The Christmas Miracle - Part 1

by Doree

Chapter One
The warehouse

“Oh my gosh, we are finally free!” Natalie Owing, my best friend, exclaimed.

“Yeah but only for two weeks,” I said crinkling my nose in distaste. It was Christmas vacation and Natty was really excited about it, opposed to me.

“Why do you always get so gloom around this week Jas? It’s Christmas! Well not quite, but still!” Natty bumped playfully against my shoulder. I mock glared at her.

“I don’t know I just wish I had a mom to spend it with I guess.”

Natty frowned wistfully. “I know you miss her but it’s been 5 years.”

“Unlike you Natty, my dad doesn’t want to spend Christmas with me. All he loves is his stupid job.”

“Mom and dad get pretty caught up in their work too.”

“You guys have your own store, my dad’s a cop. They get to choose when they when they want a day off, dad don’t. There’s a little difference.”

We headed towards Natalie’s store. We lived in a small town in Alberta. It was so small; if you close your eyes you’d miss it. I hated it here, I was fifteen, like other’s I had bigger dreams then a town with a population of 300 people.

We walked inside the wooden store, I breathed in the familiar smells of newly made benches and stoles and felt my nerves calm down.

“Natalie, Jasmine how was school?” Asked Mrs. Owings, walking from the back room,

“It was great Mrs. Owning,” I smiled at the kindly woman. She was tall and slender with red curly hair and green eyes. She and her husband made wooden benches, stoles, anything you could make with wood. They also had groceries too.

“Now Jasmine, I told you to call me Marge.” Marge mock scowled me.

“Margret, are you being mean to Jas again?” Mr. Owning walked in grinning, his black hair was sticking up in different places and his brown eyes danced with happiness.

“Yes she was being horrible to me,” I said dramatically.

Marge rolled her eyes at me. “Ken why do you always take her side?”

“I’m sorry sweetie.” Ken grabbed her in a hug.
Natty made a chocking noise. “Let’s get out of here.”

We hurried up to her room; their house was just above their shop.

“Your family is so funny.” I grinned as I threw my backpack beside her door and headed over to my usual spot on the red bean bag chair. “So what’s new?”

“Jas, I have to tell you something…” The line between her eyes appeared, and it only did whenever she was really worried.

“What’s wrong?” Dread filled my stomach.

“Mom and dad are going on vacation so I need a place to stay…”

I threw a pillow at her. “You idiot I thought you were moving or something!” I yelled, half laughing.

“I can act too! So do you think your dad will say yes?”

I nodded and then said drily, “It’ll keep me out of his hair so yeah he’ll say yes.”

“Jasmine Marie Richards, don’t you ever think that! He loves you.” Natty sank down beside me, her eyes wide.

“Okay whatever. Are you staying for Christmas day too?” I asked hopefully.

“No, mom and dad are coming back Christmas eve.”

“Where are they going anyway?”

“Mexico.” Jealousy slid through my best friend’s voice.

“Lucky them,” I teased.

“Yeah sure, I’m going bring my stuff over tomorrow ok? But I’ll walk you home now.”

We walked out of the house and headed down the road to my house. Trees surrounded us, it was beautiful at night. I breathed in the frosty air.

“Wait did you hear that?” Natalie’s hand slapped against me, holding me back. I shot her a dirty look before I listened. It sounded like a…horse? We cut into the woods and glanced around.

Natty pulled out the flashlight her parents’ had handed her and shined it around. We moved deepened into the woods and the sound got louder. It was a raspy neigh. I knew what a hurt or sick animal sounded like, and that was it. Finally we reached a banded warehouse.

Natty stopped; she was scared I could see it. I motioned for her to give me the flashlight, she handed it to me as she stood there. I shined the flashlight around the warehouse and it landed on a lump of fur. I gasped and covered my face.

It stunk in here, not like death but like a bad injury. I knelt down beside the animal, and I could see it was a horse. It was just a foal; it was covered in snow and mud. It had barb wire around its delicate face; the barb wire was tied to a pole above the poor thing. It wouldn’t have been able to move without pain.

It squealed as I touched it, brown eyes wide with fear.

“You poor thing,” I whispered, tears running down my face. “Natty come in here.” I said calmly, not wanting to spook the foal. Natty walked in cautiously and saw the foal. She gasped, eyes bulging.

“Natty we have to help her.” The filly leaned as far as she could away from us. “But my dad won’t let me have any animals.”

“Mine won’t either besides cats. What about bring her to the police or animal control?”

“No, they won’t care for her properly. We have to hid her, and feed her and take care of her sores.”
The filly had a deep and painful looking injury on her leg, and the scares of her face were also deep.

“First we have to get this barb wire off. Natty, run back to your place as fast as you can and get some pliers, and some mash. I know your parents’ sell some. She can’t eat hay, her mouth looks to soft right now. Oh and get some blankets too, a lot of blankets.” I took a deep breath and finished my orders. Natty nodded and hurried off.

“It’s ok pretty girl. We’re going to save you; you’re not going to die.”

I remembered how I said that to mom as she lay on the hospital bed, slowly dying from her cancer. But this was different; I was going to save this little foal, whatever it took I would do it.

“Okay,” Panted Natty as she hurried in ten minutes later. “I got all the stuff. It was hard though!”

She dumped the bag beside me. The sound of it made the filly flinch, which made the barb wire cut into her face more. She gave a moan of pain. I dug into the bag and grabbed some pliers.

“It’s ok sweetie, we are going to take this evil stuff off alright?” I crooned to the poor animal. I did it quick and fast, the filly seemed to notice the pain was gone. She threw her head up and gave a loud neigh of joy. I grinned and glanced at Natty.

“Now we got to find a place to keep her. And a name,”

“You choose the name, and I think we should keep her here or at least in the woods.”

“Where a wolf or cougar could eat her?” I snapped.

“Ok. Bad idea, sorry,” Anger crept into Natalie’s voice.

“I’m sorry; I just don’t want anything to happen to her.”

“We could-” A branch cracked outside cutting Natty off. Her face paled and eyes widen. “What was that?” She mouthed to me.

I shrugged and move stealth like to the door. The filly tried to follow me but gave a grunt of pain as her legs gave out from under her. I grabbed a tree branch and I heard somebody step onto the steps, I readied the branch. As the person stepped in I swung it and hit them.

“Huh?” The person gasped and fell down the steps. I peered over the steps staring at a boy.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded to know.
“I-I-I was just walking around and I found this place.”

“Hmm is that so? Well there’s nothing here to see so go home.”

The boy glared at me. “I’m not six little girl, I’m fifteen.” He sniffed proudly.

“Well so am I.”

He raised his eyebrows and gave me a once over.

“You don’t look fifteen.”

“So what if I’m short. Now go, we were here first.”

“What is this, a little clubhouse?” Taunted the boy,

“Who are you anyways? I haven’t seen you before and I know everyone in this town.”

“I’m Harry Finny. My family just moved in on this gravel road.”

I groaned. “Please tell me you don’t live in the brick house.”

“That’s it.”

“Oh my gosh.” I said drily.

“Why what’s wrong with that house?” He looked concerned.

“I live in the house next to it!” I said pointing at myself and resisting the urge to stomp my foot like I always did when I was angry.

Harry grinned. “Oh really? Well I guess we are neighbors.”

I shot him a glare then began to head back inside. He made a move to join me. I blocked the entrance.

“I said go.”

He turned and walked back to his bike.

“Bye-what’s your name?”

“Jasmine Richards, but everyone calls me Jas.”

“See you later Jas,” Harry winked then rode off.
Natty poked her head out, eyes twinkling. “A new boy; nice,”

“Sure, if you think rude is the new nice.”

“Well he’s cute. Tall, brown spiky hair and blue eyes, that’s exactly who you said your dream guy would look like.”

“Let’s just get to the filly okay?” I turned away so she couldn’t see me blushing.

We finally decided we would take the filly to my house and keep her in my barn. We use to have horses but when mom died, dad sold all of them and said we were never going to have a horse again. It was the perfect place, dad never went in there.

“How are we going to move her?” Groaned Natty.

“I guess we have to carry her. I’ll take front and you take back.”

We picked up the foal and began then short walk to my house.

“We have to clean her up, I wonder what color she is underneath.”

“You mean you, have to clean her up. I have to get back it’s already 7:00.”

I sighed, “Yeah okay, but come early tomorrow ok?”
When we got to my house, there was no lights on meaning dad wasn’t home yet.

“Good, now I can do this without dad wondering what I’m doing. But then again, when does he care.”

Natty shot me a look and I just shrugged my shoulders. It was true but Natty hated it when I put myself or dad down.

We set the filly down as I opened up the door. It was warm inside the barn and we put her in the furthers stall, just in case dad did come in.

“Ok well I’m off. Bye little filly,” Natty began her walk back.

I grabbed a bucket and some warm water and began sponging her off. I put some ointment on her cuts and soon, all the mud was off. She was a dapple gray, mom’s favorite color. I felt a lump of sadness rise up in me but I pushed it down. It hurt to remember her.

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Nov 13, 2017
by: Kat

Nice intro to the story!

Nov 21, 2011
by: Miranda G

I love it!!! Please write on!!!

Nov 11, 2011
you don't know
by: lucinda

you don't know how much i love this series if you become a famous author one day I'm gonna buy all of your books :) please make part two

Nov 11, 2011
by: lucinda


Nov 10, 2011
by: Shine

Wow, wow, wow! You are a great writer! Please write more soon! You have got me hooked on the this story. Please write more!!!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 2 (Please comment or not part 3!)

by Doree

The naming game

"Jas there’s someone here to see you!" Dad's voice rang to my room. I groaned and rolled over. I was tired from last night; I had stayed out there till 12:00 which worked because dad didn't get home till 2:00.

I glanced at my alarm clock. The bright red numbers read 8:00. I frowned, who would be visiting me and this time? I slipped on a pair of black sweats and then a red throw over, over my black tank top.

"I'll be right there!" I yelled down the stairs. I brushed my caramel colored hair into a braid, it hung over my shoulder. My hair reached my waist and it has soft waves in it. I hardly wear it down though. I had bright blue eyes, like mom.

Dad said I was spitting image of her, but she had been tall, slender and curvy. I was short and skinny, not curvy and tall. I yawned and headed down the stairs, it couldn't be Natalie, she would have come right up, and all my friends did so it had to be…

"Oh no," I said.

Harry was sitting on the couch drinking orange juice, "Oh hey Jas."

"What are you doing here?" I said, folding my arms and glaring at the teenage boy.

"Jasmine Richards apologize right now for being so rude." Dad insisted.

"Sorry," I said drily.

"I just came to see my new neighbors." He put on a fake grin and smiled at dad.

I rolled my eyes and said, "I have stuff to do so.." I guided him to the door.

"I better get going anyways, I'll see you later Paul." He waved bye to dad then followed me outside.

"Do you have any sibs?" He asked grabbing his red bike.


"I do, one sister. She's fourteen, her name's Isabella. I call her Isa."

"Wow. Interesting..."

"Here she comes now!"

I glanced at the road and saw a tall girl with shoulder length brown hair. She grinned at me, showing her braces.

"You must be Jas. I'm Isabella, or as Harry calls me, Isa."

"Hey, yeah I’m Jas."

"Do you have any animals? I love them! We are getting horses soon, and dogs and cats and cows." She rattled off happily.

"Oh, cool." I gave Harry a tight smile and turned towards the barn.

"Where are you going? What are you doing?" Asked Isa tilting her head.

"I am... going to... go check on my barn cats. Yeah that's it, I have to go make sure they have water."

"Can we come?" Isa’s eyes widen with excitement.

"Sorry, no. I'll see you guys later though. Bye Harry, Bye Isa." I hurried off to the barn, making sure they had left first. Isa was chatting about something as they headed up the road, but Harry wasn't paying attention to her, his eyes were on my barn. I shot him a glare and went inside.

The filly nickered as she saw me come into view.
"Hey baby girl," I smooched. I brushed my hand over her scars. The medication was working fast.
"I still have to give you a name don't I? Hmm let's think..." I sat down beside her and she fell down beside me.

Her snow white coat looked beautiful with her brown eyes, which were now filled with happiness and warmth. She knew I wasn't going to hurt her.
"My mom always loved the name Snow Bird, how's that? Snow for short," Snow threw her head up and whinnied, I giggled then hurriedly got her to stop, dad might hear.

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Dec 26, 2011
A favor please?
by: Uma

Do you mind? You are a fabulous writer!! I was wondering if I could feature your story on my website? Of course I would give you credit with your name. But please? Your story is that good.

Dec 07, 2011
by: Alessia

Your story is sooooooooo awesome!!!!!! Keep writing and PLZZZZZ PART 3!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Dec 05, 2011
by: Abby (Reese)

Part. 3. Now. ;) LOL LOVED IT, IT WAS AWESOME! Became a fan after reading part one - you have real talent.

Nov 22, 2011
by: Uncalled For

You are an amaizing writer. You know how to get the reader engaged in the story. Good Job!

Nov 22, 2011
Awesome! Keep it up! :)
by: Leah F.

I already loved the story when I read part 1! I'm ready for part 3! :D

Nov 21, 2011
by: lucinda


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The Christmas Miracle - Part 3 (Please comment or not part 4)

by Doree

NOTE:**Sorry This has taken so long!!!**

The barn door was pushed open and Natalie hurried in. "Jas, your dad’s coming!" I groaned and closed my eyes, trying to figure what to do with Snow.

"We’ll put Snow Bird in the closet! Hurry, help me." We grabbed the filly and heaved over to the smallish tack room.

"Jasmine, Natalie? I know you’re in here." Dad’s voice boomed through the stables.

"Hey Dad," Natty and I walked towards him.

"Jas you know you’re not allowed in here!" Dad snapped. Was he ever pleased with me?

"I’m sorry. I just wanted to show Natty the secret hide out me and mom made."

"Natalie if you’re going to cause trouble, you can’t stay here." Dad turned and walked out. I heard the ruble of his car, than he was gone.

Tears filled my eyes. "He hates me."


"Why does he act like this? Does he even miss mom?" I cut her off, and then headed towards Snow.

"So you named her Snow Bird?" Natty asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah," I said smiling, "it was mom’s favorite name for snow white horses." Snow nickered when she saw us and stood shakily on her legs before falling down.

"Did you bring some more antibiotic cream? She has loads of cuts. If I ever get my hands on the monster that did this to her..." I muttered.

"Here you go," Natty pulled it out of her pocket.

"Maybe we should just put some sawdust in her and let her stay in this room."

"I guess. I’ll start moving the sawdust, you start putting cream on her." As soon as I moved away, Snow started calling.

Natalie laughed, "I’ll move the sawdust, and you stay here." I smiled sheepishly and sat down beside the filly.

"I wish dad would let me keep you," I murmured. I put some cream on one of the deepest cuts on her neck. Snow flinched but didn’t move. After I was done, I studied her. She looked Arabian, she had the dished face. But she had some features of the Morgan horse too. I decided she must be a Morab, a Morgan, and Arabian cross.

An hour later, I was closing the barn doors. "Do you think she’ll be alright?" Natty must have seen the pained expression on my face because she nodded.

"She will! The medication always works."

"Well what should we do now?" I asked then groaned as I spotted a figure heading towards us.

"Hey ladies," Harry grinned.

"We’re busy." I said flatly.

"You just asked me what we should do. We’re not busy." Said Natty totally oblivious to the death stare I shot her.

"Perfect! I was just coming over to ask if you guys wanted to come to lunch, now I guess you can." I did a deep groan and tried hard to think of something.

"I can’t think of anything... wait I just thought of something. My dad is coming early to lunch; he’s bringing his... girlfriend." I grumbled the last part, I didn’t think too much of Elizabeth Woods, Dad’s girlfriend. She was more on the short side, with blonde curly hair and bright brown eyes.

"Oh," Harry looked disappointed, "Natalie can you come?" Natalie glanced at me then nodded. "Sure. Maybe Jas can join us next time?"

I gave a brief nod then headed towards the house. I was going to set the table and start heating up the BBQ chicken and potatoes. Twenty minutes later, the door opened.

"Jas, I’m home. I brought Elizabeth like I told you I would." I walked into the boot room and stared at Elizabeth. She was smiling brightly and glanced unsurely at Dad then back at me.

"Hello Jasmine!"

"Hi Elizabeth,"

"Oh, call me Beth, everyone does." I didn’t want to call her Beth; it would sound like we were friends, which we definitely were not.

We sat down at the table and began to eat. Everything was quite until Beth talked. "How is school?"

"I’m done school for the holidays." I said coldly.

"Jasmine Richards, apologize right now for taking that tone with Beth!" Dad’s face turned red.

"Sorry," I quietly said. I didn’t talk just studied my Dad. He was tall with dark short hair and a beard. He was certainly handsome, but he didn’t look the same since mom died. He had bags under his eyes and his usual gleaming green eyes were sad looking.

I was pulled back into reality by Dad saying something to make Beth laugh. She smiled at me, but as Dad turned to get desert from the fridge, I shot her a glare. She looked surprised but just lowered her gaze, not saying anything.

"What’s wrong?" Dad asked as he sat back down, strawberry cheesecake in his hand. Beth glanced at me then said, "Nothing. I’d love a piece of that cheesecake though."

As we were eating Dad made me ask Beth about her work. "Well as you know I work as a cop with your Dad," she started off, "I actually get to go out and catch the bad guys, get in on the action!"
I half rolled my eyes and glanced at the clock.

"Dad its 2:00 clock, shouldn’t you be getting back to work?" Dad nodded and Beth stood up. I cleared the table and they left. As soon as I heard the whir of the engine, I hurried outside.

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Dec 29, 2011
Awesome!! :)
by: Leah F.

This is really good! I can't wait for part 4! :D Oh and Uma? I'm sorry about your relationship with your dad, there's always a great father figure for everyone, no matter what your situation is - Jesus Christ! :) (sorry, don't mean to be like i'm shoving religion down anyone's throat, but that was something I think everyone should know) :) <3

Dec 26, 2011
part 4 now!!!
by: Anonymous

plz part 4 :(keep going:)!!

Dec 26, 2011
by: lucinda


Dec 26, 2011
by: Katie

this story is soooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!! keep writing it please :)

Dec 26, 2011
Write more!!!!
by: Uma

Please write more!!! I can't wait to see part 4! This is exactly how it is between me and my dad! Wish I had a cute boy hitting on me though. Love the series!!!!!!!!

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The christmas miracle - Part 4

by Doree

NOTE** Hey everybody!! Thanks for all the amazing comments!! Please stay tuned for all the story, its 30-something pages long!! Just to let you know, this book is called 'The Christmas foal' I changed it later, but didn't want to confuse people but actually changing it here!! Well thanks again!!**

“Hey Jas,” Natalie strolled into the yard an hour later just as I began washing down Snow bird. Snow whickered and bobbed her head in greeting.

“You got a halter on her and a lead rope? That’s great!”

“Thanks, it was hard, she tried to bite me a couple times but she finally got I wasn’t trying to hurt her.”

Marvin, a stray orange tom cat, rubbed against Snow’s legs. The filly jumped away and bared her teeth at the cat. Marvin glared at her, and then walked over to Natty. She picked him up and absent mindedly petted him. He purred with content, then deciding he had enough, gave her a scratch and stalked away, tail high. Natty laughed at Marvin’s attitude.

“How many cats do you have again?” She asked as a wave of cats came at her.

“Like 15, but they’re all strays expect for Trigger of course.”

Hearing his name, my orange tabby kitty came running at me. I laughed and snuggled him. Snow, jealous, reared and pawed the air. I put Trigger back on the ground, he ran off with the other cats for their daily hunt.

“Are you ever going to tell your Dad about Snow?” Asked Natty as she petted the filly.

“I don’t think so, he was pretty mad this morning when he found out we were in the barn.”

Natty nodded but didn’t say anything; her lips were pressed in a thin line and worry lines between her eyebrows.

“Natty,” I sighed, “What’s wrong? I know that look, you get it whenever you are scared and worried.”

“W-what if your Dad find out and he doesn’t let me come over, because he thinks I’m trouble? What if he sends Snow away and the pet control kills her because nobody wants her? Face it Jas, she’s ugly, if your Dad finds out, nobody will take her. Everyone in our town has all these good looking horses, not ones like her.”

I rubbed Snow’s oversized ears and looked at her from somebody else’s view. She was white as snow, so her red cuts stuck out like a cat at a dog farm. Her ears were oversized, and her eyes looked too large for her face. Her hind quarters were huge, and her face had Arabian.

She was definitely the ugliest horse I’d seen, but I loved her all the same. The thought of her getting taken away made my heart ache; ever since Mom died I had nobody to really talk to. Sure Natty was a great listener, but I just couldn’t totally open up to her.

Snow reminded me of a horse Mom loved so much and called her own. The horse was a bay thoroughbred named Wind Chester. He was ugly, nobody wanted to take a chance on him because his legs were skinny, and he got sick as a yearling which left him always a bit lame in his hind foot. Mom bought him from his owners who were going to send him to the slaughterhouse. She trained him up, put her heart and soul into fixing him up.

Finally, at the year end race before the snow would fall, she raced him, with herself as the jockey. They won that race. Left the others behind in dust, it was the greatest run our town had ever saw, I was so proud of Mom. She knew that he deserved a second chance to prove himself, and she let him do just that. After Mom died, Chester seemed to know, he was 20 years old, but in perfect health.

He died just two days after her of depression, I was terribly sad because he was the only thing I had left of Mom. We buried him beside her grave, that why they could race together in heaven, that why he could be the young horse he was again, and Mom could be the happy, healthy jockey she use to be. I glanced at Snow again. I was going to do what Mom did, I was going to give this horse another chance.

A chance she deserved.

Chapter Three
Trust building

I asked for time alone with Snow, Natalie agreed and headed into the house to make dinner. As I opened the barn door to lead Snow in, I remembered how I still didn’t ask Natty about the lunch with Harry. I put Snow in the closet, than fed her dinner. I sat down beside her as she munched on her hay.

“Snow, you remind me of my mom’s horse. His name was Wind Chester, he was a thoroughbred. He was not the best looker but the greatest race-horse this town as ever seen. Mom took a chance on him, when nobody else would. He died two days after Mom, the vet said he died of depression, he was so sad the day Mom had to stay overnight in the hospital for treatment, like he knew what was going on.

He missed Mom giving her nightly visits, I tried but I just couldn’t fill Mom’s shoes for tat horse. Mom was also really sad, sad that she had cancer, sad that she was going to die, sad that I was sad, sad that she couldn’t see her baby boy. She had Chester for ten years. He was ten when she got him, I was five. He was so gentle with me, so gentle with everyone.

Snow, the point is that you’re not the best looker, but you are so gentle, Mom would have loved you. You deserve a second chance like Chester, I’m going to try and give you that ok?” I paused to wipe away the few tears that had run down my face.

“When Mom died everything around here changed. Dad didn’t laugh, or even smile anymore. I was only 12, he acted like I was the reason she was dead! I didn’t understand why God had to take my mommy away so soon, I still don’t. She was such a good person, but it was her time.

Dad was so angry, it scared me. He hardly even looked at me, still doesn’t. Seems like the only time he’ll talk to me is when he’s mad. Mom use to say Dad and I are so alike, even though we don’t look exactly the same, she says we are both as stubborn.

I wonder if Mom is looking down, and wondering why we never talk. She uses to think that we got along! But we never did…Mom always understood me, but Dad just cares about his stupid job and his stupid girlfriend.

Why is he even dating her, Mom only died three years ago, but he’s acting like she was never here! He has hardly any photos of her and he never talks about her, if I start to he gets mad and sends me to my room.”

I was sobbing now, and crying into Snow Bird’s fur, she nickered and nudged my shoulder. “I miss her so much, every day, every hour. I want somebody to talk to; I want Dad to talk too. I want to share memories of her, I hate being sad, I want my Daddy to love me and to understand I love him, and I need somebody right now. I need somebody so much right now.”

Snow lay down beside me; I leaned against her and snuffled.

“Snow, it’s almost Christmas again. Christmas is in a week and a half. I don’t think I can do it. Every Christmas makes me remember Mom, she loved Christmas. She would decorate the house, singing Christmas music at the top of her lungs. She would drink eggnog and dress in her Christmas clothes.

I remember how we use to go to the poorer families and give them cookies and presents. That was one of my favorite things, giving to them. Mom use to decorate the tree all fancy like, but now, Dad buys a tree but leaves it. He doesn’t decorate the house, put up lights, go caroling like we use to and give out cookies and presents. It’s like those times with Mom are just dreams he wants to forget. He doesn’t know how this makes me feel, I don’t think he’d even care. Do I even mean something to him? I-”

I was cut off by the sound of somebody tripping. I pulled open the door and saw Harry on the floor. His face was bright red and he wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“How long were you there?” I asked slowly, anger clawing at me.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry I didn’t know-”

“That was private!” I screamed at him, “How could you? Just go!” I turned and fell sobbing beside Snow. Harry tried to apologize, but after five minutes of me screaming at him to get lost he left. I felt embarrassed, I had just told Snow about how I felt, and Harry had listened to everything.

Anger overtook my sorrow, I couldn’t believe that boy! Of all the irresponsible, stupid, selfish things to do, I was brimming with anger. I was glad I hadn’t gone to the stupid lunch, I hated that boy. Angry tears slid down my face. None of this would have happened if Mom were here.

“If Mom were here,” I said softly to myself.

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Jan 21, 2012
by: Aleesia

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! keep it up! i really like the part where Harry was hearing everything that she said! MORE DRAMA LIKE THAT! WOOHOO!

Jan 03, 2012
by: lucinda

oh I only just realized something, Harry now knows about snow bird. XD

Jan 01, 2012
by: horsecrazy#1

That is AMAZING!!!!!!! Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 31, 2011
by: Leah F.

Love it!!!! Keep writing please! :)

Dec 30, 2011
by: lucinda


Dec 30, 2011
Love it
by: Lexi

Keep writing, I love the story!!!!!

Dec 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

keep writing I looovvee your story!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 5!!! Please comment or no part 6!!!

by Doree

**Sorry it took so loong!!!**

Chapter Five: The job hunt

“We have to get a job.” Natalie sat down beside me with a bowl of cereal.

I yawned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I hadn’t slept at all last night. “Yeah I guess,” I said finally taking a bite of my fruit loops.

“I can’t keep taking stuff from my parents’ store, sure they’ve gone on vacation but I feel bad. If I paid for it I wouldn’t.” I nodded and thought about it carefully, it would help just in case Snow Bird needed a vet.

“Ok, I agree. But what place are you thinking of?”

“I think we should put up signs around town saying we could do odd jobs, you know stuff like shoveling sidewalks, clean stalls, look after animals.”

“You have got a more artistic touch so you can draw pictures and write the stuff really nice like. I will write the slips for the phone numbers.”

Natty nodded then got some markers, “Do you have any poster boards?”

I nodded and pointed to the back room. Natty walked out a minute later with a bright neon green poster board and a bright pink one.

“I figured we could cut out the letters in pink and post them on the green one,” Observed Natty smiling at the few words she had printed on the pink. Soon she had them cut out and pasted on the green poster board.

It read, "Need help? Need any kind of assistance? We are your girls! We can do anything from walk your dog, to shoveling your sidewalk to exercising your horse! We have experience in all, and also in babysitting. We are fifteen, and very responsible. Call 403-235-6060 and ask for Natalie or Jasmine. Thanks, call soon!"

“That looks great!” I gave my best friend a side hug. She finished drawing a horse and a dog then handed it to me.

“Go photocopy about fifty pages ok? Then we can start posting around town." I nodded at her instructions and headed towards the copier.

As the pages began to get worked on, I thought of all the things I could spend the money on. A new halter of course, the rope one I had been using on Snow earlier had been bugging her, so I was going to get special one for her, and a lead rope. A blanket to keep her warm would be perfect when I took her out, and more ointment.

A few things for me would be nice, but everything would be going towards Snow. The beep of a printer told me the pages were done. The main poster could go on Jasmine’s store and the others could be for the posts and handouts and in other stores.

“Are they ready?” Natty poked her head into the door, eyebrows raised.

“Yup,” I grabbed them and we headed out the door.

“Ok that’s the last one.” I sighed as I handed the last to an older lady walking her dog. We had put them in stores and handed to different people. When we reached my house, the phone was ringing as we walked into the house. I ran and got it.

“Hello?” I asked breathlessly.

“Hi, is this Jasmine or Natalie?”

“It’s Jasmine and this is?”

“I’m Mrs. Jenkins, I was wondering if you or Natalie could babysit on Saturday?”

“Yes,” I said grabbing a notepad and writing this down, “What time?”

“1:00 to 6:00, I have a party at my work and my usual babysitter canceled.” Mrs. Jenkins sounded stressed, and worried.

“Okay, thank you! I will see you Saturday.”

“Thank you Jasmine.” She sounded relieved. I hung up and just as I moved to tell Jas the phone rang again.

“Hello, Jasmine speaking.”

“Hi, this is Mr. Edward and I was wondering if you could shovel my walk? It’s pretty big so you might need both of you. I will pay you 30 dollars an hour each.” I gaped at this and jumped excitedly up and down.

“Yes! We accept! Thank you.”

“See you this Friday at 2:00 then?”

“Yes! Bye,” I hung up and excitedly told Natty.

“We have two jobs already! Babysitting for Mrs. Jenkins on Saturday 1:00 to 6:00, and shoveling for Mr. Edward on Friday at 2:00. I wrote it all down on the pad by the phone just in case somebody calls so you don’t agree to something at those times. I can babysit Saturday by myself but I need you on Friday ok?”

Natty nodded, I could see in her eyes she had just memorized it all. She was good at that.

“You should go check on Snow; I will stay by the phone.” I smiled at her; I was itching to go see her since we got home.

“Thanks, be right back.”

“Ha ha wouldn’t count on that!” She knew I spent a lot of time with her and probably wouldn’t just spend a few minutes in the barn.

I ran to the barn, hardly able to wait to see my girl. As I opened the barn, Snow Bird let out a longing, sad neigh.

“Its ok baby,” I smooched, “I’m here.”

I was glad at the moment that it hadn’t snowed yet, it would be a lot colder in the barn. I missed how Mom and I use to do snow angels, built forts and had snowball fights with Dad.

One time we built this 6 feet tall snow man, it had a wig on and a skirt and everything. ‘Most amazing thing ever,’ Mom use to say. Mom was the most amazing thing ever; I loved everything about her, especially her beautiful name, Rubella Celia Richards.

I was pushed back into reality, when Snow knocked over her bucket of water and water splashed against my pants.

“Snow,” I yelped as I jumped away. She flashed sorry eyes at me before yawning and settling on her bed. I grabbed a rag and quickly worked to wipe as much water off before I froze. Even though there was no snow, it was still cold. I closed her door and headed back to the house.
“Any calls when I was gone?” I asked shutting the door.

Natty nodded. “Two, Miss Twain who needs us to walk her dogs on Sunday afternoon, and Mrs. Finny, she needs us to babysit Isabella. Harry is going to hockey so he can’t. Oh and she needs us Saturday at 2:00.”

“But Mrs. Jenkins-” I started,

“I will babysit for her, you babysit Isa. She will be very easy, she’s twelve but her Mom still worries about her.”

“Hmm,” I thought about it. Harry would be gone, which was good, and Isa seemed like a sweet girl. I nodded, “Ok, that works.”

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Feb 08, 2012
by: Leah F.

I love reading this! I can't wait for part 6!! :D

Feb 08, 2012
by: lucinda


Feb 08, 2012
by: Katie

luv it!! glad they got some jobs to take care of Snow!!!!! Part 6, please!!

Feb 08, 2012
Great Story!!!
by: Lexi

I LOVE your story! Part 6 please!!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 6

by Doree

Chapter Six: The babysitting job

So far everything that week had worked out fine, we had gotten more jobs and the ones we had before were pretty easy. We now had 200 dollars and 25 cents.

We had split it and I was able to get a new halter and lead rope for Snow, both were purple and had yellow stripes, Mom’s favorite colors. They were special made for her, and I also got a blanket for her to wear outside. That pretty much took up all my money, but there was still babysitting today for Mrs. Finny. I got there half an hour early; Isa was excited about the whole thing.

“I’m so glad you’re watching me! Harry just sits and watches TV all day.” She made a face.

I laughed, “Thanks. So what time will you be home?” I directed this question at Mrs. Finny who was rushing her husband out the door.

“We will be gone about 3 hours; we are going to John’s work party! So exciting,” She smiled at me as she put on her coat. “We will see you later, bye Jas, bye Isa.” She gave her daughter a kiss and hug and then they were out the door.
I turned to Isa.

“So, what do you want to do?”

“Oh! We should play littlest pet shop,” She leaned towards me and glanced side to side as if making sure nobody was listening. “Don’t tell anyone but I still play it.”

I nodded, “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

Soon we were playing littlest pet shop, that girl literally had a hundred pets and about twenty different stages for each. She loved at I was amazed at this, she giggled with delight and went on to explain how she carefully collected and looked after each one.

Tally and Mali, their twin white terriers, ran into her room and began to lick me with their rose petal tongues.

“Can you put them out of my room and shut the door? Last time they came into my room, they took off with Timmy,” She motioned to a brown dog with a slightly smashed in face, “And look what they did! He is a collector’s item.” She shot the dogs a look then shooed them out before shutting the door.

Hey, I sent a text to Natty, wondering how she was doing with the two four year old girls. Heidi and Beth were nice girls, but they could be drama queens.

My phone buzzed and it showed a new message sign.

Hey Jas how are things?

Right now Isa is reading a book. I’m just watching TV, what about you? : P

The girls went down for their Saturday nap which leaves me to watch TV too, Replied Natty.

Well I better go, Isa should be done reading by now, and it was just a small book, TTYL.

TTYL, she replied a second later.

“Jas I’m finished.” Isa wandered into the room and put the book in my lap. It was Robin Hood, one of my old time favorites.

“I have some books in my bag if you want to take a look?” I offered reaching for it.

“Sure! What do you have? I read anything from horse books, to dog books, to cat books to romance to-”

“Ok,” I cut her off, “Slow down there girly.” I pulled the two books out of my bag.

“I have Sundancer and Heartland, which you want?”
She examined each one carefully.

“I’ll take Heartland please,” She finally decided.
I handed her the worn book and smiled as she skipped to her room. It reminded me of how much I use to read to Mom while she was in the hospital, we read the whole series of Heartland, Mom loved it. It was our special thing to read together, and I missed it a lot.

I quickly cleared my throat, fighting back any tears that threatened to fall. I whirled around as I heard the door opened and found myself staring at Harry.

“Hey,” He looked sort of confused as he dropped his hockey bag on the floor.

“Harry!” Isa ran and gave him a hug. “Guess what? Jas brought me this awesome book! I have to show it to you!” She tugged on his arm.

“I-I thought you were at hockey.” It came out more as a statement then a question.

“We were doing so well, coach let us go half an hour earlier. I guess you’re the babysitter Mom hired.”

“Well I was looking for work,” I didn’t know why I felt I had to say that, but I did.

He nodded then glanced at Isa.

“Hey I need to talk to Jas, why don’t you go read that book?”

Isa sighed nosily then stomped to her room.

“Why don’t we sit?” He motioned to the couch.

“What do need?” I asked suspiciously as I lowered myself down on the couch.

“Nothing, it’s just,” he paused, “I know what’s in that barn. That’s what you found in the shack wasn’t it? That horse?”

I nodded slowly. “Yeah,”

“I saw those scars…enough to give me nightmares about it.”

“If only I knew the person who did that to her,”
“I think I do,” Harry said slowly.

“What? Who?” my heart felt like it was pounding a mile a minute.

“Do you know Billy Peterson? Well I go to hockey with him and I was talking to him, and he told me how he had this snow white girl horse-”

“Filly,” I cut in, correcting him.

“Yeah. Filly, anyways he said how he had to pay for it and everything because he bought it at an auction without his parents knowing, they were really mad when they found out. He didn’t want to pay for her anymore so he said he ‘got rid’ of her.”

I breathed in slowly, I knew Billy he was a bully to everyone, and it would explain the poor filly’s scars. I tilted my head back and rubbed my temple. Everything was getting so messed up lately.

“I thought I should tell you,” He said finally.

“And thank you for doing so…did you say anything? About me finding her?”

“Well to be honest, after he told me, I punched him. I saw that horse, what he did to her was terrible. That’s why I’m home early; coach thought I should work off my ‘anger’.”

My eyes flee open and I began to laugh at the thought of Billy for a change getting picked on.

“Thank you,” I was genuinely touched by this kind act. He could have told, but he instead got him back for Snow.

“Listen, I’m not the bad guy here. Sure I was a bit annoying when we met but I’m a good person.”
I nodded and smiled. “I know, maybe I’m not that great of a judge of character.”

“Are you guys done talking? Harry I want to show you the book,” Isa whinnied from her room.
Harry stood up and walked toward his sister.

“I think you got it handled here so I should go.” I stood up and reached for my bag.

“Why don’t you stay for dinner?” Asked Harry quickly, “I’m making a mean lasagna.”

I smirked and rolled my eyes. “Probably not as good as mine,”

“Ha Ha, you actually think that? Well I challenge you to a lasagna cook off.”

“You Are, On!” I threw my bag down and together we started making lasagna. Isa came to help us; we turned the radio on and started randomly dancing to music. It felt good; I felt happy and forgot everything for that time. And I was happy too, to forget everything and just focus on making food.

Mom and I use to do this all the time, but now when I thought of this, it didn’t make me feel like crying. I felt close to her, I swear I could hear her laughter and see her bright smiling face, and see Dad standing there, recording it all, his eyes dancing with happiness at watching his two favorite girls in the world enjoy the moment in which we could forget everything.

I must have stood there, grinning like an idiot because Harry poked me in the shoulder and asked if I was OK. I shook my head and flashed him the OK sign. I began to grate the cheese, and soon we were watching our lasagna cook.

“We’re home!” Called out Mrs. Finny as she and Mr. Finny walked through the door,

“Hmm something sure smells good in here,” Commented Mr. Finny.

“Mom, Dad!” Isa ran and gave them a hug. “We made lasagna! You are just in time, we are about to eat!”

Soon we were all sitting down and eating the delicious food. Mr. Finny was making jokes which got us kids laughing and Mrs. Finny rolling her eyes at her husband.

I glanced at the clock it was 5:00 now, I had to go.

“Thank you for watching Isa,” Mrs. Finny said as she handed me 40 dollars. “Can you watch her again tomorrow, same time?”

“Yeah of course! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I began my walk back; luckily we just lived next door. As I walked back, I felt slightly warm and fuzzy inside, something I hadn’t felt before and I liked it. I liked being a part of hanging out with Harry’s family, seeing Isa smile, seeing Harry smile and Mr. Finny tell lame jokes while his wife lovingly rolled her eyes, pretending to be embarrassed. But I knew no matter how I tried, they weren’t my family.

My ‘family’ was always at work, never looking at me and ignoring me. My ‘family’ never seemed to be there for me anymore, especially during the way I was feeling right now. All of a sudden, that light, warm fuzzy feeling was gone and replaced with a feeling that weighed me down, made me feel too tired to move and my spirits went low. The rest of the walk back, I was struggling not to cry. Like always.

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Mar 05, 2012
by: Alessia

OH MY GOSH! i just looovvvveeee your story! Please keep writing! Can you make a drama happen between Harry and Jasmine? That would be great!

Mar 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm rating this five stars because it deserves five stars! Please continue!!!:-)

Feb 10, 2012
by: Katie

wow this is... AMAZING!!!!!! great story!!!!!!! please part 7!!!!!!!!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 7

by Doree


I woke up at 6:00 in the morning, rolling over on my side I groaned, I was use to getting up at this time for school that I sometimes woke up early when I could sleep in.

I was babysitting again for Isa; I was kind of hoping that Harry would come home early so we could talk. I found that weird, I use to hate the boy but now I enjoyed his company. I then remembered Snow; she would want her feed by now.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and threw on a pink sweat shirt and sweats. Putting my hair into a pony tail, I headed out of my room and glanced inside Dad’s room. He wasn’t there; he got up extra early and went to work every morning. He didn’t even bother saying good bye, unlike when Mom was alive when he would come and give me a hug and told me to have a great day.

I missed those moments, but I pushed it from my mind as I grabbed a granola bar and headed outside. Like always, I filled her water bucket, cleaned up her messes and fed her hay. She munched happily, and then ate the rest of my granola bar I offered her.

“I should make you a special Christmas mash for you,” I said thoughtfully to the filly. She bobbed her head then snuffled me for more treats. For such a small filly, she sure was a big eater.
“You know Mom use to make special mashes for her horse. The one I told you about, Wind Chester. He seemed to look forward to the day when she would bring it to him.

One time he actually got out of his stall and peek his head in Mom’s bedroom window! It was 5:00 in the morning so she told him to go to bed, and as if he understood, he hung his head low and went back to the barn! It was amazing to see, they had such a strong bond they knew what each other was thinking.”

I paused then remembered a song Mom use to always sing to me.

“Sleep little one,” I sang softly, “Because when you wake up you’ll be big and strong. Rest, shut your eyes, clear your mind of everything. Because when you wake up again, it’ll be a whole new adventure till the end. Just wait, one day you’ll see, how much you mean to me.” I took a breath and smiled at Snow as she yawned and settled beside me. She glanced up at me, as if expecting more.

“Ok, here’s the next and last verse.” I had to gather it in my mind first, but once I had it I began to sing.

“Never underestimate yourself, please never do. You are yourself, beautiful and strong, you mean so much to me. Please know this, I love you dear. I will always be with you, far or near.” Snow nickered softly and placed her head in my lap.

“Mom use to sing that to me to get me to fall asleep or if a storm was going on outside. It really helped.”

I glanced at my watch, I still had hours to go but I had better get inside to wake Natalie up who had gotten a job watching Mrs. Yam’s kids from 10:00 till 5:00.

When I got back in, Natty was eating toast and watching TV.

“Hey, out visiting Snow by any chance?”
I rolled my eyes and nodded. “Yes, you know me so well...”

“Did you remember the dance is tomorrow night? Even though there’s no school, it’s so cool that they are still putting on a Christmas party! We should go get dresses tonight after we’re done babysitting.”

“Oh.” I paused, I had totally forgotten about it, now that I did remember I didn’t even want to go.

“Aren’t we supposed to go with a boy? Have one ask us?”

“Well, somebody already did,” She said slowly.

“Who? Harry?” I asked quickly, a knot forming in my stomach.

“No silly, Ben Louis.”

“Ben?” I asked slightly confused.

Ben was nice, but slightly geeky. He was super tall, with blonde straight hair and very skinny.

“He asked me the last day of school! I said yes, I didn’t want to be mean, besides he’s cute.”
I nodded.

“Shouldn’t you get going? It’s 9:30,”

Natalie’s eyes flee open. “Yup, bye!” She scrambled to grab her bag then raced out the door to her bike.

I had the house to myself, so I cleaned the whole house which deserved it. It seemed we really didn’t care if it was clean or not, but now I found myself caring. I didn’t like having a messy house anymore, it was sort of embarrassing. Cleaning the house also gave me time to think about the dance.

Mom told me about this dress she had wore when she was my age, she still had it, had kept it after all this time. I decided to go looking for it, so I went inside the attic. I coughed and tried not to breath in the million cobwebs. This part of the house defiantly need some work.

Finally I found the box marked "Mom’s dresses,"
one the very top was her wedding dress. I grabbed it and breathed it in, it reminded me of her.

It was white, and looked like a ballroom gown. It had lace at the bottom and top and had long sleeves and beading. I wanted to wear it when my wedding day came.

The dress I was looking for was on the bottom. I grabbed it, closed the box and went into my room to try it on. After I had it on I looked in my mirror. The dress was knee high, with thick straps and a deep red that seemed to make my hair color pop. It had lighter red beads and some lace on the bottom. I loved it, the picture I had on my mirror was of Mom wearing the dress. I looked just like her, my eyes filled with tears at that thought.

It wasn’t oh-I’m-so-sad tears, it was I-look-just-like-her tears of happiness. I quickly cleared my throat and changed back into my sweatshirt and sweat pants. I hung the dress up, carefully making space for it in my already way to filled closet. I was going to wear that dress tomorrow, I felt close to Mom when I wore it, I would do anything to just be near her again, but this was close enough.

It was like how I felt when Snow was around, I swore I could see Mom in her eyes, it was like there was something bigger to the horse then I could image. I knew I needed her to help me finally forget the bad past and take in the good.

From the moment I lay eyes on her, the good memories started rolling in, opposed to the memories of her lying on her hospital bed, white as a sheet with shadows under her eyes.

It felt good and I didn’t want to lose it, so I guess that was why I needed her so much, it was important Dad never discovered her, I would make sure he never did. Even though he pretty much ignored me, I still hated lying to him.

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Mar 10, 2012
by: lucinda


Mar 09, 2012
by: Gk99

Hey Doree! I'm soo sorry I haven't been commenting!! I didn't know u had posted a 7th part!!! Great job by the way, great description!!! I love your stories since everything is practically flawless :)

Mar 06, 2012
love it
by: Shine

Man Doree! How good can you get?!
I so love it.... and I don't mind you're still doing this on March! Post more SOON!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 8

by Doree

**Hey, thanks for all the amazing comments everyone:) I am really enjoying them !! So please keep them coming !! There's still more pages, the book in all is 38 pages and this is just page 21!!

I hope to be one day able to publish this story, cuz I personally find it's my best one yet :P Bye ! Remember keep the comments coming, I really enjoy feedback! Thanks!

Chapter Seven: Taking a walk

I rang their doorbell just as it became 1:00. Mrs. Finny opened the door and grinned when she saw it was me.

“Phew I thought for awhile you might be a no show!”

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, “I always show up for stuff I committed to.”

“Harry will be here an hour early so you can leave if you’d like once he’s here. I better get going, my work number is on the fridge, and so is Henry’s. If you need us give us a call, bye Isa!” Mrs. Finny turned and bustled out the door.

“Jas, Your back, wee haw!” Isa was dressed in a cowgirl suit and started galloping around me laughing.

“Slow down there cowgirl! What do you want to do first? Watch a movie?”

“Did you bring some? We haven’t got much,” She crinkled her nose in distaste as she rattled off the list of ‘baby’ movies they had.

“I brought Secretariat, Sea biscuit and Ever after.”

“Hmm,” She taped her face in a thinking way.

“Let’s watch Ever After! I love romantic movies!”
I put the movie in and changed the channel. Isa settled onto the couch with a bag of all dressed chips and a Dr. Pepper pop.

“Want me to get you a pop?” She asked, eyes glued to the TV as the movie began to start.

“I’m good, thanks anyways, I am going to let the dogs out for a bathroom break, be right back.” I don’t think she heard me but I didn’t bother to repeat.

Tally and Mali bounded out of the door as soon as I opened it. The dogs were well trained enough that they wouldn’t run away. They sniffed every spot and barked at unknown shadows. Typical dogs.

I whistled, calling them back and went inside. After I gave them their lunch, I headed back into the living room.

“That was such a good movie!” Exclaimed Isa as the credits rolled awhile later.

“Yup, what was your favorite part? Mine was when her step-mother found out she was queen.”

“Mine too! And when her prince saved her,”
I gave a sad smile.

“That was my Mom’s favorite part.”

“Oh,” Isa, paused, had worry etched on her face that she had said something wrong. “I’m sorry.”

“No don’t be. The memories are the only thing I have left, and I’m going to hold onto then.”

She nodded then changed the subject. “The school dance is tomorrow right?”

“Yeah, you’re going right? It’s for grades six and up.”

“Grant McGhee asked me to go,” She said, red spots appearing on her cheek.

“That’s great Isa!” I insisted, meaning it. He was tall like her, with red hair. They were both into the same things so naturally they would go together.

“Has anybody asked you yet?” she asked slyly.

I gave her a strange look. “No,” I said slowly.


“Oh just wondering,” She covered up quickly and turned away to pet Tally.

I wanted to get more out of her but I decided to leave it alone. For the next half hour we played Monopoly. As Mrs. Finny had said, Harry was home early again.

I raised my eyebrows back him and crossed my arms.

“No I didn’t get in a fight again, we really did get sent home early because we did a good job.”

“Ok,” I said slowly, “Well, I better get going since you’re here.”

“I was hoping we could go on a walk? Isa always wants to walk the dogs.”

I bit my lip, unsure but nodded anyways. “Sure, I’ll go get Isa and the dogs ready, you can go and have a shower.” I wrinkled my nose to show he smelt but he knew I was just joking.

“Isa we’re going on a walk! Harry is just going to go have a shower then we’ll go.”

“Ok, hurry up Harry so we can go!” She jumped up and down, and then ran to grab her coat.

10 minutes later we were walking on a path in the woods. Isa walked ahead of us with Tally, who she decided to take instead of Mali.

“Jas you always seem to sad.” He stated slowly.
“I still haven’t got over my Mom’s death, you expect me to be all happy jolly.”

“You aren’t the only one with a hard life.”

“Harry you have a Mom, a Dad, a wonderful little sister who loves you and so much more. My Dad can hardly look at me! My Mom is dead so I feel like I have no one.”

“He’s not my Dad,” He said quietly.


“He’s my step-Dad. Isa is only my step-sister. I was three when my Dad left, he came and visited me almost five times a month, and it was great. We’d go to football games, and play basketball and football. Then it all stopped when I was thirteen.

He just…disappeared. No more letters. No more games. No more Dad. Mom thinks he ran off to Mexico or something. I didn’t want to believe it, I still don’t. But Isa is great so is Henry. He was been my dad for years. He had Isa with his first wife, who also left him.

Mom and Henry were already great friends so it just happened. I’m thankfully for him; he’s always been there unlike my Dad who was ‘not responsible’ and ‘acted like a child’.”

“I’m so sorry I didn’t know…” I said quietly.
“How could you? I haven’t told anyone that before.”

“Thank you for trusting me. Maybe I should do the same, I’ll tell you about my Mom.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

He nodded then quieted down.

“I was eleven when I found out Mom had cancer. It was in her brain, so they couldn’t do anything expect give her medication which would help prolong her life. Even though they wanted her to stay in the hospital, she didn’t want to.

She came home and went for a ride with me. We found a place we called our own, some place I could go to if I ever needed her help and she would be there.

Her cancer got worse until she finally had to stay in the hospital. I visited her every day, reading her books, telling her about the adventures I had with Gizmo, my pony. She was always so tired, she couldn’t talk very much, took too much energy.

It was her time to go, two days after I turned twelve. After she died, her horse Chester died. He was in perfect health, not to old. The vet said he died of depression. He was always so sad when Mom was gone, and when she was in the hospital for good, it was like he couldn’t take it. I couldn’t take it.

Dad sold all the horses to a place where they would live out their days eating in a field. That wasn’t something Mom would have chosen, she would have said sell them to a riding camp where they’ll be loved by kids and spoiled rotten.” I took a deep breath.

“I like being with Snow, the filly, because she reminds me of what Mom would have loved. And it’s also kind of weird because, even though I hated you at the beginning, but Mom would have liked you too. The way you care about animals and such.”

“Wow.” He exhaled finally. “I didn’t realize that…”

“How could you, I haven’t told anyone that before.” I teased him by repeating what he said.

“You’re so funny.” He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Yes, yes I am. So are you going to the dance tomorrow night?”

“I don’t know…maybe I’ll just stay home with Isa.”

“Isa has been asked! Didn’t know that? She’s going with Grant McGhee.”

“What?” He frowned and stared at Isa who was running with her dog, skipping here and there.

“Yeah she told me this morning.”

“Well do you want to go?” He asked quickly then added, “With me?”

“Um yeah, ok.” I said smiling.


“Great!” I repeated after him.

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Mar 12, 2012
harry and jas
by: lucinda

"love is in the air" na na na na na naaaaaaa
"love is in the air" do doo doo do dooo

Mar 10, 2012
by: lucinda

you should definitely publish this story it is..... AMAZING! wow this is the first time i've commented on Ur story without every word being in capitals XD

Mar 10, 2012
Thanks !
by: Doree

Thanks for all your comments !!!

@Gk99: Thanks !!!!! I really want too, but I really have no idea how LOL !!!! But hopefully, one day I will be able too :)

Mar 09, 2012
Love it
by: Lexi

Love it!!!! Part 9 please!!!!

Mar 09, 2012
by: Katie

THIS IS A GREAT STORY! :) please part 9!! :)

Mar 09, 2012
by: Gk99

Doree!!!!! You should DEFINITELY publish this!!! I think this is better than even some horse books that I have read. You're doing an awesone job!!:) please post the rest!!

Mar 08, 2012
love it!
by: Anonymous

I just love Harry and Jas! They're so sweet!!! Please hurry with the next part!

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The christmas miracle - Part 9

by Doree

Chapter Nine: The Christmas Dance

The dance came sooner than expected, after coming home from a day of babysitting for Mr. Living; I was pretty tired and considered cancelling with Harry. When I told Natalie I was going with him, she grinned like mad and jumped up and down, all happy like.

She had left half an hour ago because she agreed to help decorate. It was now 6:00, the dance started at 7:00, so I started to get ready, pushing off the fatigue that threatened to overpower me. I slipped into mom’s old dress and curled my hair, pinning some up. I put some make-up on and put a pair of pink high heels into my bag.

I was walking there and back, since Dad hadn’t expected to get off until 9:00. Mrs. Finny had offered to drive me, but I declined. I would rather walk; give me more time to myself. As I walked down the hall, I glanced at myself in the mirror.

My caramel colored hair cascaded down my shoulders, some pinned up, some down. The make-up brought out my bright blue eyes. I walked down the last steps and saw Dad and Elizabeth sitting on the couch. Dad glanced up and his eyes misted and mouth formed an O. Elizabeth smiled at me and mouthed, you look beautiful. I gave her a half smile then turned back to Dad. He cleared his throat.

“You look beautiful, just like your Mom.”

“Thank you Daddy, I better go to get there in time.”

“Jasmine I can give you a ride,” offered Elizabeth standing, “I was just about to go get dinner anyways.”

“Okay,” I said quietly. I gave Dad a kiss on the check then headed outside, Elizabeth trailing behind me. When we were half way there she finally spoke.

“I’m not trying to replace your Mom Jasmine.”
I wanted to say, as if you could. But I knew I’d get in trouble.

“I know.” I said instead.

“No, you don’t. I knew your Mom, she was an amazing person.”

I didn’t say anything, just fell quite.

“He misses her just as much as you do.” She insisted as we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Are you trying to cause me pain? Do you think I need this right now?” I accused.


“You don’t think I’m in pain everyday! You don’t think that I know she was amazing? You will never be my Mom, not even close. You’re nothing like her, nor will you ever be.” I spat, slamming the door shut and scrambling up the sidewalk to get away from this all, her, Dad, everything.

Tears sparkled in my eyes, here I was, again. I felt like I couldn’t get away from the pain that surrounded me, that if I tried I would just get sucked back in. I felt horrible for saying that to Elizabeth, she was doing nothing wrong. It was all me, I was the trouble maker.

I leaned my head against the school wall, trying to collect myself before I went inside. I took a deep breath. I opened the door and headed in. It was like a winter wonderland, when you walked in there was a white arch and white lights.

“Jas!” Harry walked towards me. He was wearing the black and white suit.

“Hey Harry, you look great.”

“You, look great too.” Grinned Harry.

“Thanks, this was my Mom’s dress.”

“Well I know for fact she’s looking down right now and smiling at her beautiful daughter.”

I gasped, “Thank you. Really thank you,” I felt so proud to be wearing her dress, to look like her.

“Oh wow!” Screeched a high pitched voice, “Jas, you look like so like pretty!”

“Thanks Tara, you look nice too.”

Tara was part of the popular group at my school; she was a small, petite blonde with huge blue eyes. Tonight she was wearing her usual outfit to any dance, a blood red dress that was strapless and skimmed the top of her knees.

“Like thank you!”

I gave her a smile then Harry and I moved past her, she was a sweet girl but her high voice and then tendency to always say ‘like’ really got to me so I couldn’t talk to her very long.

“She’s…interesting.” Commented Harry as he opened the door to the gym.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah she’s a sweet girl but her voice gets to me.” I scrunched up my nose, “And the way she talks.” I paused then added, “Like you look like so pretty!” Mimicking Tara’s voice perfectly, we then walked inside the gym and I gasped.

It was beautiful, it had lights, white trees, everything you could imagine in a winter wonderland. Even the food looked amazing! There were vanilla cookies with vanilla icing and decorations on them. Some had blue snowflakes, snowmen and then there a huge white cake with little light bulbs that were eatable.

“Here I got you some punch,” Said Harry. I grabbed the cup and thanked him. I actually hadn’t even realized he left me.

“Hmm this is delicious!” I marveled at the taste of the blue drink. It tasted like a mixture of Dr. Pepper, 7up, and some kind of blue drink, Maybe Kool-aid.

‘Silent night’ boomed over the speakers and I chewed on my lip and raised my eyebrows at Harry.

“Want to dance?” He asked a half smile on his face. I nodded and he set our drinks beside our chairs.

We began to swerve to the music, I felt happy and free. I glanced around and smiled at Isa and Grant they were happily chatting. Ben and Natty were dancing slowly, like us, her head on his shoulder. Everybody looked happy, I felt happy.

Tonight was like that night I was at Harry and Isa’s house and we had dinner. I had felt free, happy, so many words to explain. I was only fifteen, I didn’t need the weight of sadness and pain always on my shoulders, and I needed to be happy and free.

I missed Mom a lot but I knew she wanted me to be happy. I had Harry, Natty, Isa and Snow Bird. They were the things that made me feel complete. Every one of them were an accentual part of it all, like a puzzle piece that needed all of its pieces.

As long as I had them, I knew I was going to be fine. I knew that even though Mom was gone, I could feel happy and somehow, I knew that sooner or later, Dad would eventually start being my Dad again. The song ended and we pulled apart, I was smiling so much that Harry gave me a quizzical look.

“What’s up?” He asked slowly as we picked up our drinks and sat on the chairs.

“Nothing,” I said in a sing-song voice.

“Jasmine Richards, if I know you, and I’m sure I do, something is up and I’m guessing its good news.”

“You do know me, and its good news. I just realized, it’s not bad to be happy, but Mom would want me to be glad not sad, or mad. And I’m starting to rhythm so I just feel…happy.”

“That’s great Jas!” He insisted, smiling at me.

“Thanks I think so too.”

“Hey Jas,” Said Angelica, a girl from Tara’s group of friends, she looked and was dressed just like Tara.

“Hi Angie,” I smiled using her nickname. I wasn’t the most popular girl in the school, but a lot of people liked to talk to me.

“I like, love your dress!” She screeched. She also talked exactly like Tara.

“Uh, thanks. Yours is pretty too. Tara has the same one, did you plan that?”

“Like yeah! Isn’t it like so awesome! I was like, Tara; we should like wear the same dress!”

I nodded. “Yeah ok, well we are going to dance so bye.” I grabbed Harry and we started to jive to ‘run-run-Rudolph.’

“Wow talk about mini-Tara, how many more are there?” Joked Harry, “Like three others. Like isn’t it like awesome?”

“Ok, stop talking like that it’s creeping me out,” He made a face which made me burst into giggles.

Mrs. Lester glared at me, as if I was doing something wrong by giggling and being happy. When she turned around to scowled some kids who were dancing to close, we made faces at her back which sent us into more laughs, earning us dirty looks from the teachers who looked like they would rather be anywhere else then here, watching teenagers dance and goof off.

After we were done rocking off to ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’, we sat down. I flinched as I took off my shoes to rub my feet, which were very sore from the pinching shoes.

“Ready to go yet Jas? You look a bit tired-and sore,” Harry asked as he munched on his third cupcake.

“Yeah I kind of am,” I confessed, standing up barefoot. “Is that OK?”

“Totally, I’m tired myself, three hours of dancing can do that to a person, you know.”
Harry and I walked outside and waited for his mom to pick us up.

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Mar 16, 2012
Thanks !
by: Doree

Thanks for ya'll's comments !!
@Katie: I wish !! I really want too, but I don't really know how sadly:(

Mar 15, 2012
LOVE IT!!!!!!
by: Ann

Hey, write more plz!!!!! i am loving it!!!!! i would love the whole story and i need to finish reading it. it is soooooo good!!!!!!!!

Mar 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

PLZ WRITE MORE!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!

Mar 14, 2012
by: Gk99

WOW!!! all I can say is WOW!!!!!! This is SOO GOOD!! This story had me captivated!!!! AWESOME JOB!!!!!:)

Mar 14, 2012
yay new part!
by: lucinda

yay new part! harry is so fat having 3 cupcakes XD

Mar 14, 2012
by: lucinda

yay! I love it when the next parts come out! I'm this parts first comment-er double yay!

Mar 14, 2012
by: Katie

this is SUCH a great story! are you thinking of getting it published?

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 10

by Doree

“Hey you guys!” Natalie jogged up to us, her face flushed and happy looking. “Good, you haven’t left yet! Ben’s Mom couldn’t drive me home because they are heading up to her grandma’s house for some reason that I do not know so can I catch a ride with you guys? I mean I’m living at Jas’ house anyways.”

I laughed and playfully bumped my shoulder against hers. “Of course you can! You didn’t have to ramble on silly girl. Oh and by the way you look beautiful!”

Natty blushed and ducked her head. Her dark head of curly hair was pinned back, and she was wearing a medium length blue dress which really set off her eyes.

“Jas you look beautiful too! Just like your Mom.” Insisted Natty, and in turn, making me blush.

“What about me?” Asked a voice behind us, Isa grinned at us and twirled in her black dress.
“You look dazzling girly.” I smiled.

“Totally,” Agreed Natty, nodding her head.

Isa tugged her hair out of a French braid and yawned. “I’m so tired. My date was great!”

“Mine too,” Laughed Harry and Natty in unison.

“Agreed,” I added. A horn beeped and startled us out of our short conversation.

“Come on guys, time to go.” Called Mrs. Finny from inside her minivan, we all piled in and started chatting excitedly about what had happened that night.

Once we were driving down the road to our houses, I asked Mrs. Finny to drop me off her, since there was no reason for her to go down our driveway.

“Hmm. Ok, Harry you can walk her back.” She sounded like she meant it so he nodded and as soon as the car was turned off, we jumped out and started towards my house. Natalie fell quietly behind us, which I found weird. As soon as we stopped at the top of my drive way, Harry leaned down and gave me a quick peck of the cheek.

“Bye,” He mumbled and ran away.

I gasped and touched my cheek which felt like it was burning. I glanced at Natty. She grinned at me and we hooked arms, what we saw next startled us...

**Sorry this is so short!!**

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Alessia

Oh my gosh! The ending was such a cliffhanger! Please write more and tell me what it was!!!!!!!!!

Mar 25, 2012
by: lucinda

totally awesome!!! i wish i could write stories as good as this one!

Mar 23, 2012
by: Gk99

AWESOME! loveLOVE the way you wrote this part.. Great details too!!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 11

by Doree


Dad was holding onto Snow looking very, very angry.

“D-Dad what are y-you doing?” I stuttered glancing from him, to Snow, to the man with the truck who looked very bored by all this.

“Look mister,” Said the man coming towards us. “I got a tight shift. I have ten other horses to pick up.” Dad shot him a look which shut him up quick.

“Jas,” He said quietly, “What on this earth was this horse doing in our barn?”

“Dad you don’t understand! I found him and he needed me!”

“I told you no more horses!” He yelled his face a deep shade of red.

“That’s only because they remind you of Mom!” I screamed back,”Well I want to remember her, unlike you!”

It was then I saw Elizabeth standing there in Dad’s shadow, eyes down casted. I glared at her, full force.

“Jasmine go inside now.”


“Go right now.” His voice was tense with anger. He turned to Natty. “Natalie go inside and call your parents. I think you should find a different place to stay.”

She gaped, a few stray tears ran down her face but she nodded.

“You can’t do this,” I begged him, tears coming down full force.

“Just watch me. You did this behind my back, you could have talked to me.”

“No, no I couldn’t! You ignore me every day! You only care about your stupid job,” I spat, anger pouring out of me. “You don’t even try to talk to me, or look at me or do anything!”

“That’s not true! I love you.” His eyes begged me to believe him but I glanced away. He handed Snow’s lead rope to the man. I scrambled towards her, but Dad grabbed me. “Where are you taking her!?” I screamed at the man.

“Honey she’s going to the auction, she’ll get a nice family.” Dad said, trying to calm me down as the man took away my horse.

“No!” I shrieked. “Dad, you don’t understand! Nobody will take her! Honestly do you think someone will? She will go to the slaughterhouse! Please Dad I’m begging you! Do this for me! Do this for…Mom.”

His eyes filled with tears but he looked at the man. “Take her Brian.”

Brian shut the latch and went to his truck. I broke loose and started running after the truck as it started up and went down the driveway.

“Snow!” I screamed over and over, her head peeked over and she called desperately for me. I tripped over a rock and started to sob, snow started to fall all around me it swirls. I got up numbly after sitting and sobbing for five minutes. Dad stood there, eyes on the ground.

“I hate you,” I whispered softly. “I wish Mom was her and not you. She would have understood. I wish you were dead and not her.”

The words seemed to cut him deep, he cringed and tears fell from his eyes. Elizabeth looked at me with wide eyes. I ignored this and ran to me and Mom’s secret place. It was behind our house, a little fort we built. I sat there feeling like everything I cared about was gone.

I glanced down at the dress I wore. It was torn by the legs from when I fell. I lay down on the wooden floor and stared at the snow that was flying all around me. I shivered. I should have brought a coat, but right now I hardly felt anything.

I felt horrible for saying that stuff to Dad, but he had cut me deep also. Right then, I thought everything was perfect but now I was right back to where I was when Mom died. It felt like Mom dying all over.

Nobody would take the oversized ears horse. He was beautiful to me but not to others. He would end up as pet food, or on somebody’s plate. The thought sickened me to the point, where I had to get up and throw up. I didn’t know what to do. I felt lost, hurt, so much pain.

“Mommy I need you.” I whispered. “What should I do?” I closed my eyes and snorted back tears.
The wind that blew against me felt warm, like Mom. I then knew what I needed to do. I got up and ran as fast as I could to the Quinton’s barn.

They lived a couple doors down and had horses. I snuck into the barn and grabbed Ghost, a black and white paint. I didn’t have time to explain right now why I was taking their horse, so when Mr. Quinton came outside to see what was going on, I just zoomed past him on a full out gallop. After five minutes of galloping, I spotted the trailer stopped at a house I didn’t recognize.

I slid off of Ghost and slapped his rump. He cantered back towards home. Snow Bird saw me and whinnied, I hushed her and stealthy snatched her from the trailer. We went behind the bush and watched as Brian brought a bay thoroughbred into the trailer.

“What the…” His voice trailed off as he glanced around for Snow Bird.

But he’ll never find her, I thought gleefully.
He shook his head and loaded up the bay mare. Then he shrugged and got in then drove away. I was thankfully he was too lazy to actually look. The snow started to fall faster and faster. I shivered and hugged myself.

“We can’t go back Snow. I got mad at Dad and said stuff that I didn’t mean. He won’t let you stay but I won’t let you be made into food. Come on, we’ll go to another secret hiding place me and Mom had. We never told Dad about this one.”

As I trudge along the now snowy field, I heard people calling my name. I crouched low and pushed Snow down. She blended into the snow well, so did I as I had worn my white coat.

“Don’t worry John. We’ll find her,” Assured Elizabeth.

“Thanks Beth. I want to find her soon, there is a snowstorm warning heading our way.”

Their voices grew fainter and fainter until it was just a whisper in the howling winds. I got up and started again to head to my secret place. Finally we reached it after ten minutes. It was a small lean tube where we use to play and pretend we were stranded in the wilderness.

I sat down and started breathing slowly; Snow lay down beside me and nickered at me. The wind was howling angrily and I saw what Dad meant. I was in a snowstorm. The snow fell like crazy, whirling around like a tornado.

I wasn’t dressed for this weather. My legs were turning blue and felt like I couldn’t move them. I started to cry, I couldn’t help it: I was scared and wanted my Daddy. I felt alone in the darkness of the night besides Snow Bird who snuggled up to me, shivering. I was thankfully for the lean tube; it protected us from some wind.

“I-I’m scared Snow,” I mumbled through freezing lips, “I want my Mommy and Daddy.”

Snow Bird was almost totally covered in snow. I quickly brushed it off of her, but more fell and fell. Snow Bird was on my legs, which protected my legs from some snow.

“Snow I-I’m s-so sorry.” I shivered, “N-now we’re both g-going to d-die.”

I closed my eyes and tried not to think of how I left things with Dad. By the time they found us, we more than likely would be dead. I felt stupid and scared. I remembered a song Mom use to sing to me whenever I was scared.

“Hush little one, soon it will be done,” I sang softly, “you can trust me, I will protect you. Listen to my voice, follow me my dear. You are strong and brave, you have nothing to fear. I will protect you, my little dear. Soon the fear will be over, and then it will be, like nothing was ever there, calm as can be. The storm will pass, sooner or later, just trust in your-self, and you will know, you have nothing to fear but fear it’s self.”

I felt calmer now, like Mom was hugging me, telling me it would be OK. I thought for a second Snow Bird was dead but she shook the snow off her then shifted her weight on my legs, as if trying to cover more area to help me.

“Snow Bird, I’m sorry I got us into this,” I rasped shivering rapidly.

I felt my eyelids beginning to close, but not before I saw a tall, dark figure approaching us.

“N-no l-leave me,” I mumbled, but I couldn’t do anything. I felt arms go around me. I heard Snow Bird squeal before I totally blacked out, like she was angry at whoever was holding me. I wanted to tell her it was ok, but I couldn’t. Then everything went black.

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Mar 27, 2012
by: lucinda

*glares at Katie* i'm this stories capital super fan! oh well :D great story I comment of every part but this has got to be the best part you've done so far. it made almost made a tear roll down my cheek when she said that stuff about her mother good for her for saying that to her dad but poor her and snow bird having being stuck in that snow storm! I sure hope they make it out OK!!! though people never really kill off there main characters :D

Mar 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Plz post more! it is an awesome story and I can't wait till I finish reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 26, 2012
best part!
by: Shine

This is the best part I have read so far! Please, please, please,please post the next part really, really, really, SOON! I cannot wait!

Mar 26, 2012
by: gk99

WOW! All your stories are AMAZING! This has the best portrayal of feelings and emotion too... keep it up :)

Mar 26, 2012
by: Katie

TENSE PART! this is such an AMAZING story!! you have so much talent that you don't need to put comment or no part 12!!! you just make ppl WANT to comment :) PLEASE PART TWELVE!! :)

Apr 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

pretty good, very interesting.

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The Christmas Miracle - The REAL Part 12

by Doree

The truth comes out

I blinked a couple times and glanced around. I was covered in heavy blankets, lying on a couch. I was in a log cabin and an older man was making something in a mug.

“Good you’re up.” Said the man in a rough voice,
I knew that voice, but it had been almost three years since I saw the man. It was my grandpa. He was mom’s Dad, he was so upset after she died he didn’t contact us at all. I all of a sudden felt anger towards my grandpa.

“How did you find me?” I asked quietly as I took the hot drink he offered.

“You’re Mom and her Mom—your grandmother—made that secret place. They told me all about it.” He gave a sad smile and I felt bad for the man. He had lost his wife in a car accident only a year before Mom then lost his daughter to cancer.

“Thank you.” I said finally, breathing heavily. “Why haven’t you ever talked to us since Mom…died?”

“It’s been hard Jasmine.”

“It’s been hard for all of us,” I shot back.

He gave me a look like he approved of my back bone then sat on the couch across from me. I studied him as I sipped at my drink. He had white hair and a beard and mustache. He was tall, and big. Not fat big, but built big. He looked like a bear in his coats.

“I called your Dad. He’s going to be here soon.”

“Ok,” I nodded, I knew he would. “Where’s my foal?” I asked, glancing around frantically. He gestured over beside the fireplace, and there was my baby girl, lay there snoozing in front of the open fire.

“Why did you run away? You aren’t that kind of girl Jasmine.”

“How do you know? Maybe I’ve turned bad over the years.” Grandpa gave me a look and I blushed. “Ok so maybe I’m not bad…I ran away ‘cuz Dad was going to take away snow bird. He was going to the auctions where she would more than likely end up at a slaughterhouse! Dad was so mad…I told him that I wished he was dead not Mom…”

“Jasmine,” Scowled Grandpa softly,

“I felt horrible after! When I thought I was going to die out there, I regretted it so much. He has ignored me so much, like he hates me or something. Maybe I am just something he doesn’t want, I don’t know. I needed someone to talk to after mom died, but no one was there for me.

You didn’t call or anything, Dad acted just the same expect I see him. He’s hardly talked or glanced at me since Mom died, I was going through pain nobody imagine. You guys think that since I’m younger I don’t understand as well, but I do. There is not a day that has not gone by when I haven’t felt pain.

The couple days I don’t feel like crying every second, or begging for my Mommy back is when I’m with Snow Bird. I also feel better when I’m with Natalie and Harry but it’s all like a puzzle piece. I need all of them to feel better, to feel safe.” I heard a creak the door. I whirled around and saw Dad standing there, his face white.

“Is that really how you feel?” Whispered Dad, he moved inside and sat on the couch, his face blank. “Sweetie, I have never wanted you to feel like this. I love you so, so much.”

“Daddy I never meant what I said before, I don’t want you dead.” I moved over and hugged him.

“I sometimes wish she was here not me.” He said quietly. “She could have raised you better than me. I’m sorry for ignoring you; you just look so much like her.”

“Dad you are a great parent, I love you.”

“I should never have sent Snow Bird away. I’m so sorry, we will get her back.” I glanced over at my filly and he followed my gaze. He gave a small smirk. “I should have known, you’re just like your Mom in every way. She would have done the same thing. She loved horses so much. Remember Chester?”

I grinned, “Yeah he was an amazing horse. Just like Snow bird. She reminds me of what Mom would have loved.”

“We are going to have a better life, no more ignoring and Snow Bird can stay.” He got that stubborn look on his face and I knew he was telling the truth.

“I agree,” Spoke up Grandpa, “No more of this. I want to be back in your lives.”

I reached over and patted Grandpa’s arm. All of a sudden, Elizabeth, Harry and Natty burst through the door.

“Oh my gosh,” Said Natalie, wrapping me in a hug, “I’m so glad you’re OK!”

“Jas never scare us like that again!” Exclaimed Harry giving me a one armed hug, I grinned and nodded.

“I’m glad you’re fine.” Said Elizabeth a small smile on her face, I took a deep breath. Elizabeth was not a bad person; she made Dad happy I could see that. Mom would want Dad to be happy so I leaned over and gave her a tight hug.
“Thank you…Beth.” I whispered.

As I pulled back I could see the grin that light up her face. She knew I finally accepted her, and that obviously made her very happy. Dad gave Elizabeth a hug too, and then when the broke apart, they were still holding hands.

“What did your Dad say about Snow?” asked Natty, worry etched on her pretty face.

“Everything is great!” I exclaimed. I then remembered it was Christmas Eve. I turned to Grandpa, “Have you got a tree?”

And then for the next hour, we decorated a tree and sang Christmas songs at the top of our lungs. Finally it was time to go home. I yawned sleepily, it was twelve O’ clock at night, and I needed some sleep. As soon as we were home and Snow was tucked safely in her barn, I was asleep the moment my head hit my pillow.

Christmas Day

I ran down the stairs the next morning, feeling refreshed and happy. Everything was perfect now. Everything was right. I found Dad and Elizabeth in the living room.

“Hey Beth, when did you get here?” I asked as I made a hot chocolate.

“Oh an hour ago, is Natalie up?”

“Oh!” I set my drink down and rushed up stairs to wake my best friend. Soon we were all sitting around the tree.

“Ok this one is for…Natalie from Santa!”

Exclaimed Dad handing a beautiful wrapped box to her, she looked surprised, but happily took it. Inside was a pair black cowgirl boots with a matching hat.

“Oh my goodness! They are beautiful!” She grinned.

“Next is for Jasmine from Dad,” Read Elizabeth handing me the gift.

It had some money, and a couple other things. Soon we were all done, I had got brown cowgirl boots with a matching hat, jewelry, money, make-up (from Beth who said I would want to have loads just in case) and then some treats for Snow Bird. Dad had got a hat (from me), socks (from Natty) and his favorite book from Elizabeth. I had got Elizabeth some earrings and now Dad handed her his gift.

It was a small box, the kind that could hold a ring. I held my breath as she opened it. Her face light up and she started to nod and murmured yes, yes! He had asked her to marry him, which she accepted. I didn’t mind, I liked her.

Dad reassured me later, that no one would ever take Mom’s place, but he really loved Elizabeth. I told him I understood and was really happy for him. I headed out to the barn to give Snow Bird her gifts when I saw Harry standing beside the barn. I grinned at him.

“Hey I heard about your Dad and Beth.”

“I know, isn’t it great? I feel like everything is finally…perfect.”

I opened the barn and together, we sat down and fed Snow her gifts. We didn’t talk but then again we didn’t have to. It wasn’t awkward silence, but peaceful. Harry grabbed my hand and held it, then glanced at me, making sure it was OK. I gave him a smile then fed Snow another treat.

Everything was finally as it should be. Dad was talking to me again, I was going to have a nice step-mom, I had Snow bird and didn’t have to hide her from Dad, Natty was staying for the rest of the week and then I had Harry, my almost boyfriend.

Everything was going great and it was all because of Snow Bird. Dad and I would never have talked if it wasn’t for her, and I probably wouldn’t have become so close to Harry and Elizabeth. I felt calm, happy and peaceful. Snow bird truly was a Christmas miracle.

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May 24, 2012
by: Annie (Anonymous)

@Dorree - yes, ask someone on HorseCrazyGirls. There are a lot of good artists, i'm sure!!

May 23, 2012
@ Anonymous
by: Doree

I love that idea!!!! But I don't know anyone who is a great artist. Are you talking about on this website though??

May 22, 2012
LOVE IT!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

LOVE IT!!!!! Hey, could u ask someone to draw like 10 to 15 pics at different scenes of the story???? It would make the story even better (if that is possible!). Plus I would like to see what people think Jas and Harry and her friends and Snow look like!!!!! What do u think?

Apr 23, 2012
by: Doree

I wish it could keep going too! But, there wouldn't really be a storyline, now that she and her dad had finally learned to understand each other!!! in the future, I might make another book about Jas, and her college life. I hope you enjoy the other books I have began writing, they are about her daughter!! I have two books of her finished so far (and I am posting them here) and about publishing.... wow I wish I really could !! I do have this and my other two books binded, but I haven't sent them to any publishers.. yet. Hopefully I will someday! thanks to everyone who commented, it made me super happy to see people were enjoying my book ! :)

Apr 22, 2012
i wish this wasnt the end
by: lucinda

i soooo wish this would just keep going but i know it's probably hard to think of too many ideas you though make it look easy! you've done such a great job maybe your parents would know how to publish it? sooo great!

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The Christmas Miracle - Part 12 (The end, sadly)

by Doree



Three years later

I shifted in my seat as Harry turned away from our college and headed home. I was excited to see my parents and Snow Bird, I hadn’t seen them for half a year, any breaks I took was studying for the next test or doing runs with the vet.

I had been studying to be an equine vet and needed all the studying I could have. I closed my eyes and leaned back, I might as well sleep on the two hour drive back. Natalie was just as excited as me, Harry too. They had seen their parents more then I had, but still the thought of them made them happy.

We had all been such a happy bunch all week because of this, and now finally it was happening. We only had two weeks, but with those two weeks I would go shopping with Elizabeth, hang out with Dad and maybe go for a horseback ride.

I squirmed at the thought with such excitement I was surprised I didn’t jump out of the car right then and start to run because Harry was following behind a slow moving truck. I took deep breaths to calm myself and soon found myself dreaming about galloping Snow Bird across a field of snow with her foal beside her…

Harry turned down the drive way and then glanced at me.

“You’re finally home.” He whispered, shaking me away gently. I sat up and glanced back at Natalie who was grinning.

“I can’t believe its Christmas Eve! I know I’m eighteen but I still get super excited.”

I nodded but stayed quiet, taking everything in. I had been gone a year at college, with my boyfriend, Harry and roommate/best friend, Natalie. I was so excited to see Dad and Elizabeth, who was my step-mom. It was three years ago, I finally accepted Mom’s death and moved on. Three years ago that changed everything. As we parked and got out, Dad rushed out, Elizabeth trailing, and grabbed me in a hug.

“Oh Jas, I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too Daddy,” I said blinking back tears as I went on to hug Beth.

“How’s Snow Bird?” I asked. They had to keep her while I was gone, and while I was gone, a rogue black stallion had found her and now she was expecting any day.

“Great! The vet said she’s ready to have her foal any day now.” Elizabeth explained, as we headed into the house. I took a deep breath in of all the familiar smells.

“It feels great to be home,” I admitted to Elizabeth as I put my suitcases into my room.

“It’s great to have you back sweetie. Your father was fuming about it all week!” Laughed Elizabeth.

“Well I better go see my family,” Said Harry. He gave me a quick kiss before heading out.

“My parents are coming over here.” Sighed Natty rolling her eyes, I knew she was just kidding; she was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement.

“How about you guys go see Snow Bird while I put dinner on,” Offered Elizabeth putting on an apron.

“Ok!” I exclaimed and practically dragged Natty along with me.

I pulled open the doors, the smells exhilarating me. A whinny echoed through the now filled barn. All of the horses here were rescues.

When I finally took the time to get to know Elizabeth I found out she cared about horses just as much as me, so she began to rescue horses, train them up if they needed it, then sold them to families which would love them forever.

I stopped at the stall of the horse my heart ached to see most. My beautiful girl. Her oversized ears perked up and she got up, her belly was huge and she wobbled unsteadily for a moment then came over to me.

“Oh wow, you are huge aren’t you pretty girl?” I cooed kissing her nose.

Tires churned in the driveway and Natalie scrambled up. “I think that’s them!” She shrieked sending a skittish bay mare into frenzy. “Sorry.” She whispered then hurried to greet her parents.

“You have to have that beautiful baby while I’m here; I have two weeks so have it soon.”

Snow Bird bobbed her head up and down then went to lie down again. I sighed and watched her for a while before Natty came and got me for dinner. I checked on her one more time before heading off to bed.

I frowned as I climbed into bed. I was so sure she would foal today. I feel right asleep, I felt at home which I missed so much at school. I snuggled deeper under the covers and listened to the snores coming from Dad’s room. It calmed me and I found myself asleep less than five minutes later.

“Jas, Jas get up!” I blinked a few times and stared stupidly at Elizabeth whose eyes were wide and excited. I glanced at my window, light shun through so it must be morning.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! Snow is having her baby!”

As soon as she spoke those words I scrambled out the door. I found Dad, Harry and Natalie grinning at me.

“Just in time bed head,” Teased Harry.

I rolled my eyes at him and peered over Snow’s stall. My sight seemed to calm her down, and she gave birth a few seconds later. It was a beautiful pure black colt.

“Oh my,” whispered Beth.

“He’s beautiful.” I grinned.

Everybody agreed, and I slipped inside the stall to greet the newest member of my family.

“Hey there little guy. Welcome to the Richard’s farm, home of craziness. Your Mom is kind of like a hero here, she brought me and my Dad back together when everything seemed lost.” I glanced up and smiled at Dad.

“Now he has a wonderful wife and I have a wonderful step-mom. I have a wonderful best friend, Natalie, who's been through it all with me and a wonderful boyfriend, Harry, who has always been there for me, no matter what I thought. I have a lot of stories to tell you…” I trailed off and glanced up at the circle of people I loved so much. “What should I call him?” I asked biting my lip.

“Honey, he’s your horse you decided.” Beth said.
I nodded then thought hard. “Mom loved the name Darkest Prince, so I’ll call him that. Welcome to the world Prince.” I paused then added, “Welcome to the world, Darkest Prince, the Christmas foal, son of Snow Bird, the Christmas Miracle.”

The End

**Thanks for all your comments, it was great reading them !! It was fun showing ya'll my story:)

There IS another book I have wrote, about her and Harry's daughter (obviously they get married, *wink wink*) and I am making that into sorta like a series because right now I am working on the second book of Jas's daughter !! I am not sure I should post the other book...should I ?;) Haha:P

So again thanks for your comments,made my days !! I really wanna publish one day, but for now writing for your guys to read my work is good enough !! BYE FOR NOW !!!!!**


P.S The kitty in the book, Trigger, is named after my real kitty!! My adorable baby boy, Tiger!!!

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Apr 11, 2012
by: gk99

I love the ending.. perfect.. so you didn't post part 12 but accidentally posted part 13 instead??:) PLEASE post your other book! I wanna read it soo bad :P

Apr 05, 2012
Great, but....
by: Anonymous

It is a great story, but what happened after she blacked out?????? Plz post something and tell us what happened!!!!!

Apr 03, 2012
by: Kira

That story was soooooo good I cried!!! You must have a gift!!!

Apr 03, 2012
by: lucinda

YAY!! i knew jas and harry would get together from the start :D please please please please please please do one about there daughter this would probably have to be my favorite story on!~!!!!!!!!! i am this stories SUPER FAN!

p.s: cute kitty he looks energetic. i have a cat his name is charlie but all he does all day is sleep in the sunshine... until my dog comes XD which is quite typical for a fatty cat :D

Apr 03, 2012
@: xhorsesx
by: Doree

Publish it? Like as an actual book? I wish:( I would LOVE too, but I really don't know HOW to publish it. If anyone knows please tell me haha..

Apr 02, 2012
by: Katie


P.S: you're cat is SO cute!! we used to have a cat that was also an orange tabby, but he was full grown, and his name was Max... now we have two cats, Miles (boy, grey tabby), and Ella (my baby girl, calico). I love them SO much!!!

Apr 02, 2012
by: xhorsesx


Apr 01, 2012
Messed up
by: Dooree

Sorry everyone, I messed up!!! This is part 13!!! I will go and post the REAL part 12!!

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