The Sea Horses

by Liv

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Read it, please... it's so funny, entertaining but with a serious side, you won't lay it aside easily. It's perfect for girls about 10-14 years old.

Caitlin groans when her mom tells her that she has to go for a long photo shoot (she's a photographer, and 'cause she's divorced moves around the country), for the first time without Caitlin! But when her mother treats her to a wonderful riding vacation, one where she gets to take her horse, Jade, and swim in a beautiful cove every day, she forgives her in an instant!

Then Caitlin arrives at "Beacon Lodge" and, well-- look out! Mysteries abound, tempers are short, love and hate are in the air... the ocean may be calm for horseback swimming, but it's a tempest on shore, and Caitlin and her new friends have to do some sleuthing before an even bigger storm blows in!

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