by Patricia

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The first in Krista Michelle Breen's adventures of Dakotaroo.

T.J. Thompson's world is thrown upside down when her beloved Appaloosa pony mysteriously disappears into the fog.

T.J. stopped pedaling and was breathing hard; the animal was soon going to pass her from behind on the road. T.J. needed to make sure her bike did not cause it to shy into the other lane. Her stomach turned. Suddenly a tall dark bay horse appeared , lime green polo wraps immediately giving away its identity as it galloped past. "Adrienne!" T.J. screamed...

T.J. and her fearless friend Adrienne Brooks embark on a puzzling cross country journey in search of Dakotaroo. Aided in their adventure by Adrienne's annoying younger brother Phillip, the girls soon begin to understand the strange destiny of T.J.'s Appaloosa.

6 Book Series: Quicksand, Hardware, Showdown, Badlands, Knockout, Snowfall

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