You Were A Good Thing - Chapter 1 (Warning: Short)

by Caroline

Photo credit: FMNelly via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: FMNelly via I'd Pin That

The rumbling of the trailer rolls away. The noise getting thinner and thinner as it continues. My heart getting heavier and heavier as my brain replays everything. I look over my bracelet. It's all raggedy and ripped and the gold plate is scratched up and can barely be read. I still know what it says.

"Gummie. I love You."

It's been like that for 6 years. And it's never changed. But today is different. That bay pony was gone. He was going somewhere different. Where he can be happy.

But I wasn't happy. I cried all night. I couldn't go to school because I would feel sick all the time. I couldn't bear it. When he was finally gone, I was broken in a million pieces. I would never be able to be happy again or put myself together. It was impossible.

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