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Oct 12, 2011
by: kaitlyn

A few more pointers on jumping is that you always want to make sure that you go into two point, however you have to make sure that you wait until your horse rises and you rise into a two point with it otherwise if you go first when the horse lands you'll be on their neck and if you wait too long then you'll get left behind and really pull on the horse's mouth. And remember when you go over a jump to squeeze your thigh, this will be your life saver to stay on and will give you a little bit more control. With my horse I have to make sure that I don't mess with the reins and I have to give her a little squeeze with my calf to tell her that I'm still here which some horses may need as well.

When cantering make sure that you push your ribcage to the inside. Just your rib cage and nothing else! And put your weight into your inside seat bone. Make sure that your arms are relaxed and that you are following the horse's head with your hands. SHoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, back, neck, knee, ankle, and hip joint all have to be unlocked or else if the horse bolts since you are locked you have nothing to save you so make sure that all those are unlocked.

May 10, 2011
you forgot a few things...
by: evangeline

hey you forgot a few things: at the trot you don't have to rise and fall all the time!you ARE allowed to have a sitting trot!(sometimes my instructor makes us stand,without sitting,and trot or even post(rise and fall as you put it) WITHOUT STIRRUPS!!!!!another thing:at the trot straighten out your nerves,relax,and loosen the reins before you start trotting. you forgot to mention cantering and for this do not squeeze like you do for the walk and the trot but touch the horse behind the girth lightly but:DO.NOT.EVER.EVER.EVER.KICK.BEHIND.THE.GIRTH. for a canter you do not have to voice your command,unlike you MAY have to with the walk and trot.

okay I'm not and expert on jumping.but i DO know that the horse MAY jump into a light(sometimes heavy!)canter after also have to SQUEEZE before going over the jump.never forget to look up!

when i started out my instructor started me without reins so i wold get used to not using them. if your horse wants to go to the middle DO NOT let him:sit on the butt bone closest to wall or edge of the trail/arena(etc.)and push with the inside leg.if he doesn't get over boot him a little!

when galloping NOTHING is MORE IMPORTANT than the beginner BASICS!!!!sit up,heels DOWN(you said toes down.that would make the horse go like more miles per hour than i care to think about!(no offense i hope!)look forward.the only thing is you want to be in a form like the racers you see in movies and stuff.

May 03, 2011
by: Kaitlyn

These are some very good pointers. But I noticed they're more for beginner riders? What about cantering, or galloping? What about jumping? Everyone could use a few tips about jumping! Good job though!:)

May 01, 2011
Your Post
by: Anonymous

When you walk you push your HEELS Down not your toes. And also, what about cantering? Galloping? There are also other types of trotting and more walking skills. Write about these too.

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