Majestic White Horses

by Holly

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It is about how the Lipizzaner came to be.

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Horses are and always have been an essential part of mankind's development, culture and the history of human civilisation.

Majestic White Horses will use as its centerpiece both the world's most famous horses, the Lipizzaners of Austria and their home, the internationally famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The Spanish Riding School is a Viennese ledend an in today's ever-changing world a rare and irreplaceable part of world culture.

For over four hundred years this Baroque masterwork of Architecture has been the home an centre of a unique and timeless classical style of riding. The film will show in magnifecent detail the history and legends surrounding the school and also recount the heroic efforts by General George Patton and the US Army to save the horses and School from the invading Russian Army at the end of World War Two.

You will enjoy for the first time a look behind the scenes of this piece of extraordinary an unique cultural heritage that captures the beauty of the Majestic White Horses in a film experience that will be an adventure for the entire family.

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