<3horses and my story -answer my questions!-

by Kaylee K. (:

blaze & pal

blaze & pal

Alright so here's my story, my mom raised me on horses basically. So one day she granted my ultimate wish on getting me my very own horse in about 3rd grade. He was a black stocky shetland, he was my best friend, and when i did something wrong he'd pretend not to notice. We had many trail rides together but as time grew & I became pretty tall. we sold him to a very loving home where as to this day is as happy as can be. So is this the end? well no it's not :)

so in my 8th grade year (now) i got another present. Her name is molly and she's registered chesnut QH. She's very fiesty, loves to run &food. and is cinchy but through my years i have lots of expierence. I always marvel at her multi-colored tail. black, white, red, and gold (yes it's 100% real!) (; anyways answer me in comments. she cow-kicks and is very food-aggressive, i love her but i don't like to see my sister's horse (Elvis, gelding) get beat up but she doesnt touch all my other horses. any suggestions? picture above is our other two geldings.

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Apr 18, 2010
reply to nicole;tips;)
by: Kaylee K (:

she is 6 years old, and maybe so. she might have had a bellyache but she does this everytime i put the saddle on. thanks for the tip nicole&advice (:

Apr 18, 2010
reply to:tips:)
by: Kaylee K. :)

she's about 6 years old and maybe she might have had a belly ache but she's always usually very pushy. and thanks for the tips, ive been around horses for all my life too(:

Apr 13, 2010
by: Nicole

I have been around horses forever-- no lie-- so my advice to you is to contact someone who is schooled in Equine Therapy, your horse could be hurting or your horse could need a attitude adjustment, so if he just has a bad attitude then that can actually be helped- it doesn't hurt your horse I don't know exactly what they do but they work with your horse and teaches them whats right and wrong-without violence or hurting him/her- how old is your horse? because if he is still young you can send him to a trainer OR you can do therapy thing-- you can do therapy on any horse!! I hope this helps!!! :D

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