You Told Me You Loved Me - Part 2

by Horseluver4evernever (Sarah)

They put Katie on a stretcher and took her out of the arena. I whinnied to her, wondering what would happen. She had a neck brace on as many do when they experience a harsh fall. She couldn't look at me because of this. I wonder if she would've if she didn't have it on. I felt as if she was disgusted with me. I didn't even try to throw her off.

Katie's coach, Mark walked into the arena and grabbed my reins. He roughly pulled me up off the ground. He gave me a bit of a dirty look. I pulled myself up and struggled to walk. I limped slowly as Mark dragged me out of the ring. I dropped my head low and looked at him, with a bit of guilt in my eyes. I don't think he cared. He just walked me to my stall.

I settled in after he took of my saddle and bridle. He threw a navy blue cooler on me and left. I stood there quietly, facing the blank wall,not even touching my hay. 'Whats toning to happen with me?' I thought. Katie can't ride for a while, and why would she ever want to get back on me? She probably thinks I tried to throw her off. I didn't want to give it another thought. I turned around in my stall and started to eat my hay.

A week later I got an unexpected surprise. Mark had trailered me home from the show the day after the accident. It felt good to be home, but it didn't feel right. Katie hadn't come to see me. Why would she? I was wrong. All of the sudden I heard a familiar voice.

"Majesty!" I heard the smooth voice say. She limped over to my stall. It was so nice to see her. Trickling in behind her was Mark, her mom and her dad. I whinnied as she stuck her hand through the metal bars of the stall. She pet my nose gently with her unbroken arm. The one that was broken was in a lime green cast. She had a tan bandage on her left ankle. I think she sprained it.

I, too, had a standing bandage on my front left leg. Mine, was navy blue and white. Her mom, dad and coach began talking, snapping me back into reality. She gave me a gentle kiss on my velvety nose and turned back to her parents.

I heard a couple of the words they said. Majesty. His fault. No good. Gone. Canada. 7,000. June 15. Sorry.

Okay guys! Thanks for reading! I really would appreciate some feedback. I know it's not to great. I'm just sooooo tired!!:( no hate! Thanks for reading! Part 3 will be up soon! Like I'm gonna write it right now!

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Aug 14, 2016
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Everyone wants more!! Please post part 3!! You've got talent!!

May 29, 2016
You Told Me You Loved Me part 2
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I love this whole story so far! We NEED part 3! You are so talented! Keep writing! =)

Jan 03, 2015
Awesome, but...
by: Leisha

Awesome story I think you should make pt 3 a bit longer, otherwise great!!!!

Nov 01, 2014
Not very good...
by: Emily(a.k.a. Horse Dreamer)

I think that actually this would be a GREAT story if you made it longer, and if we saw some character development in Majesty and her owner. But sadly, it's not very good.

Aug 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

This is amazing!
I love stories that are from an animal's point of view!
where's part 3?!? ;)

Jun 27, 2014
plz help me
by: chaanya

i'm not being rude but i cant find part 3....

plz how can i find it this story is amazing!

Dec 17, 2013
by: morgan

This is really good! Keep writing, I'm waiting for part 3!!!

Nov 24, 2013
really good
by: tinkytasha

This is a really good story! keep writing.

Oct 29, 2013
by: author

I'll definitely keep posting!:) thanks for your comments guys! Glad your enjoying it.

Oct 29, 2013
Really Good!
by: Grace King

Your writing is really good, the story is interesting and exciting and I can't wait for more!!!
Please continue this :)

Oct 28, 2013
by: Sadee

Keep writing! It is awesome!

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