp and asks for a non-plodder pony, since at her riding school she always gets the plodders. But when she gets Mischief he lives up to his name!

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Mar 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey i have read Chloe and cracker, Megan and mischief, Poppy and prince, That's it. Get them they are amazing!

Nov 25, 2011


Aug 14, 2011
Chloe and cracker
by: Mikaela

I'm half way through the book Chloe and cracker and so far I'm loving it! Chloe loves ponies and i know how she feels, This book is mostly about a girl that goes to sunny side stables and made a bet with her dad about a jumping competition.

Nov 29, 2010
Chloe and Cracker
by: Miranda

This book is about a girl called Chloe who goes to Sunnyside stables for a week in her summer holiday. There, she meets a horse called Charm and she really loves him.

Chloe has a diary that she keeps and she writes down everything that she does in the day. She hopes that she will win the competition at the end of the week but she is not so sure of it...

This book is really good!

Dec 28, 2008
by: Charlotte

Megan goes to this horse school and shes a new member. She's not very good at trotting and the girls there aren't nice to her. She tries to do trotting racing and dressage but people are still not very nice to her so she took her time up to do more work on her horse ridding and got very good at it and people made friends with her and now right now everyone's happy.

p.s i know my spelling are not very good.age-8 name-charlotte

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