Born Victorious - Chapter 1

by Kristina

"Clear!" The judge's voice rang out across the arena. Bridgett McAmmon and her mount, Surefoot, had done it- they had won the Louistan Equestrian Finals! They took the final gallop around the arena before exiting to the stabling area.

"You were great!" Susie Illeto, Bridgett's best friend, commended her.

"I know, right? On to the San Hito Show Jumping Finals!" Bridgett said triumphantly. Her sister, Kate, came over and congratulated Bridgett as well.

"Do you know what this means for you, Bridgett? If you win your next finals, then you'll be allowed to compete-internationally!"

"I know, I know. It's so amazing isn't it?" Bridgett agreed. "I just hope that I can win the next finals."

"Oh, come on, Bridgett! Of course you'll win. You have the best horse in the country!" Kate encouraged her sister.

"But what if I lose..." she trailed off.

"You won't."

She lightly hopped out of the saddle and onto the soft ground. After she handed the reigns to Ricky Aspich, the groom for Peenswich Riding Academy, John Dotscin motioned her to come over to his side.

Bridgett's tall eighteen-year-old figure ambled proudly toward Peenswich's owner and manager.

"Yes, Mister Dotscin?" She reported.

"I have to admit, Bridgett, but that was some mighty good jumping you did out there. You've improved drastically since you came to the riding academy five months ago." Mister Dotscin applauded.

"Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you and...well-everybody!"

"I have to go now. I'll see you later, Bridgett, and don't forget tomorrow's lesson." He reminded her, as he jogged toward the stabling area.

"Time to go, Bridgett!" Kate called, taking hold of Surefoot's reins. "I'll load Surefoot into the trailer;you get into the car. And see you at home!"

As she watched Kate's figure disappear towards the loading area, the last few moments of the competition replayed in her memory.

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Born Victorious - Chapter 2

by Kristina

Bridgett McAmmon was pulled out of her dreamy state by Kate's coaxing voice.

"Bridgett, come on! Surefoot is already loaded, and it's time to leave." She shouted from the truck.

"Coming," Bridgett replied faintly. She jogged towards the truck and got in.

"What took you so long?" Kate demanded.

"I was...thinking."

"Anyways, I called Mom, and she said to hurry home. That's why I was trying to get you to come quickly."

"What did Mom want?" Bridgett asked, more to herself then to Kate.

"The vet is waiting to give Surefoot some vaccination, I think." Kate recalled her short conversation with her mom.


After several minutes of silence, they arrived at their house. It was a warm, blue color with a hint of green. Next to it stood large paddock fences- Surefoot's paddock. Behind the house stood an old, yet well maintained stable. The stall, in itself, was just big enough to house Surefoot, and the rest of the stable was occupied by a somewhat large tack room.

Bridgett jumped out of the truck and set to getting Surefoot unloaded. After a few minutes, Kate jumped out, too, but she headed towards where her mother and the vet were standing.

"Hey, Mom! We're here." Kate smiled.

"Yes, well, where's Surefoot? The vet has been waiting, like, forever!" Her mother looked past her shoulder at the trailer.

Kate turned around. "She should have had him unloaded by now," she reasoned. "I'll go see if she needs any help."

When she got to the trailer, she found Bridgett struggling to get Surefoot to go down the ramp.
"Need help?" Kate offered.

"Sure. Can you grab some treats for me?"

"Sure can," Kate replied, as she headed towards the tiny tack room compartment attached to the inside of the trailer.

She grabbed the treats and reported back to Bridgett. "Here," she said, as she handed them to her.

"Thanks," Bridgett replied.

After a few minutes of failure, Surefoot finally followed her down the ramp.

"I sure hope I don't have to do that during the next show!" Bridgett exclaimed, sweat running down her forehead.

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Born Victorious - Chapter 3

by Kristina

After Bridgett had finally gotten Surefoot out of the trailer, she quickly trotted Surefoot over to her mom who was patiently waiting for them.

"Sorry it took so long," Bridgett apologized. "But I was having a hard time getting Surefoot unloaded."

"That's okay," her mother said hurriedly. "Bridgett, this is Dr. Deveraux.

"Nice to meet you." Bridgett smiled warmly.

"And nice to meet you, too." Dr. Deveraux turned to face her mother. "Well, Mrs. McAmmon, do you want me to do the vaccination on the neck or the withers?"

"The neck, please," Mrs. McAmmon replied.

Dr. Deveraux nodded and injected the vaccination through a two inch needle. In a few moments he was done. After they said "goodbye" to him, he drove down the long driveway and pulled onto the road. Bridgett waved at the disappearing truck, then turned to face her mom.

"What time is it, Mom?" She asked.

"7:30," Mrs. McAmmon replied after peeking at her watch. "You'd better get inside. It's getting dark."

"Okay. I'll just put Surefoot in the stable, first." Bridgett started towards the stable in the backyard with Surefoot at her heels. When she arrived at the stable door, she swung it open and led Surefoot to his stall.

She unlatched the stall door and took off his halter. She let him freely walk into the stall before latching the door. Then she said her goodbyes and left the stable.

As she walked back to the house, she replayed the day's events over in her head. She smiled to herself when she got to the part of her winning the show.

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Born Victorious - Chapter 4

by Kristina

Bridgett McAmmon led Surefoot over to the dilapidated barn where the vet was waiting.
"Hi, Dr. Larson. This is Surefoot." She motioned to her horse.
"Hold him still for me, please, Bridgett." Bridgett held Surefoot's halter while the vet gave him the shot. He finished and gave Surefoot a reasurring pat. "Good boy."
"Well, I'll be going. Good day, Bridgett, Mrs. McAmmon. Good day." He got into his van and drove down the long driveway. Soon he was out of sight.
"Katie, Bridgett-hungry?" Mrs. McAmmon smiled. "Come inside and get a bit to eat." Inside they ate dinner then dessert.
"I'll be in the barn," Bridgett said as she headed out the door. Surefoot nickered when she opened the barn door. "Hi, Surefoot. How would you like some after-show privileges?" She went to the feed room and grabbed some hay. Going back to the stall, Bridgett put the hay in the rack. Then she got the hose and put some water in his bucket.
"Anything else? Right, bran mash!" She ran back to the feed room and mixed up some tasty bran mash. "There." She said with satisfaction. She hurried over to the stall and set down the bucket. She stroked his mane as he wooded down the mash.
"You like that don't you?" She said with a laugh. He then moved on to eat the hay. He sucked up a little water then leaned his head on Bridgett's shoulder. "I love you, Surefoot." Surefoot closed his eyes as Bridgett stroked him. Soon Bridgett fell fast asleep.

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