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Jan 23, 2019
Thats great!
by: SpiritGirl

You draw really good! :)

Jan 22, 2019
by: Aspen...

Art lessons? Pheeew give me a break :'D lol

I'm self-taught (No schools, few books but no fancy business) anyone can do artwork if you put your mind to it. I started drawing at 4 years old, now I'm 17. I've had help from a family member who's also an artist though so that really helps out a ton, BUT thank you I'm happy you like mighty, I really do like your sketches ~~continue drawing~~ :)

Jan 16, 2019
To Aspen: Thank you
by: Warhorse ( Warrior4Christ)

Thank you. My drawings seem like nothing much compared to yours since I have never had any kind of art lessons. Your latest post is awesome!

Jan 16, 2019
by: Aspen...

Super cute, I love doing scenes with horses.. good job!

Jan 15, 2019
Really nice
by: Aspen

They're very nice pictures, way to go!

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