The Derby Stallion

by Rachel
(NJ )

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The Derby Stallion stars High School Musical's Zac Efron. He trains to steeple chase with this one horse named Rusty, and it's funny because he falls off more than like 15 times. It's really heartwarming!The process of self-discovery isn't easy, and when 15-year-old Patrick McCardle (High School Musical's Zac Efron) realizes that playing baseball is more his father's dream than his own, it's an unlikely friendship with old man Houston Jones (Bill Cobbs), a recluse and horse trainer, that inspires Patrick's newfound passion for the exciting world of horse jumping.

Comments for The Derby Stallion

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Apr 26, 2022
I love zac efron
by: Ryan S

Zac Efron is my favorite human. I love all of his movies and this movie is one of his best.

Jul 05, 2018
by: Cowgirl

I thought the movie was okay, but WHAT is it with all these Zac Efron comments... They are supposed to be about the movie!? The movie is sad, but inspiring at the same time.

May 22, 2016
Haven't watched it
by: Claudiahorselovr

I haven't watched it, but I have a feeling it might not be as good as people say so.

May 16, 2016
I own it
by: Carey Anne

I own this movie, when I fist got it I watched I everyday for a week! I absolutely love this movie.

Dec 27, 2014
by: Isshell (Melbourne Australia)

OK this is great movie its about a man call Houston Jones. Most people don`t like it but there is a boy his name is Peter who plays teaball but he wants to rid horses and in the end he win a big race i don`t want to give to much away.

Oct 11, 2012
Zac is so funny
by: Alayna

Hi Zac, You are so funny sometimes. I love you!

Sep 02, 2012
I <3 This movie!
by: Anonymous

The fact that they had horses and zac efron on the screen at the same time made both look so exciting. I absolutely love zac efron's acting- especially in Charlie St. Cloud *Sob* but with horses.... like eating an ice cream the size of the empire state building! I Love horses AND Zac Efron <3

Jun 30, 2012
by: Enenomie

Oh i am Zak Efron's #1fan!!

Mar 10, 2012
Zac Efron
by: Christina

Zac Efron is such a talented actor!
I would love to see this movie!

Mar 09, 2012
love it
by: horse lover

epic absolutely epic! loved it. i cannot wait to see it again, watched it 50 times xxxxxxxxxx zac was great!

Jan 13, 2012
i have it
by: crazyhorse1996

i have it, it is good. i love the horse.

Nov 16, 2011
Haven't watched it yet.
by: Francis

I hasn't watched it yet but I might just to see Zac Effron fall off a horse repeatedly. ;D

Oct 23, 2011
by: alice101

this film is amazing and anyone who likes zac efron will love this movie

Oct 13, 2011
advice please?
by: Christina

Hey gurls! Can you guys please give me some advice My dream is to be an actress in a horse movie! I want to be the girl in the movie who gets the horse to trust her like in Secretariat or National Velvet. Can someone give me some advice on how to make my dream come true?
Thank you so much!

Oct 11, 2011
Not good but not bad
by: horse crazy girl

okay, sure Zack efron in a horse movie. by the way where is the horse in this movie? sure there is a horse but not that much and anyways it's pretty much only about zack and his girlfriend, no clue where the horse takes part in this movie. this for me is an okay movie, it's okay for girls who loves zack efron but I wouldn't recommend it at all. I agree with lots of the comment on this movie.

Aug 20, 2011
awful movie
by: Anonymous

i found it quite boring, the guy can't even ride tough. if you wanna see some guy fall off his horse over and over then I can say watch it!

Jul 30, 2011
Are u kidding
by: Anonymous

This is not a good movie. A five year old would find flaws. Did man from snowy river even make the list?

Jul 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

I disliked this movie. His girlfriend is wacko and the old man is not smart. He is a horrid rider and most of the time he just talks about his girlfriend. I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE to horse lovers. Believe me you will be bored of it after 10 minutes.

Jul 29, 2011
all cause of zac
by: brenda

Many girls watch this movie just cause of zac - MY OPINION!!!!!

Jun 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

OMG! I love this movie!
All steeplechase lovers, this is the movie for you! There is a sad part though. There are also some parts where you feel like punching the mean guys. I totally recommend this movie!

Jan 12, 2011
by: Vannessa Smith


Dec 18, 2010
Worst Ever
by: Anonymous

hahaahaa Zac fell off!!! Whats the city boy doing in a horse movie I wish the horse kicked him!!!

Dec 18, 2010
Dum moive
by: ******

The movie is dumb and Zac can not ride at all. his girlfriend on the movie is and weird and nobody could act except Zac and the old man.

Nov 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Zac Efron is soooooooooooooo cute!

Nov 18, 2010
best movie in the WORLD!

Hey, KIDDOS! You can't say that they're 'only talking!' I love this film and it is not for 5-year olds! Anyone who does not like this is so weird!

Nov 18, 2010
best movie in the WORLD!

My and my friend, Ellie, who came round for a sleepover, watched this movie and we couldn't let mum and dad turn it off! It was REALLY Zac Efron! I would recommend this FABULOUS movie to any horsecrazygirl!

Jan 09, 2010
worst horse movie EVER!
by: anna

it was really poor quality for a movie and went no where. Zac is ulgy so there is no point of anyone to watch this horrible movie.

Jan 03, 2010
by: katelyn

my best friend got that movie for christmas and it was hilarious!!!!! but.... i watched bonus features i didn`t believe that zac really learn to jump and every thing like that in just 2 weeks!!!!!!

Jul 24, 2009
by: Katie karson

i found it REALLY cheasy. Of course he will WIN the chase and train the horse. its not even about horses the only reason people watch iit is because of Zac Effron

Jul 16, 2009
zac is funny
by: samantha

hi zac you are so funnny some times.

Feb 17, 2009
by: emma

All that matters is Zac effron and most importantly HORSES and HORSES.

Jan 07, 2009
Not greeat.
by: Anonymous

This movie is great for 5 year olds. My cousin watched this movie over, and over, and over. I found it too... predictable for kids older than 12. There were only two good actors... The old man and that boy who had just moved there. MY OPINION!

Jan 02, 2009
Hey gurl!
by: Christina

Hey Rachel! OMG! I REALLY want to see this movie!
Can you comment on my page? (Christina- Horse Lover page2- Picture's Page!). JESUS LUVS YOU!

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