White flash & Oxbow - part 9


Bella red going in water

Bella red going in water

This one will be more interesting to read ok - ASPEN

Bella red got led in the horse trailer( What you can't take her she's my horse no, you can't)yelling as they drove away and Bella red whinnying at Emily and Michaela they got Bella red at her new home Bella red was passing to wall to wall in her new stall rear's up and kick's her front leg at mister cox daughter ( Ashley ) her boyfriend show's up and throw's a bucket kind of hard behind Bella red and Bella red get's mad she go's and turn's around in her stall and try's to jump over her stall but her back leg got stuck Ashley saying ( wow girl wow girl ) and her boyfriend trying to catch her with a rope to come her down but it's only making her more madder so Ashley go's in to get her dad mister cox to tell him so he can help. bye the time of him getting out there .. there go's Bella red running out of the barn and out of her stall she don't no where to go because of the mile's of field's that she can run on so she go's straight run's for hour's and then she hit's a high way road and stop's she take's a chance and run over to it and barely get's one hoof on the road and two car's hit's etch other boom boom bang bang the horse made it across ( that crazy horse ) said the dud that got in the crash and watch her run away. beep beep . the dud call's (911) for help about the horse we can only help for fire's ,brake in's, or heath resin's , horses we can't help for BEEP BEEP BEEP the phone hang's up that horse has a brand it looked like a (R*W ) said the dud the ( R*W ) stand's for Robertson Wyoming :) * (:

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White Flash & Oxbow - Part 8

(Wy, USA)



It's the next night and star lived. Bella Red is now about a year old and will be able to race in the next Race, the Kentucky derby. Michaela and Emily is putting Bella red, White flash, and Oxbow, in it and will see who will win this time.

One month later, it's the race...

"BEEP" the man called the horses ran White flash right away got in front Oxbow ran in 2ND for a while. Bella red was in last 4th because (freedom child ) was in 3rd. Around the last corner Bella red get's in 2nd, Oxbow is pushing her around and up the side of the fence (you can't win you're a girl) said Oxbow. (Leave her alone) said White flash in horse whinny. (What are you going to do anyway beat me up ha,ha,ha good try) said Oxbow.

Belle red passes Oxbow and White flash (see ya boys) said Belle red and crosses the finish line. The people of Kentucky went wild.

Belle red for once felt good about her winning's $13,000.00 dollars for belle red. But no one knows about the sold bet that they didn’t know they put their horses in. All of a sudden (BELLE RED THE RACE HORSE IS SOLD TO MISTER COX AND HIS daughter..) What??? said Emily and Michaela.

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Jun 18, 2014
it's ok

it's not as good as the others but it is a good story.. comment ok and tell me what you think.


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White Flash & Oxbow - Part 7

by Aspen
(Wy, USA)

Good thing is that Maria is not hurt. She can come home now. Emily and Michaela is going to take Oxbow and AM, the Thoroughbred Arabian to the camp site to go on a ride.

The camp site is 2 hours form where they live. Bloody Ben has seen that the humans are gone so he came closer to the barn. Bloody Ben pushed the other mares closer to the barn. He has seen the racehorses in their stalls.

Emily left Star, one of there mares tied up to the fence. They didn't think that Bloody Ben would come. All the horses jump their stall but Star can't get away. Bloody Ben bites her on the back and then sweeps her legs from underneath her. She can’t fight back so she just lies there and wishes by tonight she will still be alive.

The dog's alarmed Bloody Ben and he ran away. All the other horses was spooked and ran to the hills. It's getting dark. The horses are miles away from home.

Emily and Michaela have no idea what is going on at the barn. Maria gets home, she goes to see all the horses. There are no horses in their stalls. No mares in the field. She sees Star laying there all bloody with bear slashes on her legs. She calls the vet and if they're lucky, she'll live.

Black led them to a field of grass. The herd was enjoying themselves in the high country. The vet said they might have to put down Star. Emily and Michaela are on there way home because of Star getting hurt and they don't won't to have to put her down.

But if it will take her out of her misery they will let the vet do it...

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Jun 10, 2014

comment or no part 8.

Mar 26, 2014
this is part 7

this is part 7 hope you like it!

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White Flash & Oxbow - Part 5 & 6

by Aspen
(Wy, USA)

Part 5
Michaela got her shot gun and went out to the barn and seen Bloody Ben. She tried to shoot Bloody Ben but he ran to fast and got away.

It's morning, Oxbow is quiet. Frightened, he just lies there in his stall.

Emily’s sister had a kid, her name is Maria. She has never been on a horse or a farm. "Hi," said Maria. "Is this the A*M farm?" Said maria.

"Yes,” said Michaela. "I’m Emily's niece, Maria. Does she live here?"

"Yes, come on in."

"Wow. This is your house? It's so country. When are we going riding?

"Do you even know how to ride?" Asked Michaela.

"I’ve read about riding horses before. I think I know how to."

OK. Let's go and pick your horse out. But remember, the horse will pick you out. Here's Daisy, she's a year-old." Said Michaela.

"No, not her, said Maria.

"This is Cookie."


"Look behind you. I think you have a horse."

"What's her name?"

"We got her today. She doesn't have a name but you can name her," said Michaela.

"OK. I'll name her Gypsy."

"Five months ago we put the mares in with the stallions. We hoped they have babies."

One week later, Oxbow is somewhat better. All the horses is getting warmed today and Bloody Ben is back.

Maria loves her horse Gypsy. It was about 11:00 AM, almost noon, Bella Salla started to go into labor. They rushed her to the barn and called the vet. An hour later, they had a newborn filly. The dad was Red.

Emily and Michaela made a bet if the foal was a girl, they’ll keep it but if it is a boy they'll sell it for money. The foal is worth $12,000 if it will win it's first race. It don't have a name yet.

Two other mares are is going to foal soon. Bloody ben is still around, roaming the mountain around their barnyard...

Part 6
It was a spring day, the sun wasn't out. It was snowing. All the horses was cold and had their rear to the storm.

The little filly was very lucky it was out of the storm and in the barn. Emily & Michaela was worried that one of the mares will go into labor so they left the gate open.

It's Maria's birthday today. She turns 10. Emily & Michaela don't know how to make a cake so Michaela buys her a new horse. He's 6 years old, he does jumping and dressage and his name is Sparky.

There's going to be a competition for jumping. Emily & Michaela is going to put Maria in it for her first time.

The day came, it was the big competition.

"There are 15 riders today that are going to compete for a ribbon and a trophy. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are going to the finals. Let the competition begin!" Said James, the director.

First came out Pamela. She looks at the clock. After she was done, her time was 15.15. They all went by and last was Maria. She got up on Sparky and took off.

The horse was OK it was her. The first part of it wasn't too bad until she got smart. She was going too fast. The horse went to jump and she pulled back on the reins. The horse fell down and she rolled. The horse wasn’t hurt but she was.

She got rushed away to the hospital with Michaela. Emily took the horses back to the ranch. She got a phone call form Michaela...

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Apr 16, 2014
It's really good!!!:)
by: Anonymous

It's kinda hard to understand but if you're a horse person you get what they're talking about. It's a really awesome story! Write/ride on!!!:)

Mar 25, 2014
by: Isshell

ok so like thanks you so much I can't wait for the rest.

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White Flash & Oxbow - Part 3 & 4

by Aspen
(Wy, USA)

Part 3
White flash was hurt but he wanted to race. By the time White Flash got up, Oxbow was back and won. White flash staggers to his stall and lies down and went to sleep. Oxbow has won his $300,000 and got a trophy.

This time, the new horse that Emily got is a Thoroughbred Arabian, he's also a year-old racer and he's won $30,000 - not much but for his first race, it's good.

It's going to be the Belmont Stack's, the last big race but White Flash has some recovering to do. The vet said that his leg will get better but it could take months. Oxbow is doing good, not too fat but not too skinny.

Michaela has bought a new stallion named Red. Hhe's 2 years old and he has raced two times and in his two-time race, he's won $13,000.

Emily has bought a new mare. Her name is Bella Salla. She's not to much of a racer, more of a jumper or a horse that does dressage.

4 weeks later, White Flash has recovered and ready to race again. It's the Belmont race - millions of human and other horses.

White Flash was starting to get race fear. Music, drums, talking, yelling, all at the same time. "I don't know what to do," said White Flash in horse whinny. He got in that shoot and looked around.

It was all a blur. "Go when that horn blows" was going in and out White Flash's head over and over. It happened.

White flash and Oxbow were neck to neck...

Part 4
Oxbow got in front of White Flash and the other racehorses. Right at the last moment, White Flash speeding up and won by 2 inches. White Flash finally got those roses around his neck.

Oxbow got jealous and jerked away form Michaela and ran away. Michaela went home and saddled up Black and took off. Emily follows her on Bella Salla.

It's getting dark, Oxbow's tracks ran into an old fence. "He most've jumped it," said Emily.

"Look, there's some blood," said Michaela.

"I have some pliers we can cut the fence down to let our horses cross," said Emily.

"I think I know where Oxbow is, said Michaela.
In the horizon there was a help whinny. Michaela and Emily followed it. It led up to Oxbow but his leg was all bloody and scarred up. It looked like a bear must've attacked Oxbow.

"It is a bear but I think it's name is Bloody Ben. He's a killer," said Emily.

"We have to get Oxbow to the vet, said Michaela.

"Grrr..." said Bloody Ben.

Emily called the vet one day later. "He’s going to be OK," said the vet. "You can take him home now, it's 10:00 pm all the horses are sleeping."

All of a sudden, all of their dogs started to bark. All the horses awake, they all listened. The only thing you can here are toe nails. Tap-tap-tap on the floor.

Oxbow started to flip out. White Flash heard buckets and barrels tipping over. Speedy started to kick her door down and Bloody Ben jumped out. All the horses froze in the stall...

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Mar 24, 2014
very good

hi, this is ASPEN I done the story I think that it is very cool and fun. I hope that you all read it and rate it and comment on this one you'll like it.

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White Flash & Oxbow - Part 1 & 2

by Aspen
(Wy, USA)

Part 1
Once upon a time there was a racehorse named The Black. He was an all-around racer. He had a son named Oxbow.

Oxbow was a show off. All the other fillies loved to play with him. Oxbow's mom was a blanket Appaloosa named Lady Bug.

Two weeks later, there was a new born colt named White Flash. His dad was also an all-around racer named Ginger. His mom wasn't a racer, she was a quarter horse palomino named Pally.

The years went by, White Flash and Oxbow are now one year old. It's time for their first race. There was another year-old racer like Running Wild and Free as the Wind, and they were off.

Free as the Wind was in front White Flash and Oxbow was very last. Around the last corner, Oxbow took off like his tail was on fire past White Flash and left him in 2nd place and crossed the finish line as first place.

After that and 1 week later, it was time for a new race - the Kentucky Derby. Oxbow and White Flash were vary nippy at the others and they were off to racing.

This time, White Flash was in the lead. Around the last corner again, Oxbow took off past all the others including White Flash. Right at the last moment, Oxbow crossed the finish line with $200,000.

White Flash was happy but sad at the same time. But there's still two more races...

Part 2
Michaela, Oxbow's owner has bought a new horse named Speedy. She's a year-old racer.

White Flash was kind of worried about the big race. His dad Ginger, died form racing from a broken bone in his leg and had to be put down.

Pally lived to be 7 years old and got cancer and died. Oxbow and White Flash weren't good friends.

Emily (White Flash's owner) took White Flash out to the field and went to bed. All horse can talk all of a sudden...
Oxbow comes over. "I don't think you are a racehorse."

"Just because I’m not a Thoroughbred don't mean I can't race, said White Flash.

"See, there's a new horse in your stall. They replaced you with a good racehorse, said Oxbow.

"To settle this once and for all, let's have a race. Just you and I," said Oxbow.

"So there I go walking to the race track with no leader," said White Flash in a silent whinny.

"Whoever goes around that big tree and comes back wins," said a horse.

"Hope you don't get hurt. The big race is tomorrow," said oxbow.

"I'll show you," said White Flash.

"Go!" Said one of the horses.

White Flash is in the lead but there's some mud around the tree. White Flash stepped and slipped on the mud . White Flash felt useless. All the other horses looked weird at him and walked away but Oxbow didn't.

White Flash tried to get up. Oxbow kicked him in the front leg and hurt it really bad.

It's morning, Oxbow is loading up in the horse's trailer but White Flash isn't there. Emily, White Flash's owner is worried. "What if he's hurt? Said Emily.

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