Medieval elf and dragon

by Lyla W
(Fort Collins, CO, United States)

Medieval elf and dragon

Medieval elf and dragon

We asked Lyla how she created this Halloween horse costume, and she shared some great details:

How did you come up with your costume idea?
I was inspired by the medieval stories that I have read and the medieval dresses, for my costume. I was inspired for the dragon for my horse, from the medieval stories too.

How did you make it?
For the dragons horns I made them out of tinfoil and painted them white and brown. Then for the wings, I cut a white sheet in half and then glued them around two poles. I glued certain pieces of the sheet up higher up to get the wing like look. For the vines on the legs and bridle I just wrapped fake vines around. For the spikes on her tail and mane, I cut out triangle shaped piece from cardboard and painted them brown and white.

How much does it cost?
Costume - $40
Elf ears - 6$
Used things around the house for the horse costume.

Where did you wear it?
I wore it for Halloween photos and just for fun too.

How did people react?
My family loved it and thought it was very creative and impressive since I am 14.

How did your horse like it?
Briar didn’t mind the costume at all. She just stood their patiently while taking the photos and getting the costume on, just like a statue. Nothing bothered her from the horns to the wings flapping in the wind.

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Jun 03, 2022
Love it!
by: ElfRuler

Love it!!!

Just wondering, how was it riding in a dress? Never done it before and I can't imagine it being easy.

Otherwise, looks amazing!

Oct 30, 2021
by: Sydney

What a clever costume idea, thank you for sharing!

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