Golden Filly

by Mirassa

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You guys absolutely have to read this book!

The Winner's Circle:

After an intense near-death experience, Triple Crown-winner Trish Evanston battles to recover from her tragic racing accident. The pain is agonizing, but it isn't enough to keep her mind off her injured filly, Firefly or off the culprit who continues to send her venomous threats.

When Trish is well enough to travel, she returns home to Runnin' on Farm, where life on the ranch settles down to a normal pace until a disturbing phone call reminds her that the stalker must be caught before she can feel safe again. As graduation day nears, her pursuer closes in and Trish finds herself in a desperate race for her life! Has winning come at too high a price?

Sorry, can't tell you the end cause that would ruin the book! Hope you read and love it.

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Jul 05, 2012
I love these books!!!
by: Isabelle Adler

I absolutely LOVE the Golden Filly series. I haven't read all of them, but I've read a few and they're really great. They've got some great horses like Spitfire, a spirited black colt, and Firefly, a beautiful sorrel filly, and a bay gelding named Gatesby that's alway biting people. If you like horses and horse racing, you'll love these books!

Nov 29, 2010
The Race
by: Lexy

A girl becomes a jockey and rides her horse Spitfire. Her dad has cancer so it's really hard for her to focus on everything.

The book is about all the problems the girl has concerning her dad's condition and all the obstacles--physically, emotionally, and mentally--she has to overcome.

Nov 07, 2010
Great series
by: Roshel

I haven't read book ten yet but I've read the first 5 and they were great. They are really exciting.

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