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Sep 20, 2015
by: Eleanor

Great story! Loved it!

Nov 27, 2014
Born Victorious - Chapter 5
by: Kristina

The next morning Bridgett woke up, ate breakfast, and fed Surefoot his morning hay. When she returned to the house, she found her mother in the kitchen making sandwiches for lunch. "Hey, Mom," she greeted her cheerfully.
"Oh, hello, Bridgett," she replied. "Will you go get the mail for me, please?"
"Sure," Bridgett said quickly. She opened the front door and ran out to the mailbox at the end of their long driveway. She quickly returned to the house and put the mail on the small oak table.
"Thanks," her mother said graciously. Mrs. McAmmon sorted through the stack of mail. "Oh, here's something for you," she said, handing a piece of mail to Bridgett.
Bridgett took the envelope and slowly opened it. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was from: the Kent County Show Association! She read the letter carefully, her mouth wide open.
"Are you okay?" Mrs. McAmmon looked at her with a puzzled expression.
"Read it," Bridgett said almost silently. She pushed the letter towards her mother. Mrs. McAmmon picked up the letter and quickly read it, a large smile creeping onto her face. When she finished, she picked up the letter and got up from the table.
"I'll go tell Katie!" Mrs. McAmmon said as she walked out the door. It only took a few minutes for Bridgett to comprehend what the letter meant. A broad smile crossed her face as she ran out to the barn to tell Surefoot.
"Surefoot!" Bridgett exclaimed as she went into his stall. "We've been invited to compete in the Kentwood Invitational Jumpers' Classic in a week!" She hugged her horse's neck and ran her hand gently through his mane. "I just know that we'll do good next week," she said as she opened the door to his stall. "I'll be back later. Bye, Surefoot." She left the stall and jogged back to the house. She went straight to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Mrs. McAmmon was just putting the food on the table.
"Where's Katie?" Bridgett asked.
"Oh, she's in the office room typing up a reply to the letter that you got," Mrs. McAmmon replied. "You are accepting the offer, right?"
Bridgett smiled. "Of course!" They both started laughing and were still laughing when Katie walked in.
Katie raised her eyebrows but soon started laughing, too. When they had finished laughing, Katie asked why they were laughing. Bridgett was more than happy to tell her why! They all ate supper then went in the living room to talk. When they finally had finished talking, they went to bed. In bed Bridgett thought about the day's events. Finally, right before she drifted off to sleep, the thought of the Jumpers' Classic crossed her mind.

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