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Jul 19, 2010
Dont Let That Knock U Down!
by: Anonymous

You should totally try again! I have had falls like that that made me feel the same way.

Hope this helped u make up your mind to always try again!

See ya!

Jun 26, 2010
I had the same problem
by: Anonymous

I had an incident like you...

I was at a show. I was jumping a course, I had a perfectly great round before I went to jump the last one--a 3 foot oxer. It didn't end well. I had to get taken away on a strecher because I broke my leg. I was deciding whether to ride again. I was skeptical but I knew that riding was something that I loved. I am soo happy I decided to get back on.

Here's a great tip: trust your horse. I had to face my fear I stuck to what I loved and I trusted my horse like crazy. My favorite part of getting back in the saddle was...

I hope this helps you get back in the saddle.

Apr 18, 2010
of course
by: Anonymous

you should absolutely go back to jumping. dont just stop doing what you love. mabey it was the horses "off" day, it happends.

Apr 11, 2010
by: Nicole

OF COURSE YOU SHOULD JUMP AGAIN!!!! If you love jumping DO IT AGAIN and DO NOT let your fears get the better of you!!! If you fall off you get back on!!! It was a freak accident and chances are it will never happen again and if it does well then it does. You love riding and horses right?? Don't let a small mistake and a fall stop you!!! I was teaching my horse Jewel to jump (in a western saddle)and the same thing happened to me... we cleared the jump perfect but when she landed she spooked at something and started bucking-- that was the first time EVER she actually bucked and I fell off and hit the ground hard, the ground never felt SO hard and I let that stop me from jumping-- worst mistake, so I kept barrel racing WHICH I LOVE MORE THAT ANYTHING!! But now I FINALLY started doing some jumping again as well as my rodeo stuff and Jewel LOVES it and I do to!!! And if YOU do... do not let that fall stop you!!

Apr 09, 2010
its up too you but heres some advise!
by: Anneka

Hey, try and gain your trust again. Of course, you should at least visit him! you can ride him but you don't have to jump and do real hard stuff on him. if your too scared too go near him, fair enough. i once fell off a horse and i hurt my back badish (tail bone bruised still is occasionally sore) and i got back on. so heres what you should do:
too scared to go near him? don't bother. he'll be scared and you won't be confident.
too scare too ride him? doesn't matter. just visit him.
dont feel confident at all? go to a little pony and gain your confidence back.
only feel confident on the little western pony? stay with him.

I hope this had helped you! but really the decisions up to YOU! if you feel up to it, go ahead, but keep on ridin'!

Apr 08, 2010
Yes, Yes, Yes
by: SweetBird

I think you should jump again when you become a bit better in your back, it's like when you fall off, you shouldn't stop riding after one bad accident. Try trotting poles then go over a small jump at a trot and when you feel better about jumping you could go higher and faster.If you give up jumping I'm sure you'll regret it.

=) Have fun with your horse/pony (I can't remember if it was a horse or pony!)

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