The Great Pony Hassle

by Horse Lubber!

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This book is about 2 sets of twins. The first set of twins are Toni and Staci, and the others are Paisly and Stirling. Staci and Toni's mom is married to Paisly and Stirling's dad.

As soon as the Mcphersons (Paisly and Stirling) move into the Fontecchio's house, the battle begins. Staci quickly gets irritated with Paisly's whines, spoiled and childish attitude. Paisly demands a pony because the Fontecchio's back yard happens to be huge.

This book might seem a little babyish at first due to little miss perfect Paisly and her bratty ways, but don't worry. You will be rooting for all of the twins by the end of the book, thanks to heroic ponies.

I also love this book because it takes place in a small town and there are only 8 people mentioned! They only leave the house a few times, but they don't go to school or town. Just a small store and another ranch. I love it because I don't have to remember 50 names! And it's about horses!

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