Tears of the Past - Chapter 4

by Jacinta

My dad had spent the night looking for a good quarter horse breeder and finally we found one. We were going to meet at the gates to be shown around.

"Hello, you must be Jonathan. First, we will show you the places the horses are kept then show you how well they are cared for," said the breeder.

"Miss, won't it hurt my horse's stomach to be having a foal?" I asked. "Don’t worry, I know what happened. The vet told me and we will give her non-painful needles to stop the pain," she answered then she walked us around.

I have to admit the stables and paddocks are outstanding and the way the horses were cared for is lovely. Finally, we ended the visit. "Bye, hope you have thought about it," said the woman.

Once we were driving away dad asked me, "so what do you think?" "It's good, I mean it's perfect but do you think Honey will forgive me? Do you think she'll forget me?" I said sniffing.

"Oh, Honey won’t forget you and she won't be mad." He said looking at me. "You think so?" I said. "Yes." I was so happy with my dad now, he finally gets how much I love Honey or maybe it's because mum was telling him off for half the night.

When I got home, Comet and Patch were waiting for me. Seeing Patch in Honey's area made me upset. "I can’t believe the vet has her still." I said. Patch and Comet flung their heads up and cantered to the other side. I walked in and saw a lovely blue roan horse grazing. "Wow, you're lovely. No, wait." I said as the blue roan horse flung it's head up and galloped off.

I called Lucy and saddled up Comet. Lucy came on her appaloosa Speckles. "So what did this horse look like?" asked Lucy. "A lovely blue roan. I think she is a mare." I said, excitement building up in me.

We trotted down a path were I saw the horse last we went through the woods. "Wow, it's beautiful out here," said Lucy. "Be glad I own all this land," I said smiling. I got comet into a canter, his lovely stride got us to a nearby creek. I saw the horse. Lucy looked over my shoulder, "Wow, it's beautiful," said Lucy trance-like.

The horse walked over the sticks and logs. It looked over at us and gazed. I felt comet wriggle under me. He nickered, the other horse nickered back then gazed at Speckles. "I think Comet and that other horse know each other," whispered Lucy. "Yeah." I whispered back but the horse heard us and trotted away.

We went home and cooled off our horses. Lucy waved goodbye. Once she left, I went inside. "Kelly, honey, do you want to take Honey to the breeder?" asked mum. I looked at the car and float in fear, "buuuuuuttttt..." I mumbled shaking. "Oh, Kelly don’t cry. It's for her own good," said my mum. I hopped in the car shaking.

When we got to the vet's, I would not leave Honey. Finally, we left to the breeder. I stayed with Honey in the float. "Honey girl, why did this have to happen? Why? I feel like I let you down, just let me lie here and die." I cried as I went to lie down. Honey put her head down and stopped me. She nickered a nice one, "oh girl, I will miss you too," I whispered getting up and wrapping her in my arms.

We got to the breeder's. Mum and the woman opened up the float. I walked Honey out fighting tears. "Just walk her in here," said the lady. As I walked Honey into the stall, the woman came up to her. "What a lovely chestnut," she said. She patted Honey's face. I stood in the stall fighting tears. I took Honey's lead rope off.

I was just about to walk out but Honey stepped in front of me. "Honey, move please." I moved to one side, Honey blocked me. Mum watched, she started giggling. Finally, I stepped back but Honey is not stupid, she simply cornered me then put her face on me and rubbed. She sniffed my hand. Finally, I could not hold it any longer I burst into tears, on my knees in the stall. "Oh Honey, I know, I know, I don’t want to leave you either. You are my family, the only one who truly understands me."

I cried. Honey put her head to my chest and pushed me lovingly. I said something I once heard to Honey. "a friend is a friend but once a friend leaves you will be upset but when family leaves you can’t let them go."

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Tears of the Past - Chapter 3

by Jacinta

Chapter 3: Honey's Goodbye

I got there waiting for honey to come over happily. Dad walked inside. He and the vet walked out, I followed them to the stables. Honey was standing up, “sir you may need to think of sending her somewhere like a breeding farm,” said the vet. “Call me John, but we don’t know any quarter horse breeders around here,” said my dad.

“Dad we can’t!” I cried. Honey nudged me with her nose sensing I was upset. “Sorry, young lady but she can’t be ridden. The pain's still in her stomach,” said the vet. “But I love her! I don’t want her to go! I promised I wouldn't leave her!” I said crying. Now the vet looked at me sadly, “I’m sorry missy, I wish I could fix it but she needs someone who is professional.”

“Kelly I promise I will buy you another,” said my dad. I pushed him hard and ran off crying, “I don’t want a new horse! I want honey! Not another! I already have comet and patch! Oh, honey you can’t leave me. I promised we’ll be together and I mean it,” I cried. I heard Honey whinny. I walked back inside tears rushing down my face, the vet looked at me apologetically. My father looked like he had been ditched by a horse.

Sad and apologetic, Honey put her head in my arms and snorted. I hugged her and cried, “sorry sweetie,” said my father. "You have comet and patch I know,” said dad. I screamed, “you don’t know anything do you dad? I want Honey, you know nothing about love or horses!” He stared at me. I saw a tear come down his face but I felt a waterfall of them on my face.

“I love you honey, don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. I love you too much girl, please, please don’t go honey, girl please. I promised I wouldn't leave you and I will keep that promise, got that?” I cried harder and harder. I could barely breath. The vet put his hands on my shoulder, “how’s this? I let her stay with you for a month, if she’s better or in same condition she can stay. But if she’s worse, I will send her to the nearest breeder,” he said with worry written on his face.

I cried “no, nope, no. I want her forever. I won’t ride her, never. She’ll be lunged, I promise.” “You need to know she might need professional help Kelly, it’s that or be put down,” said the vet. I stared, fear and sadness taking over. I cried and ran into Honey's stall crying my eyes out. My dad stared, shook his head. I put Honey's halter on and walked her into the float. He went to close it, he said, “coming?” I shook my head he locked up and drove away.

I put honey in the same paddock as patch. They were glad to be together. All month, I looked after Honey. When the vet came on Sunday I was shocked to hear she had gotten worse. I cried and cried. Honey nickered. “I’m sorry Kelly but it’s for her own good, would you want her to die?” Asked the vet. “N..o,” I sniffed. Patch nickered and cantered over. The vet checked him then comet. “Wow, a lovely stallion you have,” he said. “Th..an..ks.” I cried. He smiled a warm happy kind smile.

Lucy rode up on lily. She jumped off and hugged me as I cried on her shoulder.

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Sep 05, 2015
by: Jacinta

This is my oldest work. I love it!

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