Starfighter 'nd others

by Eline
(The Netherlands)

Starfighter, Dreamcatcher, Thunderstorm, Memory, Protect, Heaven, Fiero, Hija

These names are beautiful for me.

The first one I got in a dream years ago. And when I write stories, there is always a horse in it that has the name Starfighter. He always looks the same, like in my dream. Pitchblack, long white mane and a star on his left shoulder. What a beauty.

Then there is Dreamcatcher, the name says it all. It's gonna be my dreamcatcher. My horse, my dream, my luck. That's how I think about horses.. If I get a horse once, it is gonna be Starfighter first, but this name has a high rank too! Dunno which one I would choose after Starfighter.

Thunderstorm.. wild like the thunder, flashing like the lightning, courage, beautiful, dangerous, but otherwise so calming. so normal, yet so special. Thunder, it's a weird phenomena, but it fascinates us every single time. Get the name?

Memory; Kinda explains it. My memory will never fade. the times we had were beautiful. That is something fitting for when you have had/known a horse that you adore.

Protect, not something you would choose right away, but it really can be a fitting name. You have to protect the horse, respect it, love it, care for it. And you will get it back. The point in it is that you love the horse so much that you want to protect it from whatever evil there is. And that's much. Get it?

Heaven; I'm in heaven when I'm working with horses, just caring for them, only looking at them. There so well know for us all, yet, we know nothing of them. There are a mystery, even if we say they aren't. and that is what heaven is to us too. a mystery, unknown. we say we know it, we've seen it. but we didn't. maybe a horse can be your heaven. and then you see it.

Then there is Fiero, for me it is the most special name together with Hija.
This are 2 Spanish Arabs in Holland. They are/were my everything. Fiero is Hija's foal. And I just love the names. Fiero means; Wild, Untamed. He is so cute, nothing wild! don't tell him!) but it has a meaning when you think of stallions. everyone sees them as wild. and Arabs aren't the most calm horses you know.

Hija is my little princess, and the mother of Fiero. She is so beautiful. yet, so fragile. Has a though past.. but we really try to understand each other and we love each other dearly. I protect her from the other horses, and she likes it. and they get jealous!! wahahaha!
Just love this horse.

I hope you all understand the names?
See ya!

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Feb 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

are fantastic names!

Nov 29, 2009
Beautiful names and great descriptions
by: Sydney

They are some great names...and you're a great writer! Luv your descriptions. Have you tried writing horse stories? If not, you should!

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