Blossom - Part 1

by Shine

Here's my new stories! I hope you like them as much as you have liked Apollo! Enjoy!

I stared out my window, looking at the magnificent mountains. You may think I'm in a good mood but you're wrong. We have just moved from Vermont to Colorado 3 weeks ago and I still miss my home. I did not want to move and still wish Mom and Dad never heard of the job of being a lumberman!

I walked to my dresser. I stared at the photo that showed my BFF's horse, Charger. I longed for a horse of my own but never had a chance to. I smiled as I remembered Becky shouting,"Keep your chin up Laurel Edwards! Colorado may even give you your own horse!" While I was leaving her house. Then she got a scolding from her Mother about shouting. I sighed. Suddenly, a knock sounded on my door. I opened the door and there stood my Mother.

"Laurel, get ready. We're going to your Aunt Florence's house. She said she's going to cook us a good dinner, something I haven't been able to do."

My little sister Laura came up to me and asked, "Are you tired, big sister?" I smiled despite my anger. "No sweetie. Now you go get ready little lady." She gave that sweet little smile and ran to Mother so she could get dressed.

Aunt Florence lives in Colorado and I have never been able to meet her in person though I often talked to her on the phone. I pulled on a fresh white skirt and a blouse.

Mother sure did look tired. I felt sorry I haven't been helping her as much as should have been. But then I remembered that she and Father was the one that made me move.

I got out the car when I was at Aunt Florence's place. Then I gasped. There was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen, grazing at a near by meadow! I wondered if Aunt Florence owned it. I feel in love it as it raised its head towards my direction. OH if I could ride it! Right then there, I loved Colorado since it gave me that first sight of that horse.

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Blossom - Part 2

by Shine

Hi everybody! My second part of Blossom. Please read.
I stared at that horse, but then my Mother's voice came into my thoughts. "Laurel! Your Aunt Florence is waiting." I hurried with her to to my Aunt's door. Just as we were about to knock, Aunt Florence threw open the door.

"Oh Marie! To see you again!" She gave my Mother a warm hug, then turned to me. "Laurel. At last we meet. You are as lovely as the flower you are named after." I believe I was embarrassed for I hate it when people say how pretty I am.

Then she turned to Laura. "Hello Laura. You are as sweet as a rose ." Laura smiled and said, " Thank you, you your self is too." Aunt Florence burst into a fit of laughter, then exclaimed: "Dear me! I have not even invited you in the house!"

She let us in and the coolness of the house was really refreshing. The dining room table was set and we began to eat. I have to admit, Aunt Florence is a wonderful cook. Everything was wonderful but I was dying to know if Aunt Florence owned that lovely horse.

I was finally able to ask and Aunt Florence smiled when she answered. "That my dear is Blossom. She's a Arabian and a lovely horse, isn't she?"

I answered yes, then mustering up all my courage, I asked if I could ride her. Mother frowned and said I had no business asking such a question.

But Aunt Florence said, "Marie of course Laurel can ride Blossom. That is when you are a little bit more settled." Mother looked thoughtful and then said, "I guess that would be alright." I jumped up and hugged both of them! I can't wait to ride Blossom!

Comment if I need corrections or tips. I hope you enjoy!

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Blossom - Part 3

by Shine

Hi guys. Sorry my story is late but enjoy.

I tacked Blossom up just like Aunt Florence showed me to. Even though Becky let me tack up her horse once and a while before, I wasn't a expert. After that was done, I led her out of the stables.

"Ah Blossom, I can't wait to ride you." I smiled as I watched her munch on a carrot I gave her. I patted her on the back. Aunt Florence came out of the stables with Jewel, her horse.

"You ready Laurel?" she asked. "Don't you think I am?" I joked. She laughed, the laugh I had grown to love. "Yes I'm sure you are." She helped me get on Blossom and then she got on Jewel.

We started out on a walk. Then a trot, then finally a gallop. It was wonderful to feel the wind by you, the speed, the freedom! I just felt, I don't know. I guess I'm overdoing it but it was wonderful.

All to soon we had to go back. "Enjoyed it dear?" Aunt Florence asked. "Yes. Oh it was very nice Aunt Florence. Thank you."

Three weeks later, at the dinner table, Father said that if I would like to, I could take a job so I could get horse lessons. "Really? I'd love that!" I exclaimed. "May I too take horse lessons Father?" Laura asked. Mother didn't look to certain. "I don't know. But maybe you would like to take violin lessons."

Laura was well known to love music. She loved singing and she often asked to have music lessons so she took this opportunity with out no problem.

That night I dreamed of horses and wonderful rides. It was almost real.

Sorry its short. Enjoy.

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Blossom - Part 4

by Shine

Sorry this is so LATE! I haven't really been on for 2 weeks(please don't ask why!) so that's why this is late. Please forgive me!*******

I flipped the page of my book about a boy and his horse. I was really enjoying it, till Laura burst into my room. "Oh Laurel! The Edison's are coming to visit! Ain't that swell!" The Edison's were old friends of ours and they had a girl my age who was really fun. Her name was Ellen. Her little brother who was Laura's age is really funny.

"Really!" I almost shouted. Laura nodded excitedly and we both did a little dance around my room. Then Mother came in.

"Girls! Stop-" she didn't continue for Laura had grabbed her hand and we all danced. Then we stopped, out of breath. "Girls! Please calm down. The Edison's are coming next week so we really do need to get the guest room fixed up. I know you're really excited and I am too.'

"Mother, can Ellen sleep in my room when she comes?" Mother laughed. "Laurel dear, we can decide that later." I laughed too.

The next day, Aunt Florence called. The news she brought me was like darts piercing my heart. Blossom had been stolen! All the fun days I had been planning crashed. What would happen now? I was shocked and angry.

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Blossom - Part 5

by Shine

I listened to Auntie's voice. "I went to the stables this morning and I was very surprised to see that Blossom was gone. She has never run away. I contacted the police so now I'm waiting."

I was very surprised to hear my self ask very angrily," Do you have an idea who you think stole Blossom?" She sighed. "Yes. Mr. Gibson was a neighbor of mine and was never friendly. He was also very jealous when I got Blossom. But he moved 3 weeks ago."

"So get after him and-" I didn't get to finish. "Laurel! I never knew you had that streak of character in you! I already got the police so calm down!"

I started crying. "Auntie, please don't let them take away Blossom, please..." I continued crying.

" I'm sorry sweetheart. I'll try my best and..." I dropped the phone on the couch and ran to my room.

Two years had passed. Auntie had given up on Blossom yet nobody knew I had the most strongest hope, so strong that I knew that Blossom was alive. But where?

One day,Mother suggested that we should have a vacation. We started planning and Laura was really excited. "Could we go to a beach Mother?" "Maybe." She was on the computer looking at maps. Then Father came in with a big smile. "Why don't we go visit Vermont and stay with the Stewart's?" Becky Stewart was my BFF and I hadn't seen her for ages!

"Really? Could we?" I asked. Father smiled again. "Listen to this." It was then I noticed a letter in his hands. "To the Edward family, how have our dear friends been doing? We have missed you very much and was wondering if you could spend a month here at our house. I know that the distance is very far but we long to see your smiling faces again.

We hope all is well and please respond soon, we miss hearing from you! The Stewart family." At that me and Laura began hugging each other, a vacation at our friends house! Wasn't that swell!

But deep down in my heart, I was really thinking of Blossom. Would I ever find my horse?

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Blossom - Part 5 (redo)

by Shine

"What? What!" I exclaimed. "Blossom's stolen?! Are you serious?" I heard Auntie's quite voice. It was too quite. "Laurel, let me talk to your Mother." I shakily handed the phone to my Mother. Mother took it. "Yes?... Florence are you sure?... Oh my... yes of course...please let me know when you have any news......" That was it for me. I ran to my room and started crying.

Laura came to my room. "Are you alright Laurel?" I didn't answer. She ran out and soon came back with my favorite horse book. "Let me read to you. On a summer day a boy named Davis Walker..." I stopped crying and took the book from her, partly wishing she would stop and partly wishing she would go on forever.

With a shaky voice, I continued. When I came to the part when he goes to the stable and finds a man whipping his horse, I broke down crying. Again.

Laura put her arms around me. "Please don't cry." Mother came to my room. "Laurel, Blossom is gone." She told me that Blossom was missing for a day. Auntie phoned the police and they hadn't found anyone yet. "I'm so sorry sweet heart. Keep your chin up." In a daze, I heard another voice in my head.

"Keep your chin up Laurel Edwards! Colorado may even bring you your own horse!" my BFF Becky had told me. "It did! Colorado did bring me my own horse! And now she's gone!" I thought.

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Blossom - Part 6

by Shine

I watched as the the scenery sped past my window. Me and my family was in the car, driving to Becky's place. We had been on the road for a long time and we we're to get there at their house today at 4:00. I couldn't wait to see Becky again.

Suddenly, a window buzzed up an d down. I heard my Mother sigh. "Laura, please stop playing with the window button." Laura had a look in her face that showed that she was bored.

"Yes mam."

I took my laptop out, turned it on, and told Laura to sit by me. "Sure." She took off her seat-belt and moved on the seat by me."

I clicked on "pictures" and I asked, "Who do you want to see?" I had not expected the answer, "Blossom!"

Mother turned to look at me. The look on my face was a pained expression. "Are you sure? We could look at our old house and Becky's family." My Mother whispered in Laura's ear. Laura nodded.

"Never mind sis. I'd rather look at our old house."

As I clicked on the file that held those photos, my heart felt sad. A feeling that thought it would burst, then get control and go on.

A few hours later, we entered our old town. "My things have changed!" Father exclaimed. The town square really did a lot of improvements and people were here and there.

Mother smiled. "It feels good to see something familiar again. Isn't this the street we turn on?"

"Me and Laura both piped up in unison, "NO!" Mother turned around and looked at us with "frowns" but there was a sparkle in her eyes.

"You two think you know this town better then me?" I laughed. "With all due respect mam, yes I think I do... General!" The whole family burst into a fit of laughter.

Before I knew it, I was on my friends ranch. Boy was there a scramble to take off your seat belts, open the car doors, and jump out!

"Laurel!" I heard a voice call. I turned to look and there was Becky, all smiles and warm hugs. I ran to her and we both hugged each other.

"I thought you would never come!"

"SO did I!"

" It is so good to see you again!"

"Oh Becky!"

We both laughed and then Becky's family came out.

"The Edward's! Welcome!" welcomed Becky's mother, Katie. Becky's older brother Seth was there. He was 15.

"Hi Laurel. What took you so long? Did you have to hitch hike most of the way?" He teased.

Mother and Father was busy talking so I answered him with a sparkle in my eye. "Noooo sir. I rode on a horse most of the way!" Seth laughed.

Laura came up in her startling way. "I still remember the riddle you taught me Becky." Becky grinned.

"Oh yeah? Tell me."

"Why did the teacher marry the janitor?"

No one answered.

"Because he swept her off her feet!"

Everyone laughed. "Boy I forgot that one. Good one Laura. Say what are we standing here for? Lets go in."

The next day, me and Becky was in her room talking about horses. I didn't tell her about Blossom. I didn't want to.

Suddenly, Becky had a sly smile. "I wanted to save this as a surprise. We got a new horse. We didn't name her yet but she gave birth to a foul just last week. Come on to the stables! She's a real beauty!"

I excited followed her out side. When we got to the stables, Becky proudly said, "There she is!" I stared. Then I ran toward the horse.

"Blossom!" I cried.

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Blossom - Part 7

by Shine

"Blossom, oh Blossom!" I yelled and ran to her. Blossom seemed delighted because she got excited, lifted her head high up in the air, and neighed. Becky stared as I showered Blossom with hugs, then opened the padlock.

I led Blossom out the barn, and then gave her hugs and kisses. Becky, with her mouth open, walked out too. Hearing the noise, everyone ran out the house. Tears were running down my face while I tried to explain but I was speaking too fast no one could understand a word I was saying!

Everyone was buzzing. "Whats going on?" "Is that really Blossom?" "I can't believe it!" "How did my horse end up to be this Blossom?!" Blossom started to get scared of all the excitement so Seth took her in the barn again.

Then I grabbed hold of Becky's shoulders. "How did Blossom end up here?!" Becky stammered at first. "Well, I , uh,um, Laurel, can you, oh Dad and Mom, help me!" She exclaimed.

Her mom laughed. "Come on in. Then we'll get the whole story." Mother held me close, and Laura was staring wide eyed, but I felt like I was in a dream, never wanting it to end.

So, please forgive me for its really short but I hope you like it. I'll post in part 8 soon.

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Contiue Blossom, or start new story?

by Shine

Hey everybody. I've been thinking. Should I continue Blossom, or start a new story? I've kinda given up on Blossom. I'll continue if you want me to. Its up to you. Well this is the plot for my new story.

Katie McLean suddenly finds herself an orphan and was suddenly being sent to and Uncle and Aunt she never even met.She was homesick, depressed, and never even cared about horses. But when her Uncle Jim bought a new horse, she found something in life that started making her get going again.

So. How do you guys like it? Please tell me what you want. "My helper"(the title for my story) or "Blossom"? Please comment!

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Blossom - Part 8 (Final Part)

by Shine

I was in a real dreamy mood. WE were eating dinner at Becky's house and as everyone watched me push my fork around my food, I was dreaming of the time I had rode Blossom again. It was so wonderful to see Blossom!

"Laurel, I think the food in your plate is dead now, you can eat it," Mom remarked. I smiled.

"Sorry Mom." Seth rolled his eyes.

"I bet you just want to see Blossom, eh?" I playfully said, "You can say that again."

I remembered how Becky's family found Blossom. It turned out that Mr. Gibson had moved here and right away he put up posters of Blossom. He wanted to sell her.

Ever spunky Becky saw how he mistreated poor Blossom. She begged and begged her mom to buy her and they did. Now Blossom had the most cutest foul named Rushmore. He was sure a spunky one just like Becky!

Now when would return to Colorado we would take Blossom with us. Oh this sure was my top vacation I ever had. Becky said she would miss Blossom but she said she was glad she still had Rushmore.

As soon as dinner was finished, me and Becky ran to the barn. She headed straight to Rushmore, and you can bet I went to Blossom. As I lovingly stroked her head, I whispered, "You're the best horse I know! You're my Blossom."

The End

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