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Apr 18, 2010
reply to nicole;tips;)
by: Kaylee K (:

she is 6 years old, and maybe so. she might have had a bellyache but she does this everytime i put the saddle on. thanks for the tip nicole&advice (:

Apr 18, 2010
reply to:tips:)
by: Kaylee K. :)

she's about 6 years old and maybe she might have had a belly ache but she's always usually very pushy. and thanks for the tips, ive been around horses for all my life too(:

Apr 13, 2010
by: Nicole

I have been around horses forever-- no lie-- so my advice to you is to contact someone who is schooled in Equine Therapy, your horse could be hurting or your horse could need a attitude adjustment, so if he just has a bad attitude then that can actually be helped- it doesn't hurt your horse I don't know exactly what they do but they work with your horse and teaches them whats right and wrong-without violence or hurting him/her- how old is your horse? because if he is still young you can send him to a trainer OR you can do therapy thing-- you can do therapy on any horse!! I hope this helps!!! :D

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