Undaunted (Sequel to Forsaken)

by Josh

Hey everyone! It's Josh again...
This is the second book I've written, the first one being Forsaken. It's written in a little different style than the last book, so be prepared. Hope you enjoy it!

April 1, 2019 8:36 P.M.

Chapter 1

This is it. The place where I'm supposed to stay until I'm at least eighteen.
Nervous chills run through me as I steer my car down the long driveway up to the house.
Lush green grass bordered by a white board fence stretches away from the road. Tall oak trees line the driveway. Ahead I can see the house, a two-storey black building with white trim. Beside and behind it are the stables, painted to match. The whole setup is huge- unbelievable for a city guy like me.
I park my car beside the cement pad and get out to unload my luggage.
Two black Labs are dozing in the sun and they both get up to greet me joyfully. There's a green-and-black BMX leaning against the house and beside it, a skateboard. Smiling, I set my own skateboard beside it.
The door opens just as I'm coming up the steps and a tall guy with tanned skin and blonde hair cut high on top and short on the sides like mine steps out.
"Jordan?" I say.
"That's me. Welcome here."
I follow him inside the big house. He leads me down a flight of stairs to the basement. The first thing I see is a pool table and a mini bar.
Jordan takes me around the bar into another room, twice the size of the one before. It's dedicated to gaming, with two couch sets and three widescreen TV's.
There's a short hall with four doors. He opens one and I look inside. I see a pool and a hot tub. Wow.
"Pool's heated. It feels good to swim after playing hockey or riding," Jordan says.
I whistle. "You bet."
"The room beside the pool is mine. You can have your pick between the other two."
After a quick look, I choose the one with an ensuite and throw my suitcase on the bed.
It's a spacious room with a king sized bed and a desk in one corner. The walls are gray and empty so I can decorate how I want. The entire room is decked out with a bluetooth speaker system. There's a mini fridge stocked with Coke, Pepsi, and snacks.
"It's awesome," I tell Jordan. "You…have money."
"Yeah." I notice him hesitate a little, a worried look on his face. "I guess Dad thinks all this stuff will make up for…well, you know…"
I don't know, but I nod. "That's ok, sorry, I shouldn't have said anything."
He grins half-heartedly. "Don't worry about. It's probably nothing. I'll leave you alone for awhile now."
After he's gone I take out my MacBook and flip it open. But I can't seem to concentrate on anything. Staring vacantly at the screen, I wonder what Jordan meant about his dad.
Could it be possible that there could be trouble again, even in such a nice place?
We go for dinner at 6:00. Auntie has cooked a pot of soup an made cheese toast for us. Jordan and I load up and I head for the kitchen table.
I hear a bang of the door and see Auntie freeze. Instantly there's tension in the room.
"Dad's home," Jordan tells me in a tight voice. "Let's go downstairs." He clatters down the steps at top speed and I follow slower, wondering what the rush is.
Then I hear it. A loud voice. Curses. A string of obscenities. I catch a "we can't afford to keep the damn kid."
Feeling sick, I plop down on the couch beside Jordan, who's fumbling with the TV remote. In five seconds loud music is blaring from the speakers, drowning out the angry voice upstairs.
Later in my unfamiliar bed, the voice is still echoing through my head. "We can't afford to keep the damn kid."
I try to concentrate on falling asleep. The last thought that runs through my head are Jordan's words:
Don't worry. It's probably nothing.

Hey guys, that's chapter 1! stay tuned for more coming soon!

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May 14, 2019
Chapter 2
by: josh

Hey everyone...it's been awhile. Thanks for all the comments and sorry for not posting more chapters up until now! If anyone thinks its nerdy for a guy in grade 11 to be writing on this website, go ahead and think that. Truth is, I just don't feel like signing up for wattpad to write there. And if ya wanna know how awesome I am, just ask a few certain gals from my school! Lol

Chapter Two

I wake up early. The time on my phone says it's 5, but then I realize that now I'm in a different time zone, so it's actually 6.
Why not go for an early morning swim? I throw my trunks on and walk down to the pool room. To my surprise, Jordan's already there.
"Had the same idea as me," I comment, jumping in.
He grins half-heartedly like always. "I've been here a couple of hours longer than you. Came around midnight. Couldn't sleep."
I gape at him. "Dude…that's like six hours!"
He grins again. "Don't tell Mom, but sometimes I'll take my horse, Rebel, out for a ride. I do that way more than you'd ever expect."
"I'd like to come with you."
He looks at me pityingly. "Nah. You'd never wanna ride like I do."
"How do you ride?"
"Fast, the whole way. I go some pretty crazy places."
For a second anger flares up inside me. "I've been around horses most of my life. I can ride."
"I know. It's just the places I go." Then, as an afterthought, "Besides, some nights I go to parties or sneak my girlfriend out."
"Wow, that's some life," I say, amazed at him. Doesn't he ever get any sleep?
"Yeah," he answers. "But please don't tell Mom about my girlfriend. She doesn't like that girl."
"I won't tell," I promise.

May 13, 2019
by: God Belivn Cowgirl

This is so great! Please please PLEASE continue ASAP! This is the beginning of another amazing story... I look forward to the next chapter!

May 11, 2019
by: K Clarkson Fan

I Like It! Awesome!

May 08, 2019
by: Josh

I don't remember if I commented on your new story or not, but I DID read it and I loved it! I can see the talent shining right out of it! Not that I'm an expert writer and judge of writing, but I can tell that you have talent.

May 06, 2019
by: Josh

Thanks singin cowgirl! You bet I will;)

May 06, 2019
by: Warhorse

Please continue! I'd love to read more! Have you checked out my new story yet? When I get some more comments on it I will post part 2.

May 05, 2019
by: singin cowgirl

Okay, I loved it!!! Just as good as Forsaken! I am a writer and I just have to say that you have talent! Keep going!

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