The Ghost Horse - Part 2

by Jenna

This is Part 2 I hope u enjoy!
Just 2 tell u I have broken my pinkie so I can't horse ride right now for 4 more weeks! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am literally dying here! Anyway here is the Part 2 to my story!

Just then I heard a click-click. It was coming from the wall! Suddenly the wall sprang open and a sandy haired boy that looked about twelve walked through. I could hardly believe my eyes. He walked over and quickly untied us. He pulled my gag off and smiled at me.

“Hi. My name is Jake.” I blushed and said, “Thanks for rescuing us!” “No problem! We better get out of here!” “Ok!” I said. We went through the wall and ended up in Mrs Plum’s hallway. Alana was walking behind us and when I turned around she was gone!

I was about to tell Jake that Alana was gone but someone pulled me back! The person held my mouth so I couldn’t speak. I was going to pull away but right in front of me was a black pistol. I heard Jake yell out “Hey! Where are you guys?” He walked back around and saw Bob holding me and Alana. He gasped.

“If you move any closer I will pull this trigger” said Bob “Now get into the cellar!” Jake took a few steps backwards and gave a shrill whistle. The ghost horse that I had seen walked into the hallway and Jake hopped on its back!

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Feb 03, 2014
by: horsegirl111

It is awesome!! I am a huge fan and we have tons of things in common. I luv horse I ride horses I also volunteer at a horse ranch, I collect breyers, I soon am getting a horse, I make horse books, keep up DA good work!!!

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