Hope, Joy, Love - Part 1

by Alex

"Miss Anthea Teller, please report to the principals office immediately."

Anthea sighed and stood up from her English class desk. She dawdled down to Mr Kull's office, at the very end of the long hallway that led to the locker room. She knocked quietly on the principal's door.

"Ah, come in." He replied, "Hello Ant, please take a seat." Mr Kull had a very distressed look on his face.

"What is the problem, Sir?"

"Oh, Ant. Look, Nobody lasts forever, so just before I tell you this, I want you to remember that we, Saint Lucas High, are here for you, always."

"What do you mean?" Asked Anthea, curiously.

"Just this afternoon, there was a car crash on the highway. A truck ran into the roadworks and the behind end of it hit a car off a cliff. The driver and passenger both died. I am afraid that they were your parents."

"What!" Anthea stood up. "No no no! This must be a mistake, my parents can't be gone! They are the only family I have! Please, tell me I am having a bad dream."

"I am sorry Ant, by the time the ambulance arrived at the scene, they were both not breathing."

"Where will I live? Who will I live with? What will happen to my dog?" Anthea broke out in a huge sob, and Mr Kull opened his arms and let Anthea hug him.

"It will be okay Anthea, your parents settled on an agreement to where you would go if anything happened to them a long time ago. About the time you became interested in horses actually."

"What do horses have to do with this!" She exclaimed.

"Well, this is what they have planned for you. You will be heading to boarding school."

"BOARDING SCHOOL!?!" Ant yelled.

"Yes, Jane Peters Riding Academy! For 4 hours a
day, you will do schoolwork, and for the rest of the day, you get to ride horses. They have even put a fund away for your very own horse. You can even take your little dog with you."

"Horse riding? Me and my own horse? Wow."

"Yes well, I have heard that your grandmother is on her way here as we speak. She will help you to plan the funeral and will be here until you go to the Riding Academy. We sure will miss you here, but this is all for the best."

Anthea couldn't believe that she would never see her parents gain, but she couldn't wait to get riding!

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Hope, Joy, Love - Part 2

by Alex


Anthea felt the bump plane, taking off into the clear blue sky. It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Anthea was on her way to Meadow Hills Riding Academy. Anthea plugged her earphones into her iPod, and put them in her ears, ready for a long, 3 hour flight. She pulled a framed picture of her and her parents out of her bag and sighed.

"I can't believe it." She said to herself, "I will never see them again. They were my only family. The only people that I could look up to. And the fact that they even saved money up to get me a horse! I just want Dad to hug me, for Mom to kiss me. What if no one at Meadow Hills likes me? What if they tease me about my parents?" A tear ran down Anthea's face. She just wanted her parents. To touch them, to hear them, just to see them.

The week following up to Anthea leaving, she had had her parents funeral. She had packed, and the house had gone on the market. It sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and her parents had told her that in their will:


We love you very much, and if anything ever happens to us, this is what will happen to you. You will go to Meadow Hills Riding Academy. You can choose to buy a horse there. Take Rolly (your puppy) with you, they let you have him.

Sell the house and take the money, put it towards your future. Do whatever you like with our things, just keep the photo albums in a safe place. And lastly, scatter our ashes over the beach that we used to take you to at Christmas.

Love you always,
Mom and Dad xxooxxo

She had scattered the ashes and wept and wept countless. Whenever she tried to distract herself, her parents just came into mind. Anthea wiped away a tear and slowly drifted to sleep.

"Wake up sweetie, we have landed." The hostess woke Anthea from her nap.

"Oh, thank you." Anthea sprung out of her seat, grabbed her bags and dawdled down the stairs, her long, tangled hair blowing in her face. As she walked inside the terminal, she heard nothing but chatter. She had never been to such a crowded place in her life!

"Great!" She mumbled, "How am I supposed to find Miss Darla here?" Mrs Darla was a teacher at Meadow Hills, and was coming to pick Anthea up.

"Miss Teller!" Anthea heard someone yell.
She saw a tall, lean lady in a long skirt, hair frizzed looking around. She ran up to her.
"Yes, I am Anthea Teller."

"Hi Anthea, Miss Darla. I will be taking you to the Academy. Now, I understand that you have a few suitcases and a puppy to pick up?"

"Yes, I do,"
"well, we better get a wiggle on!" Miss Darla led Anthea to the baggage pick up.

"What do your bags look like?" Mrs Darla asked.

"All bright pink. 3."

"I am sorry about your parents, if you ever need someone to talk to, I am here."

"Thanks and. . .my bags!" Anthea pointed to the 3 suitcases on the baggage train. Anthea grabbed a trolley and put all 3 bags on.

"So what about Rolly?" Anthea asked. Miss Darla smiled and pointed to a door that said, 'Pet Pick Up'.

Miss Darla rang a doorbell next to a little window.

"Yes?" Asked a man as the window went up.

"We are here to pick up Rolly Teller, 2 months old, teacup poodle."

"Oh yes, the little brown fella?"

Anthea nodded. The man passed her a cage with her little puppy in it. She had received Rolly for her Birthday.

After an about 30 minute drive, Miss Darla, Anthea and Rolly arrived at Meadow Hills Riding Academy.

"Wow!" Anthea exclaimed as she stepped out of the car, "This place is huge!"

Anthea made her way up the spiral staircase and into room 6B. Miss Darla lugged all off Anthea's things into the room.

"So here we are."

Anthea looked around. She was in a vary spacious room with a couch and a large TV. She walked through a door and into the bedroom. She saw 2 King Single Beds, a bedside table, 2 dressers and 2 desks. Next to the bedroom was the bathroom.

"This place is massive!" Anthea exclaimed. She pulled back a curtain and saw a large timber balcony with pots of flowers around the edges.

"So, do you like it?" Miss Darla asked.

"Yes of course! So which bed is mine and where will Rolly go?"

"Your bed is on the left hand side, I already took the right one." Anthea heard an unfamiliar voice as she saw a girl approach her.

"I'm Morgan. You must be my new roomie, Anthea." Morgan stuck a hand out for Anthea to shake.

"Nice to meet you." Anthea replied.

"Yes, well, Rolly will have to live out on the balcony while you aren't here. When you are here, he may go where ever he likes and you can walk him around campus." Miss Darla said, "Well, I will leave you and Morgan alone. When you finished unpacking, Morgan will bring you down to choose your horse.

Anthea had forgot all about the horses, she was going to have her own horse!

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Hope, Joy, Love - Part 3

by Alex


Once Anthea had carefully folded all of her clothes and out them in the glass dresser, set up Rolly's bed and food and put her own personal touches around the room, Morgan was ready to take her downstairs to choose a horse.

"So, why did you come here?" Ant asked Morgan as they dawdled down the stairs.

"Dunno really, just love horses! My parents can't look after a horse, you know, so they said that I could come her. Been her for just over a year now, loving it too. How come you cam here, Ant?" Asked Morgan.

"Well," stuttered Ant, "I don't really like to talk about it but I'll tell you. My parents died recently, in a car crash."

"Oh, I am so sorry for bringing it up! You must feel so terrible! I promise I won't bring it up again." Morgan hugged Ant, who was just wiping away a tear.

Once the 2 girls had reached the bottom of the stairs, Morgan pointed to a field that went on forever.

"That is our 2 acre yard, goes on for miles. See that building next to it? That is stable 1. We have 5 stables. Your horse will be kept at stable 2." The girls continued down the road, until they reached the field.

Morgan began, "Each stable has it's own small tack room at the back. We have 2 arena's and a dressage hall, as well has an indoor jumping arena."

Ant looked across the field. It was as green as, well, Anthea hadn't ever seen something that green before! She saw a few students emerge from the stables and walk towards the classrooms.

Morgan guided Anthea towards Stable 2. Standing next to the stable, grooming a beautiful Strawberry Roan was a tall, red-head. He white jodhpurs had splashes of brown dirt covering the front, and her boots were scuffed at the sides. As she heard Anthea and Morgan approaching, she settled her brush down on a nearby crate and walked towards us.

"Hey there! I am Lindsay, the stable hand for Stable 2. I understand you are here to choose a horse. We have 3 available horses at the moment. Why don't you come inside the stable and see them for yourself?" Lindsay asked. She opened the huge latched door and gestured for Morgan and Anthea to enter the stables.

"Just the 3 horses in the end stables." Said Lindsay. Anthea walked through the stables. The sweet clean smell of hay filled the air. Each stable was maintained well. Each was neat and clean too. Anthea saw countless numbers of beautiful horses as she reached the end.

"Here they are!" Exclaimed Lindsay, "The 1st one is Hope, next to her is Love, and on the end there is Joy. Born and raised here. They are all related, cousins actually. There 3 mothers live at a different stable now. Hope is 3, Love is 4 and so is Joy."

Anthea's jaw dropped with awe. The 3 paints were beautiful. All a mix of brown and white. Hope had a blaze and socks, Love just had a star and Joy had no markings at all.

"Wow..." Sighed Anthea as she gazed at all of the horses. She stroked each horse on the nuzzle. Hope whinnied and sniffed her hand. Ant knew that Hope was the horse for her!

"Hope is amazing! Can I please have Hope?" Anthea asked.

"Of course Honey! Why don't you go into her stable and spend some time alone wit her?" Lindsay and Morgan waved goodbye to Ant as thy left the stable. Anthea opened the stabled door and approached the beautiful mare.

"Hello gorgeous! I am Anthea, your new owner. Be nice to me okay?" Anthea laughed and boosted herself up and onto her new horses back. She lazed there and played with her mane. Just as she looked up, she heard a loud BANG! Love bucked and ran out of the stable, Anthea sitting on Hope's back, watching her.


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