The Horse of Shadow Wood - Part 2

((England, UK) )

The rest of the ride to the farm was spent in almost absolute silence; the only noise was the steady, rhythmic clip clop of the horses' hooves.

When the girls got to the farm they quickly dismounted and took off the tack, Jessie and Catherine turned Ross and Billy out in the paddock and Katie put Rosie in a loose box as she wasn't allowed out in the field.

The girls went to into the farmhouse to get a drink before they went to help with the new shetland, just as Jessie took a can of fanta out of the fridge, a boy emerged from the shadows behind the trophy cabinet, “well, hello girls!” he said, in an all too familiar voice; it was Catherine’s older brother, Ash.
Jessie and Katie couldn’t help but smile and Catherine had to control her giggles; Ash had strawberry blonde hair that hung over his left eye, so he had to brush it back every few minutes, his eyes were bright, electric blue, and when he was annoyed his death glares were so strong you would sometimes feel as if a laser was going through you.
Jessie and Katie both had a crush on him although he was a year older than them both. Ash smiled at Jessie, and Catherine nudged Katie, “we’ll be outside helping mum,” said Catherine as her and Katie hurried out of the kitchen.

“So, how are you?” asked Ash, his blue eyes staring at Jessie’s tanned, brown face,
“umm,” muttered Jessie, staring at her boots, too embarrassed to look him in the eye, “I’m, fine.” Jessie suddenly forgot her embarrassment and looked up at Ash’s face, “do you wanna come riding with me tomorrow?” asked Ash, Jessie blushed and looked at her feet again, “umm… sure, yeah, sounds great. Err bye!” gasped Jessie as she ran out of the door and straight to Catherine and Katie who were standing in the yard, grooming a beautiful chestnut shetland pony, Katie was brushing the pony’s mane and Catherine was plaiting its tail.

“Ash asked me to go riding with him tomorrow!” said Jessie, out of the blue; Catherine just smiled and shook her head then gave Jessie a little sponge, “here, you can clean Candy’s face.” Jessie went to Candy’s face and carefully began to clean round her nose, but while she was cleaning, she wasn’t thinking about Candy, or Ash, she was thinking about the strange black stallion in her recurring nightmare.

I'll write part 3 soon!

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The Horse of Shadow Wood

(England, UK)

The Horse of Shadow Wood

The Horse of Shadow Wood

Jessie woke up, sweat pouring down her forehead. It was that nightmare again. She looked at her clock, the blue lights showed 3:37, she pulled the covers over her head and fell back asleep.

* * * * *

It was a bright sunny day and Jessie couldn't have been happier, her and her 2 best friends, Katie and Catherine, were riding their wonderful horses through Blackberry Wood.

Jessie had a black Gypsy Cob called Billy, Katie had a Bay Quarter horse called Rosie and Catherine had a Grey Highland pony named Ross, who was very cheeky and was a rescue pony.

Suddenly the song, Lighthouse, started playing loudly, making Jessie and Katie jump, Catherine blushed and fished her phone out of her pocket, "hello?" she said, holding the phone to her ear before trotting further into the forest where Katie and Jessie couldn't hear her.

10 minutes later, Catherine came back, smiling, "that was mum," she explained, "she said the new shetland has arrived and I need to get down to the farm!" Jessie grinned, Catherine's parents, Chris and Anne, owned a horse farm that was home to the cutest shetland ponies in the country.

The 3 girls st off at a brisk trot in the direction of the farm, "I had that nightmare again last night," said Jessie, breaking the silence, "which one?" asked Katie, although she had already guessed. "The one about the vampire horse," said Jessie.

Hope you liked it, I'll write part 2 soon!

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Dec 04, 2014
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by: Sydney from

Vampires and horses - this could be good! :) Be sure to put part II in the comments so we can keep up with the story.

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