The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green

by Bettie
(Yamhill, Oregon)

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An 11-year old girl is living in meadow green and all she wants is a horse. But her dad is abusive and her mom is some weird (but loving) hippie, Indian lady. Her name is Kim and she has a pretty "messed up" life.

One day on the bus home, she sees a horse in a lady's pasture and loves it!! Little did she know that the lady had no record of having a horse like that. Kim is pretty new to the town and is still unpacking stuff in the house. They moved into her best friend's old house. That one friend is her grandma. She's going to come and live with them. Kim is so happy but when gramma comes things go WRONG!!

First off, Kim makes friends with a really nice guy named Tim (yes, I know Tim and Kim sounds pretty cute huh?) He owns-lives on a ranch were Kim goes after school to hang out with the horses. That's all good but when gramma arrives she forgets it all and thinks she's a little girl again and doesn't remember Kim.

Here's what the back of the book says, I wish I could tell you the whole story but then I'd ruin it!! All I can say is to expect it to be hard on the first and maybe second chapter, expect really ungodly lives (of her mom and dad who are really messed up nothing wrong), a LITTLE VIOLENCE not too much just you know the common ghost story, blood, that stuff, and expect a twist, happy ending, and a bit of a hanger that leaves you mystified and with tears.

'Cracker Kid picked it up!!"
"Gross you'll get warts! "
"Hey, Cheese and Crackers, throw it to me!"
"Its a prince! Kiss it, Kiss it!"
Every eye on the bus focused on the frog...and Kim.

Shy Kim has moved to a new town, and has worse than no friends-in fact bullies seem to be drawn to her like flies to a horse. And Yet Kim has everything to look forward to. Her best friend in the world,her grandmother, is coming to live with her. And the two share a special bond through their love of horses.

But that bond, along with Kim's sense of what's real and what's fantasy is about to be shattered!

P.S. This is so far my favorite ghost-horse-mystery ever! But I don't recommend for younger readers she has some dreams that could be scary for some!

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Aug 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just read this book. It's kinda sad but it turns out well at the end. I like Ghost better than JB.

Dec 06, 2010
by: Bettie

Lol! Sorry for you know kinda talking funny, I was listening to my friend playing guitar hero and it was hard core rock and it kinda changed me :P

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