That one Filly - Part 1

by EquestrianSpirit

Star in a Storm; 1

Thunder cracked outside. Rain pounded on the windowsill like impatient fingers tapping on a desk. I closed my eyes as lightning flashed outside, and I could see the bright light through my eyelids. All the horses were in their stalls, and so I gazed out onto empty fields.

I grew up with horses, on Lakewood Stables. It's right by the lake, hence the name, so you can look over wherever you are and see the glistening waters. But right now there's no horses grazing out in the green fields, no riders jumping or practicing dressage in the arena, and no pretty glistening lake with the sun shining right on it. Just the wind and rain.

Then I spotted something in the farthest pasture, a shadow, but I couldn't quite make it out. I guess it's just an illusion. I squinted at it, waiting for another bolt of lightning to see it, and Bang! Lightning, quick and nimble, hit the ground in the distance. I saw briefly a young filly, alone and frightened. I blinked a few times, but she was still there.

A sliver of moonlight managed to shine down through the wind and rain touched her ebony coat, making it glimmer. She tossed her mane, shaking raindrops onto the ground. But how could she be here? She wasn’t ours. I had never seen this filly before. She looked old enough to be without her mother, but she was still reasonably young. I could tell she was a wild thing, but her gentle eyes were full of terror. I squinted at her, all alone in the storm.

The town was maybe three miles from here, and we didn’t have any neighbors. It was unlikely she wandered from another ranch to ours. I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn't just leave her, all alone. I got up and reached for the door, deciding that I'll go get her, and just provide shelter for her for a few days. That won't hurt, would it? So I headed for my parent's room to wake them up, but stopped myself.

What would they say? Would they help me with the filly? I mean, of course they would if they said yes, but I knew they would say no. And besides, it was late, so maybe I could just get her myself...

I tip-toed down the stairs carefully. Our house was very old, almost 100 years. Sure, it had been fixed up many times, but that didn't mean it didn't creak. Even with the storm outside, I didn't want to risk getting caught sneaking out. I headed for the door right at the bottom of the stairs, grabbed my coat and slipped my rain-boots on.

A rush of wind and rain blew the door out of my hands when I opened the it. I stepped through it and headed for where I saw the filly. My boots squished in the mud, leaving deep tracks. I stepped past the barn full of sleepy horses, and could still see the filly at the farthest point in the pasture.

As I got closer, I saw that we had left the gate to the pasture open. So that was how she got in. I prayed she wouldn't flee back through when she saw me. I slowed down as I came closer, until I was practically standing still. Only about 10 feet away now...

"Here girl," I whispered, again and again. I didn't think she would hear me, but her ears pricked towards me. She looked at me questioningly. She was older than I thought, maybe about 2, and had a little white star on her forehead. Her coat was dripping wet, but even so, she was truly a beautiful filly.

My mind was racing now. She was looking right at me, unmoving. Then I realized I forgot a lead rope! How was I supposed to get her to the barn now? But maybe if I could just call her over, she would follow me...

I was about to open my mouth to whisper to her, but suddenly there was a bright, blinding flash. I felt heat wash over me as though someone had lit a fire around me then immediately put it out. All I could see was white, and the black figure of the filly, like a phantom drifting over me.

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That one Filly - Part 2

by EquestrianSpirit

Spooked ;2

I stumbled back onto the muddy grass in a shock. Light pierced my eyes, and for 5 full seconds I was completely blind. That may not seem like long, but when your mind's racing as fast as a bullet, time can stretch like a slinky.

When I finally regained my sight (,and even then little dots still clouded my vision), I whipped my head around the pasture frantically. My eyes skipped across the scene, examining what was happening. A tree only 50 feet away was lying on its side, flames licking the bark. The blaze sizzled as rain pounded on it, finally putting it out. But right now my mind wasn't on the tree. It was on the filly. I lifted myself off the ground, my thoughts twisting together then pulling apart again and again.

Something was running along the edge on the fence, then moments later stopped, huffing. I knew something was wrong immediately by the way it was galloping, slightly off balance. I walked over to the the filly, hoping that she would let me come near. As I got closer, my suspicions were confirmed. She was holding her front right hoof in the air, starting to limp towards me. Her eyes were pleading, and I knew she trusted me. I couldn't let her down.

I walked over to the barn, and let her slowly wobble after me. When she was finally in a stall, the very last one hidden in the back corner of the barn, I bent down to more closely examine her leg. The horse nearest to us, Delilah, swiveled an ear in our direction, then sleepily opened an eye. She swept her head over the bars to face the filly, curious as to who her new neighbor was. Oblivious to Delilah, I examined the injured leg.

I reached for her ankle, but it was hard to see what happened to her. Whenever I tried gently handle it, she pulled it away, when finally I just gave up. I didn't want to cause any pain to her, so I stepped out of the stall, thinking of what to do. From what I felt and saw, she had a sprained ankle. For a horse, that could be fatal if it was serous. I didn’t know if she could survive her injury.

Thank you for the positive comments I got for my previous story! I'll try to write as often as I can but I apologize if I am sometimes late with the next story. Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!

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That one Filly - Part 3

by EquestrianSpirit

A slight injury; 3

I winced as a strong beam of light fell on me. At first I disregarded it, "It's not important, ignore it." But when I heard the voice that came with it, that voice that was so distinct from the rest of the sounds, I stopped and looked up. My father stood in the doorway, soaked to the bone. Delilah whinnied as if taunting, "Hehe, you got caught."

My heart calmed a little. I was in big trouble, I knew it, but now my dad was here and he could see the filly and take it to the vet and everything would be alright. My father didn't move, he just stood there and said in a calm voice, "Jasmine Silver, Why on earth are you out here?"

"Uh..." I couldn't say much more than that, until finally the gears in my brain started rotating and my mouth started to function. "I - I found a horse in the pasture, and it... er... it needed help. Come look."

I wasn't sure how I could stay so calm, but I managed to do it from the time that my dad walked over all the way to the moment we called the vet. After that my heart beat spiked all over the place with anxiety. It would've been closed, that late at night, but the owner was a friend of ours and we managed to get the poor, shivering filly to help. The vet did an emergency check-up, and told us within the hour that the black foal had a sprained ankle. It wasn't bad, but we would have to let her rest for a few days and we wouldn't be able to ride her. I was okay with that, as long as that filly was okay.

"So," I said to my father as we were driving home. "Am I in trouble?"

"No, you aren't. You did the right thing, helping that horse. Just tell me next time," he said, smiling without humor. I didn't tell him about the lightning, or how the horse didn't have a broken leg when I first saw it. I just looked out the window to where the sun was just barely peeking above the horizon, its bright rays creeping slowly across the fields. For some reason, the word dream-catcher kept popping into my mind whenever I thought of the filly. I'm not sure why, but the letters danced around in my mind, and I had no idea why.

"Who is that horse, anyway? Never seen them before."

"Dream catcher," I replied, not giving a second thought to the fact that my father would probably be puzzling over what on earth I meant. But that was what I decided to call her, and that would be her name if we got to keep her.

Thank you! I'm so sorry it took me so long to write a third part, but now I really hope I can keep it up on a regular basis. I know it wasn't really an exciting part... But the next one will be a bit more suspenseful. Remember to comment for part four!

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