Trading Horses (Made Up) - Part 1A

by Samantha

When I was 14 my mum started trading horses and ponies,there was many I loved and many I did not really love a lot. Some bucked me off and some was as good as gold. I still wonder where some of them are right now. My mum bought a few at each Horse and Pony Sale every month,she started trading on the 3rd of February 2012 and the horse and pony sale was on the 5th today was the 3rd.
The next morning we went to the stables to get the stables ready for the new horses,we put bedding down water in,hay in and there feed buckets built into the wall. We did not put any food in as we had to go collect it from the tack shop. We got the lorry already for tomorrow we filled all the stalls they stand up in with hay and water drinkers.

We also put pour on in the tack room and some spare halters and ropes if they do not have one with them. I put a black and red lunge rope in case we have any trouble loading them. We had to go collect our stuff from the tack shop at 2pm and it was 1:30pm now,but it was only down the road. We set off in the big Jeep to get our stuff from the tack shop. We got there at 1:45pm and went into the shop paid and went and got our feed we got,4xpony nuts,2xred soft and soak,2xblue soft and soak,2xgreen soft and soak,4xchaff,3xmeadow herb,2xhappy hoof,4xcompitition mix and 2xsenior mix that filled the boot of the car and then we also ordered some tack we ordered,10xsaddles,
10xbridles grackle and normal,30xgrooming kits,20xhalters and ropes,10xgirths and leathers and 20 boxes of saddle pads.

We set off home and we unloaded all the stuff when we got home all the tack in the tack store and all the feed in the feed store. I went inside with my mum to make a nice hot chocolate as by now it was 6pm. After I had finished my hot chocolate I went up to my room to get ready for a shower and bed.

The next morning was the horse and pony sale we got up at 7am to let Jewel out of the house,Jewel was my dog she was a black cocker spaniel she is only a year old as I got her for Christmas. I got dressed I was wearing black jodhpurs,a blue tee and a Red Jumper and long black riding boots.

As soon as we had breakfast we went out to the lorry to go and started it up. When we got there it was 10:30am the sale started at 11am so we had a look round the horses my mum was writing down lots of numbers on her sheet of paper she wrote 2,8,10,23,96,11,62,43,34 and on that was the ones she liked and was going to bid on in the ring. Then we went to the place where you get your number card we was number 199 then we walked to the ring to get a seat for it to start.

Then at 11am it started the first horse came into the ring and sold for £250 then the second one came in and my mum won it for £550. After the sale we bought 20 horses but only had 10 stalls in the lorry, so we had to come to the sale twice to get them but oh well it was fun. When we took all the horses home we put them all in there stables and then went in the house for tea and then we went back out to pour on them so we could brush them tomorrow.

The next morning was the 6th and I was going to start training the horses but before that I had to sort out the 20 passports. I looked at the one on the top I opened it and it had a letter inside it,I read it out loud and it said,

Dear buyer,
Have fun with I'm an Angel and she is a star in every way all her details are in her passport have fun.
Yours Morgan
Then I looked at the passport it said,
Name:I'm an Angel
Colour:Bright Bay
DOB:12th of April 1999

Then I put the passport to the side and looked at the next one and the next and so on. We had horses with weird names and cool names but my favourite was little Jo and harbour diamond girl. I went out to I'm an Angel's Stable and put her Pink halter and rope on her and lead her out to tie her up outside the stable. I went to the tack store to get her grooming kit that said I'm an Angel on it.I groomed her and then put it away and got her tack.

I put her Black Grackle Bridle on and her Black martingale on her then I put her Pink Saddle Pad on then her black Saddle and her black girth. Then lastly I put her pink tendon boots on her. I got my gear on and led her into the school to the mounting block and got on her.

To start with I just stood there on her back and let her get used to me for a start. Then I asked for a smooth walk and responded to me straight away I walked her round the school loads on the right then changed rein to go onto the left I did the same on that rein too,Then I asked for a smooth trot and she responded really quickly I did that on both reins too.

Then I asked for the big one a canter,she moved straight into canter on both reins but then I set up a small cross pole and asked for it at a trot and she cleared it by miles and then I asked for a canter over it then...She did a big bunny hop over it and I nearly fell of. I made the jump to a big straight and she jumped it really well. By then she was sweating so I cooled her down and took all her tack off and put her out in the paddock with all the others and I put her pink rug on and her halter on her.

Then my mum told me someone was coming to look at Angel tomorrow so have her looking her best she was up for sale for £1200 ONO With grooming kit rug and halter and rope.The advert for her said,

I'm an Angel is a 15.3hh,Bright bay Thoroughbred Mare she is 13years old 2 months and she is 100% in all ways Sad sale is really pretty and vet can be done. Good to box,shoe,catch etc. Jumps anything,walk trot canter gallop all 4 paces really nice would do showing in the future and hopefully will have a good home in the future. Would like to keep in touch for my daughter sake.5* home only comes with Grooming kit,Rug,Halter and rope. No Time wasters.
Telephone:09561 765 556 or on 12989 876 998.
£1200ONO Aberdeenshire.

I was kind of glad she might be getting sold but I would miss her a lot. Oh well I would be able to get started on Meg the dark bay. The person coming to view Angel was from Inverness and she was called Lilly and her daughter Molly.

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Trading Horses (Made Up)- Part 1B

by Samantha

The next morning at 7am I woke up had breakfast and got dressed then I went out to the stables got Angels halter and rope and went to the field to catch her,she come to me straight away for treats. I tied her up outside her stable and got her grooming kit to groom her,I used a Dandy Brush first then a Body Brush then a mane and tail come to groom her mane then I did her tail. I brushed her legs down and picked out her feet,then I put hoof oil on her feet to make her look pretty. Then I got some brown plaiting bands and plaited her mane up into little show bobbles and I did the same with her forelock,I plaited her tail really neatly to make her look as pretty as possible then I took all the stains of with a bucket of water and her 1 white sock turned pure white her blaze on her face turned pure white too.

By the time I had finished grooming her she looked really clean and her sock and blaze was as white as snow. It was 8am by the time I had finished and the person was coming to see her at 9am so I had and hour. My mum told me to set up a course of jumps in the school so I did the course had 10 jumps in it. Then she told me to know the course so I wouldn't have to walk it when the person was coming to see her. I gave Angel a treat and told her to be a good girl. I went into the house to get Angel's passport and my mum was there looking through it and she said “I just found out that angel is a pure bred thoroughbred we both thought she was a part bred”. I was shocked!!It was 8:55am and the people would be hear in 5 minutes so I got Angel's passport and ran outside with it to put on top of her grooming kit. The person that was coming to look at her was bringing there lorry so they could take her with them today if they liked her a lot. It was 9am and the there wagon was coming down our drive and stopped in the yard.

Lilly and Molly both stepped out the lorry,Molly was 15 a year older than me. My mum introduced her self to Lilly well I introduced my self to Molly. I took Molly too see Angel,I said to Molly “This is I'm an Angel but her nickname is Angel” Molly said “ I love her name,does any tack come with her and does she have a passport??” I went into the tack room and Molly followed “Her halter and rope go with her so does her grooming kit but nothing else. Yes she has a passport here it is her last home was in Essex. She is a star to ride. If you go get you mum we can ride her. I got her tack out and showed them her being groomed they like her so far I thought.

Then I tacked her up and got my gear on and my stick was in my hand and I lead her into the ring to the mounting block,She stood really quietly when I got on her I got myself ready and gave a short dig with my legs and she walked on round the school I showed them Walk on each rein the I asked for a smooth trot on both reins and then I asked for a calm canter and she was perfect and then I popped her over a little cross pole,then I asked for a course od jumps first she was a bit spooky to ride and then she got used to it. Then I pulled her up to a halt in the middle and asked my mum if they wanted to ride her they said yes. Molly got on first she did the exact same as me and then Lilly got on and did the same too. We took Angel back in while my mum and Lilly talked about money I took all her tack off and put her cooler rug on as she was sweating I put her in her stable and when to see Lilly and my mum Lilly was saying would you take £1100 for her my mum said £1150 and we have a deal they shook hands and Angel was sold.

I ran to give Angel a big hug and said goodbye and I lead her into the lorry and gave her a big hug and a big kiss I was really going to miss her there was a tear in my eye but I kept it in. I went to get her rug and her passport and grooming kit and said her cooler was going with her so here is her outdoor rug too. Lilly handed my mum the money and they said goodbye and they got in the lorry and drove away. That was the last time I ever saw Angel again.

By now it was 10:30am I went to the stables to get Meg's Purple halter and rope I went to get her from the paddock and tied her up outside her stable. She stood as good as gold while I went to get her purple grooming kit. I groomed her then I got her tack and tacked her up to ride her I got all me gear on again and got my whip in case. I took Meg into the ring and stood her in the middle so I could get on her when I was on,I checked my girth and then asked her to walk forward she did that on both reins and then I did a trot and canter on both reins. I asked also for a small jump and she cleared by a trot then I did a whole course with her.

My mum made the course to 80cm now and she cleared it by miles. I was really proud of her,i took her in and took her tack off and took her back out to the paddock. Then I went in the house to put Meg in the paper I put the add in online. The add said,

Meg is a Dark Bay 15.2hh Thoroughbred x Irish Draught mare. Meg is 18yrs,2mths she is safe and a great first horse. Suit novice jumps 80cm with ease,will jump higher. 100% kids pony and 100% in all ways. Would suit small adult. Perfect family pony. Good to box,shoe groom etc. Could be a show pony. Very sale. Will miss her a lot. 5* home only,Comes with rug,grooming kit,halter and rope. No Time wasters.
Telephone:09561 765 556 or on 12989 876 998.
£1400OVNO Aberdeenshire

I showed my mum the advert and she said it was okay so I put it in the paper and the horses for sale websites. I hope someone phones about her soon.
The phone rang it was my friend Anna she wanted to know if I have sold Angel. I answered it and she said hi and I said hi,yes we sold Angel she has already gone to her new place. I really miss her but tomorrow do you want to come over to help me ride Meg or Lily you choose which one you want to ride cause in a bit I have to go ride Lily cause I have never rode her before but I rode Meg today she is super quiet so you can ride her and I could ride Lily if she is fast,deal. Anna said,deal,see you tomorrow at how about 9am. I said see you at 9am tomorrow. Bye said Anna .Then I said bye.

I put down the phone. I looked at the clock it was 4pm so I thought I could go out and ride Lily so I did I brought her in,groomed her,tacked her up and took her into the ring and tried to stand her in the middle for me to get on finally I managed to get on she was prancing around like mad she was going crazy,I said to her it was okay and walked her on I did walk on both reins and trot on both reins I just managed to hold her back in a canter she is quite strong so I popped a course of jumps with her in a trot then a canter she spooked at a few of them so she needed more work,cause she was 8 but it still doesn't stop me having fun. She bunny hopped over the ones she was scared of and pounced over the other ones. After an hour riding she calmed down and was sweating so I took her in and left her in the stable for the night. So she could cool off I put her sweater on her so she wouldn't get cold. I cleaned my tack and put it away.

I cleaned out Meg's and Lily's grooming box so they was neat and tidy. I locked the tack room and put the key away and then I gave Lily a bucket of Pony nuts and blue soft and soak. She was hyper when I gave her it. She ate it really fast I stayed with her while she was eating and talked to her and said don't you worry I won't hurt you its okay trust me. After she had finished I went to put her bucket away and said goodnight to her and went inside I forgot to lock the feed room so I ran back out and did it then I locked the door.

Mum told me when I went into the kitchen that some one was wanting to come she Meg tomorrow,but I said to my mum they cannot cause I am have Anna over tomorrow and she is riding Lily. Can we ride her twice yes but ride her after they have been. Okay thanks. I went upstairs to get a bath and to go to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 5am so I got dressed and had breakfast and then went to get Little Jo in so I could ride her at 6am. I brought every single horse in and gave them all Meadow herb,Red and Blue soft and soak,Pony nuts and Competition Mix. After that I groomed them all and then got Meg out and make her look nice for the people coming to look at her I groomed her all over first with a dandy brush then a body brush then I did her face with a face brush and then I picked out her feet and put hoof oil on her feet I groomed her mane and tail and plaited her tail and then did her mane into little bobbles so she would look pretty I also did her fringe and then I washed her star and her 2 white sock down so they was pure white. Then I got the passport from the house and put on top on her grooming kit and her rug and cooler rug. I left her there till the person came Anna and the people that came to look at her came at the same time.

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Trading Horses (Made Up) - Part1C

by Samantha

Anna was 14 same as me but was really wanting a horse. So she asked her mum when she dropped her off if she could get one her mum said we will see if Tina's mum can find you one at the next horse and pony sale you will have to talk to her. Okay thanks mum I will phone you when I am ready to be picked up. Bye mum. I came running over and said someone is here to see Meg. But what about riding, “were riding her twice today okay but don't tell these people” I said,Anna said “okay I won't my mum wants to know if you will find me a pony”. “OMG are you getting a pony?” I said and Anna said “yes I am” then I was so shocked and we went to groom Meg so the people could see she was good to groom. Then I told Anna to go get a spare riding hat and whip and told her she was going to ride her too. I tacked Meg up and then got me hat and whip. I took Meg into the ring stood her in the middle for me to get on and got on and told her to walk on she did as I asked on both reins then a trot and canter on both reins then the whole course of jumps.

The people was quite surprised at her and what she could do for her age then Anna got on and did the same as me then also the lady that came to look at her rode her and did the same. The lady asked how much she was I said she was £1400OVNO I said I would take £1300 or something close to that she offered £1250 and I said £1270 and you have a deal. We shook hands and then I took all of her tack off her and put her in her stable. Then I put all the tack away and so did Anna. While the lady was going,Anna helped me to put all the horses out but we kept Meg and Lily in cause we was going on a hack together. We tacked them both up and got our gear on.

We went through the back fields to the main road then crossed it then went up the track onto the Moorland and did a gallop across to the other track that led onto the back road not far from the yard. We rode back home and then took all the tack off and then we put the cooler rug on then put them in the stable till after lunch.

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