The Riding School - Part 1

by Sian
(Nottingham, uk)

Rebecca (Main character, 16 years old)
Suzy (Mother, 39)
Ellie (Little sister, 5)
Lewis (Big brother, 17)
Liza (Stable owner, 39)
Duncan (Appaloosa gelding)
Lego (Chestnut mare)
Mabs (Black Shetland gelding)
Fido (Pinto gelding)
Unknown man and horse

My alarm had just woke me up, the loud beeping noise also woke my mother,brother and sister. I glanced at the clock while I rose out of bed, yawning, I muttered "6 am, again.." I hated getting up at this time, but I knew that seeing my baby boy would be worth it. I got up and slipped on some jodhpurs and a hoodie, then walked to the window. Looking into the sunrise, I started brushing my hair. I could hear my family getting up. I walked to my door, and went downstairs. I made some breakfast for my mum, brother and sister.

I sat down to eat when they came downstairs, "Hurry up and eat! We've got to get to the yard!" I always loved hearing my sister saying that, she loved horses and was only 5. We started to eat, as always, my little sister Ellie finished first, then me, then mum then my brother, we all rode, and we all had our own horses, apart from Ellie who rode my horse.

We had finally done and was sat in the car waiting to get to the yard. On the way there, I herd Ellie mutter something, "What was that Ellie?" I asked her, looking back at the back seat, "When will I get my horse?" She asked.
I looked at my mum who winked at me, "Soon." I smiled, we were getting her a horse for her 6th birthday next month.

We pulled up and got out, I walked around to the side to get Ellie. I walked with her to my horses stall, "Hello, Duncan," I stroked his head, "You go to mummy, now Ellie," She smiled and ran off, I grabbed a dark blue halter from his hook on the stall, and walked into the stall, then slipped it over his head. I walked him out, to one of the grooming stations, it was next to my mother, and a pony she asked to borrow for Ellie, Mabs.

Ellie was grooming him, while my mother groomed her hunter horse, Lego. She smiled at me, "Where's your brother got to?" I asked, "Lewis? He's fetching Fido from the paddock." I explained, "Looks like Lego could use some exercise!" I giggled at her, while grooming Duncan.

When we was done, we saw Lewis just finishing grooming Fido. I walked with my mum to the tack room, and picked up Duncans and Lego's tack. We then walked back. Today I decided to ride English, as I rode both. "Hey, Suzy! Long time no rides!" She laughed, after they haden't rode together for a while. I walked off, and tacked Duncan up, as did Ellie who sneakily got her tack, too.

A couple of minutes later, I heard "Right, see you soon, Lisa!" and my mother walked to us, "Sorry, Becca, I couldn't leave!" We laughed. We walked the horses to Lewis and Fido. Lewis was just tightening Fido's girth. "Sorry!" He said, then un-clipping the halter.

We rode for a while through fields, lakes, tracks, paths, towns. But Duncan put his ears back, and stopped. We could hear some hooves, galloping ones, too. I looked behind me, to see a black horse, with a riding galloping towards us. Duncan reared and I fell off. I got up, and looked around me, a boy with short hair looked at me.

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The Riding School - Part 2

by Sian
(Nottingham, UK)

He continued to look at me, his eyes where bright blue, his hair was black, he was the perfect man for looks, "Sorry! I didn't mean to scare your horse!" He looked at me with sorrow, "It's okay, Duncan's a crazy boy anyway!" I laughed, "I'll leave you two to it then! Come on you two." My mum told them, "Duncan? That's a nice name, appaloosa, I see?" He asked me.

"Yes," I told him, "Is this your horse?" I asked him, "Yes, her name is Trinity," He looked at me, "I suppose we should go get dukeston," He said, I laughed, "Duncan," He blushed, as I told him, "I'll go get him for you, I'll be back in a moment," He said, calling his horse, and riding toward Duncan.

A few minutes later, he came back, with Duncan's reins in his hands, on Trinity. "Here you go, he's good to catch!" He explained to me, "Oh, trust me, hes not!" I laughed "and thank you, my names Rebecca, but call me Becca," I told him.

"My name is Pierre," His name sounded strange, not American or English. "Where are you from?" I asked him, "I'm from America, so are my parents, but it was the name of my grandpa, before he died." He said getting off of Trinity, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that...Maybe we should start heading home?" I asked him, he nodded, looking at me.

"Let's go." I had never seen him before, "I've never seen you around?" I told him, "I've just changed yard, this morning." He continued, "It's a nice little yard, nice ponies, nice people." He said to me.

A few hours later, we got back from the long walk back, "Well, I gotta groom Duncan and then turn him out, then clean his stall, along with my sisters while she's on her lesson, then I've got to turn Mabs out, then Fido, while my brother goes to his friends, and also I have to clean Mabs, Duncans, Lego's and Fido's tack!" I rushed, "So, gotta go!" I dismounted and rushed off.

A few hours later, I heard my mum call from the car, "Lets go, Becca!" I had just put the tack away, then ran to the car. "Sorry, mum!" She pulled off, and left, I couldn't wait to see Pierre again tomorrow. "So, who was that boy who scared Duncan?" I lit up when she asked, "Well," I started explaining.

"His name's Pierre, he has a horse called Trinity who is georges!" I looked at Lewis who was listening to his MP3, "He could give Lewis some lessons, I bet, if I asked!" I told my mum, Ellie looked at me "What about me?! Do I get lessons?!" She asked "I don't know yet! I haven't even asked!" I explained. " I can't wait to get home, shower, food then bed!" I was so tired! And I got bored alot when I wasn't at the yard, I always was in the summer holidays.

All I can remember from that night now is going to bed.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "SHUT UP!" I yelled at my alarm clock. Wait. I'm awake. It's 6 am. PIERRE! I got dressed and ran downstairs, to where my mother was sitting, "Morning, Becca." I stopped, I looked at her, her face told me she was worried, "Mum? Are you okay?" She nodded, "But...Duncan might not be..." I turned white with shock.

"W-why?" I asked, as I sat down at the table, putting my hood up. "He got out last night, he must of been scared or something...." She said to me, drinking some tea, "And no-ones found him yet." She shook her head, "Get Ellie and Lewis up, and we'll drive over there." I ran upstairs, and got them up.

We got at the stable, I ran out of the car, and straight to Liza, "Take Pepper," She told me, "He's faster, and you can go bareback." I ran to get a bridle "He's been groomed, and Pierre's waiting for you at the back gate with Trinity." She shouted to me, I didn't care then about anything but Duncan, I put his bridle on, and led him out, then mounted, and cantered across the yard, "Becca! I heard what happened! I'll look through the forest!" He said, galloping off. I just ran to the medows, then the lake, hoping to find him.

It took me hours untill I seen a faint object in the distance, could that be him? I galloped as fast as we could over there. I began to cry, looking over at him, I could see his markings, it was him! As soon as I got there I hugged him. I reached for the phone in my pocket, and rang mum, "Mum! I've got him! I'll be back in 10 minutes, but he's really sweaty, and....Duncan?! Boy?! Are you okay?!


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The Riding School - Part 3

by Sian
(Nottingham, uk)

I was laying on the floor with him, he had cuts on his legs, he was bleeding. My mum sped up across the field with my brother and sister, the barn owner a vet, then Pierre came over. Ellie looked at me shocked, she had never seen me in such a state before, but I didn't want her to neither. My mum pulled me up, away from him, and sat me in the car, Pierre sat down with me and hugged me.

"I wanted to tell you something but I don't think it's the right time." He gulped, I wiped my eyes and looked out the window at Duncan, I could barely see him, surrounded by the vet and my family. I was having a small panic attack. I started to cry again, Pierre grabbed me to stop me from seeing Duncan, he knew I wouldn't want to see him in pain, I screamed to let me go, but he wouldn't.

I looked into his eyes, which were filling with tears. I hugged him, and he stroked my head. My mum got in the car, with my brother and sister, "I'll take you to the yard," She said "You'll be better there, while the vet properly checks over him." I nodded, "Maybe we can look why he got spooked, too" Pierre told me, still hugging me, as we drove off.

We pulled up and Pierre helped me out, my friend who rode at the stable rushed to me, "I heard what happened, is he okay?" She asked me, in a worry, I couldn't think right now "I don't know...." I went with Pierre and sat in his stall. He looked around it, the back was kicked in, and the sides were kicked too, "I don't know why he did this.. Maybe there was a rat or something.." He told me.

I looked at him, "Pierre, I have to go home...I just...I just cant deal with this right now..." I looked at him, "I'll give you a lift," He helped me up.

The next day I got up, my mum sat there on my bed, there was black streaks of mascara down my pillow case. "He's fine. A few cuts on his legs, but he's okay to ride too." She smiled at me, I looked up at her, "How did it happen?"

She held my hand, "Well, we think there was a snake or something, it must of spooked him, so he kicked which cut his legs, and then ran and he ran so much he passed out." She told me, I smiled at her, "You okay?" She asked, "I'm fine, now I know Duncan's okay!" I got out of bed and put some clean clothes on, "Your brother and sisters waiting in the car, so hurry," She said walking out.

We got to the barn and I went to Duncan who was in another horses stall. "Boy, you scared me there, don't do that again!" I joked with him. Pierre walked up to me, "Wanna go for a ride, if your up to it and Duncan is?" He asked, "I don't want to ride Duncan, he's a bit sore, but I'll ask if I can borrow a horse, "Take Lego," My mum said walking past, "I'm giving Ellie and Lewis a jumping lesson, so I can't ride Lego." She smiled, "Thanks, mum!" We walked to get his tack, and Pierre tacked Trinity up. We met at the gate, and mounted up. We walked into town to get some food.

As we were walking through a field to get to the cafe, Pierre stopped the conversation we were having, "I wanted to say, yesterday, that...Well....I" He questioned.

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