The Awakening - Book One of The Misled Adventures of Chrisandahlyn

by Christina, Miranda, and Ashlyn wrote this
(Maine, USA)

The Misled Adventures of Chrisandahlyn

The Awakening
This is a story that my friends and I, Christina, wrote together during the Covid 19 Quarantine. Nearly every day we have come on and worked on it. We enjoyed doing this together. Thanks to Ashlyn who loves sprinkles and horse books, Miranda who loves gadgets and horse books, and I for my love for horses and also horse books, together we have made this story possible.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Kidnapped
Chapter 2: Coronel Crankshaft
Chapter 3: A New Life
Chapter 4: Captured
Chapter 5: The Fire
Chapter 6: Alive?
Chapter 7: Found
Chapter 8: Healing
Chapter 9: The Plan
Chapter 10: A Visit to The Sheriff
Chapter 11: Rival Revenge
Chapter 12: Takedown
Chapter 13: Awakened

Hammering in the last yellow eye, the scientist smiled. His best invention was nearly ready. Sitting down in his chair, the scientist finished programming his invention. Programmed to hunt down and attack three little girls seemed like his best idea yet, especially since those three girls with the help of their horses had ruined his other plans. His other plans were supposed to be mind-controlled Arabian horses, an ancient breed of horse. A man walked into the room. He wore expensive clothes and multiple medals. Asking the scientist to sign the paper, he handed the about-to-be coronel a pen. The scientist, thinking his decision over, took the pen, leaned forward, and in his best writing he wrote, Coronel Crankshaft, his new name. Handing the now retired man the paper, the Coronel stood. Then, he hit the on button of his invention…

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

All that was heard were pounding hooves. Manes flew, tails flapped. The three teenage riders leaned into their horses necks, their leg muscles burning, their faces red, their eyes squinting from the wind. Dust billowed, pebbles flew, birds stopped singing. They neared the rock that marked the winner. Closer, closer. Each horse was as equally fast as another. Faster and faster their hooves thundered. They passed the marker together. Each horse challenging each other for more, each horse wanting rest, each horse slowing to a stop.

“Boy, that was fun.” Gasped Christina, who was struggling to get her breath back.
“Yeah, it was.” Ashlyn said, taking deep breaths. Miranda just nodded, breathing hard. She leaned into Desert Dawn’s neck, and combed her fingers through her horse’s silky golden mane. Foamy sweat was lathered against the mare’s neck and chest.
Desert Dawn was a fiery red chestnut colored arabian mare with a golden mane and tail. Ashlyn’s horse, also an arabian, named Midnight Surprise, snorted, and flicked her tail. Her coal black coat was also lathered in sweat. Snow Owl, Christina’s white arabian mare, snorted, and flicked her tail as she attempted to copy Midnight surprise.
“Let's cool off the horses and put them in. Then we’ll go get a drink.” said Christina while she took another deep breath. It was a hard ride, and a breathtaking one too.

Ashlyn was the first one to urge her horse into a walk, and the others followed soon afterwards. The girls steered their horses down the familiar path which led back to the hidden barn and clubhouse, which had been their home for nearly their whole lives.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and the girls could feel drops of rain. The clouded sky seemed thick and hot, almost stuffy. The horses could feel the electricity. Lightning storms were always dangerous for a shod horse. The metal horseshoes acted like a magnet for the lightning.

“We'd better get back soon,” said Christina, “Storm’s coming in fast!”
Ashlyn nodded immediately. “Yes! Let’s go before the sky gets any darker!” The clouds were nearly over them and blackening by the second. The sky flashed with whitish-purple lightning. The trio and their horses trotted into the barn, soaking wet.

Later, in the clubhouse, Miranda passed hot cocoa and cookies to each of the girls in the cozy room.

“Oh, yummy!” exclaimed Christina. Ashlyn grinned and grabbed a gluten free, horse-shaped sugar cookie decorated with red frosting and sprinkles. Since she had allergies, they were extra careful.

“Thanks, I made them myself.” Miranda replied.

Ashlyn climbed up to her hammock and pulled out her secret stash of red sprinkles. There’s never a dull moment, thought Christina.

After they had devoured their cookies, they climbed up a ladder to their hammocks. Each girl had a bookshelf, books, a light, and a clock, and of course Ashlyn had her secret stash of red sprinkles. They each had a small drawer for their clothes and their toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hairbrushes. On the makeshift wall beside their hammocks, they each had a picture of all of them together when they were younger with their horses, which were at the time yearlings.

Miranda yawned loudly. Christina laughed.

“Goodnight.” She said, pulling her blanket up, over her knees.
“Night,” replied Miranda. They looked up to Ashlyn when she didn’t answer and saw that she was already asleep. They settled down into their blankets and drifted off.

They woke up the next morning hungry. At breakfast they chatted about the dreams they had the night before. Ashlyn and Miranda giggled when Christina told them she had been sucked down a drain and had fallen into the ocean where thousands of horses were swimming. Then she had woken up.

“Let's go on a trail ride and look for a good place for a backup hideout.” Miranda suggested.
“Sure!” Ashlyn and Christina said together. Miranda laughed as they headed towards the pole, but before they got there they heard a squeal, and all three rushed forward. A loud neigh broke the air.

“Shhh!” Ashlyn whispered as they crept towards the pole that led to the barn aisle. One of the horses screamed, then they slid down into the barn aisle to see Snow Owl being led away by a shadowy figure. Miranda rushed toward what seemed like a man, but he was already gone into the morning mist.

“Quick! Let’s go after him!” Miranda yelled.
“Christina, you stay here and watch the clubhouse.” Ashlyn said to Christina. Christina nodded, even if she wanted to go, she had to wait anyway.

Ashlyn and Miranda bridled their horses as quickly as they could, then mounted. Midnight Surprise snorted eagerly, and stretched her neck towards Desert Dawn, who sidestepped towards the exit. The horses neighed to each other as Miranda urged Desert Dawn into a fast trot. Midnight Surprise snorted and trotted evenly next to Desert Dawn, her neck arched. Their tails were like flags whipping in the wind. They picked up speed to a canter, then a gallop.

After about thirty minutes with no sign of anyone, Ashlyn and Miranda decided to go back to the barn. As they slowed their horses into a trot, they heard a high-pitched scream.

Earlier, when Ashlyn and Miranda left the barn, Christina had burst into tears and was on her way to Snow Owl’s stall, when a gloved hand had pulled her into its strong grasp. She screamed and cried for help, but his other hand clasped around her mouth. She had been so surprised that she had nearly fainted.

The man had whistled and a bay morgan trotted into the barn. He had mounted and pulled Christina up behind him after blindfolding her and tying her wrists and feet together. She was lying down uncomfortably with her stomach on the front of the saddle.

Her second scream had been muffled from the cloth that tore the sides of her mouth. The man had kicked his horse into a canter that had jarred her bones.

Each time the horse struck the ground, the pommel of the saddle sank into Christina’s stomach. With each step it felt like someone was giving her the heimlich maneuver. Just as Christina felt as if she were about to throw up, the man shifted his position and now she was somewhat comfortable.

Before they left the barn, Christina had grabbed her favorite plastic horse. Maybe I can use it somehow. She thought desperately. Even with the bag over her head, Christina tried her best to keep her eyes open, but her eyelids were so heavy. She felt herself slipping off into darkness. The last thing she remembered thinking was, They must have drugged me to go to sleep, I’m dealing with some tricky criminals here...

Desert Dawn and Midnight Surprise quickened their already fast stride when they saw the familiar path to the barn. Skidding to a cattle pony stop, the horses snorted, as if they wanted to go out all over again. Miranda and Ashlyn dismounted, and ran into the barn to see that their usually neat barn isle floor was strewn with straw coming from Snow Owl’s stall.

They ran to the stall to see that a struggle had taken place. Miranda gasped when she saw Christina’s friendship bracelet buried in the straw. Ashlyn glanced at Miranda’s, then her own, and said.

“Snow Owl and Christina have been,” she nearly choked, “Kidnapped!" ...

To be continued..

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