Lucky Foot Stable

by Kayleen

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These books are about two girls named Jody and Mary, both have there own horses named Gypsy and Lady. They keep them stabled at a biggest dairy cow farm owned by Mr. McMurray who doesn't really care for horses. Though he lets the girls use the small horse stable next to the huge building for the carriage horses he used to have.

In exchange for them to board there horses there, Mary's mom does the bookkeeping and Jody's father does carpentry. Once in a while if needed, Mary and Jody could help round up the cows with Finney (a dog).

There a four books in the series. The first one is when the girls go to there first horse show and are (saying) they are totally prepared. But they learn that there are some things you just can't prepare for and when Christmas comes around, there is a surprise unlike any other in store for them.....

Book 1- Lady's Big Surprise

Book 2- Star of Wonder

Book 3- A Star Discovered

Book 4- Mary and Jody in the Movies

Author: JoAnn S. Dawson

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