Halloween Horse Costume
Competition - 2016

It’s time for our annual Horse Halloween Costume Contest! I can’t wait to see all your creative costumes. We’ve got a great prize this year: a $100 Amazon gift card for first place, and $50 Amazon gift card for second place. 

Winners will be chosen on the following criteria:

  • creativity and originality of costume;
  • photograph(s) (however, professional photographs are not accepted)
  • written description of costume
  • comments received, shares on social media channels, and safety for horse and rider. (Rider, if mounted, should be wearing riding helmet in order to win.)  

Be sure to read the official rules then use the form below to enter. You must be 18 - if you are not, ask your parent to enter for you. Good luck riders!

Share Your Best Halloween Horse Costumes 2016

Be sure to give us your email address so we can contact you if you win. If you would like us to call you, provide a phone number. We will not publish your phone number or email address. You must be over 18 to enter. If you are not, your parents must enter on your behalf.

Read this first before you share or comment!

Best Halloween Horse Costume Ideas from HorseCrazy Girls!

Click below to read about awesome Halloween horse costume ideas horsecrazy girls have shared...

Viking Girl with her Toothless Dragon and Toothless Pack 
How did you make it? Person - Easy... Boots, Sweater with Faux Fur, Helmet with Cardboard Horns, Hair from Felt Horse - Yellow face paint around …

How did you make it? Felt, thread, and Subway wrappers. How much did it cost? Under $50 Where did you wear it? Our local 4-H show …

We're Off to See the Wizard..... 
How did you make it? Tin Man was tights, material, duct tape, purchased hat and heart. Scarecrow is adult costume cut and altered for horse. How …

Graveside Zombies 
How did you make it? Glue,duct tape,wood,pipe insulation zip ties and party city accessories How much did it cost? 70 for both Where did …

Alien Attack on an Astronaut  
How did you make it? We used a neon green sleazy hood and green hair extensions for his tail. My daughter wore an astronaut outfit with her riding …

Itsy bitsy spider 
How did you make it? Pipe insulators, glue duct tape wooden frame and accessories How much did it cost? 40.00 Where did you wear it? …

5 Seconds of Summer's Cal-Pal and Mike-ro-wave 
How did you make it? The major components of the costume were hand printed and hand sewn. The lycra hood for Cal-Pal was purchased and I ironed …

Yes.... I am a Clydesdale !!! 
How did you make your costume? I made it using socks and feathers for legs, purple feathers for mane and tail, harness saddle, lines and bridle …

Boney Pony 
How did you make it? Nontoxic children's finger paint. How much did it cost? Less than $10 Where did you wear it? Barn Halloween …

por el amor de un caballo 
How did you make it? The horse was decorated with hair chalk. The girl had her makeup done, and wore a wig. How much did it cost? $75 …

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Here are winners from previous years...

Winner 2015

Winner 2014

1st place winner HorseCrazyGirls.com 2014 contest

Winner 2013

1st place winner HorseCrazyGirls.com 2013 contest

Winner 2012

1st place winner HorseCrazyGirls.com 2012 contest

We chose this costume as the winner for three reasons:

1. It’s very clever and cute

2. They did a great job describing how they made the costume so other girls can adapt their idea and,

3. They included their email address so we can contact them!

Batman Horse Costume
The Hula Horse Costume
The Sea Horse Costume

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