Apollo - Part 1

by Shine

Please read, tell me if you want part 2!

Alisha Sevens is 13 years old. Her family lived in Colorado and they owned a property that had a stable, plenty good trails and also,a horse named Apollo. Alisha and Apollo were great friends. Alisha's best friend, Stacy, often came to ride on her horse, Charger.

Alisha and Stacy both planned on things to do on summer vacation, which also included on riding on Apollo and Charger. Finally, summer arrived. The first things the girls did was saddle up Charger and Apollo. Then head off to their favorite trails. "Yes! Summer finally come!" Stacy declared. Alisha nodded. "I know, summer takes forever!"

"Lets go out of my property and into see if we can find any new trails to explore," Alisha suggested. "Sounds good to me." AS the two girls went into the woods, they found a trail the seemed to go into a meadow. And it seemed well used. "You want to try it?" Stacy asked. Alisha shrugged. "Okay."

The trail was really nice. Then the girls saw two other girls approach on their horses. "Oh great, that can't be Ashely and Jessie, right?" Stacy groaned. "It is," Alisha replied.

Ashely and Jessie was not very nice girls. They were kind of the stuck-up ones. As Ashely and Jessie got closer, Alisha got more disappointment. "Hi Alisha" Ashely said with a roll of her eyes. Alisha looked at Ashely's horse. A Morgan. "Wow," she mumbled. Jessie laughed, a fake laugh. "Really, you girls sure do need to groom your horses. Or at least, buy new ones," Stacy leaned forward on Charger. "You need to study on your math."

Jessie sat straight up on her horse. "Did you forget it's summer?!"

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Apollo - Part 3

by Shine

So sorry it took me so long to post this up! I'm really glad you girls like my story.

Stacy gave a scowl and turned away. Alisha snickered and said, "Nice excuse Jessie." Then she turned Apollo around and caught up with Stacy. "Come on, lets go to my house and practice jumping." Alisha suggested.

"Okay," Stacy agreed. The girls began discussing of the up coming show jumping contest. "I heard that Ashely and Jessie are going to enter in again."

Alisha spotted the ranch. "Again? Didn't Jessie win first place last year?" Stacy nodded. She began a canter with Charger. Alisha began a canter also. "Jessie is going to try again, right?" Stacy nodded. Both girls entered the ranch.

As Alisha slid off Apollo,she led Apollo toward the stables. "Come on, lets put Apollo and Charger in their stalls and go in and get a snack, then ride."

A few days later, Alisha was in the the book store looking at the horse books when she heard two familiar voices. "What a nice thing to see Alisha." Jessie said unpleasantly. Alisha spun around. She was startled to see Jessie ans Ashely.

"Hows Polo?" Ashely asked. "Like she cares." Alisha thought. "His name is Apollo." She corrected. Ashely rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Jessie looked at Ashely, then smirked. "Does your horse even know how to jump?" Alisha blushed. "Yes, he does it very well."

Jessie took off her sun glasses and narrowed her eyes. "Then why don't you enter him into the show jumping contest? Me and Ashely would enjoy such close completion." Alisha mumbled, "Yes I'm sure you would." She turned her back at the girls,hoping they would go away.

The girls laughed and walked away. Alisha knew what she had to do. She had to enter Apollo into the contest and show Jessie a thing or two!

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Apollo - Part 4

by Shine

I know, I'm so SLOW! Well here it is.

At the supper table, Alisha thought about telling Mom about her idea. She looked at her Mom to see if she was in a good mood. Everything seem to be fine.

"Uh, Mom, I was thinking of entering Apollo into the show jumping contest and I thought maybe you could help me get better at jumping."

Mom seemed to consider it before answering. She smiled. "It would be nice if you could enter him into the contest. And of course I would help you but do you think you would have time, dear?"

Alisha's face went blank. "What do you mean about time?" Mom laughed. "Don't you remember your deal with Mr. Coleman for a summer job?"

Alisha slumped in her chair. "I totally forgot. That stinks. But Mom, I'm sure I can still work and ride." Mom laughed again. "Knowing you, I'm sure you would."

Alisha jumped up and ran over to her Mom. "So I can still can to do it?" Mom smiled. "Of course. Now finish your supper."

The few days got Alisha very busy. There were the chores at the ranch, then the errands at Mr. Coleman's shop. Then practicing with Apollo. Sleep sure did sound good to Alisha. But soon she got into her summer routine. Every time she went off a jump with Apollo she knew she would win the contest. Of course not every jump was perfect. Yet some how, Apollo kept Alisha hopeful. Every day came closer to the contest. And Alisha couldn't help but worry.

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Apollo - Part 5

by Shine

The contest was just one week away when Alisha and Mom went riding that late afternoon. They had taken a long trail which was in Colorado's deep valleys.

They had just finished the trail when all of a sudden, it became very dark. "Mom? Why is it so dark?" Alisha asked.

Mom looked at the sky. "It looks like a summer storm. Quick, let's head home."

But soon rain began pouring down on them and the horses began to get frighten. Suddenly, a flash of lighting sent Apollo bucking and rearing up. "Apollo, its okay," Alisha said, trying to calm him down.

Mom was about to say something when another flash sent April(Mom's horse) bucking up and throwing Mom off her back. She landed on the ground in a crumbled heap. "Mom! Are you okay?!" Alisha screamed.

Alisha was at home washing dishes while Mom was napping in her room. It turned out her arm was broken and she would have to rest and wouldn't be able to go to the contest to see Alisha perform. Stacy and her Mom was in the house making sure everything was going fine.

While Stacy's Mom was dusting the living room, Stacy and Alisha talked about the contest. "Are you still going to perform in the contest?" Stacy asked.

Alisha scrubbed a plate before she answered. "Yes. But not to show Jessie a thing or two. It's to show me and Apollo are a team and that we can't do it without each other." Stacy smiled.

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Apollo - Part 6

by Shine

Sorry for taking so long but I've been quite busy! So sorry!

Alisha sighed and looked at the blue ribbon that was in her hands. The contest had past and she had won! It had been the most thrilling day she had ever had.

Her emotions were going all over her. She wanted to cry, to laugh or to just scream! Yet most of all she wanted to cry with tears of joy.

Apollo was the best horse in the world! She remembered the judge say, "And for first place, we have a tie." He paused like all judges do when they announce the winner.

Alisha saw Jessie clasp hands with Ashely. Alisha knew what they were thinking. Then the judge said, "Jessie Hughes with Flash!" Jessie gave a whoop and gave Alisha a look of triumph. "And Alisha Stevens with Apollo!"

Everyone cheered. "We won? We won!", Alisha screamed. She gave Apollo a kiss and cheered. The look on Ashely and Jessie's faces was shock and disbelief.

When the judge came to give Alisha her ribbon, Jessie her self walked over to Alisha and said, "You did a good job. Congratulations."

Alisha smiled and said, "Thanks Jessie. You did a good job yourself."

Alisha would never forgot that day when she won with her beloved horse, Apollo.


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