spirit (if it's a boy.)

by Jenelle Mc

I like the name Spirit because I watched this movie called Spirit. It's about a Mustang who lives in the West, he is a dun horse with dark brown stockings,a dark brown muzzle, and a dark brown stripe along his back. Spirit gets captured and has to walk a long way to work as a real work horse. Spirit doesn't like the idea so he decides to challenge the master of the place. But first he has to get his mane cut like the other horses manes. So he's competing now and he hasn't bucked the master off yet. When he did he freed all of the work horses and the Indian boy and ran away until the Indian boy captured him. Then spirit had to live in a corral until they decided to let Rain (the Indian horse) show spirit around the village. Spirit wasn't familiar with the place at all. Spirit is used to living free with his herd. (spirit is the leader of a herd). When spirit got back to the corral he started missing his herd, he's been away from his herd for 5 months. Soon the Indian boy let him go back home with Rain, his horse. But before they left the master invaded the village but lets skip that part. Spirit got to go home with Rain, Rain was no longer an Indian horse. They ran off free together, it was a long run home. It took 2 days to get back. When spirit got back everyone was so glad to see him. Then they went for a run. Spirit was also happy to see his companion, the eagle. Spirit raced the eagle then went back to his grazing land's with his herd. THE END.

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Feb 04, 2017
by: moo

I love the name too and I have watched the movie as well! It's great too 🦄🦄🐴🐴

Oct 23, 2014
by: brittney

cuz its cool.

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